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  1. 34 Christmas Movies. What?!? The commercials they run are depression, Ph balance downstairs, cooking tools, lesbian mechanic telling us how to lose weight, home care aides, and fibromyalgia. So women 35-65 years old.
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    My name is tough girl McDA. I am going to break you using the power of this banker box with a newly printed label which actually holds glass from all Sonny's broken glasses this month K. When is my attorney getting here? Oh, and I elect to remain silent.
  3. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    If both actors are going to keep the same mannerisms and affect I won't be able to remember which one is Jason this week. Oh my god. Another teen shoplifting story? Seriously?
  4. I liked it overall, and she is better without a constant boyfriend. Plus it gave mom an early reason to be around and added a new dimension to bringing in Professor McHotty. The best friend character is hitting her stride, the actors are good but the writing has been so so before. The actors playing the college kids could have been more skilled, but nothing that broke the movie. Two issues: The baddie was pretty obvious, and they really needed Miranda Frigon. I thought her character was a little bitchy when she was in these, but it provided a real balance for the movie between her character and the overly helpful cop-- and the lack is obvious.
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Did we miss a day of broadcast? Because this felt like a Monday recap and catchup show
  7. Watched two in DVR. Samantha is just as likable as ever. You get the sense she likes people and she wants us to enjoy going wherever she is. Plus, the show is informative and easy to follow
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Let's just put everyone in the joint, we can rename the show General Lockup
  9. She seems like someone you would trust, which I think is not at all easy through TV.
  10. Watching the Hailey Dean marathon. Between the next to most recent, and the newest, A Will to Kill, Kellie Martin must have had something done. She looked her age before, and now she looks 10 years younger. You can really tell when the movies are back to back. The mystery is fun, too.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Ghosted

    God, this is awful. Why was the showrunner trying to kill this thing?
  12. Watching Christmas with Holly while making breakfast, first time seeing it all and without any wine. Mid20s uncle brings his orphaned niece to a family home in a typical Vancouver island town where he meets the sugary cute owner of a toy store. The first 10 minutes are horrific. The child appears to be 5-6. She is totally nonverbal after her parents die. She has an absolute flat affect. The school system doesn't start an IDEA plan, but just tells the uncle they are holding her back. No diagnosis. Uncle calls some distant relative who is a principal who tells him to relocate her from her lifetime home to the island town. No psychologist or psychiatrist. The child is staggeringly mentally ill, and no one in her life cares very much. I have seen it before and she is cured by the power of being around the cute sweet blond, but seriously, WTF?
  13. I like the mysteries and the Christmas movies. Watching A Joyous Christmas. The lead actress is pretty and talented. However, Rachel, played by Natalie Knepp, is such a nasty bitch the first 15 minutes I almost turned it off. The script writer and director made a real mistake. Even when she asked questions of the male lead her character should be asking, she was unlikable. They got so bad they had her mean facing when she passed happy holiday kids. Then they saved it when she got to the home for the poor/mentally challenged and was decent to them (mainly Bonnie Bedelia in a difficult role).
  14. Finding Christmas. Tricia Helfer. She is sent to North Carolina and an army guy she is matched with is deployed with goes away after flirty sexy time. then true romance. I had no idea she could do a romance role