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  1. Looking forward to Game Of Thrones: The Next Generation, starring king Jonerys Stargaryen and his queen Gendrya Barastark. What do you want, I love sandwiches. GRRM loves them, too (it's food). In bread brood confirmed!
  2. S02.E01: 00:42:30

    Quite disappointing but for the last ten minutes with Bell's truly excellent Magnificent Bastarding and Conrad's prank on Dev. They were the only ones to capture the tone I loved last season and which, imo, makes the show original and unique. Bruce Greenwood's Bell and kickass Nic were the MVPs. I think Bell was quite affected by what happened with Lane, after all, and he needed time to get his evil mojo back. The one good idea was not to crowd this episode with new characters (including Conrad's dad). The rest was a pretty standard disaster episode for a medical show, with way too much saccharine and tears (not on my side of the screen) for my taste, including a criminal moronic brat getting off the hook. WTF. Worst cliché: Feldman and the nurse in the elevator. It fell completely flat for me. I like Nic/Conrad, I root for them, I'm glad they seem to be in a healthy relationship this season, but I don't love them. Otherwise, their scenes would probably have made the episode for me, LOL. Also, will the real Mina Okafor please stand up? There's balancing your brain and your heart, and there's becoming a sap. I have the unpleasant impression she's been sweetened because of Austin and Mycah. I dare hope this picture on a TV screen wasn't the last we've seen of Lane. If only because the show seems in dire need of spice. And I hope next episode will look like the last ten minutes, with Bell vs Marshall and other shenanigans.
  3. The DP, I wouldn't know. Joe Dempsie filmed in Seville, that's for sure unless HBO decided to revive the X-files for realz, but no one has concrete facts beyond that. Yet IIRC the leak initially was "he didn't film in Seville (at al)l"; and of course if Friki claims that only the DP scene was filmed in Seville (here, I lost track) it's a moot point.
  4. It seems they're planning characters related to Hannah's storyline, so they must be confident that Maggie Q is coming back. I'm disappointed that they didn't call back Virginia Madsen, her character and Aaron were imo the only ones truly able to put some life into President Carebear. Too bad about Mike, I liked him. I hope they don't drop him to keep the Brainy Smurf they hired for S2 instead. I still can't compute Emily and Seth or HTF the writers came up with it (my guess? spin the bottle, but with a crackpipe).
  5. So, this last video was pure milking? Lots of theories, not much tea. Basically: -G.Whelan in Seville and probably filming because she hid her presence is nothing new. - T.Osborne's name, already an educated guess by BSB (IIRC she's the one who gave that name first) and waters muddled re: his character. -No audience in the DP. Sigh. HBO, for the love of everything holy and unholy, we.need.moving.pictures. (or not moving! But pictures).
  6. To my recollection, he said in his first Q&A that Joe Dempsie/Gendry didn't film, some people opposed that the actor said he did, and the Big HBO Conspiracy came afterwards to justify/explain that contradiction. It still gives no logical explanation as to why HBO would ask a very supporting actor to mislead people or lie about his insignificant filming dates. Emilia not there in Seville had the whole fandom aflutter with Dany Dies rumors and its shit-ton of posts and fleaks and theories and controversies and flame wars; if indeed it was used to create doubt whereas Dany lives, it was an excellent job at misleading people and keeping them wondering about the obvious (hee). Joe in Seville got some "Yay he survives until 8x06" from Gendry fans, if he indeed didn't film the same people would go "shit, does he survive until KL after all". I don't see at all what HBO would have to gain here. Moreover, it isn't the only info Joe gave about his filming for S8, since he also said he filmed for 8 months (which, in addition, fits with his first sightings in Belfast in October to his last sightings in Seville in May). I don't see how mentioning the filming unit demonstrates that Friki has some info. Was it verified since that the Wolf unit filmed? Was it reported somewhere, prior to his claim, or is it new info? I remembered that the Seville crew posted an instagram picture about how they finished filming GoT, but it seems the picture had been deleted since (the one mentioned here I think). Was it the Dragon or Wolf unit, or yet another one? That, I sadly forgot. Again, I have no idea whether he has info or not and not being a mind reader I can't be judge of his sincerity; but in absence of concrete proof and in case of contradiction, I'll take the logical and simple explanation over complicated conspiracy theories. I also disagree that either everything is true, either everything is false. Friki can have a couple of info and embroider, or be fed both lies and truths etc. Those details spoiled the plot, a surprise return and a surprise resurrection. Gendry filming or not in Seville? Spoils nothing and even less than nothing according to Friki leaks.
