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  1. It's going to be all or nothing, imo. Either he doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things (and neither does House Baratheon since it died with Stannis) either tHeY'rE hIdInG tHiNgS and Gendry is part of some "uNpReDiCtAbLe" they don't want to hint at before the season. LOL.
  2. That's why I think that at least one of them will have a descendance. Not Cersei, because the miscarriage was already written the S7 outline, and I think it might be the opening of S8. But Tyrion, Jaime, or even both. It's interesting really, the good/bad configuration between the three Lannister siblings. When the show started, Tyrion was the odd man out as the only "good" Lannister. Now? Cersei stayed evil throughout. Jaime is "good" (or "tries to be", at least). Will Cersei become the odd (wo)man out as the only "bad" Lannister vs Tyrion and Jaime? Or will it be Jaime, with Tyrion going for "bad", too? There will be some kind of symmetry, but which one could imo go either way.
  3. Tyrion is obviously not happy about Jon/Dany and Sansa won't be happy about Jon/Dany. If anything, it indicates an opportunity to commiserate and bond. It will be funny to compare the speculations, what the actors said, and what actually happens. Maybe also what they kept or not? I wonder if there are longer versions. It was edited, of course, but I felt that some sentences were cut in the middle.
  4. Die Cersei die (just, take your maybe new husband with you). It's weird how casual viewers probably expect her to croack before the NK and spoiler whore me would probably be surprised if she did. Who is House Dragonglass? Because they're so totally end game :D
  5. Her limited knowledge is why I believe she's either legit, either the most clever of them all. And those pictures are why I believe her set information. I agree that she might have been privy of some other info but I'm keeping my Saint Thomas stance, I believe only what I see and its close collaterals. "Still going strong" would take such an ironic nuance then. I do have the same reservations as you, re: Tyrion's portrayal on the show. Yet imo, DxD did a rather good job with the big characters love/hate flip-flopping so far (Theon, Jaime...even the degree of hatred towards Melisandre seems to have cooled off) so I think that on paper, they're able to pull it off.
  6. "I still think" = personal opinion in a debate she obviously had before. This isn't a locution you use when you're giving certain info, but when you're explaining a personal theory while acknowledging it isn't more than that. BSB isn't like Truede or Awayforthelads, she's also a regular poster at Freefolk. I don't know when she said that (discussing the S6 scripts and the S7 outline only so I guess it isn't new, but there's no date on that quote) yet technically speaking, we don't know even now if Tyrion in love with Dany will play in S8. I don't remember that Friki himself mentioned romantic jealousy as a motive for Tyrion's betrayal but rather his hatred of the people in KL (or at least not at first although again, I quickly lost track of those). BSB seemingly had fractional info that came from people on set at the DP (probably the body doubles) and never pretended she had access to scripts. I'm prone to believe her basic set information, but I wouldn't give more credit to her ideas than to anyone else's.
  7. Not in absolute, that's precisely my point. I think that it doesn't make sense within the context/info (edit: I mean, the details) given by Friki, only.
  8. Absolutely agree about lack of context, that's why I didn't use "impossible". OTOH, by definition parallel lines don't cross each other and those two ideas do; especially if "they deserved it" is part of the context.
  9. Friki didn't give details, but he made like twenty videos to elaborate on those details he doesn't have. Tyrion falling to his knees is so reminiscent of Baelish's last moments. Actually, with the Tyrion in love with Daenerys element, it wouldn't be the only parallel. Betraying the Starks because one of them is taking the woman he unrequitedly loves from him. Not caring about causing chaos -scheming with the AOTD/NK attacks- because of his personal obsession. Not owning up to what he did, but getting sneaky and then busted. I can see Tyrion go, but go like LF? Hmm. Had Tyrion and LF gotten parallel character arcs over the whole show like Jon and Dany did, I could find some sense here, but it wasn't the case. Moreover, it's pretty difficult to reconcile Tyrion walking on the battlefield in 7x05, realizing what war truly meant, what burning people concretely meant, and Tyrion "realizing what he did" after burning KL and its civilians. He already knows. There's a contradiction here and I never found such a big one in a character arc, so far. Imo, if Tyrion is going to betray and the writers want the audience to turn against him, they'll find a way. See Shireen vs Tommen. Some (many?) were already dismayed or annoyed after S7 and it can be exploited...he isn't as popular as he used to be, imo. D&D need(ed) to tread carefully though, because Tyrion will have to be guilty AF or it will leave an all bitter no sweet absolutely unsatisfying taste in the audience's mouth, while his actions will have to fit his show persona or the audience won't accept it and it won't be satisfying (in the sense of "making sense") either.
