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  1. Here an interview with Adam Demos about season 4. https://thefix.nine.com.au/2018/07/06/15/26/unreal-season-4-adam-demos-interview ETA: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/news/a861409/unreal-season4-all-8-episodes-amazon-prime-video/
  2. Thanks to Sandra for the info. It looks like the new season will premiere this summer at least in New Zealand. UnREAL (Lightbox, July 17) https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/104973894/julys-mustsee-tv
  3. Thanks for posting that and thinking of me. I was just about to post it myself. I have yet to read it. Once I do I will comment on it. ETA: I just read the article. I like the move. It can’t hurt. How much worse can it get? Plus binge watching is all the rage right now. And I hate waiting. One of the problems I’ve noticed is with the promotion. I’ve read a handful of comments from people that say they had no idea the show was still on the air. What will it’s legecy be? When all is said and done it will probably be remembered for one great season and 2 or 3 bad or Ok ones. Plus the real BTS drama between Sarah and Marti. Say what you want but being on Lifetime definitely hurt the show. Even bad shows on bigger networks do better ratings. The. Again they also get cancelled quicker if they have bad ratings. After season 4 what is left in the story for them to tell? Will Lifetime just totally give up on the show and let Hulu take over or will it be a joint venture? Whatever happens as long as Shiri is still on the show I’ll tune in to find out. This will go down as the longest running TV show Shiri has been apart of. Prior to UnREAL Shiri’s record was three seasons of Roswell. She also got to direct a bit more and a production deal out of UnREAL. So that’s where her focus will probably turn once the show comes to an end. On a sidenote Marti Noxon has two shows about women’s pain and rage debuting this summer. When I read the news it made me LOL
  4. http://ew.com/tv/2018/05/15/unreal-constance-zimmer-chasing-emmy/
  5. Spoilers and Speculation Discussion

    What if Rachel dreams it all up while being alone at her cabin? There has to be more to it than just Rachel is the Suitress. That preview was probably edited to death.
  6. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    You bring up some good points. I guess it was a always a soap. S1 just happened to be a really good soap. Mary's suicide was definitely something out of a soap but at least they addressed it and someone got fired. It pissed me off that Jeremy and others always got a free pass. Thanks Lifetime for not allowing them to fire him. The hot button issues bother me. You can be edgy without having to go there. Nobody cares that you wrote/shot the season before the #MeToo moment started. I've said it all along that S3 was not as good as S1 but better then S2. I don't even remember the names and occupations of all of the contestants. Last season they had the black cop lady that never said a word after the whole thing went down with Darius and Romeo. One of my favorite mental health scenes on TV was from shameless. They did not spring it out of nowhere and throw someone in a mental hospital. They built it up and let it spread it wings. Gave that story a begining a middle an an end. Had I no known what Feminism was before this show I would still have no idea what it was unless I looked it up. I thought in the end Serena would turn Owen down but offer him money to help pay for his kid. Just like they do on Undercover boss. Zach could have exposed the show using his social media platform. He sneaks a phone onto the show and post a daily blog about it. Make him feed info to the press. Speaking of press that reporter was stupid and that plot went nowhere. I found Serena to be kind of bland. Every episode she flip flopped. She never really made it a challenge for Rachel or Quinn, Then again Rachel was really around this season. ITA that the therapist was bad. since when does this show have a line you don't cross? Dr. Simon may be a creep but at least he din't murder two people, cause someone to get shot by the cops, play a role in someone committing suicide or assault or rape anyone. everyone on this show is creepy. Plus Rachel came onto him 1st. He just never acted on it because he was her Dr. and employed by her boss. Once he got fired and was not her Dr. anymore he was free to make his move on Rachel. As for the camera in the truck he could have used to keep an eye on Rachel's dad. That whole Rape story went in a circle. Rachel is no better or worse then she was before she went on her journey. I am still trying to figure out how she knew who the dude was that rapped her when she was 12? Rachel's mom reminds me of a more crazy version of Leonard's mom from The Big Bang Theory. Rachel's mom is a great casting job. Chet will always be the same chet. He'll never change. If they bring something up they need to let it all play out without dropping it or using it to help advance another storyline. It seems like Jay is done with coke. I doubt they will bring that back next season. I am glad they are finally letting Jay get some action. Take advantage of that. I asked Jeffrey when Jay was going to get some action when I met him before S2 started. He laughed. Next season everyone will see that Rachel was always hotter then Yael. Even though S4 is an all stars season they still have contestants that are new to us and will need to be introduced. I have a feeling it will be one big giant orgy.
  7. Spoilers and Speculation Discussion

