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  1. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    On a less serious note, I think Adrian might benefit from a refresher course on basic prep. When he was plating some fresh pineapple, he left a bunch of eyes (those prickly brown spots) on the prepped fruit. Those are really not pleasant to eat. Also, he had a couple of cuts on his hand that had bled and kind of dried around and under his thumbnail. Really pretty gross. Aside from that, I appreciate a drama free and reasonably creative chef for a change.
  2. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    Caroline is far from being a victim. She's manipulative and vindictive and I feel sorry for anyone who has the misfortune to cross paths with her. Seriously, she's like the psycho character in one of those cautionary Lifetime movies.
  3. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    I just wish they would stop telegraphing who the winner is with the music. You know someone is about to sink the winning shot when the music starts ramping up. Kind of kills the suspense of the last few seconds.
  4. S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    Natalie is even more delusional than I thought. https://ew.com/tv/2018/10/25/survivor-natalie-cole-david-vs-goliath/
  5. S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    The Natalie and the eggs situation was just stupid. She wanted to cook all of the eggs at once, so they wouldn't have to boil eggs again the next morning. Are they really so busy that that would be such a problem? A person with much more knowledge of food safety was very clear that the raw eggs would keep until the next day. She refused to listen and imposed her choice on everyone by cooking all of the eggs anyway, forcing the others to eat them all at once. (Unless they wanted to suffer from the "24 hour flu/stomach flu" by saving the cooked ones for later) I didn't see the jacket conversation with Nick as bullying, it was a blatant threat. Give me your jacket (or steal Lyrsa's) or you're gone. I know Angelina was the one that wanted the jacket, but Natalie was the one that flat out threatened someone to get it. People who have no problem with doing this make me sick. Natalie, it seems, believes she's the smartest person in the room. Always. She also seems to believe that whatever she wants should be given to her without question. Being around people who get their paychecks from her no doubt enforce these opinions, and she doesn't seem like someone who would ever see the need to change, even after seeing herself in action. I would imagine that she would see a strong woman who doesn't take any shit. All I see is a vile person who thinks it's her right to impose her will on others and to take what she wants, even if it belongs to someone else.
  6. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    Wendyfied that for ya. ;-)
  7. If the "I smell marijuana" probable cause was being used, and often no pot or paraphernalia was found, I would be inclined to agree with you that it was a bullshit tactic. However, in the majority of cases, there is, in fact, pot/paraphernalia present. If you are engaging in an illegal activity, you are subject to a search. And yes, that stuff is super easy to smell, even from a passing car. It boggles my mind how many people we see on the show that have warrants, suspended licenses, etc. that are stupid enough to be smoking weed in their vehicle.
  8. I wonder if the female officer in R.I., the one with the mousy up-speak, has either watched herself on the show or Twitter has made mention of her way of speaking. She seemed to speak almost normally last night. It's definitely an improvement and I hope she keeps working on it. How can you expect to be seen as confident and in control if you speak in such a timid way? Plus, it's super annoying to listen to.
  9. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Tyler for me.
  10. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    For snark value, the Semi Ho was priceless. She never met an angel food cake she didn't mutilate, and she always included choking hazards at COCKTAIL TIME. Good times! As far as the interview (thanks, druzy for posting it!), I was appalled. I felt bad for Sandra and was totally disgusted by Wendy. All I can think of, with her behavior in general, is that she wants the show to be cancelled.
  11. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    Either that, or Cody had the respect to do what he was asked to do and Raggedy C didn't. I don't know what Julie could have done in that situation except to let it go and hope it was fast. What I found interesting is that when Tyler and Kaycee had exited the house and everyone was mingling in the background, Bayleigh, who hadn't seen her "true love" in several weeks, and had just been proposed to, was so busy socializing with everyone else, she barely even glanced at the guy. Now, maybe it's just me, but I thought it was odd. I just thought it looked like two extremely shallow and self involved people trying to get one more PAY ATTENTION TO ME minute out of their 15, 14, 13 ...........1. Time's up!!
  12. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    She was in the middle of Not Hot Topics today, and we just realized how much we were not enjoying the show and how long it had been since we did. We turned it off and deleted the series recording. She seems to be really bitter about something and it really shows.
  13. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    I'm finally throwing in the towel. Hate watching can be fun, but disgust watching isn't. Wendy used to be fun and likable and her "tell it like it is" generally wasn't mean spirited (at least not as bad as it is now). Anymore though, her disinterest in her job (Does her Hot Topics segment even try to be relevant lately?) and her seeming contempt for most people, including her co-hosts, is front and center. I don't know if she just used to hide it really well, or she is now just so unhappy she can't help but spread it around. I hope she gets help for her memory issues (See TVbitch's post above regarding Cosby- I couldn't even believe that nonsense) and that she cuts loose the weight that is holding her down in the deep end of the misery pool. I'll still join in here for the snark, but I think pretty soon there won't be any of us actually watching!
  14. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    Cosby- Yes, different punishment/rules for people with money. Awesome. Inside Scoop- She was really being rude to him. Even more rude than she usually is.
  15. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    No kidding. I can usually ignore her peculiar way of thinking, but this just struck me as particularly ridiculous.