  10. I'd love this because somehow I think that Sam/Jorah is going to be a thing and they're going to work together again, moreover after not accepting Longclaw very honorably it would be great if he got himself some new Valyrian steel. [tinfoil] And as a Jorah/Lady Tarly crackshipper (party of one) the idea that Sam would give his abusive father's sword to a stepfather who has nothing but respect for him is quite pleasant. [/tinfoil] One of my wishes for S8 is that Jorah stays in "I want my beloved to be happy" mode. If Tyrion is jealous of Jon, I expect Jorah to notice it as fast as he noticed that his Khaleesi was falling for the little shitburger. This storyline would have the potential to put Tyrion at odds with his two closest companions in his Essos trip -Jon being a moderating presence in Daenerys' decision making, Varys would favor him, I suppose. BTW, I don't think it has been made clear if Bran is in the DP in person, or in a vision. It would have pretty different implications. I remember some fleaks announcing a big emotional scene between him and Arya, with Bran becoming Bran again, and I thought it was a pity it wasn't true. I'm sure that Bran will have a huge role to play but tbh, I'd bet on Davos on the Throne before I'd bet on him. I think there will be more POVs and characters moments, I hope so at least. Imo, they're going to evacuate the non-combattants at one point and it will create new stakes with a sense of suspense. I don't remember this configuration was ever used so far and I agree with @nikma, the battles weren't copy/paste so far (unless it was a plot point re: Casterly Roc). If the WF battle is entirely in 8x03, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some significant time jump between 8x03 and 8x04.
  11. I do think that the GC at WF doesn't make sense (I argued at length about it a few months ago). Yet, the unauthorized set pictures are the only leaks I believe in so I had to put water in my wine. If the AOTD takes a blow and has to regroup, it can allow the survivors to escape for a while. Maybe there's a spell involved, with Bran leaning to master his powers (maybe working with Melisandre). Maybe a variation of the spell that protected the cave against the NK, so it wouldn't be a complete deux ex machina. It's a possibility, but it would really be a BotB redux with Melisandre's troops as the Vale knights. They might lampshade it, of course.
  12. Looking back, I realize that I do not care for rewatching battles, except for the S7 ones. More of my faves will be involved in the WF battle, it will make the stakes higher and engage me more, probably. Looking on the bright side, if the Northern Lords are stupid it won't be for long. IIRC the set pictures hinted that the GC would be there (golden shields) which gave cred to the idea that the GC attacks first and the NK invites himself for the picnic. Melisandre "turning" some of the AOTD against the NK was also supposed to take place there, except it was filmed at the quarry and some other leaks said that scenes for WF and KL were filmed there. WF would be destroyed, the NK would take a blow, but the survivors would have to flee south. Which makes me think, Melisandre was heading for Volantis. Would it be possible that she comes back with the GC, maybe with the idea of working for Ice and Fire from within their enemies' ranks?
  13. https://mashable.com/article/night-king-actor-game-of-thrones-battle-season-eight/?europe=true#b5U7iJGw6aqw Confirmed: one hour battle episode in 8x03.
  14. It could also be that Davos has always been a man who sees the big picture and has mostly placed the general interest above his own; since he waited for the BotB to be over before he confronted Melisandre. But I guess he's seen as "Jon's man" or a "Southerner" by the Northern morons like Glover, and probably they wouldn't listen to him so that's where Sam could play a role. Sam is also a Southerner, of course, he's also a man of the NW with a wife and a baby, so I don't know how much credit those Northerners would grant him. Davos and Sam would be an invicible team of diplomats, if Westeros need some in the future. I do hope, nevertheless, that their talents won't be needed and the lords grumbling won't be an open rebellion after they saw the combo dragons/Unsullied/Dothraki. It would make them blind, and not merely short-sighted. Those so-called fleaks reek of sour grapes. Trolls trying to frighten other fans into thinking that "everyone will hate it" because they realized they probably won't get what they want. If Bran ends on the throne I doubt it will be as a vegetable unable to think or act for himself, nobody would call that "satisfying". Even if he isn't my favorite, I really hope there's a clue about his role in the trailer, when a trailer finally drops. First images in the end-of-the-year HBO reel, I guess. It's true that S6 and S7 went in general pretty well for the "good" guys after S5 was so dark, so I'm expecting some "NOOOO!" moments in S8. But, again, not an ending that would be apocalyptic or devastating.
  15. I saw a spoiler thread but only for the graphic novels, not for show spoilers & casting scoops that happen to reveal plot points or definite answers beforehand... Like, who's the actor playing the Sinnerman Nevertheless, I wonder if they're going to go for a Mandarin, Ironman 3 version and the Sinnerman will be revealed to be someone else.
