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  1. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    I don't even think it's because of the way The View is now so much as the way the news covers The View. Meredith said as much before, but the way The View has the crosshairs on it the past 2 years is on a whole other level. I don't blame her either. Meredith is such a nice person, and you get put through the ringer--often undeservingly. I thought she looked amazing, but I was still shocked the lady at the end was able to get down and do push-ups like that at 103. She's taken great care of herself.
  2. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    Meh-gun opened her comments by saying she doesn't suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome or whatever buzz word she's using. I wouldn't say that's so, Meh-gun. I think you suffer from Trump derangement when you're whoring out your morals and your principles defending what is indefensible nearly every day you're on this show.
  3. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    The main reason I hated her. I don't have any regrets about her getting the boot even if Meh-gun is just as bad in entirely different ways. Hopefully Meh-gun goes the same way as Jedi. Finding someone who doesn't scream and owns what they stand for instead of hiding behind "I'm a Libertarian"/"I didn't vote for Trump"/"MY FATHER!!!"/self-victimization/etc. cannot be that hard, ABC. Find someone like Paula (except not Paula, because Whoopi hates her).
  4. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    Only video uploaded is another attempt by the show to make McCain look like less of the rude, unlikable person she is. Glad I missed that. EDIT: I had an old page open, didn’t see the most recent comments. @Medicine Crow already pointed that out!
  5. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    Personally, I'm hoping Whoopi does the same thing to Pirro that she did to Conway.
  6. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    I'm looking forward to Joel McHale. That's all.
  7. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    I think that had more to do with Bill Geddie than ABC.
  8. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    I just wonder, if she is fired, when exactly she'll leave? She technically started at the end of the first month of the current season. Does that mean she would be a part of the first month of the next season before she's booted or not?
  9. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    Who at ABC does Meh-gun have blackmail material on that they coddle her this way to the point they'll wash YouTube clips clean to hide her hateful, moronic behavior?
  10. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    And she tried her best to shame Tara into walking back the "cult" comment (repeated from her last visit to the show) and was flummoxed when Tara refused. Usually screaming and acting like a victim works for Meh-gun. We get to watch that What Would You Do clip of the rude, disrespectful brat play out everyday on this show with McCain. Sara and Whoopi are like that toxic mother, enabling her every tantrum. On another note, I think Sunny particularly enjoyed calling out Kylie Jenner because those criticisms also apply to the rude piece of trash sitting to the left of her...
  11. Downton Abbey in the Media

    I knew it would come sooner or later. I'm surprised they got Maggie Smith back. I had expected the movie would have everyone but her. I would've enjoyed it anyway, but it would lacking without her.
  12. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    I'm happy Joy said as much. There is a lot of crosstalk today. I think it's a combination of things. Sunny especially seems excited on Friday shows because she's finally able to speak without Whoopi stonewalling her and Meh-gun is nervous without Whoopi there to protect the poor baby.
  13. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    I don’t even like Setmayer, but that last segment was glorious. I could not stop laughing. Not everybody’s a sellout like you, McCain. Setmayer would be better than Meh-gun or Jedi, if nothing else.
  14. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    Between this and calling Joy "virile" while meaning to say Joy still has many years ahead of her, Meh-gun's #1 book recommendation should've been a dictionary. God knows she needs it more than the audience she's always claiming she's there to "educate."
  15. "The View" Week Of 7/09/2018

    Props to Sunny for not backing down to Whoopi, who was unsurprisingly a complete asshole to her. I knew coming into the topic that Whoopi would try to steamroll her--with help from her ass-kissers, Sara and Meh-gun--and Sunny wasn't having it. That quote she read about how Kylie calling herself self-made is like popping open a can of soup and saying it was made from scratch was like a mic drop. Love her.