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  1. Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    Well, to be different, I felt badly for Brother to win so many Last Chance Kitchens only to be left out at the last one, someone always has to lose, but Brother won so many.
  2. OK that was weird, YOu can buy tickets to see Ruben at Ticketmaster but not at the Bergen PAC direct site. However you can get tickets to see Daughtry 3 days later. I will never understand how tickets work.
  3. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Did I remember this correctly? Joe was asking the faith of donald trump author why Trump never acted religious in public, or said anything religious in public. And this guy says Trump talks religion all the time, like sitting in a car with (what I believe was a two bit grifter tv preacher) and talking to him and then getting out and hugging the guy and telling him he loved him. So Joe asked again if trump had spoken publicly, and the guy said, yes he talked to him about loving god, where = on a golf course (this really cracked me up because it seemed like the most likely place to find Trump on Sunday). Joe said but had he done it in public - yes the guy answered again, on the golf course,. maybe it was a public golf course - so at that point the discussion is over, completely missing or avoiding the point. altogether, pretty amusing and the only kind of moments I watch this show for.
  4. Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feed Discussion

    sadly, I guess I can never be on big brother, my porn name would be Nancy Elizabeth. Nancy was my toy giraffe and my first gold fish. And I lived on Elizabeth street,. Sounds a lot more like a nun name. Cutting away from interesting conversations is a BB trademarks since the very first year.
  5. Good lord, people's personalities are heavily edited in reality shows but in this case, I think everyone has good and bad moments mostly because they are human. I don't hate anyone, but resent the moments where people think they should be helped, the last season really turned me off when the woman who won had to be carried through episode after episode only to win in the end. , nice scenery again.
  6. All Episodes Talk

    when I saw it was starbound, my heart dropped. at least it was nicely attended and they didn't sweep everything.
  7. Well, I was like the guy at the end of the supplies discussion who wanted to cry, it just made me so sad.
  8. Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    the problem with the steak being too large was that when tom bit into it the steak flopped out and he had to eat a big steak without as much as the fixing. he didn't bite through the steak, that indicates tough to me. so why are two going on? i missed that part of the explanation.
  9. S15.E08: Restaurant Wars

    I blame claudia's denial of what an executive chef does as the killing blow, that is so basic, it can not be overlooked. You can't claim to be the exec chef in one scene and then claim to be an expediter in another.
  10. S06.E04: The Honeymoons, Part 1

    There is a difference between going slow and being cold towards a person, Someone might believe the going slow if the person is warm and smiles a lot, but if you are cold, y0u can say that you want to get to know me eventually and I won't believe you, I had a relationship like that, I got the right words and some presents, but the physical touch was cold and not kind, later found out, when I pushed it, he had moved on with someone else and didn't know how to end a relationship. ugh. He had always been the dumpee before. . anyway, there is that it's over body movement with Jephete, now if the show insist they stay together, I can see him being frustrated, but it was actually kinder when Heather called it over.
  11. Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    I thought that the magic elves were just used in set ups and moving the contestants around, housing them and that sort of logistics, the editing was up to the producers.
  12. S01.E01: Pilot

    oK, I am going to be the negative nelly, but the good news is I won't be sticking around posting on more of this show, a little is to show me what it is. I just found it too 80 rote. the bad boy rebel doctor who is never wrong even when he is not doing normal things. guess what we jsut had the womans march and the me too thing, bad boy doctors should not grab women and kiss them against their will, not considered good form anymore. too much rape fantasy stuff. Oh and bullying is going out of style, so bullying the guy working for you is not funny and showing you have a sense of humor. I don't expect people who are central characters to always be a hero, but the hero worship of this bad boy was not something I enjoyed. I don't want to go back to the 50's where guys can do or say anything and women had to gush at them. And the bad doctor was so unrelentingly evil, too much. I have had bad doctors (to my great regret) they were not all evil 100%. I remember the doctor I rejected from doing my surgery just because he seemed to be oblivious and neither him or anyone working for him never asked what medication I was on or what weight I was or anything that you might think was important before surgery. Since I was going to walk they got me another doctor that actually asked me those things voluntarily, I got through fine, but the woman next to me ended up with my doctor and she died. this is a true story. Normally I am pretty easy going with the "experts" but it was my first surgery and I got really bad feeling about that doctor, he seemed high, and that nice young woman next to me was having optional surgery and they could not wake her up, I was thrown out of recovery where I was supposed to be for an hour, but they were making so much noise they woke me up. She was so happy going in. I Guess my personal experience makes me judge doctor shows differently. I am not sold on the good doctor, story lines, but at least they do know that times are changing. it is that the writing on this show is so out of date in attitudes.
  13. S15.E07: Olympic Dreams

    but, Tonya said in a talking head she didn't do knife cuts, that is not how she cooks in her restaurant, that it is an old fashioned way of doing things and no one uses those cuts anymore.
  14. Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    the last chance kitchen is just the regular top chef kitchen so they already know it. I am not exactly sure why Tonya thought she had to represent AA women, there are always AA women on this show, None more famous or beloved than Carla.
  15. S15.E07: Olympic Dreams

    I am not going to hate or love anyone here, but I do feel that Tonya thought she was being a team player by accepting what the others wanted to give her, but as a team player she should have spoken up about not being sure about her knife cuts She obviously is a different type of chef who feels she is more modern and does not need outdated knife cuts and you need to be honest when you are on a team, that was not what she wanted to do and what she would be good at.