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  1. S 07. E 17 I Still Do?

    Not really looking forward to this one --but it is what it is.
  2. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    I think a case could be made for increased stress among Millenials. They live in a world where selfies, fake boobs, enlanged butts, and (at least) minor "enhancement" medical procedures to people's faces are the norm. "Just being yourself" really isn't an acceptable option. People notice every little thing, and everyone is a critic! There is also the issue of what they eat. Hair is essentially made of pure protein and connective tissue. If breakfast is a green 'health' shake and lunch is half a banana, that's not gonna qualify to help strengthen and grow hair.
  3. Actually, (if the parents can afford it) most kids go to pre-school these days. (Otherwise, they end up starting kindergarten a little bit behind their peers.)
  4. "People" generically, can be *such* jerks!!
  5. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    So do I, but it's none of my business. Danielle obviously likes wearing a "strong brow," the overdone version of which was a fad for quite a while. And, well, with Groucho Marx eyebrows, she needs extra lashes or her eyes would just disappear! Even if he keeps taking her fishing?
  6. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    Or not. That I know of, Dave gave Amber flowers exactly once, and that was part of his "romantic gesture" assignment, when he rented that fancy "Princess Carriage" for them to ride in. As for "calling her at work" --I've always tried to avoid calling Hubby during work hours because he's, well, working --and bosses do tend to frown on such things. I can understand why Amber might not be enthusiastically appreciative about frequent calls to her at work! ...Besides, I doubt very much that Dave was calling Amber to say, "I love you, Amber, and I'm missing you. See you tonight." (That would be 'romantic'.) I think he might be "the sweetest person" in bed --but that's about it.
  7. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    Yeah, I think that's probably why he finally decided to "stick it out" with Amber for a little bit longer. lol
  8. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    That's not been announced yet, to my knowledge, but considering how bad they've been fighting, it sure seems like a good guess. Not sure who might have said that there are no "anti-Dave people". I did say there was a "Team Dave," but not really a "Team Amber" --I believe I referred to it as instead being "Team That Wants Something Better for Amber". (Meaning, of course, better for Amber than staying married to Dave --which is a toxic match.) I said it that way because, while a lot of people seemed to like Dave just fine the way he is, almost everyone had issues with Amber's stressful, repeated meltdowns. Some of us were understanding/sympathetic/compassionate toward what Amber was going through, while others seemed to be strongly "anti-Amber" and putting pretty much all the blame for that couple's problems squarely on her shoulders. Doesn't matter now, of course. It will be interesting to see who's still married (and who's not) for the Reunion show.
  9. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    OMG, not Dave & Amber!! And there's no way Tristan and Mia could even last another week, much less long enough to film the Island show... so definitely not them. Besides, that would make everyone who watches the show really pissed!!
  10. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    Ugh. I just threw up a little bit inside my mouth, thinking of that.
  11. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    They'd be crazy to choose Dave & Amber. Even these "experts" wouldn't be that bad.
  12. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    So they chose Amber First, and she said she wants to stay married (which is what I expected). Now it's up to Dave, who obviously doesn't want to stay married, but doesn't want to get a divorce (at least, according to what he said earlier). ...And Dave says he wants to stay married. Now I'm really sick. Maybe it's the stomach flu?
  13. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    Dave: "I'm not going to stay in a bad marriage, just because I don't want a divorce."
  14. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    Tristan and Mia chose to stay together. I think I need to barf...
  15. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    Another ring? ...Really?!