    You bring up some great points. The showrunner also mentions that the bachelor in paradise story will play a part in S4. I guess that means they’ve run out of ideas so they just decided to steal one from Bachelor in paradise. I doubt they would tell us this early that she's on-camera talent rather than being behind-the-scenes manipulator. There has to be more to it than that. I doubt Everlastings audience even knows who she is. I can totally see Rachel passing out at the cabin and dreaming it all up. Then waking up and returning to work and doing her thing with Quinn. Maybe there’s a time jump. Here’s what I would’ve done rather than the bachelor in paradise storyline. You bring back someone from all 3 seasons. Pick people whohave seen something bad happen on the show or want revenge. Season one does not matter who you pick. You can go with either Faith or Anna or anyone else you like. Season 2 and 3 has to be specific. Darius and Romeo from season 2. and August, Alexi and Owen from season 3. While they’re all sitting around chatting they discover some secrets about the shows past. Some people have come back to get revenge and others are shocked to find out what has happened. To all ban together to take down the show. It might be a stupid idea but it something that popped into my head. Now we have to sit around and wait for lifetime to give us a release date. Could be in the summer fall or next year. I just hope that Lifetime just says the hell with S4 and cancels the show. I doubt that would happen but you never know. That phone call at the end of the trailer is something out of a horror movie. Rachel definitely has to be using her manipulating powers. Even Quinn looks scared. it could have something to do with the bachelor in paradise storyline. I don’t watch that show so I’ll have to do some homework.
  8. Spoilers and Speculation Discussion

    Here's a spoiler pic that Shiri posted on Instagram months ago. Rachel is looking hot. What if she dreams up the the whole suitress thing. There has to be more to it then shes the suitress. I think with all stars nobody is a suitress/suitor. It's probably going to be one giant orgy. I guess they are imbracing there full on S2 trashy side.
  9. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    No worries. As long As Shiri is on this show I am stuck.
  10. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I like the closing song. Most TV show endings are weird or bad. If you're a completist will you be back for season 4? I don't think she knew he put in the camera. I read an article about the DR that made me LOL. The DR is no different then every other character on this show. I was just as surprised as the Dr that he acted like everyone else on this show. http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/unreal-season-3-brandon-jay-mclaren-interview.html I am so mad at the way they handled or not handled the double murder from last season. While I agree that Jeremy is not wrong with his rant to Rachel I still don't give him a pass. This show has gone in circles. You can still be evil or an anti hero and have something people like about you. You can be all of that and still grow. It would have been a nice twist if at the end when Rachel is all alone on the lounge chair we find out she was dreaming and the season never happened. You Know what would be more interesting than UnREAL a doc about How a show can go from critically acclaimed Peabody award-winning to Lifetime soap overnight. What a shame. I would totally watch that.
  11. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I would have liked it if Chet announced he was sick and given 6 months to live. This show thinks it's Emmy worthy. So does Flavor of Love. LOL This show also tries to hard and not hard enough all at the same time. Mad Men was one of my favorite shows even though the ending was weird.
  12. I've read every tweet/review plus check the ratings . I have no life LOL Plus I have lots of down time at work which I am not complaining about. Most of the reviews for S3 were not so great. During either S1 and S2 or just one of those seasons people got paid or sent the screeners to review. One of them was the guy who covers the Bachelor. All those people stopped talking about the show after the pay check stopped coming in or were not sent the screeners. Basically they could care less about the show. Rotten Tomatoes is currently only showing all positive reviews except for 1. EW & AV Club did not like S3. Those 2 plus others that did not like the season are not even mentioned on Rotten Tomatoes. In other positive news Shiri officially breaks her record of 3 seasons. Prier to UnREAL the show she was on the longest "Roswell" only lasted 3 seasons. Everything else never went past 2. Some had not even made it on the air.
  13. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I responded to your post in the news thread. This way mods don't flag it for being off topic.
  14. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    The EP/Showrunner/writers are probably thinking because nobody died and Jeremy is officially gone that the season was a success. LOL We still have plenty of time before S4 premiers or for the network just to cancel the show. I am not a fan of the school yard games this show plays. I can also think of plenty of other people besides Rachel who can be picked on for doing the same stuff.
  15. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I have not heard an announcement yet. I'll do some digging around and as soon as I find something I'll let you know. http://www.etonline.com/unreal-boss-on-that-surprising-ending-it-was-plan-b-and-why-season-4-is-totally-different-exclusive Do you have any idea on when season four will launch? [Lifetime] has not given us any indication. I don't think it's summer. They have You, the Sera Gamble-Greg Berlanti show that's airing in September. There's a chance we may air with that but there's a chance they might hold it till next spring.