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  1. I hope it’s a stand-alone season. At the very least they will do a recap before the season premiere episode starts and make a few references. They only have 10 episodes to fit everything in . I can’t see them just pretending like it never happened. I also can’t see them shutting down the show. Actually with the news of the show coming back for season 4. Will anyone get in trouble? I want more Everlasting and less soap. I also remember reading something recently about Rachel going on a search in season 3 to find the person who raped her. I like how Shiri acknowledged in a recent interview that season two was pretty bad. She said they saw all the reviews, headlines and fan chatter and worked to correct the mistakes for season 3. Last season the cast and crew and show runners all thought season two was great. Some of them gave the company line and others truly believed their own hype Here's some links about season 3. http://communityvoices.post-gazette.com/arts-entertainment-living/tuned-in/item/41234-press-tour-unreal-resets-for-season-three ‘Unreal’ EPs: Season 3 Will Explore ‘What it is to be a Woman Today’ – Variety Lifetime Showrunners Talk #MeToo and Meaningful Change for Women – Variety Lifetime Television All Scripted Shows Created By Women
  2. Same. I know it probably wont happen but I would love it if they pretended like S2 never happened. Rachel dreamed it all up or something like that and then they move on. I hope the best part of the new season is not just the trailer. You can make almost anything look great with good editing.
  3. Hot off the press! Lets get this sausage party started! http://people.com/tv/unreal-season-3-trailer-exclusive/ https://www.bustle.com/p/the-unreal-season-3-trailer-is-basically-2-minutes-of-nonstop-nsfw-action-video-7836124
  4. Hopefully they don't waist his character.
  5. UnREAL Season 4 casting news. http://deadline.com/2017/10/unreal-francois-arnaud-natalie-hall-five-season-4-cast-1202193382 http://tvline.com/2017/10/23/unreal-season-4-all-star-cast-francois-arnaud-meagan-holder
  6. Here's an UnREAL Spoiler for all of you to decode. http://tvline.com/2017/10/19/the-x-files-william-season-11-spoilers-mulder-scully-son/ Question: Got any UnREAL news? —Frederica Ausiello: The show is looking for someone to play Rodrigo, a self-assured professional soccer player with a panties-dropping accent and a flair for showing off for the cameras. He’s been around the Everlasting set before, and I’m fairly certain he has some kind of history with Rachel. But here’s the (soccer pun intended) kicker: Rodrigo is scheduled to show up in Season 4 — remember, the the Lifetime drama hasn’t even returned for Season 3 yet — and the hunk’s casting seems to indicate that there’s been a time jump and/or huge life change for Rachel somewhere between now and then. So while we all know Shiri Appleby’s character as a big mess, there are hints that by Season 4 she’s at least had an outer makeover… if not an inner one. Here's my thoughts. Rachel's outer makeover is dying her hair blond. Shiri reveled that. That's no secret. Not sure what the inner makeover/huge life change is. Maybe it's a baby? As messed up as Rachel is she seems to get around. She can basically have any guy she wants. If she wanted George Clooney she can get George Clooney. Thoughts? ETA: I just read the season 4 casting info. Despite it being an All Stars season they have all new cast members. Weird. I looked up the soccer player that had history with Rachel and I nearly lost it. Rachel is a total train wreck who dresses/smells like a homeless person. This soccer player is completely out of her league. In the words of Michelle Tanner “OH, PUH-LEEEZE.” I can't believe for a second that this dude had history with Rachel. The writers need to get their heads examined.
  7. I don't officially know if he's in any episodes in season three Or four. When I checked out his IMDb page it had him listed as being in 12 episodes in total. 10 episode were in season one. One episode one season two. That leaves one more episode that's unknown. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. That stupid storyline needs to be erased from my memory for good. That would be a huge step up indeed. However I doubt that would happen. I have a feeling it will be a big part of season 2. I also wouldn't be surprised if somehow the Harvey Weinstein scandal makes its way into season 4. It looks like Adam will be apart of season 3. I did some digging around. I checked IMDB and he's in 12 episodes. So it's probably just the season premiere and then poof he's gone. Unless they plan on bringing him back for an actual storyline then I think Its time to move on. http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/unreal-season-3-trailer-adam-returns-for-a-new-suitress-w509394
  9. That would be great. Shiri posted some Instagram story from some season 4 dinner. She showed a few of the male suitors and its nobody I reconise. I don't know what to make of the trailer. It looks like it could be a return to season 1 form. However I've read that a pet of the show will focus on Rachel confronting her attacker. My fear is that the everlasting part will be 5 minutes long and the rest will be all the stuff I could care less about. I'll give them the bennifit of the doubt and wait to give my opinion till after I watch the season.
  10. All stars is season 4. So they will have 3 seasons in the book before it airs. Plus Everlasting has been on the air long before UnREAL.
  11. Very disappointing. However all we know is that they are going to do All stars in season 4. We don't officially know if they're going to do the Bachelor in paradise storyline but that seems like the obvious choice. Why not just make a cheesy lifetime movie about it? As if the seasons weren't short enough season four will only be eight episode. It's hard enough to cram everything into 10 episodes let alone 8. Season three has the female suitress but is also going to focus on Rachel confronting her rapist. My gut tells me that like season two the BTS making of a reality dating show will play second fiddle to Rachel and her rapist storyline. I guess time will tell.
  12. It's been a while since I posted but I have some season four news to share with all of you. Shiri Appleby just dyed her hair Blonde for Season four. She also mentioned at the variety power of women event in LA that season four will be All Stars. So basically UnREAL has run out of ideas and now they're going to do that stupid bachelor in paradise storyline. They also realized that Adam is a fan favorite. So why not bring him back for a 3rd time. I guess third times the charm. His character was a waste in season two. Before season two aired SGS was puffing her chest. She was smiling from ear to ear. She made sure and let everyone know that they were the first one to have a black bachelor. Especially after the real show followed suit. Now rather then come up with when original storyline they just said screw it and stole/borrowed from the Bachelor. season 4 starts shooting at the end of OCT. the fourth season Will only be eight episodes instead of 10. They can barely cram everything into 10 episodes now we're going to have to fit all the storyline a into 8.
  13. Here's some more info about S3. http://variety.com/2017/scene/vpage/unreal-co-creator-sarah-gertrude-shapiro-bachelorette-rachel-lindsay-unreal-lifetime-1202453839 https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/06/05/unreal-season-3-delayed-2018-greg-berlanti