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  1. The Wildlings wanted to pass the Wall because the AotD takes no prisoners, right? If the wights go as far as KL, I don't think that any life is possible. No one seemed to survive up North but in the 3ER cave and I don't see any rebuilding taking place before the war is over. If Sansa stayed North it would be in a grave, imo. I did think of Bran staying, he's the character I can't picture out of there, I thought maybe the crypt of Winterfell could become another magical cave etc. but it seemed quite farfetched to me in the end. I don't think he has enough powers yet to protect several people or survive alone.
  2. Rumors always fly that Sansa dies. Just like Dany, lately. Leaving for some place warm and peaceful, like Jon wanted to do when he (technically) left the Watch, seems like a realistic outcome to me.
  3. Code Black In the Media

    It was actually cancelled last year. The showrunner admitted it was supposed to be the finale season (and pretended it still had a chance...just before CBS renewed Elementary. LOL).
  4. In part, because the filming in Seville coincided with Emilia's promo in Cannes whereas D&D knew from experience that filming in Spain would be scrutinized and people would expect to see the final survivors. Cheaper way to mud the waters than filming multiple endings. The other part would be fandom talk. We know there's a battle in Winterfell. We know there's a battle in KL. There are some actors spotting (and some didn't film) and some pictures, without context. We can speculate about those bits and pieces, but true verified facts about the plot itself are scarce. Example: Footage of a Red Priestress (Melisandre? no face in the picture IIRC) fighting the AoTD (verified by the actors' garbs). Those are facts. Why and how she's there, how it'll happen, how it'll end, who's fighting with her, etc. everything else is speculation. Some are logical deductions, some are probable, but they are not facts. BTW, I remembered this article: http://tvline.com/2018/05/17/game-of-thrones-series-finale-multiple-endings-season-8-emilia-clarke-interview/ which is mostly excerpts from this one, from may 16th: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/awards-chatter-podcast-emilia-clarke-game-thrones-solo-a-star-wars-story-1111352 Emilia claims she doesn't know the ending despite reading the script. She suspects they're changing stuff and she doesn't know what's truly going on. I personally believe she knows how it ends and multiple endings filmed is BS, but it shows that it's all PR and actors are going to say anything and everything...but what truly counts, imho. Her perspective on Dany sounds much more positive in this one, btw.
  5. Sorry, what I meant was: We know that there are battles, but we don't know exactly who and where the characters are fighting on the show. So every storyline, including the general outline, is kept tightly under wraps and not only Dany's and Sansa's. The timing of the Jon/Dany are doomed theories is extremely interesting. And it's why I won't buy those but with rock-solid evidence.
  6. Weirdly, this makes me more optimistic. I don't believe that Emilia Clarke would antagonize D&D by insinuating that her very popular character doesn't end well, or even give any real indication about the nature of her ending whereas mum's the word this season. Imo, it's like Maisie repeating over and over that Jon Snow was dead before S6 or the foot-in-the-mouth HBO exec gleefully implying that everyone dies. Call it trolling or reverse psychology; but I'd be more worried if Emilia was waxing poetic about the Dany/Jon romance and how it was going to be tough but you know, she's already been through so much etc. I don't find it unusual that Sophie and Emilia film more than it seems. With the former's mostly studio scenes and the latter's dragon CGI scenes, it's only normal that they aren't seen as often as the others. But Sansa getting more airtime and a more important storyline than Jon, since it's what's implied? I'll believe it only when I see it. Everybody's story is kept tightly under wraps, imo; who has an idea of what any character is truly up to beyond "fighting" for some of them ? Actually, we don't even know exactly who and where. Is it just an impression or is the fandom awfully fast to jump on bad "news" lately?
  7. The more I think about it, the more I think that whenever possible, they're going to shoot denouement material behind closed doors in an indoor set. Weddings, coronations or funeral don't need to be on location so imo they won't take the risk to film spoilerific scenes outside if they can avoid it.
  8. Must.Not.Fangirl. before the fact. This pre-season is killing me.
  9. Ugh. Reminds me of Joffrey's statue, foot crushing the wolf. I think there might be some politics, if Tyrion feels that Dany let him down to rely on Jon. But it would be as quickly dealt with as the Jon/Sansa conflict last season. Indeed, everyone should be soon in survival mode and I hope those who don't finally end as wight bait. If there is some dragonfire used like in Daznak's pit, then it makes sense that they have doubles (as someone pointed above, a question of pure safety for actors) and if the others are elsewhere at that moment (Arya) there in a vision (Bran) or on said dragon (Jon) then it makes sense they didn't need one. Imo, if in S7 instead of leaks we had reports of the Lannisters losing a battle and the Lannisters winning a battle filmed at the same castle, with Unsullied sighting, we'd have been WTFing. The truth was simple, but just like right now, we'd have missed the outline that made sense out of it.
  10. No matter how much I love Arya, I don't want Brienne to die for her; but again they don't seem involved in the same part of the battle. And yeah, she dying for Sansa, who never trusted her or valued her as she should have imo, would piss me off almost as much as SR. It also depends on close-ups vs large plans, for example. For the same kind of reasons, I guess, they filmed a couple of little scenes in Dubrovnik or even Cersei at the pier back in S6, when Jaime came back with Myrcella's body.
  11. Didn't the author post their others "leaks" under the title "fanfiction" afterwards? There were so many fleaks and I didn't bother reading the super-long detailed ones, it was a first giveway they were fake imo. It could be a simple question of logistics. They can't do everything their want on historical locations. Maybe, simply, they couldn't put a huge green screen there the way they do at the quarry. They're filming different scenes from different places on the show, so it doesn't shock me that there are have different sets of actors. I'm starting to get worried about Brienne. I thought she'd survive and they wouldn't kill both her and Jaime. If she dies saving Sweetrobin I'm going to be royally pissed off. I hope he's the red shirt of the lot.
  12. But only one of those who are left wasn't part of the OG5. And you only need a good stewart to run a large holding. The function of Master of Whisperers disagrees with Arya's skills "reducing her" to anything. Good spies and people able to work efficiently for law and order are going to be precious in the chaos following the AoTD's scourging of Westeros.
  13. Sansa is the most expendable Stark imo but if she doesn't die at WF I don't see it, tbh. I don't see Tyrion dead either, just like any of the OG5. If 8x06 is 70 minutes long like the Winds of Winter, I do think there will be an epilogue of sorts. Even BotB or the loot train battle took about half of an episode.
  14. I agree. Moreover, imo the supporting characters from Riggs' arc were only worthy of a two-parter, and overstayed their welcome/took too much space, so I won't regret them. My main issue was the discrepancy between gloomy and cartoonish, and imo the latter was a consequence of the former. I don't know how much the BTS issues weighed upon what was onscreen, but if they didn't the show needs new writers as much as a new co-lead.
  15. Yep, just like he failed to note that Michelle Mitchenor went on the record about Crawford's behavior, or that no one from the crew officially supported him either ("anonymous" doesn't cut it) etc. I didn't rage-quit S2, it just fell off my radar because the writing was so weak, and the storylines uninteresting to me. I agree, S1 wasn't perfect, but could be deep and poignant while very funny and light. S2 was a caricature of it imo, Riggs' plot was too gloomy and Murtaugh's was too cartoonish.