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  1. Legally the show continues to be a clusterfuck: Matt admits he has no experience in criminal law yet he admits he took the case out of desperation and blabs with Dylan, Kelly, and Jackie about David's representation, potentially jacking up confidentiality for David. As Tara and Sarah scream from the rooftops, CONSENT DOES NOT MATTER IN STATUTORY RAPE CASES. Also, there is no way David's trial would be set in two weeks. Oh, and David commits witness/victim tampering by having Dylan badger Denise and her parents on David's behalf, not to mention being so flippant about violating the restraining order. I hate this storyline so much.
  2. How did Matt get so close to Kelly in such a short time to go to the hospital with her? Also, Steve straight up told Matt that Kelly's been severely hung up on Dylan for years. RED FLAG! RED FLAG! I hate Dylan's retcon of leaving Brenda two years ago. Just six months ago Kelly and Brandon were blathering on about meeting up with Brenda and Dylan in Corsica during their honeymoon. I also hate that later Dylan acts like he was at the wedding, sulking in the background, but said nothing.
  3. Matt did no lawerying in this episode, but I will snark on him being a bonehead by making out with Kelly. She's been nothing but a bitch to you since Day One, but you cannot resist that catbutt mouth. Further, the immediate tension between Kelly and Dylan was an huge red flag you should heeded and ran screaming in the opposite direction.
  4. Most attorneys do specialize. I don't know any attorney would who handle a DUI, a child custody battle, and set up businesses.
  5. I thought about that yesterday after I rattled off that list yesterday: "Five ways Matt would have been disbarred or generally sucked as an attorney" in this episode. I know there are other attorneys who listen to this podcast, so I welcome their rantings as well. Matt gets suspended later this season (or next season) and even then, he should have been disbarred, not suspended.
  6. I had to read "A Civil Action" the summer before I started law school. It was dense and overwhelming to an incoming law student. NFW Donna read it in a quick sitting and was prepared to discuss it over dinner. Also, Matt sucks to ask a date to read that as a way to "woo" someone. ETA: Love Tara's reference to Matt's "unethical piehole" because Matt engages in behavior destined to get him disbarred in practically every episode. I work with disciplinary counsel in my jurisdiction. In this episode alone, he's breached confidentiality re Val, talked to an opposing party without their lawyer present re Leah, commits a felony to help Leah abscond, puts his former client in legal jeopardy by asking him to help Leah forge documents, commits a conflict of interest against his own client re Lenny, and violates all kinds of candor to the court by helping Leah abscond in violation of a court order. Did I mention how much he sucks as a person and an attorney?????
  7. I hate this retcon so much because I am an unapologetic Brenda/Dylan fangirl. I loved that they were off together living their best lives, not even bothered enough to come back to see Brandon and Kelly get married. They only brought Dylan back to fill Brandon's tiny hole when he left. Of course, he has to be Kelly's soulmate and have some "reasonable" explanation for pining for her so screw Brenda again. Then that atrocious reboot had them both still pining for him after he abandoned Kelly with a kid. GAH
  8. S01.E13: Slumber Party

    I rewatched this episode today because it was on Pop last week and I recorded it. I am an unabashed Brenda/Dylan shipper, but I have to wonder...do you think Kelly cheating with Dylan was Brenda's karma for cheating with her BFF's boyfriend from Minneapolis? Brenda was so matter of fact about, "I know why I did it. I wanted to break them up." Then she flies off the handle at Kelly when she says she tried to get a date with Dylan after they started dating. I still feel Kelly and Dylan were so awful in the way they treated Brenda and lied to her, but sometimes karma is a biatch.
  9. Yes, when David commits statutory rape with a high school student who sneaks into the club. Dylan has to come to his rescue and talk to "Yvonne."
  10. Given the Deen Cayne mention and talk of not spoiling the "where are they now" book, how could you bypass the Brenda, "Ewe will spoilit!" sound bite? Speaking of Brenda, they don't mention Brenda either during the reunion. I would have loved everyone to have asked Brandon over and over, "What's going on with your sister?" instead of asking him about his life. I am so baffled with Val's motives for reinventing herself for these idiots she doesn't know. It's not like she's assuming Brenda's identity and the people she knows knows she's full of shit. I don't get it at all.
  11. As someone bedazzled with millions of freckles, Tara’s description of David’s “mustache made out of freckles” gave me a true LOL moment. Sarah’s inability to get past it was an added bonus.
  12. Another legal professional chiming in here. This case would have taken years to get to trial - the pleadings, the depositions, the settlement/mediation negotiations. I hate this whole episode. So much of it is objectionable and unrealistic.
  13. Donna’s crazy fast spiral into junkie mode was so unbelievable. Did TS demand she have an addiction like everyone else on the show?
  14. OMG - he was Nathan's Uncle Cooper! I could not place him. Thank you!