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  1. I saw a spoiler thread but only for the graphic novels, not for show spoilers & casting scoops that happen to reveal plot points or definite answers beforehand... Like, who's the actor playing the Sinnerman Nevertheless, I wonder if they're going to go for a Mandarin, Ironman 3 version and the Sinnerman will be revealed to be someone else.
  2. Anthony Edwards joins Designated Survivor S3, Maggie Q returning Julie White also joins the show. Description of two new recurring characters, and their functions within the show, are in the article.
  3. S02.E04: About Time

    A couple of years ago, two medical shows did the same storyline, the same week, about a trans patient having a prostate disease...and it was the same actress.
  4. S3 E4: Leo Getz Justice

    Avery on the field! Looks good on him. It's a good thing they don't use the Murtaughs just as comic relief. Always nice to see Leo. Of course he has a podcast. The kid, Ani, was really cute. I was a bit meh on the plot with the brother, but the scene at the end with the car made me laugh. Cole is a lethal weapon, and crazy in his own way, and I like how they develop him.
  5. S02.E04: About Time

    He's one of the best incarnations of the trope, imo. That's why Campbell is so entertaining as a character. He isn't unable of feelings, so I'm able to feel sympathy at times, but his head and his survival instinct always get the last word and remind me he's a villain. I don't want him woobified because it would take away his complexity. The doctor told Conrad he covered for him when Bell asked him who made the first cut. It probably isn't true and he caved in, or Bell found since another way of pressuring him so that he can use Conrad against Marshall.
  6. S02.E04: About Time

