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  1. It’s my understanding a trust requires an accounting every so often detailing the expenses, which is why Gina had the itemized list. As mentioned above, the bank could be on the hook for negligent oversight, Felice as a negligent trustee, and Bobbie could be brought into the suit to reimburse for the fraudulent expenses. It all depends on the terms of the trust.
  2. S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    My DVR said the episode’s title was “Six Thanksgivings,” not “18,615” so that hepled lessen the confusion of the multiple storylines. Miguel’s adult children suck. Why invite him if you can barely stand him (despite Miguel’s pity invite excuse)? If they’ve been estranged for the better part of 20 years, why bother?
  3. S04.E22: Change Partners

    I seem to remember Stewart did not want to do it because it would damage the car.
  4. And spoiler alert - they are going to bang again either in the next episode or the one after. Before paying more attention in the details, I always had the impression Matt was a bit older, late twenties, maybe 30. The time line is ridiculous. As discussed in the last episode, Matt could not have applied, been accepted, and completed "law school" (because his diploma says no), studied for and passed the bar in another state, moved across the country, established a practice and connections with many lawyers, and come off as a seasoned attorney in a little more than 3 years.
  5. I have never ever ever ever seen how Matt and Kelly could have this deep, abiding love all of a sudden. I think Kelly's just pissed she was so screwed over by someone she thought she had wrapped around her catbutt mouth finger.
  6. The first clip from the prank war sounded off to me too, but the rest were normal. I also downloaded and listened from iTunes.
  7. This whole Kelly keeping vigil at Dylan's bedside while dating someone else is a total retread of her fight with Val in Season 5 during the Dreams of Dylan McKay episode. Matt is a terrible lawyer. This episode he would be disciplined for violating confidentiality with Kelly and Gina and accepting a plea deal for his literally comatose client.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Good Eating

    I said the exact same thing to my husband about it reminding me of Pop-Up Video with his commentary and insight. It's my understanding there are 12 reloaded episodes and then all new episodes coming next year.
  9. I can confirm attorneys generally are not permitted in small claims court. I also love Dylan's shade about wanting another lawyer besides Matt and Gina telling Kelly to GTFO when she's talking to Matt about Dylan's issues. A home invasion accompanied by armed criminal action can carry a substantial sentence. Given that Dylan has no prior convictions (I seem to remember Jesse got him probation from his heroin-induced car crash with conditions of it being wiped off his record if he completed rehab), his actual sentence might be less than Matt estimated.
  10. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    I was disappointed with his interview because he revealed nothing new other than they would reveal his client in 48 hours. Given the way Rachel hyped the interview, I think she expected more from him. I get annoyed with Avenatti's cutesy, coy, piecemeal parsing of information for maximum publicity. Just blow the damn thing up already and show the people what you have. I don't know exactly what there is to gain by dragging it out for 48 hours. Thursday already seems dubious given the most recent letter from Dr. Ford's attorneys.
  11. All Episodes Talk: The Suspense Is Killing Me

    I've only read the first two books and am about 100 pages into the third book. I thought the second season would get into the second book, which would buy me more time to read the third book, which is clearly not happening. So I'm recording the episodes and won't watch them until I finish the book.
  12. No violations this time because he didn't practice any law in this episode. He was STUPID, however, in letting Kelly sway him away from the tobacco company defense. Yes, it is abhorrent what they did, but they are entitled to a defense and they pay lucratively for that right. Matt would have resolved all of his financial troubles in a matter of months. Further, it's pathetic how swayed he is by her when he obviously sees she has feelings/history with Dylan (and she was smooching Dylan that same episode) and says she's passing up on a good guy. LET HER GO. RUN AWAY.
  13. Not a fever dream. It all comes to a head at Steve and Janet's wedding/baby shower when Steve tries to pass his parents off as "normal" compared to Janet's extremely traditional and uptight parents.
  14. Legally the show continues to be a clusterfuck: Matt admits he has no experience in criminal law yet he admits he took the case out of desperation and blabs with Dylan, Kelly, and Jackie about David's representation, potentially jacking up confidentiality for David. As Tara and Sarah scream from the rooftops, CONSENT DOES NOT MATTER IN STATUTORY RAPE CASES. Also, there is no way David's trial would be set in two weeks. Oh, and David commits witness/victim tampering by having Dylan badger Denise and her parents on David's behalf, not to mention being so flippant about violating the restraining order. I hate this storyline so much.
  15. How did Matt get so close to Kelly in such a short time to go to the hospital with her? Also, Steve straight up told Matt that Kelly's been severely hung up on Dylan for years. RED FLAG! RED FLAG! I hate Dylan's retcon of leaving Brenda two years ago. Just six months ago Kelly and Brandon were blathering on about meeting up with Brenda and Dylan in Corsica during their honeymoon. I also hate that later Dylan acts like he was at the wedding, sulking in the background, but said nothing.