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  1. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Elizabeth Salgado's remains have been found. Her episode aired in April of last year. She was the student from Mexico studying in Utah. Discussion of that episode is on page 4.
  2. The Disappeared Who Are Accounted For

    Elizabeth Salgado's remains have been found.
  3. If the cartel didn't want Lourdes prosecuted, why did they let Miguel testify? I was really hoping the fact that he was testifying meant he was innocent, but he turned out to be the monster Olivia said he must be. Of course.
  4. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Frankie ran out of the car when she could no longer pretend to be cool, and Sue brought out the blue bag in case Frankie needed some cookies. Sue is the one who left it on the road sometime during the family hug. This was after Sean/Sue.
  5. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    No, it was Lexie. There was one clear shot of her face at Sue's wedding. Since Lexie's parents cut her off once she turned 21, I guess she and Axl have to make it on their own. I agree. I think that's why the writers did it. For a couple of seasons, I wished there had been an episode where we find out Darrin had found someone to marry and maybe even had a child. That was something he really wanted and it would have been a nice bit of closure. It was weird that he never really was mentioned again even in passing (aside from Frankie's comment). Well, that was supposedly April, the idiot he married. She wasn't really the love of his life. Frankie's comment is considered to be a bit of sarcasm.
  6. Season Four Discussion

    I did a little nosing around and it looks like Judith did marry and she might have two other children. Not sure about the last part. I thought it was odd when Judith said that the baby ate stuff off the floor because her mother had to watch the baby. Chris and Lisa hosted This is Life -Live!, and after each of those episodes TLC showed a new episode of Long Lost Family.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    It's from Murder Calls. It was an episode from the first season about Paul Stephani (the Weepy-Voiced Killer), but they keep playing it to advertise the new season. Yes, it's annoying.
  8. S04.E05: Laura

    I enjoyed it, but I like Garret Dillahunt and his character. I was able to tolerate Jenna Elfman. And I would totally have stayed with that sweet man and watched movies. I froze the screen and read his reviews of the films he "rented". I'm glad Morgan has a new friend and his name is John Dorie.
  9. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    I missed that. Thought loopy Sebastian would have stayed in charge of it. That explains why Wendell jumped on, never missing an advantage opportunity. I thought Jeff did say that Sebastian would choose which woman to send unless someone wanted to give up their reward to go.
  10. S09.E21: The Royal Flush

    But she really did put them under her boobs. And Sue hasn't a clue as she hopes the ice cream sandwiches aren't mushy. Of course, it's not a practical way to cool a hot flash, but Frankie isn't a practical person.
  11. The Disappeared Who Are Accounted For

    They arrested Mike Williams' widow for his murder. No surprise there. story link
  12. S31.E38: The Last Ride Home (Tex McIver)

    And Dani Jo actually mentioned Piedmont Hospital. She just didn't know how to get there. Apparently, Tex wasn't was interested in telling her or finding out how. I also wonder why 911 wasn't called. Yeah, that kid of hers was sure being pampered by Tex and his wife. I wonder how she became friends with Tex. And Tex may have had $1.7 million, but he owed his wife about a million dollars.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Boogie Down Bronx

    I recognized swimmer syndrome right away because I had seen it on two other shows. One was Pit Bulls and Parolees, and the other was Dr. Chris, Pet Vet. I'm glad to see a happy outcome as well. A little sad about Mert possibly not having a long future ahead of him. Seems like he's had a good life, though. I was only thinking about that particular litter and a possibility that intervention may have saved it. Some people suggested hand-rearing, which the zoo addressed, but I was curious about a surrogate mother. To be clear, I am not talking about changing the way zoos breed and raise their animals. I think we've covered this enough, and I do understand what you're saying.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    I think it's a repeat of a previous episode on the GSK, but maybe with some updated material. I know they're touting it as new. The website used for the DNA search was GEDmatch.com, a free site. Here's an interview with Paul Holes discussing how he did the search.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Boogie Down Bronx

    But that's why I said "if the goal is to help the species as a whole and not just expand their own pack." Maybe that isn't the goal. Look, I just wanted to know if a surrogate was possible and I discovered that the Oklahoma City Zoo had done it. They seem to have been very successful with their painted dogs.