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  1. S02.E08: Heart in a Box

    The Evil Queen is back! YAY. She's so good at being bad, and she's 100% bad. And so smart and manipulative; I love that she's smart. I could imagine Lane convincing the jury of her innocence and actually having a chance to get out, because of the way the character was developed in S1: I did wonder for several episodes if she was good or bad. Bell was surrounded with decent people so far this season, or people who look decent, and it's very interesting to see him interact with someone who's appealing to his worst instincts. I loved it when he said "I cared deeply for you" whereas he called Lane "the love of my life" before, he's protecting himself (unless it's retcon, after Devon/Priya I'm not sure). Bell is a complex character and his relationship with Lane brings out his most cutthroat and most vulnerable sides at the same time, which compliments that complexity. Will the writers actually get Lane out of jail? Will Nic finally get to confront her? It would be awesome. I don't know how long she can last on the show being such a terrible no grey territory character, but I enjoy the hell out of her return and when I think of the possibilities, I hope she can stay around for a while in a recurring capacity. I don't know if I wanted to give Mina a hug or bow to her for being so strong and wonderful. Her background could be defined as a "sob story" on paper but there were no sobs, and I really really love it when this show tackles loss and grief without pathos. "No man can break my heart", it was enough to get all the depth of Mina's loss and guilt. No need for a tearful confession, no need for violins. Whenever I think I can't love her more, she outdoes herself. I also still enjoy a lot her friendship and partnership with Austin, and how he drops the mask and gets real with her -I still don't want them together as a couple. Good news, Mycah's presence didn't affect Mina's mojo. So they got that family back, OK, so there was another point. They're setting up Conrad vs Quo Vadis, don't they? The kid is going to have problems, probably die. I didn't recognize Daniella Alonso the last time around, I loved her character on the first season of The Night Shift. I'll join the table of those happy there was no sign of flirtation between her character and Conrad, although I wonder if they might do a storyline with her becoming emotionally dependent on him, especially in case she loses her other son. This time, it was Nic's turn to be supportive of Conrad, I like the balance and I hope they keep it whatever they plan. Nic/Conrad works for me this way. Yes, Devon, Priya did say you could go long distance and nothing else. I was as surprised as you (or rather, I hoped the writers wouldn't go that far). Again, I saw Priya be Devon's first fan, his biggest moral and active support, which included investigating with him last season, she did leave her life and home to follow him, and between two episodes she makes a 180? She always wanted to talk things out, and out of the blue she sulks? Yeah, right. The retcon and the maneuver to make her the bad guy are downright insulting. It didn't get lost on me either that Devon was thinking about kissing another woman while having a key discussion with his fiancée about their future; but poor guy, afterwards he had a bad day, so let's focus on the woman's flaws she sprouted overnight while giving a pass to the man, OK? The thing is, Devon's behavior is OOC for him, too, since it makes him dishonest and hypocritical; this is not S1 Devon and he looks bad, too. The She-Raptor/Devon thing was bad enough in itself but trying to make it a pairing to root for makes it an all-around mess and does no favor to anyone. I expected better from those writers considering how the relationships on the show have been handled so far. They fail as much with me in their attempts to make me root for the She-Raptor. Let's be clear: it takes two to tango, she didn't openly hit on Devon in this episode, so it's on him and on him only that he was thinking about her. I don't blame her for that, it's a separate issue I have with the character. I don't know if it's the actress or the writing, maybe it's a bit of both, but I find her as unconvincing as the good girl as Melina Kanakaredes is perfect as the villain. Good isn't necessarily bland, yet the character fails to be anything but. I wish I were interested in her since they're giving her screentime but I'm not, for lack of a personality. Even in the Quo Vadis plot she's there because they need to position someone as a potential whistleblower; imo Shady Boss and Bell are the real protagonists in this storyline. I wish they gave her screentime in this episode to Kit instead, she's a new interesting character imo. I actually missed her. The small detail I liked: The old woman reproaching Devon with the look on his face, and then complaining she only saw an "Indian" doctor. How to show, not tell, racism; and how to do it in passing, but oh so effectively.
  2. I think the show also gave her Theon as an option. The characters have a weirdly similar trajectory, both rejecting the Starks, betraying them for their other "family", and trusting the wrong people (he Ramsay, she Baelish) with dire consequences for their physical integrity. They formed a big emotional bond when they escaped together. Imo, show-wise only, Tyrion and Theon are the strongest options if she has to marry (again, not wishing that for her) whereas the Hound is a very dark horse. Just in case, I wasn't talking about a military alliance (hee). "Joining forces" isn't "together as a couple". Again, Jon/Dany as a romantic couple and even more as an endgame romantic couple was considered a crackship, AFAIR. It actually still shows in the total number of works per relationship on AO3: Jon/Dany is still only 5th whereas they're quite popular now. Of course, there are different parts in a fandom and the outlooks are probably quite distinct from one "realm" to another. I also think that after several years, many book readers involved in the online fandom went so deep into overanalyzing everything year after year that they lost perspective and began to reject many logical theories as "too easy", "too obvious", "too mainstream" etc. Last I heard, a certain number of posters on HatingTheShow.org or book-oriented forums still rejected the idea of Jon as Lyanna's son for those reasons (plus, "it's the show, it doesn't count" of course). For me and at this point, the odds for Jon/Dany are: ruling together 55%, leaving Westeros together 25%, Dany ruling alone/Jon dead 10%, Jon ruling alone/Dany dead 5%, both dead 5%.
  3. Gendry fits. Play it straight again, Sam George! If only for the lulz (mine). When I got interested in GoT, Jon/Dany was considered a crackship; Jon on the Throne or Dany on the throne were widespread theories but together as a couple? Nah. The few people who wrote fanfics about them got a virtual pat on the head, "there there": I clearly remember being surprised because the Jon/Dany parallels and probable hook-up all but jumped to my face and my ship-dar. AFAIR they only gained momentum with the show, especially from S5 on. I think it's possible there will be another expedition beyond the ex-Wall in S8. The fleaks mentioning the altar were downright improbable but GoT showed the NK's Stonehenge several times, there must be a reason. Bran isn't the character's whose future I'm most anxious about but he might be the one whose role I'm most curious about, in part because it must be linked to the WW "mystery". He seems like such a wild card, even the fleakers didn't dare to touch his storyline too much. I hope he's acting emotionless and after they missed each other twice up North, I'd really like to see some Jon/Bran interaction where the latter isn't only the bomb dropping fairy.
  4. S03.E07 Bali

