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  1. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Well, considering how sketchy all the parents are about this game, it’s no wonder the kids are all going to play. I mean yeah it’s the cliche tell your children not to do something and they will do it, but in this case it’s all feeling very much like a bad drug psa. Alice is the only one who told betty something but there’s probably more to that. Also I take almost anything Alice says with a grain of salt. And I hate to side with FP but those are Her version of things. Another parent really does need to talk.
  2. I think outbreak is definitely referring to how it seems like all the teenagers will be playing the game. We ended this last episode with Reggie Josie and Kevin deciding to play. i think no exit will probably be about Betty being at SOQM and o think Alice sends her there because of the game or the cult tells her to or something. I feel like as I said while betty won’t play the game probably, I think Alice will suspect she is and send her away.
  3. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    I like Barchie as friends and I think so far Bughead has been telegraphed as endgame, at least to me. Yes they are teenagers but from my viewing perception they seem to be. Also.. while this show is crazy I feel like a romantic relationship between Archie and Betty would be random and make people dislike the characters. They would have to find a way to build to it and not make Betty or Archie look like bad people and right now I don’t think they are able to do that. Anyways. I wish Jughead had been a part of the saving mission, I really hate how wrapped up in the game he is and Cole said that Jughead was going to be more his season one self... which what? He isn’t. Also maybe coles acting was great but I was trying not to roll my eyes. Also I’m curious with why Toni, Cheryl, fangs and Sweet Pea all joined to play too. Toni and cheroot does not seem like their thing at all and sweet pea...? He seems like too cool for it. Fangs is a wild card, we don’t get much time ever with him but he likes a whole bunch of different things so who knows. And yeah the JoquinArchie kiss was really lame on the writers part. Then again this show did start with the Betty/Veronica kiss that ended up really doing nothing plot wise so... As I said I’ve posted the exact same feelings about Hiram Veronica and archie. He now seems more of a prize to be won. I do think Veronica cares about Archie but I think she more wants to take down her father. Also.. yeah.. my guess is if Veronica is going to be hooking up with someone else, it won’t be Reggie. I know everyone wants that but as I said Reggie has been pretty good to Archie throughout this season so far, unless something were to directly change, I just don’t see Reggie going after Veronica. I think it’ll probably be Eilo. He did tell Veronica if he were to do something for her, she’s going to have to return the favor, with what... we don’t know yet.
  4. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    I’m curious if Veronica is successful with her speakeasy if Hermione will resent her for that too. Hermiones life and money as you said has always been linked to Hiram. The only time we saw her briefly stand on her own was season one and that appears to have been an act. And I can’t forget the way she acted towards Veronica in season 2 when hiram would close the door his office and not let Veronica in, and she seemed a little upset when Veronica wanted in on the Lodge business. Like it was something she was never given as Hiram’s wife. I feel like Veronica has a lot of left over feelings of resentment to and from both her parents and it goes back. Just because they were a united family pre Riverdale doesn’t mean there were not fractured pieces. They just chose to ignore it and move on and not speak about it.
  5. I don’t always put much through into the script pictures. A lot of times they seem to be done to troll us. I could be wrong also though. I just don’t know if they want to keep Archie separate for much longer. Also the 3x09 could be referring to Betty and her story, pretty sure its either 8 or 9 when she’s at or sent to the sisters.
  6. S03.E07: Sometimes

    This episode is odd because I makes it seem like Rebecca is done with the singing thing, doesn’t it? Or at least trying to make it big. But we know she’s not? She keeps singing in small bars and clubs, because she thinks that will further her career? The episode in season one when jack said he does want kids and then Rebecca said at the very end she does too but she isn’t where she wants to be.. singing wise, I, like many others am really confused now by her actions. Her saying to Jack that she’s going to take “Pittsburgh good” as a compliment and that she wants to go back home implies that maybe she thinks of singing as a fun hobby, but this doesn’t match up with her actions in quite a few past episodes. I think obviously she stops singing when she has the big three but like I said in the season one episode for the super bowl she says something like “I’m not where I want to be with the singing” so... she was still singing in a local Pittsburgh bar hoping to get noticed? I mean back in that season I would have never thought she and Jack road tripped to LA for a meeting and then she just said “well I’m done with LA, I’ll just go back to PA and sing at the bar and restaurants some more”. Unless we see an episode where they go somewhere else for her dream. It sort of makes the season one finale and Jacks feelings toward Rebecca and singing make sense. Sort of. This makes me kind of sad because normally the show is consistent with their episodes and story and this just isn’t matching up.
