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  1. Nero Wolfe, the fictional detective, once consigned a dictionary to the flames for the temerity of defining "impact" as a verb.
  2. That red corset makes whoever it is look like she's doing a very bad Evil Willow for Halloween.
  3. S10 E07

    Unless it's Tipsy Elves. They've got a pop-up store in my local mall. If I wasn't already avoiding the mall - I hate Christmas music - that would be a reason to do so.
  4. S10 E07

    My grandmother reused boxes all the time, and the thing that made it amusing when someone fell for it was that the box showed a real product. "A toaster oven? Well, I did want one... oh, Grandma's reusing boxes again!" Plus she was being frugal. Actually buying a box when she's got a perfectly good one from her new toaster oven? Ridiculous.
  5. Because "man crate" is too close to "man cave", which is a concept that needs to DIAF.
  6. Favorite Commercials

    We've got video conference rooms with cameras that point towards whoever's talking the loudest; it wouldn't surprise me to find it in a consumer-level product.
  7. Favorite Commercials

    Untuckit was a Jeopardy answer this week. Nobody got it. Note to future Jeopardy contestants: hang out here for a week or so.
  8. Favorite Commercials

    Somebody is getting their ideas from old "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" bits! (3m mark, if the jump doesn't work)
  9. Fast Food Ads

    There's a wikihow for it: https://www.wikihow.com/Do-the-Water-Bottle-Flipping-Challenge
  10. Not all soul food is Southern. Wikipedia says historians "place the origin later, after the post-Civil War migration of Southern African-Americans to the North during the Reconstruction Era." My grandmother is 95 and a fantastic Southern cook, and she'd never heard of it.
  11. Substitute dialog: "Is that a pizza? There's no crust on it. Do you see a crust?" "Nope, no crust. Weird. We should call and get a refund."
  12. S03.E14: Showdown At Standard Burger

    Dunning-Kruger effect - all of them are thinking "look at those idiots, if I were on the show I'd do so much better and Marcus would love me."
  13. I'd think it would be an advertising rule that you don't put "not" in front of the adjective people care the most about. Like "not fast".
  14. Favorite Commercials

    Aw, that bit when the dog gives it a good shake reminds me of my dog. Before she was mine, she lived with my mom, but both mom and stepdad had a dog each so she had no person of her own until I came over for Christmas and left with a dog. Now, Jasmine was a cocker spaniel, so she was very very gentle with her stuffed toys. But my brother was there with his Jack Russell, and *those* dogs are ratters, so when Sydney (the JR) got one of Jasmine's stuffed toys, she did what Jack Russells do - bit the back of its neck and shook it until the stuffing came out. And a sad cocker spaniel can do the most amazing sad puppy eyes.
  15. I think it's Barilla pasta that used to have everyone in the ad say "al dente", with maybe one person at the end saying "Barilla". A few years later the ad changed to everyone saying "Barilla" - I figured there were a lot of people out there looking for "al dente" brand.