    My favorite episode this season (so far, I hope!). This had the S1 feeling I loved so much. The other episodes were a bit slow to find their stride, this one started strong and never stopped. Not a violin in sight, YAY. A guitar, but the Bell shenanigans and threat looming over Conrad kept the Kleenex at bay. I loved the opening and the cafeteria scene, with more residents interacting. There was a bit more Conrad/Devon team which was nice. A bit more of an effort here, with Mina/Nic for example, and we're good. Talking about Mina... MINAAAAAAAAAAAA! You my genius, abrasive, sharp-tongued, fantastic you! "It was rude, but it's accurate." *dies of happiness, girl is truly back* Everything about Mina's storyline was great. From the moment I saw Dr Nice Butcher with her tools, I knew they'd get along and I'm looking forward to her fight against Austin over Mina. First, because Mina deserved to be fought over and second, because both have abrasive personalities, too, and it promises to be quite interesting. I liked Dr Nice Butcher, a lot. Rather OTT, but in a funny way for now and anyway, the show isn't really grounded to start with. I thought that she and Bell had a very nice buddy (?) rapport -zero sexy spark, though. I had the feeling that Jane Leeves was "nah, not into that angle", I could be wrong though. I wouldn't be surprised if the Quo Vadis CEO was Lane's spiritual son. He smells so fishy, I can see his scales. Austin wasn't impressed and I actually liked him at that moment, or whenever his egotist mask falls and he seems to care about Mina (as a mentor). At other moments, he's insufferable and I cheer people knocking his ego off. He's overcompensating, obviously, but still. LOL at Bell costing millions to the other hospitals. That's my Magnificent Bastard! Marshall was impressed, or annoyed, but he respected his devious and profitable maneuver. I wonder if Bell lied to the CEO about his past. I hope they won't try to excuse his behavior with a sob story; I liked how they explained he loved surgery before patients, last season. Jenna Dewan is very pretty, it was pretty hard to miss. I hope she wasn't forced to wear that dress (if it was her choice, more power to her). But the writers were trying to make the interloper sympathetic and it doesn't work for me. She's still in the meh category. If her scenes with Devon are supposed to be cute, it doesn't work either. I still hope Mina does something before the idiot ruins everything. I was thinking "if the guy drops the lawsuit and apologizes to Conrad out of his good heart, I'll bite" when Marshall twisted the hokey ending in a vintage The Resident move. I'm really interested in his personality. He's obviously still cutthroat and his methods contradict his big discourse of a couple of episodes ago. Does he use evil means for good ends? Does he really want Conrad to be happy, or does he have an ulterior motive ? Is he unable to express his love but by being controlling? I also noticed once more how the actors do have some common features (the eyes, in particular) and are believable as father and son. Nic and Conrad were cute (I truly envy their die-hard shippers) although I did like how their relationship was used against them. I also like how they're aware that Bell still has Conrad's number, the good guys not being written as completely clueless was something I already appreciated last season. The storylines seem to be gearing up, and I'm looking forward to their future developments.
  7. You might have noticed that I said at the end of that paragraph: "And again, it [that Friki's info is wrong] is only a possibility". You asked a question about that possibility from my previous post, I was merely answering. Famous last words when it comes to GoT, if you ask me. It can always be bigger. Moreover and imo, give via a returning Lads, for example, a "certainty" that Jon/Dany will sit on the throne, which the most "predictable" ending according to many, and see the fandom explode anyway. Everything pertaining to the endgame of the main characters (and Tyrion is "a" favorite, not "the" favorite) is going to be huge anyway because it will be final. Edit: I answered "why those leaks and not Javi's for example" in my previous post. Because Friki has a better track record, meaning more credibility, meaning a bigger part of the fandom ready to believe his word and it serves better the purpose below. Me either, but they care enough to have tightened their NDAs, the secrecy around the scripts, security when filming and let's not forget how security tried to scare away one of the guys who sneaked on set to take pictures, in NI. Or how WOTW pretended the guy was just another fleaker whereas they knew he's legit since they bought pictures from him in S6. It would ask efforts and money to create fake scripts and pictures, whereas it doesn't cost anything to throw the fandom in for a loop by using a theory by a known leaker. The point isn't that everybody believes the spoiler about Tyrion. Lads leaks were doubted until airing, in spite of filming spoilers confirming many of his info, R+L=J is now canon by show and some people still deny it; so it would be ridiculous to expect a consensus especially without proof. The point is to muddle the waters so that no one knows where is the truth anymore. Like this, if leaks slip through the security net, they won't have more credibility than fleaks. I've always said that after tightening their security, it's the farther I'd easily believe HBO would go against leakers and they probably wouldn't bother or need to bother beyond it. Although it seems that HBO went farther and there were fake pictures from set since according to Friki himself, they invited in Italica a bunch of actors who wouldn't film; including Faye Marsay who was snapped with her hair done as if she was going to don a wig. There were also the WTF scenes between Kit and Lena in Dubrovnik, filmed in front of all the papparazzi in spite of the secrecy shrouding S8. Friki could be right. Friki could be wrong. HBO and P.Dinklage could prepare the audience to Tyrion's death. They could have fun with a fleak. I don't know. I just speculate about different options. I have no money, nor would I bet a cent, on any of them.
  8. Why choose it? That's the easiest part to explain: Because of Friki. HBO knows him, since they threatened him. They see his video, they know the theory is false ("source" is lying, but they have nothing to do with it) and they know that because he leaked episodes last season, he's considered legit in the fandom. The fandom and the spoiler-philes are indeed a really small percentage of the audience but the leaks there went viral/mainstream last season and HBO's problem is to avoid a repeat. So they roll with Friki's "leaks", using them as a smokescreen for the fandom to focus on and in the end, they protected real spoilers and Friki will lose all credit when his info is revealed wrong (bonus payback for the S6 leaks). It smells the tinfoil a bit, but this move is entirely free of charge and free of effort. Even actors just have to orient a bit their usual PR lingo for people to jump on the "Tyrion betrayal's confirmed" train -not a criticism: We all do it at one point or another, with one theory or another. And again, it's only one of the possibilities. It does make me think of Sophie's emotional state after filming in Spain and what she said about the last scene she filmed on the Winterfell set; but I agree with the posters above, in itself it isn't enough to infer that Sansa dies. However, I find it strange that he says "one of the young people wrapped this past season", since everybody wrapped this past season and stresses that he won't say the name. Could be indeed because the character dies and he doesn't want to take a risk. Or, because saying that Tyrion and that character were together when the young one wrapped would be spoilery in some way.
  9. It's also possible that HBO stays still because their reactions last season, directly or through kneelers friendly fansites, gave away that the leaks were real. R+L=J has been talked about for about two decades. It didn't come out of left field for any spoiler-phile and I don't think it's something the audience needed to be prepared for either, since it was a positive development for most people (the righteous heros is actually a prince! Jon's parents loved each other! Ned was honorable and never cheated on Catelyn! etc.). OTOH, Tyrion's betrayal and death would be a huge shock -it was in the fandom because the OG5 survival meets a certain consensus- therefore they might think that hinting it beforehand would be a good idea. I agree that HBO could tell the actors to go against the grain of Friki's info, and they don't seem to. But it's the same conundrum: Is it because the info is true and they don't want to raise flags, or because it's wrong and they're using it to mislead the fandom? However, this season HBO did try to discredit the photographers who took on set pictures, once more via their friendly fansites. And there was some move on betting sites when "Bran on the throne" got a sudden boost; I didn't remember if it was a simple regulation mecanism or if it was HBO asking for an investigation. So for now, this off-season is still Being Jon Snow.
  10. It does seem so. There should be a stop in the Riverlands, since there's an actress who plays a Frey girl in S8 and I doubt very much that anyone and less from that House will head North with winter there and a zombie invasion. Imo, many meetings that took place in the North on the show will probably happen in the Riverlands in the books with all the characters converging there (The Hound, the Brotherhood, Brienne, Gendry, Jaime etc.).
  11. I enjoy this season very much, I'll gladly take two more. If it's a conclusion, even better for me -and for the cast if it they're officially free to pursue other options. It isn't unseen that a show with a short back order is renewed although I still don't think it will be the case here. LW doesn't do worse than last spring (it tied series low this week at 0.7; some used the AMAs/an excuse bingo for their shows ticking down. We'll see, ABC's shows have yet to air) and is on par with what the two canceled comedies were doing last year in that slot (Fall to Fall), whereas ratings are down across the board.
  12. Series 6: Nouvelle Enquête

