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  1. If you keep the arms straight it's not too bad, he probably used more biceps at the top of the warped wall. I hope it was only a partial tear and he didn't make it worse!
  2. When Kristine complained that Akbar wasn't "keeping his Ls" I was like "they JUST EXPLAINED that he has a torn bicep." You cannot "keep an L" with a torn bicep. I thought everyone did well, except Garrett, but he had fun with it :)
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Yet they STILL jumped all over the board! I was so freakin' annoyed by that. Trebek tells them that the one category should start at the top because each clue will help with the next one, and they...pick one, then move on to every other category, then do another, then jump around again. Holy shit. I was yelling at my TV. It was the most baffled I have been by contestant behavior on this show, honestly. I do NOT GET IT. That whole first round was ridiculous with the category-jumping. Edited to add I instantly got FJ despite knowing next to nothing about Greek mythology, because I am a fan of the book The Martian.
  4. This CuddleProstitute reminds me of Cartman's out-of-control teen on the Maury show. "WHATEVAH! I'll do what I want!"
  5. S02.E01: The First Polaroid

    The whole courtroom testimony that Hannah was sexting annoyed the shit out of me. I was waiting for the prosecutors to say "objection, that's speculation" but no. The kid saw her take a cleavage selfie. He has no clue if she actually took it, let alone if she sent it to anyone, let alone if she sent it to a guy, let alone the fact that he acted like Hannah was cheating on him by doing it even though *they never dated ever.*
  6. S09.E17: All-Stars Special 2018

    That wingnut jump was one of the most exhilarating things I've ever seen. Damn, Drew.
  7. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Trebek can fuck right off with his braggy "wow, I can't believe you guys thought that was tough" shit. The only time I have even heard the word "lumbago" is in the movie Grumpy Old Men, in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it joke. Never in a trillion years heard the term "plumbago."
  8. S10.E09: Breastworld

    Aquaria's boy-chest doesn't bother me, it's very Violet Chachki and Naomi Smalls. It goes with her brand as being a fashion queen. There have been some breastplate queens in the past who do the ginormous tittaaays all the time and that didn't bug me either. What does bug me a bit is that Aquaria sometimes has flashes of that pompous attitude that turned off a lot of us in episode 1. I've come around to her since then and it makes me sad when I see that "first-impression Aquaria" again. I'm like "girl, no, don't make me dislike you again." Cracker is SO Trixie to me. Hilarious but not translating well to the Drag Race format. I still see Cracker making the top 3. What I'm really hoping for is a roast or stand-up challenge at some point. It's getting pretty late in the game but we already had the damn ball challenge so maybe they'll give us something different. Kameron intrigues me. She obviously idolizes her dad (she talks about him in Untucked and how like him she is, how she doesn't like to show weak emotions). Kameron strikes me as probably one of the hardest workers in the group, which makes sense because her physique requires so much work to build/maintain, she is probably like that in a lot of areas of her life. She reminds me of my husband: he grew up with a "strong, silent type" dad that he idolized, and knows the value of hard work. IMO Kameron is more likely to make top 3 than Eureka for this reason, but we will see.
  9. He probably thinks that 30 seconds of reminding Idiot Wife "she's just a child" at the very end of the episode is good enough to make up for an hour of dragging this child through the mud. UGH. So repulsive!
  10. I have never been so pissed off by a Dr Phil episode as I am by today's (with the dad who ran off with his daughter's 16-year-old friend). This man is a fucking sexual predator but the way Dr Phil and this IDIOT WIFE are talking about it, they're a typical cheating couple. The wife talking about how jealous she was that her husband was ignoring her for this girl...oh man, my blood is boiling. The entire focus of this interview is on the cheating and not the fact that HE IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR. Absolutely nobody was looking out for this clearly troubled 16-year-old who was vulnerable to adult male attention and was (obviously sleeping) with a man who she called Daddy. This is so fucked up.
  11. It seems like the common theme of 90% of Dr Phil episodes has been "watch Phil tell women and girls how stupid and crazy they are."
  12. S26.E03: Week 3

    In the ballroom battle I realized Jennie drives me nuts because she dances so short. Tonya was dancing taller than her. Jennie is awkward and feels like she's almost apologizing for her height, when she should be owning it. Jenna's flat shoes in the ballroom battle jive actually bothered me. I'm like "this bitch is wearing FLAT SHOES." Mirai wore heels, FFS.
  13. S10.E08: The Unauthorized Rusical

    I searched for the Cher/Jackson 5 video on YouTube because I was curious (I'd already seen it, of course, but I was curious about numbers), and the CherVEVO video has 1.4 million views, so yeah Vixen it is FAAAMOUS gurrl.
  14. S10.E08: The Unauthorized Rusical

    I don't think Andrew Rannells' youthful appearance is just due to sunscreen, the dude happens to have a nice boyish face. Billy Eichner looks perfectly age-appropriate.
  15. S10.E08: The Unauthorized Rusical

    I LOL'd when they showed all the queens prepping their Chers in the werkroom and Cracker said "it sounds like an insane asylum in here!" That is EXACTLY what I was thinking! Like a very specific asylum for Cher crazies.