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  1. Okay @PeekaBoo who knows who she will play...Kevin’s mom? I hope she isn’t Jugheads mom, I’m still holding out hope for NC! Also I know it’s stereotyping but I always envisioned Jugheads mom with dark hair?
  2. Past Seasons

    Yeah the cast picture used to just include cast members. Speaking of that.. there’s a clip somewhere, it may have even been an actual scene from the episode but the vanderpump servers are doing one of their photo shoots and Jax interviews that he doesn’t understand the photo shoots(either do I Jax)because they aren’t used for anything at the Sur., because they have old photos of people who used to work there and they should change those photos, “like we should use these pictures for that, we have pictures of Kristen and Stassi who haven’t worked here in forever” and then he’s like “like the opening credits of our show.. there are people in that who aren’t cast memebers!” I may need o find his clip!
  3. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Adorable comic con promo:
  4. I haven’t heard anything confirming casting of Gladys and Jellybean yet so we will see. I wouldn’t think too much of just a picture, unless the picture was on the set and most of the pictures on set I have seen are of the cast members we already know and no new people yet.
  5. This. I get that Jay doesn’t think much of the people who work for Kristen, but he’s not coming off well to me at all. I don’t even find it funny like some people do. Like when the girls walked in and he couldn’t even be bothered to say hello to them? That’s.. not funny. That’s just rude. And yeah.. Kristen seems annoyed by him too. I guess were suppused to understand that she doesn’t know how to deal with him by having him around all the time but it is odd that he can’t entertain himself, I agree. I know it’s only been two episodes but the most he’s apparently done by himself is get a haircut. I don’t know. I’m just not a fan.
  6. S08.E29: Trouble in Paradise 2018.07.16

    Say what you will about Leah at times but the scenes of her talking about Ali’s issues compared to Kail complaining about Chris.. whatever, kail.. stop talking. Watching little Aubree yeah Pailsey how to bowl made me smile and melted my heart.
  7. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    The cast will be at the teen choice awards:
  8. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    This! Also in the season 4 finale, Liza’s facial expressions when the vows were happening were not “I can’t believe josh is doing this for a green card marriage “ she looked heartbroken for herself. And just before that when Liza confronted him he pretty much said “I’m still in love with you but I can’t be anymore so I have to do this”. The writers definitely are giving mixed messages and just trying to work with whatever narrative they want at the moment. And even that changes from episode to episode. I don’t know. I don’t know if josh is the endgame but I don’t think the show is dead set on it being Charles either. I find it so odd that people believe he’s the end guy when the show still telegraphs otherwise.
  9. Yeah.. I’m not a fan of Jay. I just don’t get him? He doesn’t seem like a nice person. Anyways.. This show is boring. There’s nothing that really makes me want to keep watching, other than the residual hills and Laguna beach feelings I have but this show seems to be trying to make a Vanderpump Rules thing happen here, Kristen pops up occasionally but this show is really about the uncommon James workers, however they don’t interest me, at least the VP crew is entertaining.
  10. And yup penny is back too..
  11. So theories all over Instagram state that the serpent tattoo and pool party may all be a dream. The pool party stuff makes me sad. I would like to see the kids have fun that isn’t a dream sequence. I know Archie being on trial is a big serious thing but I would love for the teens to have fun somewhere and I don’t think they will ever again.
  12. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Well according to this, it’s official:
  13. S06 Ep14 For the Sake of the Song 2018.7.12

    Yes it is.. which is why they did it probably.