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  1. He's the guy that kept saying "they shot my house"(or something to that effect) over and over and over again. And again.
  2. S20. E22: Power of Veto #7

    Since Rachel left, 2 weeks ago, each side has won 1 HOH and 1 Hacker comp and Level 6 has won 2 Veto comps. The Veto wins nudge the needle slightly to the Level 6 side, but I don't see a bulldozer anywhere. If the point is that Tyler has played the best game so far and has set himself up well, then I agree.
  3. S20. E22: Power of Veto #7

    I don't understand the repeated comments about how everything has gone in favor of Level 6 all game long and how much it sucks that Foutte can never catch a break. Am I counting wrong? The evictees have been pretty evenly split, the HGs in the house are evenly split (if you count JC and Sam as going either way, which they both have done), the power apps have gone to Sam(neutral), Bayleigh(Foutte) and Tyler(Level 6), the Hacker comp was won by a Foutte last week and a Level 6 this week and the HOH wins have been split as well. Do I have some of this wrong? Am I missing something?
  4. I thought it was really odd that after she clearly showed signs of being under the influence to some degree, he didn't do a breathalyzer and instead just let her go. And BS he didn't see any sign of impairment. It didn't make any sense at the time, but now it does, and it's really not a good look for anyone. On the couple in Pasco who were suspected of breaking into their former home, Corporal Walker didn't find anything in her bag, but he was going to check the pocket knife blades for residue. Residue? Really?? I get it's a thing when there are scales, baggies, pill bottles, etc., but there wasn't any of that in there. Now, I'm not a fan of Walker in general, or of most of the Pasco County personnel for that matter, but this just seemed really ridiculous.
  5. Nightwatch in the media

    Ah, yes. Mr. No Personality and Ms. Perma Smirk really ruined that season. I was so disappointed when New Orleans didn't want to continue with the show, I'm sure it would not have been cancelled if they had stayed. (Who didn't love Dan & Titus and Holly & Nick??) I wonder if going to so many areas will let us get to know the first responders or maybe they're strictly going for a show on the rescues themselves. I hope not, I like the interaction between them between rescues. Anyway, I hope they have good people to follow and it's a good show, I've missed it.
  6. Bayleigh's meltdown was ridiculous. She's an adult, but acted worse than a 2 year old in the midst of a tantrum. Her lack of control was stunning. Just when I would think she'd gone as over the top as she could, she'd just get even more screechy and shrill. I'm surprised she didn't throw herself onto the floor. Just wow. Also, previously having a fit about Brett calling her Honey, just to go ahead and call Tyler Sweetheart in a condescending way is not okay. You don't get to demand absolute respect from everyone while not extending that same respect to others. Life doesn't work that way. Her parents really did her no favors by raising her to believe that she's the center of the universe. I could swear I made a similar post a few hours ago, but I don't see it anywhere so apologies if you've already read it.
  7. Small Talk: How You Doin'?

    A/B list?!?
  8. Big Brother Lexicon: BB Doublespeak

    That would be Season 3 Amy.
  9. Since the p doesn't achieve the f sound without the h, no. You type faster than I do:-)
  10. I'm a "they", but I sure don't say it that way.
  11. Until the word Graphics is pronounced with a soft G, I will continue to use the hard G to pronounce GIF. I don't know Angela enough to love or hate her, but we high fived when she won over RS Angie. Neither one of us could stomach a week with that mess as HOH.
  12. S20.E13: Power of Veto #4

    From what I've seen, Fessy seems to have Kaitlyn firmly in the friend zone and Haleigh in the "I want this girl to be my girl" zone. Unfortunately for Kaitlyn, her guides haven't clued her in. Maybe they think she's ridiculous too. Anyway, if you need to ask someone to choose between you and another person, you need to be prepared for the answer. Kaitlyn wasn't.
  13. Then give the houseguests booze for those three days:-)
  14. Big Brother Lexicon: BB Doublespeak

    I know it says crackers, but it looks like she's eating an open faced cheese sandwich. That's annoying:-)