    For the first time, I really noticed his voice. No wonder he's also doing some work in that field. He seems very complete as an actor and imo the writers give him good material so he's able to pull really good performances. I only saw the trailer, but now that you mention it the Magnum reboot seems like a caricature of what LW could have become. I wouldn't have watched 3x02 if Cole was oozing smarminess like the Magnum's lead did imo. I didn't know him before LW, but I certainly will check out anything SWS does afterwards.
  5. Well, if they didn't bother to hide it, I have no choice but to conclude it's because it's the most irrelevant relationship of all...*whistles* I forgot about the Daznak Pit trailer. Probably because those glorious set pictures showing Tyrion there and OMG Dany and Tyrion meet confirmed! are all I remember, LOL. They were the first wow factor leak as far as I recall. I thought about the beginning of 8x01 with Dany's arrival, and I would love it if Arya had Littlefinger's body hanged in the courtyard with a board reading "I betrayed the Starks". Hell of a warning, very much in Arya's style. It would allow my wish to see Varys pull a Vir Cotto in front of LF's body come true.
  6. LOL. Make it Arya brandishing Needle next to Gendry brandishing his hammer, or Jaime and Brienne back to back fighting and I will have infinite patience all of a sudden. Agree about trailers not spoiling anything major. IIRC, they even erased the dragons from the shot of Tyrion on the cliffs at Dragonstone (7x06), for the S7 trailer. But we've been without even a bread crumb for months, so well.
  7. I think there were pictures of her (silhouette in red) on a horse when they were filming some battle scenes in the quarry. I don't remember which leaker took those pictures, I think it was WatchersOnMyBalls.
  8. S03.E07 Bali

