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  1. So far as soon as the women come out on each episode .. I know who the guys will pick right away . It's just so predictable that it's not fun .. we all know which woman the guys are gonna drool over . If that decent looking doctor needed to go on this show to find a trophy wife .. theres a problem .
  2. Yea I notice that becca asks the questions she is forced to ask the guys , but doesn't look like she cares to listen to any of their answers . She looks very bored by their statements and turns it back to herself . I do find becca to be very pretty .. but I think she looks better in everyday clothes rather than being all dolled up . Glam just doesn't seem to suit her .
  3. Ross and Rachel

    And if Ross really still loved rachel , he would have wanted her back after the divorce settled down because rachel had told him she was still in love with him right after Emily left . But he didn't want her at that point and never brought them up again .
  4. Ross and Rachel

    It just didn't make sense that they did end up together .. they dated for a year 7 years ago .. they both had so many other relationships with no hint of being jealous or caring that the other one is dating. They had a one night stand and had a baby but even then , they realized they weren't in love so they didn't get back together They had a nice friendship .. but then just bebsuse the show was ending , they had to get back together so when they finally did , it made no sense
  5. I find Blake really good looking , but his voice / personality remind me of a serial killer and Im not sure why
  6. This tia Colton drama would make a lot more sense if they went with a story of them hanging out several times , not just once . And if he was interested in you tia , he would have asked you on another date .. not sign up for a dating show to meet someone else .
  7. Colton doesn't tell just anyone that he's a virgin ... just national television .. riiiight
  8. S04.E05 Episode 5 2018.07.15

    I originally thought the whole affair plot was just going to be about Noah and Alison .. but turns out everyone on this show just can't keep it in their pants .
  9. Kylie

    And sadly she's what , 20/21? It's sad that she looks like she's in her mid 30s to me
  10. Kylie

    She looks like a completely different person than she used to . It's actually kind of scary how much a person can transform themselves
  11. S04.E05 Episode 5 2018.07.15

    I wouldn't mind Cole and Alison back together just for the sake of other people not falling in love with her anymore .. but as into her as he is , I just don't see her being in love with him .. and what is cole talking about that he wishes she would stop choosing men who don't deserve her because she deserves the best ? She's the one who cheats on EVERYONE . Even Noah's random student caught onto that within 1 minute . She's the poison in everyone's lives . Im not looking forward to seeing vik get sicker and sicker until he eventually dies , but seeing episodes like this does somehow make you think about your own life and that at any given moment anything can happen , so appreciate being healthy . Vik and Helen are pretty much companions at this point . I don't think either of them are in love with the other and I think Helen knew it all along and Vik is just realizing it . did anyone else think Cole was gonna sleep with nan ?
  12. I don't know Kim personally , but I'd be willing to bet that if she was given an ultimatum between her kids and fame/wealth ... she'd give up her kids ... nothing about her screams loving mom
  13. Kylie

    I was watching old episodes too and the brother Jenners really are treated like the ugly step siblings .. I don't understand how Kim , Bruce and family were talking badly about Brody behind his back because kris wanted to fly out and pay for Brandon and his wife's ticket but not for Brody's . And then Kim was like " I'm not gonna accept him saying it's not right of my mom to do that . " I mean , why would she do that for one son and not the other ? even though the show is ridiculously fake , it's pretty clear that Bruce's other kids ( all the B's) were just dropped like hot potatoes from the few episodes I've seen and what I've read online . I saw that Caitlyn didn't even go to brodys wedding.. And didn't Bruce leave them once he married kris ?
  14. Kylie

    I don't know . When I watch the show I just see 7 robots including kris . They all look the same , act the same , say " literally " 3 times in a sentence and have horrible taste in men . I wonder if any of the sisters even like each other or they're just contractually obligated to be around each other and are Just in competition
  15. I don't really watch the show , but from what I see when I catch an episode here or there , Scott is still part of the family . I wonder if he really has anything to do with them or he's just on the show because he's popular with the audience . I know he shares kids with kourtney but that doesn't mean he would still hang out with all of them like buddies . Then again , are any of them really close in real life ? Or do they just have to be under the same roof for filming ?