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  1. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    She actually said her name, but said she didn't know how to pronounce it--whether it was Tee-gen or Ty-gen--and that she was just going to go with Legend. As for today's show, what an idiot Whoopi is to pretend a lobster isn't going to feel pain when it's being boiled alive. I'm not a vegetarian, but there are ways for animals to be killed humanely that they feel as little pain / misery as possible. Unfortunately, you have people like Whoopi and Abby--the latter of which, of course, barely cares about humans, much less ask her to give a care for animals--who think humans alone can feel pain when they're hurt or dying. The ability to feel pain is a necessity for animals to know how to survive in nature. Nobody's saying they're necessarily capable of having complex thought or emotions, but animals do feel pain.
  2. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    If "mistreated" is referring to rape, attempted rape, sexual harassment, physical abuse, ruining a woman's career because they're a woman or because they wouldn't sleep with you, or anything else along the same lines, then that mentality seems pretty sound, imo.
  3. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    I don't think treating women like human beings for a change and acknowledging the reality that the likelihood someone is lying about rape and/or sexual harassment is infinitesimal would be my definition of the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction of a woman being raped and then smeared as an opportunistic liar for coming forward. The ladies were kinder to Julie Chen than I expected.
  4. Abby Huntsman: The New Kid

    I still believe the only reason one or both of them weren't chosen was because McCain pulled the same strings that got her on this show in the first place--and kept her there despite one of the worst job performances from a co-host in the history of the show--to hire her friend. That's the reason I will never like Abby. But the fact that she was a jackass to Sunny yesterday when they were talking about Kavanaugh proves she wouldn't have been any good to me even if McCain hadn't had a hand in her getting on the show.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I remember reading that Carrie Ann was auditioning for Aisha's seat a while back only to lose out to Eve whoever, never heard of her before she joined The Talk. I tuned in today to see Julie's announcement that she's leaving and saw Carrie Ann in her seat, looking ecstatic. She got her seat after all! I'm happy for her. Good riddance to Chen. This is the first episode I've seen in a long time. Are they trying out having different co-hosts introduce a topic now that Julie's out or have they been doing that for a while? I don't care for it.
  6. Abby Huntsman: The New Kid

    LOL That needs to be the thread title. :)
  7. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    I agree with Whoopi that it wouldn't have mattered what time this came out, it would've received the same response from vile people like Abby who don't give a sh*t about a woman who's been raped (or attempted rape), considering they're salivating over Kavanaugh in the hope they can destroy women's rights in the first place. Besides that, nothing much else to say about today's show. I was already all smiles from the get-go just knowing that the-asshole-who-shall-not-be-named wasn't there.
  8. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    The rest of the panel was upset because Sunny was insinuating something was wrong with Planned Parenthood because she thinks abortion is wrong. Why even make a point about what the percentage of abortions versus other healthcare services provided is unless you personally have an issue with abortion in the first place? I love Sunny and I accept that she doesn't personally believe in abortion because of her religious beliefs, but that was definitely a low moment for her. Usually her position is that abortion is the law and she accepts it as a right even if she may feel the decision to abort is immoral on a personal level. But why then attack the head of Planned Parenthood the same way the people who want abortion outlawed would? Or, like Abby herself picked up right after Sunny finished, practically imply the head of PP is a "baby murderer" who's trying to hide it?
  9. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    I love Sally Field and Kelly Clarkson. Willie Nelson's nice, too. I'm looking forward to all of them.
  10. The Voice in the Media

    I'd love John Legend. Even more so if this makes it more unlikely Pharrell will return. I wonder if they've ever tried to get P!nk on this show? She would be great, and is in that stage of her career where it would be a good fit.
  11. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    No doubt the spoiled, little, rich girl threw a fit by phone shrieking at them to show her in the intro this week in case the viewers think she was fired. I remember near the end of last season, she noticeably made comments about how, after this show, she's moving to Montana. And that she wasn't fired after she disappeared a few days following her attacks on David Hogg and the Florida gun shooting survivors on the show, when everyone on Twitter had been speculating she'd taken a suspension instead of apologizing on-air. And as soon as she inked her contract for the new season, she was shouting it from the rooftops all over the place. All I can guess is it was job insecurity because everyone was betting on her getting fired because of how awful, disgusting, and incompetent she is. Whenever she finally does get kicked out the door--and it can't happen soon enough--her meltdown will be delicious.
  12. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    I agree, both Abby and McCain are stiff as boards with no capabilities for a talk show format. They're also from the same background (rich / white / military / FOX employee / daughter of Republican politician), another strike against the concept of the show being "women from different backgrounds giving their views." Finding a conservative who knows how to fit the vibe of a talkshow can't be that difficult considering Paula, Ana, Tara, and Nicolle were fine.
  13. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    He seemed sad. I have never known much about him and didn't even know about this story until he was on today. When the ladies were talking about what you can come back from, well... Like Sunny, I thought MacDonald came across genuinely sorry about what he said, unlike, say, Roseanne, and that makes the difference to me.
  14. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    I'm living for Sunny right now! Lay down those facts!
  15. S08.E01: The End

    I guess I'm one of the few who thought the premiere was awful, just as bad as Cult's premiere. I only tuned in for the MH/Coven crossover and not one character from either was in the premiere. Instead we get a rehash of why this show has become unwatchable. I did like the new credits opening; besides that, the only things horrific about the show at this point are the bad writing and complete waste of some great talent.