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  1. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    Literally didn't realize Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering were gay until I read this. Also, no to Ben Higgins. I don't want to hear how unlovable he is when he had a sweet, pretty girl trying to marry him and give him babies.
  2. Oh, Ina! I'm making her Father's Day menu (filet mignon with mustard and mushrooms, parmesan roasted asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, frozen hot chocolate, and vodka limoncello), and it calls for SIX DIFFERENT LIQUORS (two just for the filets). Good grief, woman. Update: Ok, fine, it was fantastic. The frozen hot chocolate was the only thing I probably wouldn't make again.
  3. S01.E03: Y Not

    Actually, Chrissy Metz clearly weighed much more at the start of This Is Us. Check out A Fat Rant to see a much younger and lighter Joy Nash at 224.
  4. S01.E03: Y Not

    I'm only a little shy of Plum's size and have never experienced street harassment about my weight, even living in NYC. I'm not even particularly well put together. Don't get me wrong - plenty of places are nightmares when you're overweight, from airplanes to doctors' offices. I wouldn't consider working for the fashion industry in a million years. But the world doesn't go out of its way to make me feel bad. For those saying fat is the last socially acceptable prejudice, talk to a trans person or two.
  5. Ah, the part that gets me is when Ina dips a tablespoon in something icky like mayo, then uses the same spoon in a ramekin filled with salt. I get that it's a TV show, so all that extra salt is being thrown out, but I still cringe every time.
  6. TNG in the Media

    On my Mother's Day wishlist: http://io9.gizmodo.com/in-the-new-star-trek-the-next-generation-comic-a-mirr-1824045573/amp
  7. Just saw the "Simply French" episode from a couple weeks ago. That French chef's pate was no joke! I've been to France a few times but never saw anything like that. After Ina went to all that trouble to make her own tart shell (and showing multiple examples of why it's ok to just buy dessert from a bakery), I didn't understand why she topped the shell with jam from a jar and plain berries. No, my friends would not be impressed with that, and they would ask what the filling was!
  8. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    Ashley's and Jillian's seasons make me cringe because of this. Ashley's guys hoped for beauty queens Emily or Chantal. (Casting takes place before the "winner" is announced, I think, so either was a good possibility.) Jillian's guys thought they'd get Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa, or barring that, pretty Molly. On the other hand, the world wouldn't know what a sociopath Bentley was if things had gone the other way. People really do like to out their evil on TV for some reason.
  9. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Plain looking? Maybe if you live in LA!! If you (general you, not you in particular) knew these women in person, they would be your most beautiful acquaintances. I think Becca could play Wonder Woman. She's a beauty queen type. Lauren is also beautiful. We're too used to seeing nose jobs on even the naturally gorgeous women. That's a real nose, and I think it suits her. Again, Arie was not worthy of these women.
  10. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Becca was engaged for two months to a guy she'd known six weeks. It's been about two months since Arie broke things off. Those feelings burned hot and fast. I think Becca was willing to make a commitment based on that, but once Arie pulled out, she was done. I don't blame her a bit.
  11. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    This season was stacked with good bachelorettes. I'd have watched Becca, Seinne, Kendall, or Bekah as lead. Even Crystal was good tv! What a waste that all of those young, beautiful, interesting women were stuck with grandpa Arie.
  12. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Now I'm thinking that Arie broke up with Becca and proposed to Lauren on air in exchange for the ring. No tv proposal, no diamond.
  13. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    Becca's a perfect bachelorette pick, even without the Arie drama. They are lucky to have someone that beautiful, articulate, outgoing, and sweet doing their stupid show.
  14. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    I actually think they'll stay together. Arie is baby-desperate. Wait... that was a different engagement ring, right? Please be a different ring.
  15. S22.E11: Week 10

    It was probably a homecoming picture or something.