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  1. Yesterday I heard a Bonzo Dog Band song yesterday that I hadn't heard before - "My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies." It cracked me up. Aside from being as gently absurd as most of their other stuff, there was this section while the singer lists all the noises that his brother can make: Caught me completely by surprise.
  2. From tonight's news, fresh off the teleprompter: "Civil Protection is reporting 20 people dead and likely to rise." I don't know whether to celebrate the impending Rapture or prepare for a zombie apocalypse.
  3. A fancy word for "suffocation", not "poisoning."
  4. Yami vs. the Light Mage! Pure action! And Yami manages to work in a little training for Asta during the fight, showing him how to detect an enemy's moves using non-magical Qi.
  5. That doctor really needs to work on her bedside manner. Morel manages to smoke a pipe while he pipes his smoke. And someone should tell him that carbon dioxide isn't poisonous. Carbon monoxide is the deadly one.
  6. The All Episodes Thread

    I'm not going to complain. At least there was some non-flashback stuff happening this time.
  7. What I got out of this episode was that 18 only loves Krillin for his fighting skills.
  8. It occurs to me that I've been hearing a lot about the kids wanting to be "professional" heroes, but haven't heard about how that works exactly. Corporate sponsorship like in Tiger & Bunny? Government sponsorship? A big hero organization doling out paychecks like in One Punch Man? Celebrity heroes doing commercial endorsements? Bounties on bad guys? GoFundMe accounts for fans to donate to? I like the notion that there may be a school for bad guys too.
  9. S03.E08 The Tom/Brady

    In this episode - Everyone betrays everyone. Tulip, Whatsername, and Jody head to Japan in their white suits. Stealing of souls and groping of salaryman buttocks ensues. Satan's assistant with the whip doesn't appear to be the brightest flame in the inferno. I take it that the All Father has had his scientist cloning Humperdoo.
  10. Now that Jojo has gotten a transfusion from Dio, is he gonna be a vampire? Because that's how it works. Also, how come Holly's stand went away when Dio died, but Jojo and Jotaro still have theirs? And how did Polnareff get his disintegrated earring back?
  11. Butt is also an archery term. A somewhat larger barrel of wine is the tun, which holds 252 gallons. --------------------- 1900 was the only year of Olympic games that featured croquet as an event. French athletes won all of the medals because they were the only ones who entered the competition. The 1908 Summer Olympics featured a pistol dueling event where the competitors shot at each other using wax bullets.
  12. If I ever get a sphinx cat, I will dress it up as Beerus at Halloween.
  13. Doh! I should have thought of that. The brain is the first thing to go...
  14. The All Episodes Thread

    Oh joy, a clip show. Zzzzz.
  15. Gauche finally stops being an assmonkey. Yay. I'm getting burned out on the crazy researcher woman who appears to be wearing a frilly bathing suit under her robe.