  16. If one main location = characters are given priority, then S8 should be the most character-centered season of the series. After the characters were scattered during 6 seasons, S7 amorced the biggest convergence ever on the show, if only since Essos was dropped as a location (and North of the Wall, too, but for one incursion); and the move should continue in S8. The EW article showed that WF in 8x01 will basically be KL in S1, only on an even bigger scale. Every main character but Cersei and MoEuron will be there or on their way. They have the emotional bomb of Jon's parentage dropping + if the leaks are true, Tyrion's betrayal. Certain sources state (I think it comes from D&D themselves, but not sure) that S7 and S8 were to be considered as one season split in two. 7x06 and 7x07 had more character moments imo and this movement, too, could continue in S8. Most reports we had were about battles, because battles aren't filmed in studios (or rather, not only filmed in studios). But we have basically no info on 8x01, 8x02 or 8x04 (maybe a naval battle in 8x02) which means they're possibly quite heavy on character development. Of course, I'm personally not sad that the "dynamic days" are gone (not at all if it's S1 or S2) since almost all my faves are still alive and most of them seem to have filmed a lot for next season. It can be misleading, because most of them filmed battles, but I'm looking forward to lots of screentime for them (especially, finally, in Arya's case).
  17. Very interesting idea. It would explain the sudden and unexplainable fire-shyness of the guy who is, after all, the trailblazer in the recent use of wildfire in Westeros. The thing that got me thinking "Crispy Tarlys are going to be a Thing later", was Ambrose not telling Sam. Yet, Ambrose could have assumed that Sam had a close relationship with his brother and father and when you think of it, the maesters at the Citadel were portrayed as wide off the mark for everything that wasn't purely scholarly. I don't think it will be entirely ignored, if only because imo, Jon is going to serve Sam with the same speech Sam served him when it came to asking Roose Bolton for men. It might be used in the bigger scheme of things, like questioning Dany's character, and Jon could ask Sam to "see for himself who she really is", which he'd accept because he trusts his friend. ICAM, it all comes down to what they decide. Another precedent, even more telling: In S4, Arya has Mel and the BWB on her death list for taking Gendry, in S5 they're mysteriously gone from the list and in S7, Gendry sold to Melisandre is played for laughs. I don't think it will be the case for the Tarlys other than John Bradley in that discussion but once more, it will depend on the whole picture (picture we don't have, still five months to go).
  18. Sam standing by Jon Snow, yay! He's going to need his BFF and I like the idea he's going to have his little posse of very loyal people and not only Davos to face the obnoxious. I hope Arya and Sam interact, but with the Catspaw featuring in his book I think they will. Relieved about the Tarlys. I do think Sam will be shocked and it will be addressed but thankfully, indeed, it doesn't seem they're going to make a mountain out of a molehill. I don't know about Gilly, but Sam has a mother and a sister he loves, and the audience met them and found them (generally, it seems) quite sweet. It could be Edd, too. My money is still that the WW want baby Sam somehow and he'll be abducted. Maybe that's why John Bradley mentioned the fact that Craster used to give the babies to the WW, by association of ideas. Stephen Dillane wasn't fond of the show and since he was quite vocal about it, I doubt that Stannis will be seen again even as a skeleton. I'm afraid, OTOH, that Hodor is a possibility. His body wasn't burned.
  19. True. Instinct of conservation wins most times with him, even against greed. And not sure that Cersei will be in the mood to make him an offer he can't resist. Still about Bronn, they said there would be many callbacks to previous seasons in S8, and in 2x09 he was about to pull a knife on the Hound. (yes, this is me pulling a foreshadowing? card) Really, interaction between characters, no matter what tier they belong to, is what I look forward to the most. Maybe more than endgame because I might not like endgame, but I'm sure I'll enjoy many if not all of those character-centered scenes. Even after months of exhausting wait, whenever I think about the potential, I find that my enthusiasm for the show is still there and pretty much intact.
  20. I agree, I doubt they'd share a scene. Jaime left the capital glaringly alone. Of course it could be a visual choice for more emotional impact and it'll be revealed that he actually brought a troop with him. Or, if Flynn wasn't spotted at all because he was barely there, it might mean that Cersei took her frustration out on Bronn after Jaime's departure and he'll be the first shocking casualty of S8. What about Bronn leading the Lannister soldiers to WF? Cersei did want to get rid of him, and sending him on a dangerous expedition could be a way of achieving that. Not the most important character, but an interesting wild card imo.
  21. I was watching the Bronn/Jaime scene in 7x05, with the "Only I get you kill you" line, and I wondered. Bronn is fond of the Lannister brothers, but he's always been honest about who he is. He saved Jaime from Drogo's flames, yes. Will he truly become "the sellsword with a heart of gold"? I can imagine the shock if he was the one to kill Jaime. There's also his dialogue with Tyrion in S2, where he said he'd kill a baby depending on how much he's paid: If Tyrion betrays, I could see Bronn do part of the dirty job. I don't remember any Jerome Flynn sighting during filming. Bronn is a tertiary character but imo he's one whose "betrayal" or going full bad guy would make complete sense and be quite surprising at the same time.
