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  1. "if I'm working for someone else I'm a total perfectionist" This from the woman who thought nude leggings were the same as khaki shorts for a work outfit.
  2. S08.E02: The Morning After

    With all the "different seasons are connected" stuff, I immediately thought of Hotel when they mentioned a couple of the 10 commandments in this episode too.
  3. They are heavy AND made of rubber, powerlifting weights are designed to bounce. You see a lot of even regular dumbbells in gyms nowadays have rubber ends so that if they're dropped they won't damage the floor. That reminds me of the time (season 2 maybe?) Glenn bought a bunch of scales and brought them all home because he didn't know which ones Whitney wouldn't break, LOL
  4. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Our champ reminds me of author Andy Weir.
  5. It looks like powerlifting stuff that is meant to be dropped like others have said - I think that weight is 95 lb (an Olympic bar is 45 lb and those look like two 25-lb plates, one per side).
  6. Ugh, the slow motion makes me cringe even harder. Although at least she admits that she has absolutely shitty form. I have no idea why her new goal is 65% more than her newly-achieved max (a more reasonable goal might be 125, or 100 with GOOD FORM) but whatever, Whitney is an idiot.
  7. S08.E02: The Morning After

    The end slayed me. I was like "WAAAAT?! Kathy Bates is a ROBOT? Or an ANDROID?? WHAAAAAAAAAAA"
  8. I'm not a believer in "carbs are always bad" but they are definitely bad for (at least pre-)diabetic Whit, so I agree with your advice. I don't know how extensive her exercise regimen could be but I think she needs to do more longer, low-impact cardio. I have NO IDEA why she doesn't swim more. She seems to enjoy it and it lets her be an exhibitionist in her "bikini."
  9. Stops working? Calorie deficit is the only thing required to burn excess body fat. We all know Whitney doesn't have a calorie deficit anyway, but if she wanted to create one, she'd need to exercise more (whatever method she wants) and eat way less than she does (and stop drinking those damn Frappuccinos).
  10. I'm glad you said it and not me ;) I totally understand why Whitney is drawn to CrossFit. It is a workout plan designed on the philosophy that going hard for a very short amount of time is preferable to endurance work. Whitney has about as much endurance as a bottle rocket. This is really why she isn't ever going to lose weight. Even if she "watched her diet" and ate a bit less (she won't), she is probably only exercising for 15 minutes at a time, maybe a couple days a week (I'm being generous here). She is barely burning any calories.
  11. Believe me, we are 250 lb away from being able to see Whitney's abs, and that is not even a slight exaggeration.
  12. These young engaged idiots from yesterday, I turned it off after a few minutes. She calls him "retarded" and a "stupid Puerto Rican" and a "dirty Mexican" (WHICH IS IT, BITCH?) and says he didn't speak English (he seems...fluent) and I just can't. I mean, she might be right about his intelligence if he got on one knee and proposed to this awful person.
  13. Because she consumes enough calories to sustain all of her other friends combined?
  14. Just watched it. YIKES. Okay so she says she is doing a burnout set, which means continuous reps until muscle failure. She is using maybe 8 lb dumbbells and doing lateral raises. That weight is okay for those, for a woman. She does the first 4 or 5 reps with form that, while not great, is acceptable. Then her trainer just lets her keep fucking going. She hits 17 reps before she stops. The last 12 reps are all momentum, her heaving her arms up by thrusting herself backwards. This is beyond pathetic, Whit. You need a stable trunk and the movement should come entirely from the deltoids. If you can't handle 8 lb weights switch to 5. But someone who is allegedly doing CrossFit and powerlifting should be able to lateral raise better than that. She should be able to put out at least 20 good reps with that weight. Not 17 hideous reps.
  15. Y'all got me curious so I just checked out Todd Herzog's Instagram, he looks good, like he is sober and lucid! Hopefully he is clean now.