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  1. S03.E04: Confront

    I’m curious when Tracie Thoms arc starts. I want to see all of them evolve and not keep going in circles or spiral out of control. I totally get that if everything was all rainbows and unicorns they would have no drama. When all of the guys arrived on the set of everlasting they showed up wearing business attire. That was their way of fleshing out each character. Only one or two of gotten an extra line/scene. I want to know more about them. Serena changes with each episode. Is she smart business woman or just plain dumb idiot. The show keeps promoting Quinn’s one liners. They just uploaded a video on how to be like Quinn and a video with inspirational words from Quinn. I want to see a video on how to become a master manipulator like Rachel. Quinn is not the only one on the show. Let the rest of the cast help promote the show. I’m so over Quinn’s one liners. They’re so played out. Jays boyfriend just popped up outnof knowhere. I wish Madison is transformation did not happen as quickly as it did or at least happened on camera. This season is definitely better than last season. However it’s not as good as season one. I’m still waiting for them to address the mess that happened in season two. Passing words and meta jokes don’t cut it.
  2. S03.E04: Confront

    I can totally see both of those being true.
  3. S03.E04: Confront

    I don’t know if Rachel has her own shower or not. In season 1 Rachel took a shower with Adam. Regardless it doesn’t matter because Rachel can have any guy she wants wether she showers or not. She also wears the same clothes every day. Season 4 is already in the can. However instead of 10 episodes It was cut down to 8 episodes. I am not sure when it’s going to air. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get a follow up as to why Madison was looking at Gary’s computer. She was probably checking to see if he was planning on doing something with her pilot or going to steal her idea. Or maybe she was seeing if she can find any dirt that she can bring back to Quinn. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the season they make Gary out to be like Harvey Weinstein. They love ripping stories from the headlines. Rachel’s mom is the devil. She’s an evil witch. She’s probably a member of some crazy sex cult. How did Rachel find that dude who raped her? I know she was looking on social media. How did she know who to look up where and where he lived? Do we think he’ll be in any other episodes or is that encounter the only scene he’ll be in.
  4. S03.E04: Confront

    Pacing and lack of new stories are definitely a problem. Maybe that's the big problem. If they bring something up I want them to fully address it. Don't bring something up only to drop it by the next episode. They just keep going in circles.
  5. S03.E04: Confront

    Last season they pushed aside the BLM/police shooting story in favor of the Rachel Rape story. Now they pushed aside the Rape story in favor of the Manbun. Rachel did not ring that dues bell till about 50+ minutes into last nights episode. As much as I don't care about that plot I wish they explored it more. This show suffers from not having enough episodes per season. I think this show has run out of ideas. They go in circles and rip stuff from the headlines.
  6. S03.E04: Confront

    So true. I remember saying to myself when Shiri was on Roswell back in 99 I hope I don't get in trouble for crushing on someone who's underage. Little did I know Shiri was born at the tail end of 78. We saw Rachel's father in S1E3 Mother. He was drugged up and in a vegetable state. The hook hand would have been the best thing about this episode. http://www.tvguide.com/news/unreal-recap-rachel-abuser-father/
  7. S03.E04: Confront

    Wow I can’t believe we’re on episode 4. Rachel’s house call will probably happen at the end of the episode What do we call Manbun now? The Dr is concerned. He definitely has ulterior motives Serena became a boss. She changes with every episode. Better yet with every scene We have a new reporter Madison and Gary and a new pilot Jays phone call The pitches lol Love seeing Rachel manipulate the contestants Jay and Rachel arguing damn Quinn and Madison damn Wow the social media guy can actually speak? I thought he was a mute Jay has a man it’s about time The stuff about who chopped off the manbun is stupid So far I am 30 minutes in and this episode is wack! So basically we’re going to spend the whole hour talking about a stupid manbun They should have gotten Horacio Caine to solve the mystery What happened to finding out who raped Rachel? Madison is spilling the beans to the reporter lady Now Serena is talking to her Rachel and Serena having a chat I want to punt Quinn to the Moon she’s probably my least favorite character This show is like some MTV high school reality show drama The real story is Quinn This show flip flops every scene Alexi doing coke I still want a full episode of Everlasting It’s. now 10:50 and we still have seen Rachel knock on that door WTF? Quinn has a heart who knew It’s about time we find out who the guy is that Raped Rachel. I still don’t like this storyline and find it to be lazy writing. we still should have spent 50 minutes on it and not a minute and a half. I don’t care about Jeremy or the new camera lady. Why is he still here. The best part of the episode was the song at the end. I don’t care if Serena found a soul mate Gary just wants to bang Madison Madison does some digging on Gary’s computer Rachel finally talks to the guy and we learn what we have already known. That her mon is crazy. How did she find him? I want to know more. So is that it? Will they now drop this plot.
  8. S03.E04: Confront

