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  1. I think Dorothy looked her best in slacks and long sweaters. Often her clothes had drapes, drapes, and then just to be sure, more drapes.
  2. I loved the exchanges between Dorothy and Greta, played by the wonderful Virginia Capers.
  3. Agreed, yet during one of the Aunt Angela episodes, it's said she and Sophia are the only family left. I know when the show was first aired viewers didn't pay such close attention to these kind of details, but it's still sloppy and, in my view, unprofessional. There were a ton of writers and scripts had to be churned out, but come on ... this is big time show business. End of rant and back to my book.
  4. TNG in the Media

    I was an off-again, on-again Crusher fan and was sorry she came back and Dr. Pulaski left.
  5. At first I assumed it was a reunion of people who lived in the Miami area, but then realized that doesn't make sense because if Trudy lived in Florida it would have been likely she and Dorothy would have met up.
  6. And Trudy would have had to hold her breath for a REALLY long time.
  7. I understand the inconsistencies and having seen every episode so many times I enjoy spotting them. This probably has been mentioned before, but exactly who slept in the bedroom on the right? Blanche is in there when she finds out she's not pregnant, but going through menopause, then Dorothy and Jack are in that room for the Trudy episode. There are probably other instances and who know why this popped into my head this morning? Also, there are three bedroom doors, but four bedrooms. OK, back to real life.
  8. OK, so Miles was an accountant involved with the mob, turns state's evidence, goes into the Witness Protection Program, and becomes a college English professor. I don't think so. Unless, of course, the entire college faculty was made up of WPP people or it was a fly-by-night school.
  9. On August 19 PBS is broadcasting "Betty White: First Lady of Television." On my station, it will be repeated on August 21.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    One of the most powerful tools a doctor has is the ability to give a name to what is wrong with the patient, so I can understand Dorothy wanting that to happen. It's my understanding that this story arc was taken directly from the experience of GG creator, Susan Harris.
  11. Blanche often excused Sophia's outrageous remarks by mentioning that she'd had a stroke and it affected the part of her brain that filters what she says. Not sure how long I could live with that, though.
  12. I always thought this sounded like something Rose, not Blanche, would say.
  13. The Judges

    Two more weeks, I think, maybe three at the most.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    Has anybody else wondered what Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia paid in monthly rent?