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  1. I still have my extension that turns any "Trump" picture into kittens. So, the "Trump finger" caption has yielded me a full page of absolutely delightful kitten pictures. Too many to share them all but, here is one particularly adorable substitution.
  2. Not too long ago, Lifetime did a remake of Mother May I Sleep with Danger? They ran the original and and the remake as a double feature. I screamed during the original when we got a Tori Spelling trademarked "heeen" in it.
  3. S01.E21: Alley Cats

    I love everything about this post.
  4. Oh, right, I completely forgot about that storyline. Thanks for the reminder. Now I remember there was something about that that seriously bugged but I don't care enough to revisit the episode for a refresher.
  5. No, Val, you absolutely do not owe Noah an apology. It's nice of you to bring Donna flowers but she so doesn't deserve them. Please, make friends with other people. Only on 90210 can someone develop an opioid addiction, overdose, and recover in two weeks. I guess since someone can be raped, the case reviewed, a civil court trial happen, and the actual victim apologize to the rapist in roughly the same amount of time; it all checks out.
  6. I don't think Kelly really needs to be worried about a newborn, healthy, white baby not immediately getting a loving family that will be there to pick him up when he cries. I'm sure the waiting list is long.
  7. If I recall correctly, she had decided to have an abortion; but, since it was the '90s, all women on teen driven shows were rewarded with a miscarriage before they actually went through with the abortion. This absolved anyone from having to go through with making a valid, legal choice on TV. You get the win for considering it but not the hassle for going through with it. It also gives Kelly many opportunities to be all sad about what could have been when it fits the narrative/her motives in the most annoying way possible.
  8. I agree. I was so happy to get a nice long episode this week. Keep up the good work! Me three! Truly a highlight of the week.
  9. This episode enrages me. These people are the worst. The decent human being code is that you give the benefit of the doubt to the person who says they were raped. I don't care if you've ever had sex with the person before or how drunk you are. When the other party is just that wasted, they can't give consent. It's just that simple. The way Noah is portrayed as another victim and how very few of these jerks have any empathy for Valerie makes my blood boil. Instead of acting like the real victim, he should be asking who drugged Valerie and why. Why are they acting like this was a simple misunderstanding of Noah not realizing she had been drugged? Why does he have no shame? And why is Donna angrier that he simply slept with someone else than she is that he raped someone? And, Kelly, with all her past issues should be Valerie's number one supporter. I seriously hate these people and the message they are sending. I can't even with the police brutality story line.
  10. How does no one point out all the times Kelly cheated or got involved with someone who was cheating? I'm not defending Brandon, he's awful and can go eat bees, and Kelly has every right to be hurt and feel betrayed but her sanctimony kills me. Also, where was Donna's anger and judgement all those times Kelly was the cheater? I hate the situational ethics and morality of these idiots. I do like Brandon and Kelly together for the sole reason it saves two other people from them.
  11. S01.E11: Will On Ice

    Happy Endings did the Penny hates her birthday because something always goes wrong thing. For me, it was because GG amped up how loathsome many of the characters truly are and some of their character traits were off.
  12. S01.E11: Will On Ice

    This podcast will no longer play from the web nor can I download it. If I click to download it; I'm getting a can't be found/proxy error. I'm having trouble getting to old nonac and canon episodes, too. From the EHG podcast, sounds like your updating some things so maybe it's just in flux right now?
  13. I still read those too! They are hilarious. The various descriptions of the theme song are top notch. There are far more episodes I've read than I ever watched. Side note, I also read the recaps of the deplorable 7th Heaven for entertainment purposes. I'm so sad they never recapped the "The Magic of Gershwin" episode. Tab is readily available in our grocery stores. I made my family drink it the day we watched an Astronaut Wives Club marathon. Of course there are holes you could drive a truck through with the Duncan kidnapping story but I still love this episode. I love Lucy Lawless in it. "Team. Me. Team. Me."
  14. I spent most of the ‘90s and part of the early ‘00s working in various service industries and in none of them did we ever run checks through to verify available funds. The hotel I worked at didn’t take checks. I had many awkward credit card declines to handle though. I also worked for a national chain restaurant. We still took checks and did not run them through anything. We were still doing the write the person’s driver’s license and phone number on the check thing. Then I worked retail at another national chain in the early 2000s, our registers had something for the checks that sounds similar to the one @bilgistic describes but it didn't verify available funds. We were still writing license numbers and phone numbers down. The only thing the register did was imprint the deposit information for the store. People constantly bounced checks. Are we supposed to feel sympathy for Noah for killing his girlfriend? One beer and being reckless because you had to get away from your parents, who may be jerks but weren’t harming you, is not really stirring up any sympathy from me. I can’t have compassion particularly since it appears he got away scot-free. How many times can these bros say “man” to each other? I haven't actually seen any of these episodes. They sound horrible and I can't thank Tara and Sarah enough for watching them for us. Their anger and disgust are so entertaining. “She’s not answering the coconut.” LOL