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  1. Trunks is disappointed because his new sibling is a girl, so he won't be able to train with her. Someone ought to tell him that she's still half Saiyan, and will probably kick his ass if he's not careful.
  2. Poor Koichi. He's completely helpless against his new yandere girlfriend's stand. If only he had some sort of similar thing that he could use to fight back.
  3. That one is even easier. Shikamaru and Temari seemed to spend a lot of time hanging around together whenever they were in the same vicinity back in Shippuden, so I already assumed that they'd end up together.
  4. All I can say about the new Titan is: Ewwwww! The wagon that the scouts are using must have the best shock-absorbers ever. They're galloping at full speed across unpaved open fields, yet there's not a single jiggle or jolt. And no wind noise either!
  5. Ninja kids, ominous chakra blob making people act out. So far my primary entertainment from this show has been predicting who from Naruto the parents are. The kids seem to have obvious physical resemblance to their parents, so it's not rocket science. For example, I bet the girl with the red glasses is Karin's daughter. Likewise, the pale boy's relation to Sai is obvious.
  6. Chit-Chat

    It's celebration time! I finally found a new job after being unemployed for quite some time. The new job is driving medical transport, essentially a taxi-van service for patients to get to and from their scheduled medical whatnots. Gurneys, wheelchairs, and oxygen tanks available as needed. Things move quickly at the new job. On Friday evening I got a call from one of the job agencies to tell me the employer wanted to interview me "tomorrow at 9 am." After a very nice interview, the owner asked me if I'd like to ride along with a driver on Monday. Today they issued me a new uniform shirt and set me up on their cool biometric time-clock. Apparently I became an employee somewhere between Saturday and today. :P Fun things I've encountered in just two days: I already have 4 hours of overtime. As a trainee! A competing medical transport service stole one of our passengers, so we stole one of theirs right back. Turns out that they went to pick up someone, asked "who's waiting for transportation?", and took the guy who raised his hand without asking his name. We took care of the one who got left behind. I've already fallen off of a wheelchair lift. No damage done. Thanks for asking. The biometric time-clock couldn't read the print from my index finger, so they had to set me up to clock in and out with the middle finger. First thing I get to do when I arrive is flip the bird at the time clock. Maybe I'm just happy to be working again, but I'm having a blast. And getting paid too! For a job that uses almost none of my existing skills, no less.
  7. S07.E10: The Saphrax Protocol

    Based on what I've read, the Guild's silly advancement ceremony is like supposed similar rituals in the Masons, Rosicrucians, and others. Kind of like a bad school play. Why was Brock looking for Hatred's hidden gun? I recall him claiming that he never uses guns. Maybe he was just going to fire off a few rounds to get the attention of the Guild goons. Remember back when Monarch kidnapped Hank and Dean, one of them described him as being "all creepy uncle" with them? He is now officially their creepy uncle.
  8. The Venture Bros. In The Media

    But you have to admit he speaks softly. Maybe he could channel Black Lightning from Harvey Birdman: "Carry a big stick...in my pants!" Besides, Teddy bears are friggin' named after Roosevelt. It's perfect.
  9. A couple of beach episodes, complete with a watermelon getting smashed. As you know, all anime with any humorous content whatsoever are required to have at least one beach episode. Swimsuits, swimming, playing in the sand, etc. Asta and Noelle make friends with someone who sings to work restoration magic, and is secretly involved with the underwater temple that they're going to raid. She helps Noelle gain better control over her magic.
  10. The Venture Bros. In The Media

    It'd be better if it was Teddy Roosevelt.
  11. Earworms: Music in Commercials

    Unfortunately no. That would be fun. It does have the look of the box cover for a Sims game though; the grid of colored squares with different people in them.
  12. Earworms: Music in Commercials

    There's an ad running for 23andMe DNA testing that starts out with the sentence "meet your genes." The background music is taken from one of the Sims games. I think it's Sims 3. Interesting that EA Games is licensing music from their properties.
  13. Exactly as long as the plot demands, of course. Rather than wast energy thinking about it, I just assume that he'll hold it until one of the ants gets a lucky hit on him.
  14. S07.E09: The Forecast Manufacturer

    Speaking of Scare Bear - the classic comic book treatment would make him someone who's supposedly dead, but who's now in disguise.
  15. Eren is chained up in a crystal cave. I hope we'll eventually find out why a regular cave wouldn't do. Also, suddenly there's people who can erase memories. And I get the impression that we're supposed to feel sorry for Cowboy Ripper now.