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  1. Here's my comment on the episode: ....bleh!
  2. Media for Spouse House

    I am interested in this one. It's like a mix of MAFS and Big Brother... a different twist on a theme I thought had already been done every way possible. It's too soon to tell, of course, whether this will turn out to be all about the drama or all about the couples. I can only hope it will be mostly about creating (at least) somewhat compatible married couples.
  3. Like everyone else, I am *so* disappointed in David! He had true love right at his fingertips and he threw it away. But I'm not cynical enough to believe it was all scripted or because he was already in a relationship. I think he's one of those 'nice guys' who can only fall in love with women who don't really care about them. Sad, really, for him as well as for the unfortunate women who really care about him. Hopefully, there will be no third chance.
  4. S13.E24: Ring Of Fire

    As people have pointed out, Stephanie was breaking the rules to take that rapist to his "sweetheart" in the first place. And everyone seems to agree, there were multiple opportunities for her to have gotten that scalpel away from the him without burning him alive. Stephanie waited too long to take action, then ultimately chose a catastrophic way to "save" the girl and eliminate the threat from the rapist. (Suggesting fire in the first place, then participating in creating the explosion that burned down part of the hospital, put many patients' lives in danger -and doctors are supposed to "do no harm".) I like the actress, but the the writers made her character unappealing. I'm just glad they didn't kill her off, or let that little girl die because of her poor decisions. As for Minnick -ick. Good riddance! Obviously, some of the doctors acted like they were in Jr. High while trying to get rid of her. But the whole Minnick story line should never have happened in the first place. [I think maybe Shonda had intended for Minnick to be on the show next year, but changed her mind after seeing how Grey's fans felt about her...]
  5. S13.E24: Ring Of Fire

    I hope that really *is* the end of Riggs and Mer, not the beginning of another Shonda triangle. I also hope Mer isn't pregnant. They may be saving that for the premiere of next season.
  6. S13.E24: Ring Of Fire

    So Stephanie survived the explosion, and she goes out a hero (dead or alive) trying to save the kid. I like it. Much better than just killing her off...
  7. S13.E23: True Colors

    Agreed. I don't know why Owen, instead of their mother, was the one notified that Megan had been found -perhaps because of their mother's health situation- but Owen was way too deeply in the clutches of PTSD to pay attention to explanations. I appreciated that they showed Mer's humanity again. She knew that Nathan needed to hear that news immediately. Sadly, Nathan will feel guilty for 'cheating' on Megan (again), as well as sharing the same guilt Owen is experiencing (because he gave up and assumed she was dead and moved on with his life). Unfortunately, Mer is the worst person to give Nathan that news! It should be Owen, or maybe Bailey. Anyone besides the woman he has been 'cheating' with!
  8. S13.E23: True Colors

    That little girl... I hope they don't decide to keep her alive with full-thickness burns all over.
  9. S13.E23: True Colors

    I think the whole point was to get rid of Stephanie.
  10. S13.E23: True Colors

    I knew it! Everybody who speculated that Megyn would turn out to be alive, the moment Riggs and Mer finally got together --all of you were right.
  11. S13.E23: True Colors

    Amelia supporting Owen?? It has to be about family...
  12. S13.E22: Leave It Inside

    I agree that going to CPS would be the legally appropriate thing for the doctors to have done the *first* time the kid showed up there. He had a seizure, which is absolutely an emergency, and needed to be treated right then - but did *not* require emergency surgery. Sometimes, though, the legally appropriate thing to do is *not* the *morally* appropriate thing to do! Doctors know it would take several days or (probably) weeks for the CPS procedure, which would require a CPS evaluation and a judge's ruling to play out. And by then the kid would probably never see again. The tumor might even have become inoperable.
  13. S13.E22: Leave It Inside

    No chance that Minnick won't survive the finale. But I'm afraid Stephanie will be killed; that way, at least they don't have to fire her or have her resign in disgrace. And the psycho dad will be so obviously psycho that no lengthy court crap will be necessary...
  14. Spoilers and Speculation

    Well, now we know how Stephanie is leaving... kind of a lousy way to get rid of her.
  15. S13.E21: Don't Stop Me Now

    Sorry to tell you this, but I have a medical background and, having been present at surgeries, I have to say it's pretty common for surgeons and their nurses and techs to joke around in the operating room. Once the patient is unconscious, the main surgeon often has his favorite music playing (something they don't seem to do on Grey's, probably because it would interfere with dialogue). It's not really uncommon for the surgical crew to be dancing or bopping to the beat.