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  1. S05.E02 The Haunting

    Was brad not paying attention with the lectures on local food sources,? Nichole was eating ant larvi, Britt was eating Grasshoppers, most people were eating greens and Brad could find nothing to eat? Did he even consider baiting his hook with insects or worms? he was not fun to watch. Britt was fun to watch even if making a rookie mistake which I bet most of us at home in our armchairs eating potato chips or something saw long before it happened. . Larry is always fun to watch.
  2. S05.E00 Making the Cut

    there is as much validity in believing someone as there is in deciding they lied we will have to respectfully disagree.
  3. S05.E00 Making the Cut

    so you weighed Nicole? how do you know she was skin and bones. sure people lie a lot but more likely film editors lie. They love drama. are you sure their tarps are flimsy? I had not seen any of the tear on the show and I watched every show every season more than once. now the editors don't have to show that, but they do love drama and that would make drama. heck more than one tarp was used to make a temporary boat. one just stuck around branches piled in a lump that could have had sharp branches. Not questioning your right to have an opinion, jsut disagreeing with you and pining for the next show. .
  4. S05.E01 Redemption

    When you are limited to 10 items, which one do you not take to take a multitool? you have to build a shelter so you need at least a saw or an axe, you need a sleeping bag, . you need tools to get food, it is the devil's choice,you may choose right or choose wrong it pretty much depends on the future you do not know. .
  5. S05.E01 Redemption

    that was dead wood, I think she was looking for live trees. It would probably be a better ant larva food source. I have an old rotting stump in my back yard, I put a planter on it until it no longer supported it. I attacked it with a hammer to get it down to the ground. I think Nicole was looking f or building trees.
  6. S05.E01 Redemption

    as bad as it was for Carleigh, we know something worse is going to happen, they keep showing that stretcher. really enjoyed that nature lesson by Nicole, hope it does not snow too soon. seems a bit early to eat ant larva
  7. S05.E01 Redemption

    I was listening for rules and environment. no snaring deer, only bow hunting. bears over 1000 pounds and aggressive, wolves 5 feet long and 175 pounds. no puppy that.
  8. Naked and Afraid XL: season 4

    I hope Lacey's kids are boys, kind of, because it would be hell being her daughter. She says she does not like women that is a tell tale of a person with social problems, I have worked with people like her, they do not do well in business, as far as alphas, I like to think that everyone is alpha in something. I was appointed a manager by my angry boss my first year in business, he wanted to punish the group so he appointed me, barely a coder to lead them, it crashed and burned. When I became a manager later in life (even though I fought against the promotion tooth and nail) it was easier, I was respectful to my staff, gave credit when someone deserved it and ended up with the best group, very loyal and we did miracles. So even though I did not want to lead this group, they chose to follow me.
  9. S05.E00 Making the Cut

    if winter is coming soon and there are limits to hunting, I expect it can become a starvation game again.
  10. S05.E00 Making the Cut

    I think this person was referring to things they get in addition to their 10 items, like a large tarp to make their yurt
  11. Naked and Afraid XL: season 4

    she is an idiot living alone in her own boma. good one, wonder if the camera crew will allow her to do it? they do have sharp shooters and stuff out there towatch them if they separate at night , she puts them at danger as well.
  12. S05.E00 Making the Cut

    the art of the edit, she said she had plenty of food but jsut really missed her kids. I think they edited it that way because she released that fish. The oddest edits are always about food. But indeed Dave had a lot of food that he was not eating. fish is not going to do it this time with the rivers frozen over. I expect cleaning and cooking pit vipers will be important if they keep finding their ways into yurts. the frog that one guy caught was HUGE. I guess they get to ask about cooking that stuff in camp. It seems like they want a short season this time, the winters sound brutal and unsurvivable. They will really have to stock up on food and insulate their cabins and have a ton of wood, 30 below is pretty bad, the advantage is that Brooke is from Alaska I think? and used to cold, maybe? I wonder if the hunting rules are more lax in Mongolia? I think snow leopards are protected there are less than 7K in the world. something bad happens with that emergency evac they keep showing.
  13. Naked and Afraid XL: season 4

    I am not sure lacey was trying to turn people against Shane. Shane is not a social animal, as can be seen when he totally ignores all the new people so he can fully yell at Lacey. usually you can say hello and then go back to yelling. I thought he was trying to warn, not get blamed for bringing him tothe group.
  14. Naked and Afraid XL: season 4

    well beef is aged, not sure how
  15. S11.E24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    I was just so glad for Stuart to be able to show off his trivia expertise. in character, but so rare a success.