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  1. Brigitte Bardot is also mentioned briefly in the Pretenders' "Message of Love."
  2. Resuscitating this thread with several songs. These are just the ones I can think of offhand. Alice Cooper's "King of the Silver Screen" is a tribute to old movies, and it mentions: Fred Astaire, Rudolph Valentino, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Errol Flynn, Greta Garbo, and several movie characters. Stretching the concept slightly to include Broadway actors: The Billie Holiday song "My Mother's Son-In-Law" has a line that goes "You don't have to sing like Bledsoe", which refers to Jules Bledsoe. He was the first actor to portray Joe in Showboat, and popularized the song "Old Man River." Did anyone mention Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" yet? If not, now we have. Blue Öyster Cult's "Joan Crawford" refers to...well, guess who it refers to. :) And of course, who could forget Iron Prostate's tender ballad "Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia", which rhymed Garcia with diarrhea? Lemon Demon's "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" has lots and lots of name dropping of both real people and characters. Video here:
  3. Tsk. No one picked up on the puns in my last post. D'Arby's little brother turns out to be the butler at Dio's swanky Egyptian mansion. Naturally he wants to take a shot at our heroes. He challenges Kakyoin to a stand-assisted racing video game. Because there's nothing more exciting for viewers than watching someone else play a video game. And if he wins, he gets Kakyoin's soul to stuff into one of his soul-powered puppets. Which he collects because...uh, because...well, I dunno why the hell he'd collect those creepy things. The important thing is that they seem to be at least somewhat animated, and I expect him to use them to attack the heroes eventually.
  4. Gon fights a bat and a gorilla-owl, while the chameleon guy watches. Killua stirs up unrest among the people of Not North Korea. Chameleon guy seems to have some notion of using Gon to accomplish something. Butterfly guy plays the violin a lot. Too bad this isn't the same universe as Blood+, 'cause then he could do duets with Haji.
  5. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    Today Catsby had his most traumatic experience yet. He was outside, near a small tree that gets a lot of tiny blossoms for a couple of weeks at this time every year. Those blossoms attract bees. Remember how I mentioned previously that he enjoys catching flying insects? Yeah, he got stung. Took me an hour to coax him out of the nook where he hid himself. I had to walk with him, very slowly, back to the door so he could go inside, with him stopping frequently to make sure there weren't any more EVIL DEMONIC HELL BEES lurking along the way and waiting to sting him again. He was completely silent for a couple of hours, but a bath, a nap and a few cat treats seem to have improved his disposition immensely. @tftgirl, hoping for the best for Shlamey.
  6. Thanks. I was wondering who that was.
  7. All Episodes Talk: The Quest for Balls

    As always, the random bits of English in various places are the highlights of the first episode in a tournament arc. Aside from "Satan" all over the place (always good for a laugh), there was a can of Cake Cola and a guy wearing a "HOMO" shirt.
  8. You have got to be kidding me. They fixed the Zamasu situation with a literal deus ex machina?
  9. An episode that seems to exist solely so that Killua can exposit about the unpleasant government of NotNorthKorea.
  10. "I w'lll be...become th'...LIZARD KING! Uh....WIZARD LIZARD! Or something..." So the big flaming captain is missing an arm now, and he knew whoever it was that did it. I'm trying to decide whether or not the mystery villain is anyone we've met yet.
  11. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    Catsby has developed a charming habit of barking when he wants to know where I am. I'll hear an authoritative "MOW!" from somewhere in the house, and I'm supposed to respond with something like "In here." And when I do, he comes strolling in to purr at me. I'm very well trained. Replaceable and edible.
  12. Perfume/cologne commercials aren't designed to make sense; they're just supposed to evoke vaguely positive emotional responses. That's why they all look like bad art-house films.
  13. There's a Shick razor commercial running that describes moving the razor "to and fro, up and down." Now why does that sound familiar?: So they're basically selling a Satan razor. I bet it gives hellish razor burn.
  14. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    Catsby and Calypso started expressing an interest in going outside a few days ago. I made the necessary preparations; buying some flea (& everything else) drops, making sure the driveway gates are closed to keep dogs out, etc. I discovered that both of the cats dislike the flea drops intensely. I had to do the roll-em-up-in-a-blanket trick with Catsby to apply the drops because he kept running away, and he's too strong to manage with one hand while I apply drops with the other. Calypso didn't run; she just batted my hand away when I got near her with the drops. She hits hard! She's a pretty muscular cat, probably from all the exercise she's been getting in the house. Anyway, I eventually managed to apply the stuff. Outdoor fun! Catsby mostly sticks pretty close to the kitchen deck during his excursions. He seems to like the warm areas where the sun shines on the deck...until it gets hot outside, and he moves to the shade. Calypso, on the other hand, is all over the yard. And she likes to run. I expect to see her climbing some trees soon too. In more indoors-oriented news: Both the cats chase flies. Catsby seems particularly obsessed with them, and will chase them until he catches them, no matter how long it takes.
  15. The big zombie attack is delt with, but turns out to just have been a ruse to maneuver all the magic knights into positions where the mysterious real bad guy could use teleporting powers to get them all out of the way and kidnap the captain with the fire powers. Also, Uno faces off against a youth-obsessed mage who steals people's lives to keep herself young.