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  1. Past Seasons

    That’s true. Also yeah the Tom and Arinia hook up has always bothered me. I mean nothing excuses what Kristen did because she was in a relationship and also it was her boyfriends best friend and her best friends ex boyfriend. But both her boyfriend and the girl he hooked up with were gaslighting her for a while and making it seem like she was crazy. Not to mention someone Kristen would later consider a fruend(Schena) knew as well and lied for them and then lied when she was asked with a “if they did, Arinia never told me”. So.. yeah. Again this doesn’t excuse Kristen’s actions, and granted she did act crazy after when Tom and Arinia were officially dating but then again I have never felt that we know the truth even today of what really did happen with them. Also while I sometimes find myself liking Arinia now(sometimes not all the time she still irks occasionally as do they all) I still feel like she has never fully owned up to what she did and doesn’t seem to understand it. I feel like at least Tom has said he messed up.
  2. Saw this on Instagram today as well: And listen i like Choni enough but I have to say again those shipper fans are kind of.. I don’t know just not nice and not happy with anything. They got a still from ras himself,(not to mention they got a ton of deleted season 2 scenes on the dvd and Bughead despite having some at least from promo pictures only got a half second moment) they still want more. And I fully expect Choni to have a decent season this season. Since they aren’t a main core four pairing, I don’t see too many bumps for them. I could be wrong though.
  3. For a couple that’s suppused to be going though hard times, it seems like they’re going to be alright for all of 3x01:
  4. S06.E13: Be Free

    I liked the moment with Suzanne and Doggiet and Fredia too. I feel like sometimes too much suzanne is too much but sometimes they do okay. I loved when Doggit was like “what are we going to do without our best player?” And Suzanne was like “lose I guess?” And I like that they seemed to be building a friendship. Also yeah I know this a prison drama but wasn’t part of its appeal that it was more dark comedy? I didn’t feel the need to struggle to find the light moments as much as I have these past seasons.
  5. Past Seasons

    The best part of season one is how things progressed so fast. Episode 1 Stassi And Jax are happy and in love (but I think also fighting at SUR during their shifts) episode 2 they break up and by episode 3 she’s dating Frank. Also the birthday in vegas when Stassi has Kristen and Katie and their boyfriends celebrating but then they all fight so the very next morning for brunch she has all these random friends!!! The first season was fun but I think the second season is hilarious and insane and is my favorite!
  6. SURly Staff In The Media

    I forgot that she was working it till. I just remember her hilarious “stay strong” posts. And the fact that people on these boards called her out on being excited on social media about said event days before.
  7. SURly Staff In The Media

    I think her posts for that Girls Night event back in the summer has caused the to have a lack of show screentime, she accused everyone of not including her because she is trans and not the fact that she wasnt friends with the people who created said event. She made it into something else entirely. And look I know Lisa likes drama for the shows purposes but I could see her actually being annoyed that the cast members were being accused of transphobia or something like that. Possibly. For some reason I feel like Lisa wouldn’t stand for that. Also I don’t like Billie. I think she’s a mean gossiper and she really played up the victim role on the reunion when Stassi said something about Jeremy.
  8. This Is Us In The Media

    I actually enjoyed it, even if it was them talking about how great the show is etc. I mean yeah it’s clear that this was just a special to kill a week in between the start of the fall season but i don’t know.. it’s hard for me lately to find a show where I really like the whole cast and the characters. Most shows now I only like some of the cast, or I love the cast but really dislike the characters or I like the characters and really don’t like the cast but I kind of really enjoy everything about this is us. This may be because of social media why I have such a hard time finding a balance with my shows as of late but here we are.
  9. My favorite thing of this episode was that the meter for a good person is if they have a radio show. What? I... there are low bars for things and then there’s making up your own scale. But whatever. Also again I never watched 90210 when it actually aired because I was a baby and I know it because of reruns that aired on soapnet in between the Oc and Veronica mars so yeah.. and some of these later episodes I never saw at all so listening to the podcast clips is so fun because I’m curious with how this show even got to this season number. I don’t think this show would have made it this far if it’s was on tv now. But I could be wrong.
  10. Also another speculation thought: Lili was filming 3x07 and in her insta story this past weekend said it was a rough one or something and she seemed to be filming by herself/alone. So RAS saying Betty would be happy makes me think she’s not for long. My guess is she’s being taken by the cult or something.
  11. Modern Family in the Media

    Yeah, I like it when a series has an end point or the creators at least has a idea of where/how they would like it to end. Because like you said then we are literally are just watching them try to find stories to place in the show. That is why I kind of wish bts people already had an ending worked out from the beginning and look I understand things happen within the entertainment industry, someone may leave the show and you can’t get the ending you had envisioned but lately every time I watch a tv show I can’t help thinking that the people behind the series really have no idea how they’re ending this show and that’s why it’s becoming so ridiculous.
  12. This Is Us In The Media

    We did have a flashback when she was little and her father only watched football and her mom made her and her sister leave the room. We know she has a sister(unsure if older or younger but I think younger) and she has a complicated relationship with her mom. Also we saw in the firsts season finale right before she met jack when she was in her 20s I guess and was all about singing and not into dating. I feel like i know enough about her about the same amount we know of Jack, but that’s just me.
  13. S07.E00: Law & Disorder

    Just watched the whole special.. and like the show, these “specials” are really getting gross. these specials are really emphasizing the gross that this show now is. Also it’s real bad that these kids are only a few short years away from their parents age when they had them. Also none of them have grown up or matured at all. But I say this all the time. If anything this show has seemed to mess them up more. And not because they got pregnant as teenagers but because they got on tv for years and years and they get accolades for every little thing they do. It’s.. ridiculous.
  14. S07.E00: Law & Disorder

    Okay.. I just started watching and already cry.. ugh. Also I hate that I can remember past seasons of teen mom so so well but that scene when Maci checked the atm and the child support wasn’t paid it wasn’t because Ryan didn’t pay.. it was like a mess up on the system. I remember like a day later it was back in Maci’s account. She called Ryan and asked and he said as much. Also already I’m only like 10 mins in and this special is depressing. And yeah why does Nessa get to narrate these? Anytime she talks the cadence of her voice she seems to be talking about fun things not like anything this special is about.
  15. S07.E00: Law & Disorder

    Cool, thanks! Maybe I’ll check it out. Sometimes I think my dvr knows what is best for me, regarding this show, like when cate and Tyler had their adoption special where they reunited adoptees or something and my dvr stopped recording like 15 mins into it.