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  1. Yes, when David commits statutory rape with a high school student who sneaks into the club. Dylan has to come to his rescue and talk to "Yvonne."
  2. Given the Deen Cayne mention and talk of not spoiling the "where are they now" book, how could you bypass the Brenda, "Ewe will spoilit!" sound bite? Speaking of Brenda, they don't mention Brenda either during the reunion. I would have loved everyone to have asked Brandon over and over, "What's going on with your sister?" instead of asking him about his life. I am so baffled with Val's motives for reinventing herself for these idiots she doesn't know. It's not like she's assuming Brenda's identity and the people she knows knows she's full of shit. I don't get it at all.
  3. As someone bedazzled with millions of freckles, Tara’s description of David’s “mustache made out of freckles” gave me a true LOL moment. Sarah’s inability to get past it was an added bonus.
  4. Another legal professional chiming in here. This case would have taken years to get to trial - the pleadings, the depositions, the settlement/mediation negotiations. I hate this whole episode. So much of it is objectionable and unrealistic.
  5. Donna’s crazy fast spiral into junkie mode was so unbelievable. Did TS demand she have an addiction like everyone else on the show?
  6. OMG - he was Nathan's Uncle Cooper! I could not place him. Thank you!
  7. “Madeline” played by Josie Davis shows up again in Season 10 as Camille, a love interest for David. Crazy they recycled her so soon again as a whole new person. What is with this show & “C” names: Cindy, Celeste, Clair, Carly, Camille...
  8. I can live without the minis so long as the podcast can maintain the strength to soldier through the last 2.5 seasons. We are with you!
  9. Steve's always been known to flirt shamelessly with other women, even when he was in a relationship. He always flirts with Kelly. He flirt with Leslie while with Celeste when they started college. He flirted with some random chick at a pool party while he was with Claire at the beginning of senior year which precipitated their breakup when she dated Dick. So even though Janet only knew him for five minutes, he hasn't really changed his stripes or his penchant for flirting so she probably saw it pretty quickly.
  10. I also forgot how self-righteous and indignant Brandon came off during this arc. Thanks for the "and we never saw them again" for Carly and Zack. Emma deserved one on the last episode too.
  11. They were so I guess the free-flying tongue was acceptable.
  12. I was thinking about Carly's interaction with folks on the show because I heard rumors she hated it there because the girls were catty. I only seem to remember her sharing scenes with Steve, Donna, and the one time with Val at the hair salon. Was she mingling with everyone at the Walsh house at Christmas? They just didn't try hard to integrate her into the cast at all. But...but...but... (cat butt)...Kelly didn't "make love" with any of those people. And you forgot she kissed Brandon while she was with Dylan before she kissed Dylan again when she was with Brandon...and kissed Brandon again when she was with Colin.
  13. I know we keep incredulously saying we cannot fathom why Emma was hot for Brandon from the jump, but I am really trying to figure it out what the writers were thinking (maybe that's my first mistake). If Emma knew he was in a relationship and got off on breaking folks up or thought he was a challenge, then I could buy it. But she presumes he's single when they meet and she's hitting on him hard. Then we see nothing about her other than outward sex appeal and innuendo that would show Brandon being conflicted. I don't see the spark or connection between them other than she's just throwing herself at him. Brandon was always painted as some guy who was a boy scout, really uncomfortable with casual sex, and only slept with women he had serious feelings for. This whole storyline just seems so out-of-the-blue and out of character after he and Kelly were written to have fought so hard to get back together. In the real world, Kelly is only 4 months out from being shot and spending a long time in the hospital. They are only three weeks out from boinking on every available surface. Was it her haircut that made him limp? Seriously?
  14. S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    It wasn't explained. What I didn't understand is why Albert chose this Christmas in particular to start creating childhood memories? They already had 3+ children by the time he decided to start celebrating? Was it so they could remember? What did they do the other Christmases?
  15. I was waiting for the "and we never saw her again..." for Erica. Brandon should remember the indignities of being arrested from when he was was picked up for drunk driving in season 1. The whole Val being outraged about Noah's wealth seems to tired at this point because it's been established for weeks he's loaded.