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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The poor actor was in a walmart sports coat and dollar store sunglasses, his awesome 1980s surfer god facial expression made him interesting regardless
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I have been skimming a lot on DVR, just watched live on Friday. I know I was supposed to be interested in the Lucy Coe Jones drama and moobster's scene number 5,000 with him making vacant lost expressions at a women he has known forever... but I was mostly wondering what the story was with the extra standing at the back of the stage with the dollar store sunglasses.
  3. For being real life married actors, you would expect more screen chemistry. Maybe it's tougher when you actually care for the underlying actor playing the character? Once Taylor got to the point they let her have dark hair (juice? Qscore? experience?) she got very likable. As long as the new mystery movie is good, she can be the new Hallmark golden girl. The teaser around the body where she sort of looked robotic has me a little worried, through
  4. The actors, and I assume the crew and writers, were having fun
  5. Complete agreement on Winter Castle. I posted this earlier in the thread, but the only reason this movie storyline was not 'established good girlfriend versus slutty new girl stealing man' was because the writers used a hammer to make the pre teen daughter like the new woman and dislike the current woman. Really liked the ice palace hotel to the extent I looked it up online. And I went to cold weather and arctic survival schools in the military (spoiler alert: they sucked)
  6. Several decades ago I attended the US military cold weather survival school. We started in large arctic tent teams with lots of equipment and went down from here. The bathroom part is the worst part. People hate getting up to pee.
  7. Winter Castle on winterfest. Halfway through and going to let the DVR grab the rest for me, I got tired. The ice hotel looks great, the scenery shots are good. I am torn, both the lead actress and the other woman actress are likable and fun to watch. The OW actress just lip synced to a a studio recording I am pretty sure she sang herself and was great. They have the leading male character's daughter decide she likes the lead more, otherwise this would be the story of the heroic other woman defending her relationship against the new blond trying to steal him. Looked up the hotel, it really is an ice hotel with fireplaces and an ice slide and ice beds. They have a lot of rules of what to wear to sleep, and a training session to stay there.
  8. Just saw this gem waiting for the new winterfest movie. The lead actress is skilled, and the lead actor is kind of wooden. That being said, the leading character is a flake. He has a business, she drifts through life. He is working extra hard. Then she goes from "this wedding is a little too big" to "we drifted apart, this is over" in a day. After busting into his work during a meeting and he set time aside for her. Women sometimes freak out for 10 minutes or an hour during wedding prep, but this chick is hard core nuts and all "me". There are saner women out there, he needs to dip out and find a non selfish non crazy.
  9. S02.E01: Ja'loja

    Just caught up on DVR now that Christmas movie season is done. Season 2 of a tongue in cheek star trek parody show is still better than the CBS big budget serious star trek show
  10. There is a scene coming up where client chick throws a fit and lead jerks her back to reality. From then through a dress changing scene (you will know it when it happens) I thought lead and client had more fire going than the lead and leading man pairing
  11. Just watching Memories of Christmas for the first time, with a slight headache. This is one of Hallmark's Christmas movies with a black cast this year. Right off, the lead, Christina, is exactly what I would envision a Hallmark actress who is black to be. And she is a good actress. Likable. A younger Danica McKeller if she catches on at the network, which I hope she does The love interest is also handsome and an okay actor. Standard plot, including Rex the jerk/work other guy, big city professional girl who learns the importance of small city life from the handsome construction guy who loves Christmas... The gala gets saved in the last (checking clock) 13 minutes of the movie, counting TV ad time, 90% off screen. The other issue is I didn't feel much in the way of sparks between the couple until the very end, even when girl kissed the boy on the cheek as the kick off of the pre resolution sequences. On the other hand, when the lead smartened up and gave Rex his walking papers it was nice. The budget limit was glaring because the gala location appeared to be the function room at a small town VFW post
  12. Once upon a Christmas Miracle. I put off watching this because the male lead is played by the same actor who played Grant Ward on Shield. Some evil backstabbing characters are so well done I have a hard time watching them in other shows (ex: Evie from Haven is also a soap opera actress, and I have a hard time watching her). Same problem here, but the conflict ended up being him getting a new job and making the lead sad, which was not fun because she wouldn't use her words. The last five minutes, the modern house log cabin scene was so great looking pimped out for Christmas that the leads, both of whom are very pretty and nicely dressed, seemed less classy than it deserved
  13. Happy and Friends seemed like they were dialing it in
  14. We did Hallmark brunch and drinking game. Started with Royal Christmas. I am the only one still up.Left Christmas Bells are Ringing running for some reason. They did pimp Ruby Herring mysteries about a half hour ago. Finger crossed Taylor Cole can act in mysteries. I am recording Bells so I can actually watch later on Forgot to say: Bells has another interracial couple as tier three friends couple. So Hallmark is rolling this out for sure
  15. In Grand Valley the secondary couple is white guy, black woman, their end of movie kiss kicks off the leads kiss