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  1. I think they should change the judges. I know they've been on the show since the beginning, but IMO they are all terrible. Len gets too bent out of shape if there are troupe members or if there is any creativity whatsoever. He doesn't like a number because of the big production value which is not the dancers' fault. It is the show that pushes that. Carrie Ann is one of the most annoying humans ever. She can't ever get a sentence out because she is slurring and screaming all of her words. She is prettty obnoxious. Bruno, while I find him the most bearable of the judges somehow, is also just too much. I know most people probably like him the least, but for some reason he doesn't bother me as much as the other two judges.
  2. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Out of the 4 left, I thought Milo and Alexis were both the best and either one of them should have won based on talent. If you are going with most improved out of the 4, I think Evanna should have won.. Bobby doesn't fall under any category and honestly, I thought he'd be gone by week 2 based on his obnoxious personality. Why does anyone like him? He's not charismatic at all in my eyes. And I was getting second hand embarrassment for him because of his constant kissing of the judges asses.
  3. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Honestly, that showmance was gross. There is no way they were together and Alan wouldn't even admit that they were. why? because they're NOT. He ignored the question every time it was asked. I guarantee by the end of this week they'll be "broken up" because of their busy schedule. And those over the top kisses and goo goo eyes was just ridiculous and I can't believe anyone can be so desperate to go to those levels.... to win none other than a trophy?
  4. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I'm confused . Isn't the finale usually bigger and 2 days ? Don't they usually go from the final four to final three and so on before the winner is announced ? Why do they spend so much time on filler performances when I'm pretty sure most of us would rather see them narrow down the number of dancers and give the winner more than one second of airtime .. bobby winning was definitely a shock . I knew Alexis wouldn't but really thought it would be milo .
  5. Kylie

    I feel like Kylie is more mature than Kim . Kim strikes me as a 20 year old who needs constant attention at all times and will do whatever it takes to get it . She just seems to have a very young mentality .. meanwhile Kylie is 20 and acts much older and more self aware than I remember Kim ever being . The whole family is gross but Kylie just seems like she is happy with the money and doesn't need the fame (hence her not really appearing on the show anymore ).
  6. Kylie

    With her billions , I wouldn't be surprised if he put a ring on it right away . I have never seen someone look so drastically different from what they used to look like as Kylie does within just a couple of years . She looks good now because shes 21 but in her late 30s her face is gonna look ridiculous with all the surgery she already has and no doubt will have much more of ( see Jwoww )
  7. I still can't believe with all his connections, and his only thing he does is a sock line? and "does" is a loose term.
  8. Kourtney

    Now that's not true. She probably fills her days on instagram promoting ads to get money.
  9. S15.E13: True Story

    Not sure Kris can really add her two cents without being hypocritical . Khloe must be really desperate to stay with someone who cheated on her right before she gave birth . These girls can have anyone in the world and they choose such losers ( not that many people want to date them for them . They want the money and fame .) but still , they find the bottom of the barrel . Is Kim ever with Kanye ? She's always just by herself making duck face in her own world . Do ANY of these women ever put their phones down ? Khloe traded her baby for her phone 2 seconds after pushing her out . And none of them can converse with each other without staring at the phones
  10. I hate the " I don't ask why , but why not " too !! There are plenty of people all over the world who come from crappy homes or things happen to them , yet they don't act like entitled , disgusting brats . I agree with you that he tries too hard to be on the kids side and it reinforces their belief that the parents are to blame and what they're doing is justified . And he tries to make that expression into a thing but it's just obnoxious .
  11. Season 1 chuck is not attractive but he grew on me and I was like ... Nate who ? By season 2.
  12. I always thought he was the best looking guy on the show followed by Brandon. In the earlier seasons I thought Brandon was cuter. Dylan never did anything for me. And Steve looks the best out of all of them now.
  13. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Yes I like that we didn't get the whole.. they're about to have sex but Rebecca stops it and then by the end of the episode she's ready and they have this whole romantic first time. I like that they just got right down to it. The only non-cliche part in the whole episode.
  14. Lol I always thought the same thing . How'd he pull off all 3 of them ? But I think it's because 2 of them were during his prime and he was good looking during his days on the show. I'm guessing they wanted David silver more than Brian .
  15. I don't know. I know Val and Dylan had that fling in season 5, but I don't think she ever really wanted to be with him. They had fun messing around but that seemed like that was about it to me. (though Val wanted to be Brenda and Gina wanted to be Donna) so they did have that in common.