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  1. That’s because this show lets them get away with their entitlement . The girls can do , not do , say or not say whatever they want to their bosses and they’re still hired and getting paid 6 figures the next season . This show stunted their mental growth . Chelsea was never a piece of shit.. she was a typical teenager that kept going back to the same guy over and over until that died out on its own and then she met cole and he showed her what a healthy relationship was supposed to be . Same with Leah . She had a lot on her plate and she shouldn’t have kept jumping into relationships / marriages but she was young and she’s always loved her kids . Jenelle and amber don’t love their kids as evidenced by putting anything and everything above them
  2. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    How does Jenelle and David still not get that if someone has this much drama in their lives , then they’re the problem . Every day I read about something David does and jenelle defends and excuses the issue by saying “ everyone tries to ruin our lives when we do nothing wrong .” Followed by her fake cry . I understand that’s what narcissists do but it’s so disturbing that despite being afraid of them , mtv still pays them a 6 figure salary . And again next week she threatens to quit but that’ll last as long as it takes for David to commit his next crime . Why do they choose to pay her ? ( besides her life being a mess )
  3. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    Is anyone else surprised none of these girls ever moved to LA because they think it’ll get them acting careers ? I know they all have baby daddies for days that live elsewhere , but I picture them to think they’re gonna be able to pursue being a big celeb if they move to LA or NY
  4. S.08 E.04 Strangers in Paradise

    Agreed. When I complain to my mom about how salaries and the cost of living isn't comparable, she says, "when dad started working he was making less than $20,000. Salaries are relative to the generation and cost of living." I disagree with that for the reason you stated. There are A LOT more bills that we have now than they did then and these bills are not cheap ones. I live in NYC and everyone thinks people make great salaries here, but houses where I live start at $600,000 and they're usually shacks that need to be fully redone. It's a tough time to live financially, and you definitely need at least 2 salaries in most cases.
  5. Stephanie might be the most normal and down to earth person that's been on this show. AJ is a lot to handle but she has not done one negative talking head about him yet.
  6. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    I actually find it quite impressive that Jenelle always manages to find guys that are the bottom of the barrel. It's gotta be hard to find the biggest losers in the world but she manages to do it every time.
  7. Yeah I think they might have eventually done a Brenda/David pairing.. but ultimately, I think had Shannen been on the show the entire series, Dylan would have ended up with her instead of Kelly.
  8. S10.E10

    Hahaha I think it's the eyes but they do look like brother and sister.
  9. S10.E10

    They have the same eyes Yes I also read that a lot of the deals fall through because the entrepreneur pulls out because they didn’t want to share their business , they just wanted the tv exposure
  10. S.08 E.04 Strangers in Paradise

    I can’t unsee Stephanie looking like Beavis now .
  11. S10.E10

    Is it me or does Bethany and mark look a lot alike ?
  12. Of course . He wrote the foreword to the book . Would he ever promote anyone else’s products without being involved ?
  13. While I don't understand why Dr. Phil didn't question Ryan about the person who said "if your brother shows up at my door, i'm calling my boys to come strapped" to him.. I really think it was wrong of Phil to insist that he knows who did it over and over again. He said no several times and said give me a lie detector and had a lot of emotion about it. Obviously he knows who the guy who threatened him was.. but I really don't think he knows who actually killed his brother. Ryan didn't have to come on the show at all, and Phil was going overboard with him.
  14. David isn't a dick to Val because she was one to him.. but I think he needed that.
  15. If Brenda was around longer, believe me, she would have.