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  1. General True Crime Shows

    Yeah, Jamie is one of those women who jumps from one bad relationship to another without pausing. Some people just can't be alone. She could be in a second episode of Evil Lives Here about Jessee Mackin who murdered her baby son. That baby (Larry Lord) was so cute and innocent.
  2. The Masked Singer

    Most everyone believes the Lion is Rumer Willis, but after the new clues given (activism, building things), I think it might actually be Scout Willis. She's part of the Free the Nipple campaign and she's built homes for charity. She is also a singer. She and Gus Wenner were a duo. clip Many of the clues that fit Rumer also fit Scout, but I'm not sure Rumer fits the building and activism ones. That's not a bad guess. He's Southern. And he voiced the Mummy in Hotel Transylvania. I feel that the judges aren't supposed to make accurate guesses until the right before the singer is unmasked. If they guess correctly too soon, it might ruin the mystery.
  3. American Beauty Star

    I thought the 80s team should have gone the glamorous Dynasty route. I think they would have had more success.
  4. General True Crime Shows

    Definitely more to it. I know everyone is thinking the husband did it, but it may actually have been her father R.H. Hughes. The "suicide" happened at his house. A few years later, he was killed in self-defense by his own son. They were an odd lot. A few more details here about the son-in-law.
  5. My church has no membership fee. Any donations are voluntary, not mandatory. I didn't understand when the couple said that they could never talk about things because the CoS was always keeping them apart during the soliciting. I mean, they lived together. They shared a bed (presumably).
  6. He groped Harry Dreyfuss, the son of Richard Dreyfuss.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    It is unsolved, but they are retesting some DNA and there is a possible unnamed suspect. I thought it was interesting. It was tragic the way her mother let her grief consume her. There will be other murder cases covered in future episodes of the series, but Amy Mihaljevic's unsolved case was three episodes long.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    That's interesting, but I can't find any reference to it. I only found mention of both of them changing their names via deed poll, which seems to simply be a personal choice. Maybe I'm wrong.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    You might be thinking of Anne Perry. She wasn't given a new name by the authorities, but she did change her name from Juliet Hulme.
  10. Disappeared

    Mike Williams' widow has been convicted of his murder.
  11. General True Crime Shows

    I have Cox as well and this also happened to me. I've seen these Cold Valley crimes on another show (I think Dark Minds) and they wouldn't name the POI on there either. I assume it's due to legal issues. But his name is available online if you go looking. edited: As Brattinella discovered.
  12. S09.E08: Evolution

    They were headed to Alexandria, so Michonne told them to let her people know where she was headed.
  13. Christmas Cookie Challenge

    Ricky's frame was lovely. Yes. Amber wanted her cookies to be crisper, so she set the oven to 375 degrees. She called out to the others that she was using that oven.
  14. S09.E08: Evolution

    The age difference between those two gives me the creeps. I don't know how old the characters are supposed to be on the show after the six year time jump, but in real life she's 19 and he's 23.