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  1. This one is tricky. The hallmark Taylor Cole is Taylor Quinn Cole, who used to be a model. The one that just had a kid is Taylor Cole from Laguna Beach. Usually the union makes them use different names, but the Laguna Beach one was a reality star. To make it more confusing, Hallmark Taylor was a bright blond for a few shows before going dark brunette again, and reality star Taylor was always a dirty blond.
  2. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Atwater is us. The Watson character, who is the reader/viewer's alter ego
  3. S01.E01: Pilot

    This is NOT a reboot of the fun New York vampire/cop show. Viewer beware
  4. S05.E01: E Pluribus Unum

    The scene from Hillary sounded weird. Colin and Albright were easy to listen to, like they were talking to the lead character and us about something they knew a lot about, but she sounded like she was lecturing. I was surprised Powell appeared with Hill, Bill had tried to blame him for the horrible debacle in Somalia because the General didn't insist "hard enough" that US forces needed their own armored forces outside UN command.
  5. Taylor had a winter ski trip weekend one (Winter Weekend?) where the whole cast was great. The story was silly, magazine writer with a bitch boss swears off dating and gets paired in a ski chalet with a CEO for no reason that made sense at all, but the team tried hard to sell it.
  6. Love on a Limb--there really needed to be the other woman character on this movie, because the female lead was a real jerk. Totally unlikable
  7. Or, you know, go hire an attorney and force it into a partition action, stall, and in three years after a good set of income records, get a loan and have the buyout amount for sour puss
  8. S01.E02: Reentry

    The issue is that the characters aren't acting like humans. If I start hearing things or getting visions I am going to go get a full chem panel, then a head CT, and if those are okay I am meeting with psych to find out f I have late onset schizophrenia. All these guys are like "Oh, wonder what's up?. Hey, look, TV ads."
  9. How did they screw it up? Everything is wrong, from the writing to the casting.
  10. Almost 20 years ago I was in a multisided case on digital rights and our client was a clean black romance writer. It was a very small group of women who could write for that genre and make product people wanted to read. I haven't talked to her for about a decade, but she was nice and I hope she retired before now, given this.
  11. As I have been typing this, and working, Love in Design, the new Danica movie, has been running off my dvr in the background. The black woman best work friend and the igor looking work character double dated with the leads. I almost missed it, because the two leads seem on the edge of being self aware they are in a hallmark. So it is happening a little
  12. There is an odd trend in US romance fiction. Harlequin mixes white, Asian, and hispanic, to the extent that most of the post 1990 'force' romances are Greek or Arab men (pre-90 the initial sex encounter in Harlequins were usually rapes, which is why most of the pre internet catalog is not reprintable now. Since then the trend is a man in the force imprints making the woman date him in public for contrived reason, then they fall in lust for the encounter). However, they use an entirely different imprint line for black romances. I think it is consumer driven, so until that changes I don't think we will see romance, even Hallmark clean romance, that crosses that line
  13. I saw that. If there is evidence that was why he was fired, they need to settle this quick. You can't brand as the ultra wholesome channel while your showrunners are holding mandatory casting couch time
  14. I mostly like Truly Madly Sweetly. I liked the male lead, Dylan, in his detective movie series. The situation wasn't as contrived as some of these movies. The worst part was that the lead had better chemistry with the competition character actress, Alison Wandzura, who I have never heard of before, every time she is on screen. Otherwise the female lead is likable.
  15. Neither of them are big stars, which I think is good. Morning Show Mysteries kind of sucked, I think mostly because they threw a black woman who is also a major star on screen, and figured they had it all set no matter what, so they fluffed off on the other casting and the direction. Hopefully these two movies were done, overall, as good as most of the Hallmark products.