  7. And the thing that I don't get is, why be so adamant about Joe/Gendry? Aside from pointing a possible mistake/fake info, the subject seems pretty irrelevant if I believe Friki himself. There are only three reasons why Joe D. filming or not in Seville would give away a huge spoiler or part of the end game. 1) If the filming in Seville included a coronation involving Gendry 2) If the filming in Seville included a wedding involving Gendry and a main character *cough* Arya *cough* 3) If the filming in Seville included a battle scene with Gendry's super duper sikrit nu zombie-killing weapon. However, Friki rejects every of those possibilities in his leaks: no coronation or wedding but a trial, no battle scene, and on top of it he positively and namely dismissed the King Gendry option in his speculations. If his leaks are true, it makes absolutely no sense for HBO or anyone to care one way or another about Joe/Gendry in Seville. Especially if multiple scenes were filmed, which could happen at different times or in different locations on the show itself. They didn't even try to dissimulate his presence, unlike Gemma Whelan's. It doesn't mean *anything* except maybe for a secondary character (and I say this as one of his biggest supporters) surviving from WF to KL -with no certainty that he'll survive the KL battle so it doesn't even reveal if the Baratheon blood will survive. Joe Dempsie is the only supporting role for whom we have a precise wrapping date, AFAIK. So it occured to me that perhaps, Friki and/or his source made a mistake (it could simply be that one of them, or both, didn't bother to check this detail out even if their other info his legit) and he can't backpedal because he's afraid that the integrality of his leaks will be rejected if he admits to giving one wrong fact -as opposed to pure speculation where it doesn't matter if he's off the mark.
  8. Seriously? People believe that? Listen, that HBO used the couple of interns they have on their payroll anyway to check internet boards, and gave them some fleaks to flood said boards, I believe 100%. I'd even bet on it. And with tight big huge NDAs, that's all they needed to do. That GoT producers used some pre-existing cirscumstances (Emilia's promotion for Solo) to throw the fandom into a loop knowing the filming in Spain would be scrutinized, I believe easily. That they invited a couple of actors in Seville who didn't film for the show, but for a documentary, why not. Could be seen as a waste for budget but they used it for PR, I guess it balanced the cost. That actors can be deliberately misleading or even lie about the plot by sticking to Word of God (like Maisie about Jon Snow) meaning not spoiling it for Unsullied or casual viewers, of course. Anything else? Not believable at all. Joe Dempsie wrapped filming the week before May 26th. It fits the set sightings and where he actually was (instagram). Nothing came to contradict it, like a sighting anywhere near a set in late May (he was in the US), June or July. For all we know the closest he was to the GoT cast and crew was at Kit's wedding. Nobody doubted he told the truth back then, nobody even cared much because Emilia wasn't in Seville Dany Dies for Suuure and Kit didn't film Jon Snow is so deeed and this was the big story -and it's normal. Joe's wrapping filming was a detail, and it only became an important one after Friki claimed otherwise. Friki and/or his source either made a mistake, have incomplete info, or lie. I have no idea which option is the right one. It doesn't mean that his other info is entirely wrong. But the level of fact-bending and accusing actors of lying about ridiculous details in order to confirm, infirm or justify becomes quite too much at this point, imo. You'll notice that other end of filming dates (including those Joe said wrapped at the same time as he did, while not naming them) have been shroudded in mystery for characters like Podrick, Tormund, Yara, Varys etc. Meaning those believed as most likely to die. Even Lena's wrapping date wasn't disclosed AFAIK, and I'd bet it's because many casual viewers expect Cersei to die early in the season, before the battle against the NK. Finally and once again, Lena and Sophie wrapped filming very early last season and their characters didn't die, and it isn't confirmed that whatever was filmed in Italica was for the epilogue. The only concrete fact that can be inferred, is that characters seen in the Dragonpit or KL sets didn't die during the battle of WF. For the others, it doesn't even give some probability or likeliness, there's nothing more than a question mark.
  9. It wouldn't be the first time. For example, Cersei using wildfire to burn KL or part of it had been a main* theory for years in the fandom. So the Sept blowing up was a shock in some "oh no she didn't OMG she did" way, how and when she concretely did it might have been unexpected (at least until the mention of where the trial would take place), but it wasn't unpredictable to fans. I also think that it was coherent with the direction her character arc had been taking; so if S8 unrolls along that pattern, including the masterful filming, I'll be satisfied. *And I mean here, across the fandom and not only in some corners of it.
  10. ITA. How many times the pre-season hype or comments from actors fizzled? All the time, or almost. "They trolled, they lied, they don't think like fans, so that's what they meant? meh, I don't get why they said that," were the general reactions after the seasons actually aired. Since the declarations are so vague/generic or anyway out of context, people find there what they want to believe or are afraid to find what they dread. Moreover, I do believe that actors love to "play" with (or even troll) the audience. In summary and imo, PR doesn't mean a thing.
  11. Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    My problems with S3 were core elements, like the central storyline (Jackass) and the destruction of female characters and relationships. The number of episodes won't change that so I'm staying at "wait and see" -for the whole season to be out and spoiled, and then I'll decide if I watch it.
  12. There was a question about Designated Survivor on the recent Ask Ausiello at TV Line, and he gave info about new characters for S3.
  13. It actually depends how much there is left of the Seven Kingdom. If it's a realistic zombie apocalypse, there might be a couple of million people left (refugees + KL suvivors) in the end. Optimistic estimation. I always thought Littlefinger had something to do with it. 6x09? "My reign has just begun."
  14. The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    I didn't think they'd win anything but in the creative or technical categories because the season aired so long ago. The fact that GoT still won outstanding drama series is a victory, imo. In 2019, it will finish airing 3 months before the Emmys. Maximum hype.