    Scare jumped at the nails. Jeez, no warning, savage AF. Show can definitely pack a punch when it wants. It was a strong episode. Roger was at his best in all around Papa Murtaugh mode, with his family and Cole's. Cole in protective mode was great, too, nice way to show the common ground between the partners. Cole does the sad puppy eyes yet he doesn't mope or wallow in self-pity, he doesn't try to justify his bad actions, he takes responsibility and/or he acts (not always wisely, but he does). Mykelti Williamson makes an excellent villain, and it helped a lot. Manipulative and cold under debonair manners, but not mustache-twirling either and above all, not stupid. Bailey and Murtaugh commiserating about their partners, Avery running the asylum, Trish being awesome, check. All this in a good way of course. The Gute is so OTT, I wonder if the actress isn't very subtle or if the character is playing a role. The Gute sounds more sensible or thoughtful at times than her in your face attitude would grant. Bailey has more to do, good. I'm conflicted about Natalie and Cole. On the one hand, I hate love triangles and Natalie is with a decent guy. On the other hand, Maggie Lawson and Sean William Scott have really great chemistry. I can see the attraction and how they could be good together. So I somehow found myself rooting for them as a couple. I'm sure he lied at first about forgetting what he said, she was appalled at kissing him at her BF's workplace; but I'd just like it better if she was single. One thing I did like though, is how they showed Cole's thought process through flashbacks and actions instead of using heavy dialogues like "I almost died and I reevaluated my life. I tried to do the right thing but I want to go for my happiness for once".
  9. The way he expressed himself, with all the "I can't say more I'll leave it at that don't @ me anymore", I took it as "at least a direwolf". Which makes sense since a Nymeria comeback would be a big spoiler (cue GRRM's quote about her wolf pack). From onset reports and pictures, we know that Melisandre will fight alongside the Stargaryen alliance and she's seen as an enemy, a threat or a disappointment by about everyone bar Beric. I think she definitely is one of the "working together" characters Nutter talked about. I'll have to be satisfied with Arya only throwing daggers at her with her eyes, I guess.
  10. ICAM. If I can say those three words, especially the last, when the last credits roll, I'll be more than happy. I'm very glad for the mention of "intimate scenes", I think it only means character interaction -although I wouldn't mind one or two ships of mine to get busy, LOL. Although I loved S7, I regretted there weren't more. Those scenes in Beyond the Wall were just brilliant and it's a pity that TPTB didn't spend just a bit more time on characters. But I do hope it's because they kept most of it for the last season. Now I'm going to bask in the glorious sight of my baby's "The North Remembers" For The Throne promo tweet.
  11. S3 E6: Panama

    Bailey has a new partner, I love that! All the banter between Bailey and Murtaugh was on point. Probably those two are going to commiserate a LOT about their respective maverick. Can't wait to see Avery deal with two mavericks in his squad. The episode had more Trish than I imagined, even with Keesha Sharp directing. So yay! And it was nice to see Mykelti Williamson, I've liked him since The Midnight Caller. Cole is truly the reluctant warrior, I appreciate the personality they gave him. He's good at what he does but he doesn't like it. He isn't drunk on violence yet he's no shrinking violet when the job has to be done. He really tries, poor guy! I agree, this episode was slow in the beginning, but it packed a punch at the end. Cliffhanger!
  12. S02.E07: Trial & Error

    Oops! Indeed :))
  13. Yes, but unless I'm mistaken TWD's schedule is already locked, give or take a week.
  14. There's another factor that might count, competition. IIRC, GoT usually starts after TWD's finale. Of course, TWD's ratings aren't what they used to be but HBO might want to avoid any potential viewership overlap.
  15. I got to read the verbatim of the EW article instead of what was reported, and it says the journalist is surprised at "the characters who are there for the finale". Not the "characters making it". I still think it's Cersei but it can be anyone, really, including Sweetrobin. It isn't the same surprise factor. Anyone analyzed the illustration and find a deeper meaning and FoReShAdOwInG yet, for the lulz? [tongue in cheek] Is Jon Snow the line between lce and Fire...wait, Arya isn't fire and Tyrion isn't Ice. Is Jon Snow the line between life and death, characters on one side die, those on the other side live? How come Tyrion on the same side as Bran and Sansa, the "Stark " side and how come Arya is on the same side as Drogon and Daenerys, the "Targaryen" side...does it mean they'll be in different camps? Or is Tyrion going to end as a honorary Stark (by marriage) while Arya is somehow "Dark Sister"? [even for the lulz, let's stay platonic, OK?] If the leaks are true, and Tyrion is going to betray and die, how come he, Sansa and Bran are all looking in the same direction? [/tongue in cheek] So much tinfoil, so little tea!