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  1. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    For a person with bipolar disorder, medication is vital. My daughter is in recovery from a bad drug addiction, but without her medication, she wouldn't be able to maintain sobriety. Exactly as said above, many people with mental illnesses self-medicate in an effort to feel "normal". I thank God my daughter has finally found a combination of medicines that enable her to live a "normal" life, it's truly life-saving. I wish the same would happen for Amber; she may be on a combination that works for her, but it's clear her self-esteem is in the toilet. Counseling would be really good for her.
  2. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I think she is definitely obese at this point. I'm sad for her, she's stuck in this vicious circle, and her husband sits there criticizing and picking at her constantly, aided and abetted by his mother. I would love to see her just flip him the bird, tell him about HIS faults, and tell Kim to just mind her own business. Tell Tyler how ridiculous HE looks with the stupid hats, the dumb haircut, just go to town on him and his inflated ego. Hoping Cate will get some real help, realize she deserves better, and divorce this guy who seems to get some kind of warped satisfaction out of his wife's serious problems.
  3. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I just honestly wish Amber would see through this guy and get her act together. I don't think she's dumb, just struggling with bipolar disorder and all that that implies. Matt, con artist that he is, probably plays right into all her insecurities, and I think it's sad that she doesn't seem to think she deserves better. I see nothing whatsoever wrong with Leah talking to Gary on the phone when she's with Amber. Just a quick Hi, had a good day, love you. Good for both of them.
  4. Farrah

    Deb has zero taste. None. This outfit, for the "grand" opening of a yogurt place? I would love to see her get a makeover, she has no sense of what looks good on her. The hair, the garish makeup, the "sexy" clothes......I actually feel sorry for her. As an older woman myself, I just want to take her in hand and show her how to do it. Farrah, I just have no words. In my opinion she has a personality disorder of some kind, she just has no clue about how to be a genuine human being.
  5. S06.E09: The Tipping Point

    I don't think Amber is morbidly obese, is she? Gary certainly is, I'd love to see him and Kristina start focusing on healthier foods. They have two adorable daughters who would greatly benefit.
  6. Maci

    I like the dress and veil a lot, but her shoulder tattoo is clearly visible. A friend of mine with a chest tattoo used Dermablend on her wedding day, you could not see it at all and I thought that was a smart choice. Maci should have considered that.
  7. S06.E07: The Long Road Home

    Dying laughing. These two would be too lazy to ever even have sex together.
  8. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I tried to watch it too. Every single episode was about Whitney suffering through something because of her weight, not "fabulous" in any way. On topic. Amber's Leah tattoo is hideous!
  9. S06.E06: Second Guessing

    I agree completely! Too much of marriage and relationships is all about "work", This kind of bantering seems healthy and fun.
  10. S06.E03: Don't Panic

    He is absolutely insufferable. He is so egotistical, and his twatter "fans" only make it worse. Waiting hopefully for the day Cait gets better and decides she's had enough of his judgy, controlling ways. Maci? Honey nobody believes this "surprise" pregnancy. Suddenly her belly sprouted like that? Uh no. She needs to tone this wedding down; the blushing bride look is just too much for a woman with three kids, IMO.
  11. Matt 'Bad News' Baier

    I'm truly surprised Gary is allowing this; he has Matt's number. If I were Gary and Kristina, I'd be filing motions that this trash is not allowed around Leah unsupervised!
  12. Did I miss Tyler getting his MD somehow? What the hell does HE know?? I also suffer from depression. Tyler needs to shut his yap, maybe actually learn something about this illness. Cait seems to be suffering terribly and I'm so sad for her.
  13. Big fat WORD to your entire post! But, if Caitlin is as depressed as she seems, it can be impossible to get dressed, get the baby ready for an outing, all that that entails. No way she's getting off that couch at all except maybe to go get cigarettes and fast food. Someone posted on here a while back, asking why nobody ever stands around talking about Tyler's faults. I would love so much to see Cait suddenly stand up and start feeding everything right back to Mr Perfect. And his mother. *Dead*
  14. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Not to mention, half siblings that their non-custodial parent also doesn't have custody of, see Nathan and UBT. Jenelle really knows how to pick'em. UBT was trying to get in on a ticket that was in Barb's name. They wouldn't let him in. I'm really sad to see these posts about those of you trying so hard to have children of your own. Then this trashy woman just conceives over and over, aborting/miscarrying/whatever and then she's pregnant again. Jenelle is a raging sociopath to expect the general public to swallow her tales of woe. Anyway to those of you still trying, I wish you much success. I hope your dreams come true!
  15. Word! What the hell do they DO all day? If your entire existence depends on social media likes, what do you sit there and think about all day?? And this asswipe is about as supportive as Butch was to him as a child. Tyler needs some therapy himself, and Kim ought to mind her own dang business. Get your head out of the clouds, lady, if your precious son hadn't met Caitlyn, he'd be lucky to have a job at Mickey D's.