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  1. OK, I said what I said about fiber glass to explain the models unhappiness, Of course, the episode designer should have eliminated it. i don't know if Kentaro knew how uncomfortable it could be. I jsut thought I would mention it. As to the person who did not like the mention of Amazing race, the whole thing with a manual has become short cut language among reality watchers as something you would be an idiot to not do and yet every year there is at least on couple who does not know how to drive a manual which is usually the car of choice on this particular show or maybe in non USA countries. Not everyone might get it, but I think a number of people here probably get the reference.
  2. Not a Brandon fan, do not see innovative in his stuff, Just see straps on things we have seen before, nothing like having an anonymous runway and there is Brandon's' straps, ha ha . This day his skirt looked like a terribly short poodle skirt, including the stripes. How many times have people almost been kicked out because some but shows through short skirt, but for Brandon it is ok because he is so "innovative" even though I Have seen the same thing before with straps The thing with Kentaro's model is that the fire hose had fiberglass in it, that can cause a nasty rash, not good for a model and it is really horrible on the skin. Some materials should have not been included or Kentaro should have made an undergarment for his model like Michael did.
  3. they usually get a stipend which varies depending on the show, enough to make up being away from job and family. Usually x much per show. more for shows where you perform, sing, dance, etc and less for shows where you just survive, naked and afraid and low cable reality competitions..
  4. she is in prison, don't hear a lot out of her though. How Abby Lee Miller Is Celebrating Her First Birthday Behind Bars
  5. oh kendal is easy to identify, she fell out of a step and almost fell over. She fell over later in another part.
  6. well, i am guessing that the lecture about unprofessionalism is for the other contestants picking on poor claire and she gets to keep the money only to be eliminated on the next show for not having an original idea. And nothing is learned except you can't trust a reality show. I want the magic elves back, they were tougher about he rules.
  7. well to add to that, I can't wait until Tuesdays Al;ton dazy on chopped. OK, the Bobs might not be there, but I expect some chaos to reign. http://www.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/shows/2017/08/chopped-altons-challenge
  8. has anyone seen Project Runway Season 16 Episode 8 Review w/ Amy Bond | AfterBuzz TV. I have read this whole thread and don't remember seeing it. at minute 47 Amy discusses the whole thing and next episode, it is all supposed to come out. Earlier in the video she explains about her decision prompted by by comments by Tim to not finish with the jacket she designed to go over the blouse that made the design make more sense and it included the pattern. . I have no idea if it would have been better or not, but it would have make her sleeves make more sense.
  9. they searched his room and found the books under his bed.
  10. Brandon's designs always look like homeless people putting on what ever they have to me and adding straps just because. I think that the error that Michael made was using a real blanket, if he had used thin material and did a homage to blanket, it would have looked better. Marguarite, had the best cup design, but no goal to design to, her client apparently was too milktoast and did not inspire her with demands. kenya must be blind not to see how badly that fit Kentaro, it was a lot of material and ideas, Claire, to me it was boring. Batani does not listen to her client Ayana might have done better with leggings but he client did not want it. Amy is just middle of the road amy.
  11. I think that Abby's claim to fame was having one girl become a rockette.
  12. gee, Mayim is one of my favorite characters on this show. I look forward to her scenes. I thought that the forgotten anniversary is the perfect symbol for the eh relationship between Penny and Leonard. I was falling off my chair when Bernie and JHowie were trying to make them com,mit to having a baby, so funny.
  13. I think there were money making opportunities as well, not really vacations as portrayed n the show.
  14. Who ever used to do their extra video was great, I loved it when the vitaggio brothers were on, they were such brothers off the show, fighting (silly not aggressive) over the last bag of potato ships, running through the house jumping over things. They were more like 10 year old brothers, Sort of reversed the serious reputation of the kitchen. A copuple of the people who were not fan favorites, seemed so much better off the air.
  15. as far as it being expensive for the mothers and children sitting around, they are getting paid to be sitting around, they are still being filmed sitting around, so it is not like it is some horrific punishment. As for Laurieann, coming back, why should she be put in the middle of this argument with the mothers and Abbie. It s not like the mothers were all sweetness and light towards her.