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  1. Residential Media

    I was afraid they'd sausage the show too much, and it doesn't seem that she's introduced as a LI (my pet peeve, gah) so it's good news to me.
  2. There was a whole hoopla on FF yesterday because some media outlet hinted it would air in summer 2019 and the mere idea had me scream, Munch style.
  3. It was twenty good men. How could you forget the unforgettable :D (Ten good men were what Bronn needed to take the Eyrie IIRC. On a side note, it was guerilla tactics and it works so why not.) Two cents: I don't have an issue with criticizing the writing, I do it myself. But calling people dumb is an insult, not criticism. When you begin to miss the pre-S5 PR fail with the weird crow visions...LOL. If that poster pretended she knew the endgame, I wouldn't believe anything she says.
  4. Gwen and NCW are my flowers and unicorns when it comes to this off season. Until my Jaime/Brienne loving hopeless heart is ripped off during the actual season, sigh. I agree with you about Sansa/Tyrion but indeed it flies under the radar because imo 1) the circumstances and time of their marriage 2) I don't think he's a popular partner in the Sansa fandom 3) they didn't see each other in three seasons and casual viewers tend to forget the particulars; so maybe mentioning it is safe because most people would be "naaah", anyway. It doesn't make sense at all, indeed. That's why watching the show, it isn't Dany's portrayal that rings false to me, it's Tyrion's and his sudden conversion to flower power -not the Queen of Thorns way. The problem imo is, D&D are really trying to create tension about Dany turning into a Mad Queen, whereas they aren't going to follow through because it isn't the story. And if it isn't the story, they can't risk for the majority of the audience to stop rooting for her by making her doing something truly despicable. Notice that when she kills the Khals in what could be characterized as a bloody coup, it's completely justified (they'd have emprisoned her for life, or raped her and killed her so it was akin to self-defense) and presented in very a positive light. That's how D&D end-up with no choice but making a mountain out of a molehill, like with the Tarlys. Others have replied on most points, and aside from adding that only S8 will shed light on which sacrifices were useful and who was ultimately right/smart, I'm going to answer this one because I'll rebound on the topic of S8. You can love people, sincerely, and be unable to get along. There's dreaming of being reunited with people you love, and the reality of them being actually here with their flaws that didn't magically disappear and the way their temper triggers you and rubs you the wrong way, which won't magically disappear either. Moreover, Sansa and Arya aren't different in temper only. First, their experiences during their years apart weren't similar and shaped them into even more different people; people who don't even react or cope in the same way (it was spelled out: One was driven by fear, the other by anger) but also people who don't confide easily. Hence, I don't see how their trials could realistically bring them together immediately, on the opposite. Second, not only they had an antagonistic relationship, there was actual blood between them, Mycah's and Lady's. It had to be addressed. Sansa's loyalty to Jon had to be addressed with LF whispering in her ear, and Arya's ability to trust Sansa as part of the pack had to be adressed, too. If one looks at it without bias, Sansa was as ready to get rid of Arya in order to protect herself and her position, as Arya was ready to kill Sansa if she was going to betray another of her siblings. Pure un-Disney gritty GoT? Here it is, sibling conflict with a potentially bloody twist. To be able to get along in the future, the sisters had first to deal with their past. That's why to me and in spite of the unfortunate whitewashing I mentioned in my previous post, that storyline was not only justified, it was necessary for them to establish a healthier and hopefully, a more sisterly relationship in a believable way. Now rebounding, some siblings love each other and get along. but life separates them and they go through vastly different experiences. It would be Arya and Jon, and one could wonder if they're going to be close when they meet again. I'd tend to say yes, it isn't only wishful thinking (although of course I wish for it, LOL). They were established as kindred spirits and deep down, the core values and the qualities that made them close didn't change. It would make sense then that they get along still, then. I do think that Jon will need to adjust to an adult and ruthless Arya, actually I hope for it. But it wouldn't be enough to indicate a peaceful reunion unless, precisely the Jon/Sansa conflict in S6-S7 and the Arya/Sansa conflict in S7. They had to get the big points of contention and potential conflicts within House Stark out of the way before S8 and the Targ Bomb, which will provide more than enough drama before the WF battle starts. Imo, if there's a momentary rift inside House Stark, it might be between Bran and Arya. Well, mostly on Arya's side if he's still a mere couple of notches above a vegetable next season, of course. I think she might resent him for "outing" Jon, especially if the latter is hurt or Bran wasn't particularly delicate about it. It just came to my mind that maybe, Bran hugged her back when they met again because he was aware she'd be the more affected by the news and "lose" her favorite brother.
  5. I liked her, I'm on the way to love her LOL. Jaime/Brienne is quite obvious imo, and Gwen/NWC have been teasing it a lot; but maybe there are elements the actors are allowed to hint at. It reminds me of that video with Kit (for some Comic Con?) where he said that Jon and Daenerys would fight or fuck when they meet. BTW, a first Braime fleaker appeared at Freefolk. Would have been believable, unless they went a bit overboard with the shipping. Very cute.
