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  1. Naked and Afraid XL: season 4

    Clarence again?? OMG.
  2. S06.E17: After The Decisions

    I really hope you're wrong --especially now that there's a child involved.
  3. S06.E17: After The Decisions

    I'm SO glad we won't be seeing any more of Jon and Molly together!
  4. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    One more question, before the last show airs. Am I the only one who thinks Dr. Jessica will disappear from the show, after essentially giving Molly and Jon permission *not* to live together at the end?
  5. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    OK, so... We all know Jon and Molly are out (Thank God!!) And most people seem to think Jefte and Shawniece will stay together longer-term. What about Ryan and Jaclyn? Does anyone think they'll be together for the next episode?
  6. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    Because Jackson was head of Harper-Avery, and it will no longer exist! It will become the Catherine Fox Corporation (or some such).
  7. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    1) From Katherine's own frenzied explanation to Jackson, we know that she had enough "influence" at that point to convince Harper Avery to 'allow' her to compensate the women with 'large' sums of money in exchange for their silence, combined with leaving their jobs and never having anything whatsoever to do with Harper Avery again. Why she (as a doctor, not a lawyer) had that much influence over Harper Avery at the time is a very good question. 2) Actually, do we know that Katherine was in Harper Avery's family at that point? 3) The women H. Avery molested would have been slut-shamed, making them unemployable pretty much anywhere in the nation, if Katherine hadn't done what she did. She was right about that. 4) Probably not. [Unless, of course, Harper Avery is actually Jackson's father, and H. Avery either forced his son, Blake, to marry Katherine (in order to legitimize H. Avery's baby), or else Harper forced Blake to acknowledge a child that was really the result of sexual harassment/rape of his wife by his own father.] That would explain Katherine's "influence" over Harper Avery, and why Katherine never told Jackson anything about this before.
  8. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    Yes, Arizona should not have passed out cookies without having baked them herself or purchased them at a responsible bakery. I actually thought, at first, that the big "oops" about the cookies was going to be that they *had peanut butter in them,* which of course can be deadly to anyone who is allergic! And Arizona didn't ask people, "Want a peanut butter cookie?" She said, "Want a lesbian appreciation cookie?" Someone might have assumed that if they had peanuts it would have been mentioned... and then gotten very sick. Very badly done, script writers! I also agree with Chocolatine about the #MeToo thing. Catherine may have actually believed that she was doing the best thing she could for all those women, at the time. But she wasn't. She victimized those women again by forcing them to stay silent ...And I don't think she should get to come out of this smelling like a rose.
  9. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    OK, so they went there: all 13 women who took money for their silence are now shouting, "Me, too!" It might not be legal, but I think a bunch of people on last episode's thread were right on the mark.
  10. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    Jackie didn't run. Wrong choice, Girl! You'll regret it, and a year from now you'll wish you'd never met him.
  11. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    It's like 5 minutes into the show and it's basically just been Molly crying crocodile tears -- "Oh, poor me! I feel so sorry for myself..."
  12. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    2 hours is too long to drag this out!
  13. S06.E15: Eleventh Hour

    Jephte teaches 2nd grade, so yes, some of the stuff on the show could be very inappropriate for them. And I bet he's concerned about what their parents & the school administration will think. Especially since I bet a lot of those kids will find a way to watch their teacher on TV! I usually *do* watch the show as it airs, but I'm not sure I want to tonight. I mean, a 2-hour "finale" episode? That means they're gonna drag everything out as much as possible. And if I watch it later, I can fast-forward through those inevitable commercials in the middle of sentences when they finally say what their decision is. I wonder how many people commenting here will actually be watching as it airs?!
  14. S06.E15: Eleventh Hour

    Not sexually, in any case. Any student (or student's parent) who is watching Jephte will have seen his temper, though.
  15. S06.E15: Eleventh Hour

    That's it. He really couldn't care less what Jaclyn's experiences are, or how she feels about them, or what she wants or needs from her marriage to him.