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  1. Also still confused by the service dog thing, and she refuses to say anything on it.
  2. I admit she seems a lot more reasonable in her blog than she seemed on TV, and I don't really doubt all she's written. But it's still just her side of the story, so I'm still taking it all with a grain of salt. I still don't understand why she did some of the crazy stuff she did, like sleeping under the sun in her first challenge and throwing the survival tools underwater (if she knew they were going to misrepresent her, why did she give them such ammunition as you said yourself? And why did she come back for XL?).She also says the magnifying glass thing was something the Discovery people gave her, but she still seemed to rely a LOT on that, as well as reprimand Matt for drinking water without using it to purify it, I don't know, I don't buy that. She also treated him very poorly by calling him names and telling him he smelled really bad, and I doubt that's made up. I do believe they could be exploiting her father's death though.
  3. I found Honora's blog, in which she whines the show was unfair to her since the first challenge. Funny she came back for more.https://honorabowen.wordpress.com
  4. Alana Barfield

    The internet is pretty vicious at times. I don't think any of them deserve this.
  5. I don't know, Luke has shown himself to be pretty sensible/reasonable over the show. This is a reality show after all, and we know that there is always some stuff behind the scenes they don't show.
  6. I don't even know what to say, this is some crazy stuff. It really makes me wonder whether Dani and Shane really did something bizarre and unusual bizarre the scenes to justify their treatment.
  7. I agree, Chris was an asshole from the start. Honora has the emotional stability of a child, so it was the perfect pairing to make some drama, as both of them previously had problems with their partners. At least she didn't bring a magnifying glass this time.
  8. Alana Barfield

    On a side note it was nice to see the scenes of her getting fruit for vegetarian Danielle when she needed the most. She's capable of some sympathy, at least.
  9. The flashbacks with Shane being nice to the girls and them turning on him only further reinforced how bitchy they were. I hope vegetarian Dani had the sense to apologize to Shane off-screen, since I think she's a bit shy on camera. Alana showed some decency at least. Still the only reason she couldn't see Shane's side is because she had zero empathy. I still feel sorry for brunette Dani, because it seems like they didn't even change their minds about what they did to her. I din't even think she held any contempt for Luke, he was the last person who needed to apologize. Eva's apology seemed sincere, but we got nothing from Chris and Alana, even after they saw the video of Alana calling her a psychopath. Honora is like a child and her attitude was somewhat predictable. I didn't expect her to behave any differently, so none of this is surprising. Jeff actually wants to go back to Colombia! It's hard not to like this guy.
  10. Well, he did his best, it's just that Jeff was superb with fishing stuff, it really was a great place for him to put his expertise into practice.
  11. The big team did, but apparently they left before Jeff and EJ to cross the river. Also, their strategy to cross the river may have been faster as well.
  12. I also found it weird there was this huge reaction about their wanting ti go alone. I thought they had already made it clear they were separate teams.
  13. Maybe we didn't see all of Chris with her though. Anyway, she can call him whatever, her Naked and Afraid challenge was with some very chill guy and she managed to do something similar to what she did in XL. I think she would freak out even if it was just Luke or someone else, Chris just sped up the whole process by being the short-tempered guy he is.
  14. Not being alone with Alana seems to have done some good for Danielle. I really liked Laura in this episode too. I liked how Eva and Jeff had some time together, I was really wondering how the people who teamed up previously were feeling. Luke as always was a voice of reason there too.The only ones I couldn't relate to much in the end were still Alana and Chris though, and I still don't like the team's overall strategy, but I got to like the team as a whole a lot better this episode.
  15. Alana Barfield

    Yep, I'm eager to see that. I'm hoping she'll at least shown herself to have learned something. I mean, her speech this episode was all about "we don't all have to be the same".Anyway, not surprised one bit about Honora's comments on the preview, lol.