  6. It is interesting. Not sure if she'd be allowed to mention Sansa/Tyrion if it's supposed to be part of the "unpredictable", although there was a reminder that they were once married last season. I've always liked their interactions, yet I hope they won't be whinging about their king and queen not listening to them etc. I'm looking forward to Jon and Dany fighting together until the end. I have that thing for battle couples, LOL. It seems that with Jaime/Brienne and maybe Arya/Gendry, I'm going to get my fill in S8. @GrailKing, not ignoring you but I made that remark as an explanation for one of my S8 hopes and not in order to discuss Sansa's character in this thread (I hope it was clear).
  7. No, but Jon wouldn't have needed rescue if not for Tyrion's idea of that expedition. As I said, Daenerys was placed in a damned if she did, damned if she didn't situation. Ironically, that comment made me roll my eyes because any compassion towards LF would make Sansa a complete moron -feeling for little Ned Umber and Alys Karstark's plight would have been a better choice to showcase her "good heart", imo. I really wish D&D didn't have such a hard-on for Sansa, because she's much more likeable when they don't try to overhype her and just let her be. That's why I'm crossing my fingers so that my faves have minimal interaction with her in S8, which could be since most of them will take part in the battles. Sorry, Missandei, you might have to take one for the team and accept that Bella Swan Sansa translates better than you!
  8. The expedition was Tyrion's idea. And I can't imagine what would be said about Dany if she "did nothing" and let all those fan favorite die, LOL. Ah, yes I can: "Jon was the only one who could defeat the NK, and she let him die, she's the wooorst the doom is her fauuult!" It isn't hopeless to expect some realistic reaction from the characters. But when it happens, people aren't happy re: the Stark sisters in S7. Of course, D&D had made the huge mistake of erasing Sansa spilling the beans to Cersei and this whitewashing hurt the storyline; yet I was under the impression that rather than complaining about this flaw in execution, people were more frustrated because two sisters who never got along, were fundamentally different and were in different camps the last time they saw each other didn't magically become best friends. Imo, the Crispy Tarlys are going to be a thing, unfortunately. It makes no sense that Sam would feel anything other than very natural shock at the news; his father hated him and tried to kill him and Dickon was very deserving of the first syllable of his name and didn't give a shit about Sam except, precisely, to shit on him. But the retcon that made Recast Dickon a more sympathetic character out of the blue has to mean something. One thing I hope is for some characters to have a more realistic approach to war in S8. I usually love Tyrion, but his being appalled because soldiers die or choose to die annoys me to no end. Hey, that's war for you. A war you waged, too. You weren't that sensitive at the Blackwater. Argh.
  9. Even searching with the username in the quote? (Hang_the_dj2) Edit: Found the thread. https://old.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/8y3try/game_of_thrones_arya_stark_the_last_survivor_the/
  10. Somebody posted and translated it on Freefolk. It's too early for Frikidoktor to have legit info; those are just his speculations and not spoilers.
  11. Probably a couple, at least one imo. Although -thankfully- the show has toned down the sexposition in later seasons, there were still three rather explicit sex scenes in S7 after all. Purely for the lulz: The Battle of the Bastards = TBTB = The Beauty and The Beast = Jaime/Brienne on the throoone!!!! (I just made a bet with myself.)
  12. Considering the amount of filming that Maisie did, I think Arya is going to do much more than that. It's imo supported and hinted by her sparring session with Brienne, since it established her as a very able fighter and not "only" as a stealth assassin who wouldn't hold her own in a conventional battle -a recurring fanon theory debunked. The only fleaks that ever seemed half believable to me were one of the first (littlejonsnow? or some name like that); they were logical, reasonably surprising, but not aiming at righting the "wrongs" of D&D's adaptation and vindicating part of the fandom (even if they were false, it was imo a good job). I'm certain that the dozen or so of fleakers will all hit the bull's eye with one or two of their predictions, out of pure luck. Now that filming is over, nothing is believable anyway unless someone gets concrete evidence like a script; imo until Frikidoktor gets his usual legit info pre-episode. GoT is eligible for the Emmys but it's been a year since the season aired; and buzz is important to win. I hope HBO will push for some footage/teaser in late August/beginning of September in order to achieve that.