    Canal Plus started to air this "New Investigation" in France on Monday, September 18th. The whole series is available for subscriptors there. Anybody still watching? Mild, general spoilers in this post. I thought that it started with a roar but diluted by the end. I feel that two main characters were written in a corner, one was banned to the periphery, and two others were given too much focus with a predictable as well as repetitive angle which was quite disappointing. That said, it was a very strong season. It involved me in the story. The case itself and the social and personal implications of being a cop were front and center. The show cared more about telling stories and observing society than about delivering a heavy and quite biased political message (S4, YMMV). The actors were just fantastic and even when I didn't care much about a storyline, the strong performances kept me in. I don't think I can name a MVP, everyone had a moment to shine. I think the gears are still missing the part named Pierre, though. And I never thought I'd ever say this back in S4, but Herville rules and I lurve him.
  13. S3: E3 A Whole Lotto Trouble

    Maggie Lawson is definitely an excellent fit, she never comes off as aggressive or petulant. And the easy chemistry between her and SWS helps a lot, too.
  14. When you do a research, this Cosmo article is the only one to say "Arya and Sansa". In the other outlets I checked (mostly pre-dating the show, mostly more genre-oriented) it's just Arya, so I'd take this one with a grain of salt. One example: http://www.vulture.com/2011/07/george_rr_martins_a_dance_with.html I think I saw the original report at westeros.org long ago. GRRM could have added Sansa since, though. And, just it case, it doesn't mean that Sansa will die. We don't know that. It happens that the best rulers or those made to rule aren't the ones who end up ruling. It happened on the show that the best ruler died (Tywin) to leave a nice but spineless boy king who wasn't fit for the function. It happened that the least fit to rule (Robert; great warrior, though) ended up on the throne in part because the man who would have made the wisest king (Ned) didn't want the throne to start with. And after a zombie apocalypse, it's quite likely that beggars can't be choosers, depending on who 1) will be still standing 2) will actually want to rule 3) will be accepted as a ruler. I don't want Arya to be Queen and I don't see Bran-bot as able to rule (Bran Stark, if he's still somewhere? Yes). I do think that Jon/Dany are the most likely to end on the throne. But it isn't impossible that an unlikely candidate ends up leading what's left of Westeros because all the rulers are dead or gone elsewhere. It's even a realistic option, because wars don't automatically spare the fittest to rule (on paper, Unlikely Candidate could reveal better than Robert).
  15. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    How Mere Met Her New Love Interest Seriously?
  16. S3: E3 A Whole Lotto Trouble

    I still can't believe I love Cole being a father. I didn't expect to feel for him when he was in the bathroom, but I sighed "wow" because this plot is in no way new and yet the scene worked for me. It felt emotional, not emotionally manipulative. It also gives a fresh touch and a different flavor to the Murtaugh/Cole partnership. Roger giving tips about being a dad is both hilarious and rather endearing. Sometimes, the writers are walking a fine line with me but somehow they manage to land on their feet. I worried Nat would become the cliché humorless bitter "responsible mother" but then she talked positively about Dad to Maya in the car and went to apologize to Cole. I worried that Maya would be a little brat but she didn't forget to thank Cole with a smile for getting her an ice cream, in the middle of her sulking. It makes it easier to remember that Nat was worried about leaving her daughter with a chaos bringer, albeit a well-meaning one, or that Maya had to make do without her dad (last time she saw him was three years before). No matter how likeable Cole is, I don't feel that the writing is heavily one-sided and it makes the storyline more compelling. The storyline with Trish's dad played on Wayans' persona well. A bit more Bailey and Avery, always nice. Kevin Rahm and Keesha Sharp really have a nice chemistry.
  17. (First topic virgin here, sorry for the corny title...). Voight is definitely the most interesting character on the show for me. I like how the writers play with the "dirty or not" thing, and yet I'm usually not into anti-villains. And Jason Beghe plays it perfectly. I came to like many of the actors on that show, and like how the ensemble slowly comes up together -imo- but I still watch mainly for Voight/Beghe. With all the CF crossovers, I'd really love to see a real one with some Boden/Voight significant "chief" interaction, because I think it would be an interesting play of mirrors.
  18. S02.E03: Three Words

