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  1. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    No, if she were a boy it would have also been stupid. She already won the game. Nobody else could catch her if she bet zero. The only thing she could have done was lost the game. And since it's a tournament, it's not like she "made extra money" with that move.
  2. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I was thinking "girl power! Wow, all these gals have been so smart!" Then it turned out she bet so big *with a runaway game* on FJ that if she hadn't been right, she could have lost the game. WHYYYYY did she bet anything?! Girl. It's not cumulative until the finals.
  3. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    That could explain what I'm asking! I guess I'm now confused as to whether the tech guys and the hairdresser/Coco's BF were the same characters, or different characters. With all the actors playing different parts, and then some of those parts turned out to be "amnesia parts," I got so confused.
  4. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    I think I missed something so I'll ask you guys. I understand how Coco and Mallory were assigned their new personas to get into the outpost. What happened with the tech guys though? All of a sudden they were in the salon and I had no idea if their memories were somehow wiped too, and why.
  5. Now I'm just imagining that her phone has thousands of deleted videos where she has started rubbing on someone and they tip her cow-style and cuss her out. Those don't make it to the IG feed ;)
  6. Whitney is always going on and on about how cute she is, but I don't see it. She's posted old photos of Babs and SHE was a real beauty. Whitney's massive obesity distorts any of the good looks she might have gotten from her mother.
  7. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Good question. I don't know much about military history but I bet if they had to draft people for the war, almost anyone who willingly signed up was offered a higher position as a sort of "thank you."
  8. You can practically see Whitney's brain thinking "I can't move my knees like that, here, I will just rub my thunderous cream-smeared taint all over this poor woman."
  9. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Claire is a high-school triple threat - beautiful, smart and talented. Lucky kid! I got a bunch of TS's that I can't recall at the moment, but that's probably because I'm more than twice their ages and have been around the block. It seems like the Teen Tournament this year has been tougher than I remember in past years, but who knows.
  10. S03.E07: Sometimes

    When they brought up the Sullivan rule that brothers can't be in the same place, I wondered if they were going to have Jack pull strings to trade places with Nicky because Jack thinks his assignment is safer, then Nicky would be killed THERE and Jack would feel awful.
  11. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    There was a time jump of six years, though. A lot can happen in that time. Just because *we* don't really know these kids doesn't mean the parents don't.
  12. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    IIRC Lori was going to take a handful of "morning after" pills to try to abort her pregnancy. But that's not how morning-after pills work. They work by preventing ovulation so that you can't get a fertilized egg. They don't abort an already-happening pregnancy.
  13. Serious question: Why does Whitney's "butt" start a full foot and a half above the start of her crack? Honestly, is that just lower-back fat and not an actual ass? And if so, who does she think she's fooling by acting like she is bootylicious?
  14. That alleged bra could be used as a sail if the ship runs out of fuel.
  15. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    I for one am outraged that Father Pee Pants has gotten so much ass and Daryl has gotten NOTHING in TEN YEARS. It would make much more sense for Rosita to go for Daryl. They at least would have something in common. I loved how Rosita is still having to turn down Eugene, though. "SHUT UP! YOU ARE MAKING IT WEIRD!"