  13. That's what I meant by "Edric's only significant storyline". He isn't important as a character but the fact that Stannis was willing to sacrifice his nephew and the fact that Davos made him escape counted in the grand scheme of things -it was setting up Stannis' fall etc. The character could be dropped, not this specific storyline. So it was given to Gendry because the audience was familiar with him and/or he's going to play another role at one point. "Composite" would be for me someone like Ellaria, who is a combination of her book self and Ariane. Gendry has Gendry's background, Gendry's most important connections (Arya, Brotherhood) and his storyline as well as the acquaintances he made in S7 are more likely to be his future own than exiled in Essos Edric's in the books. He has Gendry's temper: and Show Gendry being less angry than Book Gendry upon his return pertains more to no Stoneheart than to any personality streak he could have borrowed from Edric. It's like when Sansa was given Jeyne's WF storyline, she stayed "Sansa Stark". I do agree that Gendry is more likely to play a role thanks to his skills. There's also a probability that his connection to Arya in particular will come into play. Same, Gendry on the throne is a big or rather enormous "if" for me, in the sense that I can't say there's zero possibility but I don't believe it will happen. Imo, ironically Varys saved Gendry in the books for reasons that were given on the show (remorse re: Mad King's crimes) and also because he's a Baratheon by blood and the son of a king might be an interesting pawn at one point -especially a legit one, unlike fAegon. Varys would be a more believable "traitor" than Tyrion, for me at least. The fact that they killed Bran's personality on the show is precisely what makes me grab my crackpipe and wonder. He's an OG5, the one with the most arduous storyline to express onscreen, many complained it was boring; and yet I have the feeling that D&D didn't put as many efforts in trying to make the audience root for him as they did for the others. I agree about no emotional attachment and my question is, was it deliberate? If so, was it to prepare the audience to something wrong with him? OTOH, I felt that Bran was retrieving some humanity here and there along S7 (hugging Arya back, the humorous moment with Sam) so imo, he could fake his lack of emotion or slowly reconnect with his personality and the real Brandon Stark might stand up in S8. Maybe also, something "cute" or widely theorized like Bran warging Viserion to take him away from the NK would be considered a WTF by mainstream audiences.
  14. I think the WTF will be related to the AOTD, the NK, or Bran. It could be Melisandre, if she can really turn the dead against the NK. Imagine the reaction of people who didn't have any filming spoilers. It could be "kill the NK, kill all the wights"; but D&D Chekov-gunned it because othewise, even if it's indeed GRRM's plan, many would wail "OMG clicheyyyyyy! D&D are haaaaacks!" before Dumb Cunt and his little undead friends even hit the ground. Or the WTF could be in how the NK will be killed off (Catspaw playing a role?). I don't think that Davos as the endgame Hand would be a WTF. If most people expect Jon/Dany to rule, the logical Hand is either Davos or Tyrion. Gendry isn't what I'd call a composite of two characters. He doesn't have anything of Edric's personality or history. He's the bastard that count so Edric was culled and his only significant storyline was given to Gendry. But it was just a detour, since where Gendry is right now on the show seems logical considering where he was in the books. I can see two WTF about him 1) whatever weapon he devises 2) he ends up on the throne. The latter would certainly threw people in for a loop. Gilly is a character I see as safe. Sam would be destroyed if she died and somehow I don't think a tragedy will befall the closest thing to an "ordinary" character / audience by proxy. Tinfoil time. Could Bran turn crazy evil for a while during the fight against the NK, and then come back to his senses? It would be a giganormous WTF. Although of course, Hodor already served as a cautionary tale when it comes to Bran drowning his his powers.
  15. Not crazy at all for me. I don't see Sansa ruling in her own right, but if (still/re) married to Tyrion? Could happen. Daario said that Dany didn't like to rule. Jon said that he didn't like to rule even if he was good at it, and was ready to throw it all away after he was murdered. I'm not sure this is where the story goes, but Dany/Jon having sacrificed too much and leaving wouldn't come out of nowhere imo; especially in a The Dark Knight-like scenario where their leaving would actually help the Seven Kingdoms to rebuild in peace, for example if they have to burn KL, with many civil casualties, in order to save mankind from the NK. I think she's just hyping it, based on her track record of the previous seasons, but "who will end up with who" being "unpredictable" has a wonderful trolling potential. Imagine: Part of the Sansa fandom must be buying add space in Variety with her quote followed by "Jonsa is coming" or "Aaabs for Sansa", others find hope that the Sansan romantic dimension was erased so far in order to make the pairing surprising in S8, while the huge Jonerys/Gendrya/Braime legions are gnawing their nails and ready to dracarys D&D if their pet character comes within a mile of their OTP. And in a year or so, we'll discover she means that Davos and Missandei or Jorah and Sam's mom* end up together. LOL. *As of now, by the way, this is my new crackship. I still think that D&D put the characters where they were supposed to be on the chessboard for the ending GRRM planned -including the motley crue that was in the Riverlands in the book (The Hound, the Brotherhood, Gendry, Brienne etc.). Maybe some were supposed to meet elsewhere or in another way than they did on the show. Some characters stayed longer because D&D liked them or the actors, or some were eliminated earlier because they didn't work on the show as they did in the books etc. Yet imo the finish line will be the same for the main/POV characters.