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  1. never mind, I was thinking of Hammerstein.
  2. I thought the title was changed to Jeff to reflect this was a paula centric episode. Jeff was her Josh.
  3. Well, I assume someone took the fall for the tour failure, the tour sponsor goldenvoice presents maybe? I can't imagine the mother's would have been so dumb to self book.
  4. Vanity sizing indeed, and if you add in I bought cheap clothes when I was young, I think that adds to it, because my wedding dress was a nice expensive cocktail dress and was size 8. The funny thing is the cheap clothes I bought when I was young still look good, if out of style, today, but newer clothes wear out or stain quickly. I m still wearing 40 year old t shirts without stains, but can't seem to keep a new T shirt for an entire year without it getting ruined. when I go out, I do not look like other people, ha ha . I don't mean I wear clothes that i had 40 years ago aside from stretchy t shirts, since I have gained weight, but it seems like my closet has been raided by regular teens for the last 30 years. A young boy took all my elephant leg jeans, he loved them. Didn't care if they were girls clothes.
  5. The other thing I like is that they do complement the other teams instead of trashing them when they do well.
  6. Everybody is not a size 2 - I do have to point out that I have a young niece who wanted to wear some of my vintage clothes but she is a size 0 some number I never was near. but she tried on a size 10 dress I had and it fit her perfectly. methinks sizes have grown over 40 years or so. This could also explain why a size 12 Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 according to her labels and is being displayed on size 6 dress forms.
  7. JMHO, If you hated the twins on this show, you would have really hated the twins on the show "twins" where htey lied to people repeatedly, made out with different guys to get ahead, basically were very unpleasantly manipulative. As far as what is said in the talking heads, I remember that there is a producer there goading them onto say the most outrageous things. If you want to be featured and encouraged, you play along. I don't take any talking heads seriously on any of these shows.
  8. I think she was just in teacher mode. Habits are hard to break.
  9. and right now the TV keeps blaring Jo jo's name in a national advertisement, the store name escapes me at the moment, but she is bigger than i thought. And there is a cherry onthis, it is that Jill has to be seeing thisn and wondering where she went wrong, because Kendall is an "original" girl and it is her turn, she deserves it more.
  10. I have to wonder what show other people thought they were watching? Last season I was a bit squicked out with some of the comedy scenes because they were so close to the truth of the lucy ethel comedy being sick behavior. Sometimes this show triggered a reminder of something I did wrong. Yes I stalked (thoughts of revenge also) someone for a short period of time because they were gaslighting/lying/using me and I needed to know the truth, no it was not my "lying eyes". But once it was confirmed, I stopped. Still that behavior is a sickness, I felt over the top doing that. This season with the illness in the open, It is almost calming to me. But from the first show, I knew there was something wrong with Rachel and it gave it a darkness with the humor.
  11. came to see if this actually had media so I had to search one out and add it. Scared Famous Is A Perfect Case Study In The Workings Of Reality TV A show for people who don't believe in reality. ha ha
  12. I purchased the Omaha steak deal it was like 60% off. MY family liked it, but now I keep getting catalogues from the, too expensive.
  13. I think the puppy is a perfect representation of how Josh is completely not thinking, A puppy is a responsibility, you only want to give to responsible people, not everyone is a dog person especially a city girl. It is a TV fix, in real life it does not fix anything. I think TV is probably where Josh gets ideas, he is not exactly a deep person. On the other side the puppy would serve another purpose, tying Rebecca to Josh, Seeing it she would remember Josh, Perhaps he is not ready to give up being idolized or Rebecca either. One of the things I like about this show is everyone has something, no one is perfect. Right now I think that miss Millennial is probably the only one sided character, everyone else has shown different sides of themselves and flaws.
  14. any time Kripke sees a woman, he is a jerk.
  15. ha, maybe it was not all scripted.