  7. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Considering I’ve been feeling for a while that the Hermione character is written really non consistent(although yes I know is anything/any character consistent), I’m not going to be surprised if it turns out he’s running this whole game. I don’t get her motivations for any of her choices because they don’t add up. So yeah.. it won’t be surprise me if Hermione is running the whole thing. I feel like we’re supposed to be suspecting Hiram but he’s totally just a red herring because it’s too obvious. Then again who knows with this show. Sometimes they run out of ideas and then spend an episode being obviously obvious even though it doesn’t add up to the whole story of a season because they want to just end a story and didn’t think it through (see season 2). But Hermione and her behavior is really confusing. As I said.. what kind of wife is she? There were times last season when she was the mob wife and didn’t ask questions and then she did what she was told and encouraged Veronica to do the same. But then she was off hiring faux FBI agents to talk to archie and we were told she runs the show. But she really doesn’t. She’s still acting as a puppet because she’s trying to protect Veronica but she has not issues with throwing her in the same category as her husband who is running teen fight clubs for saving her boyfriend. Was that an act? Again, I love betty and Jughead and all that but the lack of focus on other characters becomes problematic when I have no idea what the motivations are for their actions and brief scenes that we get here and there that just leave me questioning more things and things that probably aren’t important. Like.. I still can’t get over how sketchy Hermione was in the first episode of season 2 right after Fred got shot... only for that to lead nowhere. I am curious about the warden situation. My guess is Hiram probably already has a replacement right? I mean.. I honestly don’t think we’re going to go back to juive but I could be wrong, it just seems like the show wouldn’t want to continue to keep Archie out of the hot mess that is G&G. Also I thought it funny that Kevin saw Joaquin and now his mission was to find him. Kevin and moose are still a thing, right? I mean Kevin is being kind of rude to Moose. But also wow.. all of Kevin’s love interests aren’t great this season, are they? I mean I don’t even like Kevin all that much but Kevin and moosenhas been problematic for a little bit and it seems like kevin to force him out of the closet and now we have Joaquin who just stabbed Archie in the stomach And betrayed him. I know it’s part of the game and all will probably be forgiven but still. These are his options. Granted Kevin isn’t then greatest and half the time seems like a fair weather friend but even I know that he probably deserves better.
  8. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Yeah the obsession with Archie that both Hiram and Veronica have is odd. I mean we’ve known he’s a pawn to Hiram to hurt Veronica. That’s been obvious for a while now and like someone else said he would never directly hurt her. At least not from what we have seen thus far. But as I said it now seems to me that Archie is a pawn to Veronica too. I mean of course she loves him and Varchie forever and all that but like others have pointed out: her father is her father and she has had blind loyalty to him for her whole life before this, is she really invested that much in a guy she has known for a year? I feel like Archie now symbolizes more to her quest to take her father down. These are the times when I want more insight on the Lodge family. I mean I can honestly really take or leave Hiram but we really need to know more backstory on them. There seems to be a lot of unrooted contention between Veronica and her father, we saw a Glimpse it in season 2 when Veronica wanted to be more involved in the inner workings of Lodge industries but then that sort of got pushed away so Hiram and Archie could have more scenes. But there seems to be a more, like pre Riverdale, Veronica’s role as a dutiful daughter was that. Sit at the table for meals and listen to your parents and you get shiny things and don’t ask questions. Now with the speakeasy it seems to be coming back but I want more of this. I would also like to see where Hermione is in all this. I can never figure her out. Is she a mob type wife who clearly knows what’s up but pretend not to because that’s the role she knows she needs to play? Or is she the woman controlling it all and keeping things in line and toeing it to protect her daughter as she claims she’s doing to Veronica? Seriously. These are flashback moments I need to see. And there. People think I only want Bughead or Betty and Jughead, read what I just wrote.
  9. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Archie: so what do you need to catch me up while I was away? veronica: oh it’s so fun. There’s a new role playing game going around and it starts here in this bunker. Anyway, Dilton played and killed him self. Along with Ben that random guy who he hung out with. Also Ethel has gone nuts because she is playing the game too. Also Jughead plays now and in this bunker too! And the best part is our parents played it too and maybe killed their Principal but they refuse to tell us anything about it, only that it’s evil and we should never play. Archie: so we’re going to start playing now right? veronica: Yeah, probably. Anyway.I very much doubt he’s going back to Kid Prison but your ideas were probably on the writers chalkboard for what they were thinking of doing.
  10. S03.E07: Sometimes

    I didn’t feel anything when Rebecca sang either. Also.. again, I said this when Kate sang as Adele and chrissy has a great voice(better than me) as does Mandy Moore, But are they as good as the show implies to us? Enough to be flawed over appraised the way they are? It’s hard for me to be impacted by it the way I think I need to be. I really like Kevin this season. I really want them to give JH more to work with though on the show, I’m one of the few who loved his Kevin centric episode last season.