    Wow I can’t believe we’re on episode 4.
  9. Spoilers and Speculation Discussion

    It would not let me edit my last post so I had to make a new one. Yay I finally found the season finale episode description. I thought they would keep this one under wraps. I guess every season is going to end with Rachel questioning her future at Everlasting. We all know she is not going anywhere. Which is a shame if you ask me. My guess is that Coleman never died and just like on Scooby Do Rachel is going to remove Dr Simon's mask and find Coleman under there. LOL or better yet she'll remove his mask and find Adam and then run away with him and live happily ever after. LOL Does Serena offer Rachel a job? Is Dr. Simon a Reporter like Yael or a spy for Rachel’s mom, Quinn, Jeremy, Gary Or someone else? Maybe he raped Rachel. It's no secret that you can't trust anyone on this show. Are we going to find out that Chet confessed to the murders or will be going away for kidnapping his kid or getting married to the that young model or maybe he got Hepatitis C from using that needle in the season premiere? How about Chet confesses and Gary said Does Quinn take a swing at Gary to stand by Rachel or just because she’s a mess and drunk or because he’s a douche and wont give her another show. Hell give Chet whatever he wants because he’s a guy but not Quinn because she’s a girl. Quinn takes matters into her own hands and hits him. #Times Up I read something about them having a line in an episode this season about Harvey Weinstein. So this might be where it comes into play. Since Serena is described as a female Elon Musk I bet the season ends with Rachel lying in a spaceship floating in space instead of the lounge chairs or however it ended last season. LOL Any guesses as to what really happens in the finale? None of the episode descriptions mention anything about the 2 murders from last season or the BLM plot. Unless the thing about Chet turns out to be about that. Commitment A life-changing offer from Serena and a shocking discovery about Dr. Simon drive Rachel to strongly question her future at "Everlasting"; Chet makes an astonishing confession; Quintakes one final swing at Gary. Show: Unreal Season number: 3 Episode number: 10 Air date: April 23, 2018
  10. Thanks for posting that. It's nice to see someone other then Shiri or Constance get to promote the show. I follow the UnREAL social media stuff but must have missed this.
  11. S03.E03: Clarity

    I love Shiri Appleby. She's the only reason I am watching this show. Who's Grant? ITA about everything else. Anything is better then the suitress. This show likes to pretend like it's the real thing. So when they brought in Darius they pumped their chest and said we got the 1st black bachelor. Like they one upped the Bachelor. So why would they not want to try an one up them again. They should have brought in someone who was LGBTQ. That would have been an even better 1st. Plus They like ripping stuff straight from the headlines. I think firing the bartender was to show power and the fact that Rachel is back to being the old Rachel again. When they fired him I tweeted the show and said I cant believe you got rid of my favorite character. My tweet was to poke fun at the people they get rid of that never have any lines. They did not respond to my tweet. ETA: I was reading up on everyone that's not part of the core members of the show. Here's something that jumped out at me. Before the season started it was announced that Cold Case alumna Tracie Thoms is set for a recurring role in season 3. I forgot she was joining the cast. I loved her on cold Case and in Rent. I looked her up to see who she was playing. Here's what it said. So why can't Quinn go to her close friend Fiona who we have never heard a mention of before and create her dream show without Chet and bring along whoever she wanted? Why pitch that underground Gay dance show to Gary when you can pitch it to your female friend who happens to also be Gay. That would be total girl power! Makes no sense.
  12. S03.E03: Clarity

    That would totally work. If they plan on keeping Jeremy around can we at least delve into his past? Why is Rachel the only one seeing the shrink? They should all be seeing him.
  13. S03.E03: Clarity

    Well said. So many great shows to choose from. I would definitely love to know what network Everlasting is on. Maybe the show is on a small niche network. It will turn out to be a missed opportunity. We should tweet UnREAL, the cast, or the shows creator and ask them about the netowk?
  14. S03.E03: Clarity

    Unlike most shows on TV UnREAL has the ability to change things up every season. Yet they don't and keep going in circles. I remember people asking Sarah if they would ever tackle another reality show and she said no they will stick with Everlasting. The possibilities could be endless. Does this mean that next week we have to come up with a new name for manbun?
  15. S03.E03: Clarity

    Your 1st line had me ROTFLOL. So true. Don't tell Sarah that. She thinks they are edgy and Emmy worthy. The new camera operator came out of nowhere like shes been on the set for years. Where did she come from and why would someone want to work for Everlasting? Haven't they heard all the rumors. In the real world people indeed move on. Jeremy is a saint. He can do no wrong. In the words of Michelle Tanner “OH, PUH-LEEEZE.” Madison is the same old Madison just without the braids. I'll give her a pass because her body is probably still going through that change. As for the ridiculousness this is only the beginning. Anyone with half a brain can easily figure this show out. I remember reading a comment from someone who was shocked that I guessed Ruby was coming back and Darius was picking her. Here are some stray observations from the AV club At least Quinn mentioned the two dead people. Why does the cowboy still hang around? Who is he? “Quinn, this princess in a castle crap is dumb even for us.” Why cast Cameron Bancroft and only have him say only like two lines? Does no one remember his turn on 90210 as Donna’s boyfriend? Next week: We find out who Rachel was looking up. https://www.avclub.com/a-lot-of-this-unreal-season-seems-painfully-familiar-1823720957