    Mina's baaaaack! She's a doctor again! My joy was slightly doused when she was used to prop AJ's robot skills but she got the upper hand in the next scene so I was grudgingly OK with it in the end. Now get her back to be a rock-star on her own and not be the Bell translator for AJ. Thank you. I loved the power plays between Marshall and Bell, Bell and AJ. That's what I like on this show. Those three characters have serious flaws so I don't mind when either of them is taken down a peg or two and I fully enjoy the confrontations, manipulations and "gotcha" moments on every side. I wonder if Marshall is sincere or if he's trying to regain control of his son. Is he sick or something? Could explain the sudden change of heart. I'm a horrible person but I liked the idea of the lovey-dovey couple having a STD because he cheated. It's something that the writers would have done last season, I think. Maybe the flashbacks weren't visually obvious on purpose, it was the case in the first scene I think, but they were a bit too abrupt at times and it disrupted the flow of the episode. I wasn't sorry that Conrad hit the pig. I understood Nic's reaction, though, I thought he'd seriously injure him at first. I wouldn't mind if their romance sat a bit on the backburner after those three Nic/Conrad centered episodes, but I commend TPTB for actually writing for them; and trying to do right by their fans instead of using shippers only to spit on them. I feel about Conrad/Nic like I felt about Mer/Der on Grey's Anatomy. It isn't "my" ship but it's the romantic relationship between the two leads so it has an impact on the tone and the show as a whole. I prefer them trying to make it work together, with realistic issues, rather than spreading annoying soapy and artificial drama all over. Are Feldman and the brunette nurse a thing? Is she Nic's friend? One reason why I'd like the romance to take a backseat is that Conrad and Nic had few interactions with other characters and were a tad isolated, especially Nic since she used to have many scenes with Lane. The only raptor I saw was the BISC latching her clutches on Devon. Priya was understanding and supportive for a season, I saw Dev 100% into this relationship, and I don't like the "subtle" insinuations that she's kind of pushy or that he isn't that into marriage all of a sudden. If he cheats with the She-Raptor, he'll have zero excuse in my eyes. But I hope Mina can kick his ass into not ruining everything.
  19. Me too, but with a likely premiere in late April (HBO Suit confirming that GoT will be in the Emmy run for 2019) it seems we're back to regular pre-season schedule. So it's possible we only have a few new images in the end of year HBO reel, and some ice melting or Crow campaign before an actual trailer.
  20. It was said last spring that he and his agent had parted ways because of (IIRC) the management of the incidents (Deadline or Variety? I don't remember but it's certainly linked upthread).
  21. I think the consensus is/was Littlefinger. I find it plausible because the mockingbird/Titan of Braavos sigil is imo a similar trick as Wylla/Lyanna; the truth isn't difficult to infer, kind of hiding in plain sight behind the cover ("Lyanna can't be Jon's mother, it's to easy"). It's partly why I thought that Sansa was the most vulnerable Stark if there was to be one falling with WF; the giant was slayed and she embraced her family vs her ambition. The first two WTF weren't major twists pertaining directly to the central characters. Shireen's death was a catalyst of Stannis' demise on the show (book-wise he might actually be defeated already) and Hodor allowed to discover the scope of Bran's powers. So it's possible that the third WTF is a very emotional or shocking moment but not about the main characters' personal fate or trajectory. It could be Melisandre's ability to turn the dead against the NK, for example.
  22. S02.E02: The Prince and The Pauper

    I was looking forward to Mina's storyline above all, and it's so disappointing so far.
  23. S02.E02: The Prince and The Pauper

    Airdate: Monday, October 1st 2018.
  24. So my cynic mode wasn't off after all. Sigh. This season, we are all Jon Snow. [cue Babylon 5 flashbacks]
  25. Mh...*looks at Gary Dourdan's Wikipedia* Sounds like a perfect match.