  11. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Yeah I don’t want to talk about it anymore but I did say it went away and I said there wasn’t really an a plot.. but I don’t want to talk about it anymore either. Also again this is just how I perceive things as a viewer, Archie has never felt like a main plot story for me. At least not on his own and it on his own only for like two episodes. But at least he has gotten the main story at times, the only character who never really has is Veronica. Even this season, sadly her plot is more c story. I do like that she has the speakeasy, I hope more of her storyline focuses on that and not on the men on her life for all of her screentime. I will say again though I don’t think Reggie and she are going to be a hook up. I know there was speculation because he works at the speakeasy and everything but for all of his interactions with Archie, he seems to be loyal to him as I said and I don’t think he would do that. I did find it funny though that Reggie and Josie don’t acknowledge whatever that relationship was in the last couple episodes of season 2 was. Almost like it never happened. eta: Also I was glad the adults weren’t really around. I mean we got that short scene with FP and we got Sierra and Tom for a second but I was glad about the lack of Falice. I don’t need to see their great relationship that really isn’t. But I am curious about how Fred is going to take the news of Archie escaping from jail and essentially being on the run.
  12. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Uh.. it was done for promos and twitter reactions, don’t you know?!?!?! Seriously. It was dumb. Also yeah I commented on the bunker thing too in my first post. Like what was that? But then in the next scene everyone who helped get him out was there anyway... so.. obviously it was done for dramatic purposes.
  13. So I’m still not sure why betty ends up going to SOQM but I’m thinking she definitely gets sent there by Alice. And now I’m thinking that all of the other teenagers are going to get sucked into the stupid g&g game and while Betty won’t be playing the game, I do feel like she’s going to be trying to figure it out and it essentially make her somewhat crazy and the cult will probably convince Alice that Betty needs to be sent away. This is 1 if my theorys regarding the SOQM thing. I was really hoping that Alice wasn’t going to be the person sending Betty there but I honestly don’t think Betty would go there undercover, like I know she likes to chase a story and all that but even that is far beyond what I think she’s willing to do. Then again.. there are times when it feels like the show wants us to like Alice and I feel like after this.. that will never happen, at least not for me. And from interviews Lili said Betty’s scenes that she filmed were really intense, both emotionally and physically .. so... if Alice sent her there, I’m not sure she could come back for many viewers.
  14. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Do we think Veronica is going to end up playing? I mean i know she’s too cool and sophisticated for that, but one her father played and two Reggie said his dad would never be lame to play basically stating he wouldn’t ever play himself and now he’s about to. Im guessing the only teen not to play will be Betty, and possibly Archie? But I feel like Archie is going to be integrated into the game because he appears to be the shiny chess piece and everyone will be protecting him. That might also be a reason Veronica starts playing.
  15. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Eh, to me Archie I always thought Archie was very much a side character in the season one mystery for the most part. Then again I felt all four weren’t really the center piece of the story. In season 2 in the first half with the black Hood he was front and center until they have it to Betty and then it was both of theirs but it always felt like more Betty’s and then they they didn’t have much of a main plot , I never thought the Archie/Hiram plot was an a plot and when the black Hood returned it was Betty’s. And this show trends to make the season finales cliffhangers and starting new seasons with them. I wish the second season black Hood had been Archie’s story actually. That’s how that season finale cliffhanger ended and I always wished it had had something to do with Hiram. That’s where I thought it was leading, considering Fred had refused to give away his business to Hiram and Hermione. I never understand why it became about Betty and her dad. Archie’s story always felt second to me, even Jugheads story with the serpents felt second story, maybe even third to me. And Veronica didn’t really have much of a story. She just seemed to be moving in other peoples stories. Also while I wish others of the main cast of teens would get to be the center story, I doubt that’s going to happen. I think the closet Cheryl got to one was in season one and that wasn’t really hers, it was about Jason. And none of the others will have the main story. And the adults.. I can take or leave the adults. Anyways. If this season is about Archie, that will be something different. Apparently there’s something super special about him because the warden was calling him a red pellet.. for reasons. I mean yes Hiram is obsessed with him and seems to have been for a reason, maybe it’s more than just making Veronica angry/upset and it has something to do with the game, who knows. Also a small part of me is thinking that while yes Veronica loves Archie, a part of her may be doing all this to prove her father wrong and to defy him for the first time. I mean yes she loves Archie but.. like others have said.. she’s known Archie for only a year, she’s going to such great lengths, I think there’s more to it than that. I think she really just wants to prove him wrong. I don’t think her dad thinks much of her, smart wise and business wise. I was really hoping Hermione would be more awesome but then Veronica walks in and she’s just as angry at her. So. I really have no idea what we’re supposed to think of the Hermione character at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up being the king of this stupid game, actually. It would make sense.