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  1. All Episodes Talk: Ghosted

    So they are trying to kill the show off? This was awful, again
  2. I said this in the Hallmark mystery main thread: The shop assistant's hair is jarring, and I checked IMDB and Sarah is a decade younger than Lori, so it makes sense they do it to make them look the same age.
  3. Waiting for everyone to get here, rewatching Morning Show Mystery. I think the issue is that Holly the person seems really nice, but the character just doesn't connect with the other cast. I get the feeling either Jordana or Anna, who played the producer and the assistant, would have fit the cast better in terms of connecting with them in the leading role, they really seemed to click with the other cast. Plus, cyanide in lethal concentration kills amazing fast. Many of you were alive then, but after the Communist Religious Cult (yes, there was such a thing--the 70s were weird) in Jonestown murdered Congressman Ryan, 900 of them drank fruit punch with cyanide and Valium and were all dead within 5 minutes. They even used feeding syringes to force it down the childrens' throats and they went fast. (Valium cut down on the convulsions as they died.)
  4. All Episodes Talk: Ghosted

    The second episode was horrible, some of the worst minutes ever seen on TV
  5. Watching the Garage Sale Mystery marathon right now, The costar's haircut was starting to grate on me. Looked it up, Sarah Strange is 10 years younger than Lori, so that makes sense. I don't dislike the plots as much as some here, but I can see why the writing would tend to annoy some people. Kind of surprised the father character doesn't put his foot down on some of her risky adventures. Not only is she his wife, but the son still needs a lot of supervising and mentoring to get him to grow up.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    This courtroom drama is boring. Anna's story is, too.
  7. Years and years ago I had a client who was a clean Black romance author for Harlequin. She had a bunch of guidelines, and there were very few authors who could write works in that genre that people want to read. For those that don't know: Harlequin has "imprints" (categories), some are millionaire romances, some are vampires, solving mysteries, spies, Christian drama romances... But they also have a special imprint for Black readers. At the time, there was a big fight about residual rights. Turns out most of the pre1990 romances can't be re-released because the initial sexual act was involuntary, so the newer books became much more valuable.
  8. The original was good, campy scifi fun. The kids were kids and one college age, but basically good and with a lot of common sense. The men were competent men, who exhibited leadership within their areas of expertise. Maureen was smart and a good wife and mother at the same time. Dr Smith was a selfish jerk but comical enough the audience didn't want him dead. The new Maureen is large and in charge, even for stuff she knows nothing about. I actually was mad when I found out why she was being a jerky bitch to her husband. She is an almost complete failure as a mother, her kids are brilliant but stupid and childish. The doctor/child was jarring. Dr Smith's brand of pure evil went on way too long.
  9. Watched the Gourmet Detective yesterday, again. A Healthy Place to Die. I like the leads a lot, and the characters flow well in this one, since this time the writers had Brooke's character stop the snide bitch act that seems to come on at random. When Maggie got on Henry's case it seemed legit. In fact, liked it so much I checked the hotel out online. The resort is real, the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa. Maggie's suite is also real, and with very careful shopping is only 245 CAN a night, midweek low season.
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Other than the insightful issues everyone already pointed out-- They hired a number of extras to fill seats, be waiters and staff... Why didn't they have Maxie give birth in the hospital, then have Nelle switch babies there, under the confusion of [a school team supporter bus accident], and use the extras in new outfits running around, being orderlies, being relatives demanding answers and updates? It would have been good, suspenseful drama. They already paid for the people, and I am sure fed them, why not work them the whole day and have a much better story?
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Picking out nice things to say: Nancy Lee Grahn and all the actresses look great at the party, with the sole exception of the ear tassels. The commercial for the Oil of Olay wasn't as annoying as it could have been
  12. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Fox killed a lot of decent shows, but the last 5 episodes of Lucifer were weak. It was like the writers let the interns try stuff, and little of it worked. If I was an exec I would have looked at the rating decline year to year, and then looked at the end of this season and assumed the series had run its course and out of gas.
  13. S02.E22: Death Sentence

    What a bunch of crap. A federal judge in a death penalty case threatens a defense attorney against making an argument in front of a jury? The courts of appeal would overturn that so fast her head would spin, the question would be if she got charged by the federal conference. Marissa storyline was silly
  14. The movie wasn't great. Perfect, except they already have an attorney in the wheel. Electronics engineer, and the body was shocked via a hacked freezer controller? And in movie 2 she stays in the town planning and supervising their city wide wifi...
  15. The books explain that her single older friend in the club disliked her heirs and saw Roe as a younger her (plus another issue that is key to book 2's plot) so she left a home and large savings to Roe. Plus Mom is a very successful and driven real estate broker and landlord in the books