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  1. That's usually liability. I got suckered into having minimum insurance when I was in college and clueless - of course insurance covers your car, right? It didn't, because my car was 10 years old. But it covered the car I hit when my recently-redone brakes failed.
  2. "Dear Abby, my sister hits every single item on the Judge Judy litigant checklist" http://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Years-of-bailouts-fail-to-help-sister-who-s-12417352.php
  3. But did your match look enough like you to be a sibling?
  4. My mom went back to college when I started - she went part time, at the local branch of the state school so it was cheap, and only took a few years longer to graduate than I did :) She did stay in the same job because she had lots of seniority, but it was a government job and there's an entirely different pay scale if you have a degree, even if it's unrelated.
  5. Thanks! I could not figure out who she'd borrowed the money from in all that rambling of "they only gave me $100K" - give your pronouns some antecedents, dammit! - just that Good Twin's first words were that of course they'd split it evenly. And the school money is also a loan? *eyeroll* I could not figure out where that money came from either - as far as she's concerned, it just magically appears in her account because she's a "student".
  6. They weren't allowed to say "fart", though, which was obviously no longer the case.
  7. I didn't get my driver's license until several years after I was old enough to drink, and it's a far more sensible arrangement - by the time I was driving, I already knew what being drunk felt like, how I was affected by it, and how long it would take before I wasn't. Today's case featured Good Twin, Financially Irresponsible Twin. I didn't catch the start, just the part where FIT (the defendant) is explaining that there was a settlement having something to do with their mother's death, and she only got $100K when her sister got $150K, and that's so unfair and somehow that isn't enough for I'm not sure what, because she's not employed but taking two classes per semester on a 4 year college plan. Oh, and she's 49. Boyd may or may not be paying for her college. Over to GT, who is the polar opposite - took that $150K and invested it, has a good job, has a 25-yo son who lives at home but that's OK because he's going to college full time, has a husband retired on disability who's still doing some sort of part time socially-relevant work. And yes, that settlement was split down the middle, but FIT had borrowed money and so $50K went to that first.
  8. Is that the auctions, or that "rebates" site? There's one who brags about getting "$500 dollars this month!" and I'm like "yeah, and you spent how much to get that 2% back?"
  9. Apparently not, or if so not for all kids - a co-worker went to help with a kid's coding event and none of them knew how to use a mouse or regular keyboard. They expected to have touchscreens everywhere. And this is Silicon Valley.
  10. And the weaponized puppy - "She pointed it right at me!" Now we know JM's weak spot :)
  11. So glad I don't go to bars... http://www.sfgate.com/technology/businessinsider/article/What-Dilly-Dilly-means-and-how-Bud-Light-12401983.php "Thank" is not the word I would use, but according to that article it's a hit. Around here it's a dive for the mute.
  12. Does that suit have *shoulder pads*? I thought 80s fashion only inflicted that on women.
  13. The Brits take the onion ninjas up to 11 with a lost toy dog in an RSPCA "dogs do not make good Christmas presents" ad https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/rspca-holiday-ad-dog-rescue_us_5a22902ee4b03350e0b707a5
  14. My grandmother got an adult tricycle with a basket for running errands, you might like that better.
  15. The clue is in "paternal DNA contributor" - he was an abusive asshole and my brother didn't want his name.