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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    And given how often an "L" like the one in "Fulks" might be elided...
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    That sort of thing can be important if you do any remodeling where there are laws about how close it can be to the property line. I had a friend who had a fence in his backyard, and behind that was a row of trees. The actual property line was the row of trees - they'd grown up from the sticks that had made up the original fence. So to nosy busybody neighbors it looked like his extension violated the rules, but the surveyor report proved otherwise.
  3. Memorable Episodes: Best and Worst

    When my science class covered heavy water I already knew what it was from having seen it on the show, though when I saw the episode again recently I realized I'd mixed it up with the spa episode - my memory was of Hogan convincing Klink to swap it out for normal water because why should the big brass have the "health benefits" of the special water?
  4. Favorite Commercials

    What gives it away is the announcer's "Gooooooooal" only lasting about 10 seconds. He should've been able to stretch it as least as long as the goal-kicker.
  5. Judge Judy had a guy who took his expensive jacket in for dry cleaning after - so he claimed - only one wearing. Nobody on the JJ forum believed him. Uncanny valley effect, maybe, because it's such an unusual combo.
  6. I've finally seen that one, and seriously? I was expecting someone like the woman in the 23andme ad below - there's someone with a wide range of genetic influences. This chick? I live in Silicon Valley - I could find half a dozen of her just walking around a mall. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/wvMS/23andme-getting-to-know-you
  7. I was being snarky, but seriously, the target audience seems to be about 12. Nobody gets seriously hurt or killed, the good guys always win and get away in the end, even though their van is only slightly less obvious than the Mystery Van, and the plots are about on the same level as Scooby Doo too.
  8. I remember Mr T complaining about the movie version because people actually got hurt, where they went out of their way to avoid it on the original. So that's why I'm leaning towards "kid's show". That, and watching it on the retro channels - never saw it during its first run ;) I've usually got it on mute by then, so I'm looking at the blood, not hearing about it. And there was more than a tablespoon.
  9. Retro TV channel is running ads for "Murder, She Wrote" with a disclaimer that there may be disturbing scenes. Sure enough, the ad is mostly shots of murder victims lying in pools of blood. They've run it in all sorts of shows, including things like A-Team where you might assume you could park your kids and not worry. (That *is* a kid's show, right?) Did it not occur to them that instead of putting up the disclaimer, they could just not show the dead bodies? I've seen countless ads for that show in the years since it first aired, and until now they've all played up the cozy charm of Jessica, not the graphic death scenes.
  10. And like Macy's One Day Sale!, tire stores tend to run "buy three, get fourth free" sales all the time. Totally useless for Reliant Robins, which are the cars I always think of when the Liberty twit comes on.
  11. "WiFi is basic. Do I look basic?" Yes. From your Untuckit shirt to your kids' soccer ball to the electric guitar you still have sitting out even though you haven't touched it since high school, you look basic. And even - or rather, especially - if that's supposed to be some kind of ironic contrast, it's annoying. WiFi *is* basic, in the original sense of the word. And whatever it is you're advertising instead is totally lost in your "I'm not basic" spiel.
  12. I saw Levian "chocolate" diamonds in a store yesterday, and they do not remind me of chocolate at all. They look like the dirty yellow color of very old plastic "crystal".
  13. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    That just came up on the Science Fiction blog File770 in a discussion about the rise of self-published books. My contribution was that Sturgeon's Law ("90% of everything is crap") was created to describe traditionally published works - stuff that has been past an editor. So if every level of filtering removes 90%, then self-pub is 99% or even 99.9% crap.
  14. "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    And the award for Most Ridiculous Use of "Moderate to Severe" goes to Botox for wrinkles. I think by the time your wrinkles get to the "severe" stage, Botox isn't going to do anything for you.
  15. I remember her pitch, all smug "I beat drugs so I'm better than you". And I never started, but even at 18 I knew it had nothing to do with moral superiority, just physiology - even the good stuff I got after my wisdom teeth came out didn't do anything beyond make it stop hurting. I've seen the ads for the resort rehab places and thought "damn, that looks like a nice vacation spot". But there was nothing in the pitch to say it was anything more than that, and I could see the drug-seeking stepbrat just having the nice vacation and then coming back unchanged. They could've made it work if they'd wanted to, but it was a nice excuse to kick the Nazi-sympathizer out. I don't think there's anything new about hating talking on the phone - my brother loved it, I can't deal with not seeing body language. The line readings from those actors reminds me of this scene from Office Space - it cuts off before he reveals that it's just the sales pitch: