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  1. S07.E00: Meet the New Moms

    Cheyennes voice grates . Bristol does sound exactly like Farrah . Farrah was horrible but she was made for reality tv . I miss laughing at her
  2. Yes .. I can't think of one cute moment in their entire relationship which is rare for a tv show . They really despised each other and yet we're supposed to believe they're soulmates / loves of each other's lives
  3. Why does Kim think that ass makes her look good ? It makes her hips look ginormous . She'd look 20 x better without it . most kris line of the episode : ( in robotic voice) Kylie has wanted to be a mom her whole life . She's 20! Relax . These people really give 0 shits about anything other than money and plastic surgery . It's sad that khloe looked like the only one who cared at all about the dog they've had for 14 years and even she looked like she was just talking casually about the weather . Kim is just sociopathic .
  4. Gina's character just didn't work for me. Val was multi-layered. She was a bitch but likable. Gina was a bitch with no redeeming qualities.. except her hair of course.
  5. I like that Dylan still misses Toni and that that storyline wasn't immediately forgotten the second he returned to the show. I also love how he only wanted to go on a trip with Kelly but wanted to marry Toni. Guess you're not the love of his life, Kel.
  6. The cast/ producers are just grasping at straws at this point . None of them are into it . If not for Ronnie , there would be absolutely no drama.. just watching them go out to eat basically . Pauly just wants to be DJing and making money elsewhere , Snookie and Jwow want to be home with their family , mike wants to be eating at home with his fiancé and Vinny really never seemed like he wanted to be there from the beginning . And all of that is fine except they're trying to sell us that they all want to be on " vacation " together and we all know they'd rather be anywhere else . Except Ronnie . I'm sure this is a nice escape for him .
  7. The writers expect us to believe that Gina would come on the show and not one of the guys would be interested in her ? After having just donna and Kelly to look at for years ? Granted David was interested in her later on but other than that , no ones head turned when she showed up. Because of course only donna and Kelly get drooled over time and time again .
  8. Oh but we all know Kelly wants that hug from Dylan and then some. Matt really should have run from the very beginning, especially because it's been drama with Kelly since literally day 1. How could anyone enjoy being in a relationship with her? She always needs to fight about every little thing.
  9. yeah they really can just say that they have grown apart as a couple but plan to be great co-parents for their child if they want to say anything at all. Some of those messages really go way over the top. I have to say though, out of all the Kardashian/Jenner mess of a family, I thought Brandon and Leah seemed genuinely happy together. I mean, I guess at one point they were, but clearly not anymore. I do like them out of the bunch of KarJenners because they are the only ones who don't find the need to be trashy to exist.
  10. Yea and Angelina is coming off very thirsty for the camera . Her personality is awful but I'm sure she's putting a lot of it on as an interview for the producers . Right now she's still a guest spot and hoping the other people being mature/ boring will help her stay long term .
  11. The One With the Thing: All Episodes Talk

    I think Ross said they were together 4 years before they got married and together 7 years in total .
  12. I was thinking she looks like Anna Farris .
  13. I don't think this will last many more seasons.. what would they show ? Most of them are married/ engaged/ have kids .. and even though Pauly and Vinny aren't , they don't seem to want to bring randos home anymore ., it's not the jersey shore we all want to watch . The big draw of the original JS was ( as someone posted above ), them not caring about how they looked on camera and just doing the most stupid , outrageous things .. Now they're just too aware of the cameras and Snooki is almost a normal person whereas she used to make the show by being a total shit show .. I get that they grew up and ( kind of ) matured , but it doesn't make for very interesting reality tv so I just don't see this lasting long .
  14. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    I'm only a few minutes into the episode , but I'm getting tired of hearing every single episode about how bobby does everything around the house because Danielle has a 3 hour round trip commute .. I get that the commute is very tiring because mine is 3 hours round trip as well 5 days a week .. but she makes it an excuse for everyyyything. It's nice that she wants to foster all these dogs , but then take some responsibility for them . It seems like she doesn't do anything around the house and just relies on bobby for everything ( which , good for her .. but it's annoying to keep hearing .) amber and Dave will never last . They have 0 chemistry .
  15. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I agree with all of your posts ! Why any of the friends would root for Ross and Rachel 6-7 years after they broke up after they all had to walk on eggshells after the breakup is beyond me . No one would want them back together . Despite the writers trying their hardest , Ross and Rachel did not have an epic relationship . Monica and chandler did .