  22. In case it wasn't obvious, I don't care about the WF's "rights" debate since again, I don't think it will matter much in the end. It was just that whenever I hear/read "he's a bastard", I think of Bran's line (hence the brackets). That said, I don't care either about intents and purposes, I care about facts. Jon's parents were lawfully married when he was born, therefore he isn't a bastard. Fact! Not that I have anything against bastards. And I wonder if the only one left in Team Good Bastards will actually devise a weapon, and which weapon, or if Joe Dempsie was simply playing coy with the fans at the event (the one in Texas, maybe?). IKR, right? Really, I've always wondered why they build monuments to honor and remember soldiers who suffered or fell on the battlefield, no matter if they won, lost, were smart or stupid. Instead, they should build monuments for people who write letters to ask for a favor to someone who wants to fuck them. It's such a tremendous feat, so much more harrowing than actually shedding blood and facing swords, arrows and death. Anyway. I'm sure there will be grumbling in 8x01 and mayyybe 8x02, although the way they were depicted so far, most Northern lords shouldn't grumble too loud once they face the dragons and Dany's armies. I do hope that a couple of them will surprise me in a good way -kids, I count on you. But I'm also sure it'll be a question of patience. Those who were short-sighted will soon either die for their stupidity, or live to grovel for forgiveness at Jon's feet. Again. I remember there were spikes around the WF walls in the set pictures, and there also were trenches full of them IIRC. Even with the quite volatile notion of time on the show, defenses take time to build and can't be built outside with an army laying siege. Unless there's a time lapse between the GC attack and the AOTD attack, which didn't seem the case according to the more or less reliable infos that trickled, it gives me hope that people in WF will get word early of how devastating the AOTD is and forget petty politics to actually prepare for the fight. The show stressed so many times how disasters come from not being ready. It would be refreshing if in its last season, it was the opposite and for example, getting prepared to face the AOTD would allow WF to lessen the damages of the GC attack.
  23. S03.E08 "What the Puck"

    I liked her, so bring it on while the show lasts! It isn't easy to play the "woman with authority" and be sympathetic because the type is too often written as humorless. It wasn't the case here and I appreciated what the actress did with the role. She and SWS have good chemistry and I agree, the characters fit well. After a less-than-palatable love triangle on The Resident, color me shocked when LW actually wrote one as well as possible. Cole made a mistake, Natalie made a mistake, but I wasn't told it didn't matter because Andrew has flaws or suddenly turned into a jerk. He was even the more sympathetic of the lot. I liked how he didn't hit Cole not because Cole didn't deserve it but indeed because it isn't him. Cole screwed up and was selfish, Natalie screwed up and was selfish but they weren't rewarded for it and since I felt free to judge them, I was more prone to understand where they came from and appreciate their efforts to patch it up. I could like Cole/Maggie as a couple but I'm more relieved they didn't ruin the characters, than anything. I was never comfortable with the fact that she wasn't single. I have a feeling, though, that Andrew is going to die later in the season. The COTW was hilarious, and so was the girls' night. Cole crashing it, LOL. Loved the ending with Cole and Murtaugh.
  24. "He was never a bastard. He's the heir to the Iron Throne." Winterfell will be rubbles by mid-season. So I still think that D&D went KITN/lord of WF vs books because it won't matter in the end. The title of the last book is "A Dream of Spring", not "Spring is Here". Even if the NK is defeated, it doesn't mean that winter will end here and there; only that there will be a spring because the Westerosi population wasn't wiped out. It's the coldest winter in a thousand years (IIRC, stated in the show) and it could last as long as the Long Summer, like twenty years or more. You can't rebuild under feets and feets of snow, with a dead cold, and nothing to feed workers because nothing can grow. So it's imo not out of the realm of possibilities that the surviving Stark children will be well into middle age if/when they can rebuild WF and have their lives made elsewhere.
  25. S02.E09: The Dance

    It wasn't the question, but in the beginning the focal point was supposed to be Kelly and then an "ensemble". I should have started with Kelly left, Sipowicz stayed but David Caruso wanted to leave, so it wasn't the writing alone and I'm not sure he was considered "pretty", LOL (more "ruggedly handsome", I guess, at the time?). In universe, probably to make it look like an accident. Meta, probably because she won't die. The season started a bit off for me, then it redeemed itself but I'd have preferred the writers kept the power struggle between Bell and Marshall more central instead of the triangle of doom. I really hope they don't feel the need to replace it and go for Austin/Mina/Mycah.