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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Something about Jessica's body language says "I lie all the time and hope nobody calls me on it."
  2. I get it on MSNBC's first run of the evening shows - usually the medical ads don't start until they re-run it for the west coast. *Both* those kids are obnoxious. Big brother for singing the Hot Pockets jingle before I can reach the mute - which no teenager has ever done - and little brother for quoting Mom saying "hearty snacks" - which no mom has ever done either.
  3. I was a child in the 70s and you are totally right. I think I would've thought "why is that kid dressed like someone from Little House on the Prairie?"
  4. "Clean Purple - the power of bleach and ammonia" Together?!?!!! No. actually, but I can't find any list of ingredients beyond "water-based". Oh, but they do say it's alkaline, unlike those dangerous acids: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that once you get too alkaline, you get into the caustic end of the scale. So I zoomed in on a pic of one of the bottles - potassium hydroxide, aka lye.
  5. The only song I want to hear in a back-to-school ad is this one: (That ad's from 2006? That kid is out of school by now! I feel so old...)
  6. Well, yeah, but Liberty Mutual people also think the damage they caused to your car was "just a scratch".
  7. "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    "I thought the person next to me smelled so bad! I kept moving away from them! But it was my bad breath!" And I don't believe you, because people don't notice their own smells.
  8. Did the hairstylists just hate everyone? I'm in the same age range as the actors and the only time I've done anything like that to mine is when I don't have time to shampoo it and can't find a shower cap.
  9. Well, they couldn't exactly trademark "chick fillet".
  10. "Our lavender stinkbomb is so awesome, people think it smells more like lavender than the real flowers do!" Of course they do - they've probably never been anywhere near a real lavender, only chemical goop.
  11. "She said she shed by the sea shore."
  12. OK, I know that brand names can be reused if there's no chance of confusion - there's some agribusiness-related product line that shares its names with 80s Mac models - but that Google search found "Soup Socks" that were actual socks as well as the cooking product. You'd think marketing at whichever one came second would've done a Google search and advised against it.
  13. Favorite Commercials

    And be bitchy about their yogurt?
  14. I've got a friend who's a Latina actress - she says you can't get a part without turning the accent up to 11, and Vergara is no exception.
  15. I grew up with the 80s hair band videos she's - well, not parodying, because that involves talent. Hump it, definitely. And that hood *warped* when she tried to climb it. If for some reason I felt compelled to climb on any part of my car, it would come to a dead stop when things started to warp.