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  1. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    Yes, and not only that - sometimes one person is talking, and I hear them talking, but what I see is the reaction of others. Or two people are not facing the camera, and there's no way to tell who is saying what. I swear they add at least one person each episode. Chelsea? we need the names of who is shown on screen!
  2. "The View" Week Of 3/19/18

    I LOVED Corey Booker not having it when Meghan asked him to defend or criticize a quote from Hillary Clinton. If we can't get the republicans to defend or criticize what the PRESIDENT is doing, how the hell is every democrat responsible for defending everything Hillary has ever said? Way to derail the conversation, Megs! It's always "what about Hillary?" with you.
  3. "The View" Week Of 3/19/18

    Yes, while Meghan is right that Stormy just giggled in previous interviews, was coy about answering questions. that was when she was restrained by the NDA, and thought she would get in trouble for saying anything. Now that she has lawyers telling her the NDA is not enforceable because trump didn't sign it, she's talking. Meghan needs to remember - it's not the sex, it's the cover up. She can't shut up about Clinton, she needs to look it up. Clinton did not get in trouble for HAVING sex, he got in trouble for lying about it under oath. The trump/stormy story is about a payoff to keep a secret. As Sunny pointed out, trump and stormy having sex? yeah so what? but using campaign money to shut her up - clearly illegal. AND - the 60 minutes interview was delayed ONE WEEK, because trump was trying to stop CBS from airing it, and CBS wanted to vet some of the information before airing the interview. Meghan can yell all she wants about how she wants to know what Stormy has to say, NOW. But the interview was only done about a week and a half ago, it's not like 60 minutes has been sitting on it forever, as MM said. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AND - Meghan talks about John Edwards, and the national Enquirer winning a Peabody award for uncovering that story. Did they? wikipedia doesn't know about it.
  4. Pet Peeves

    WHAT? Not cool! I hope you had words with that person, because that is the WORST. Boy, if that was me I'd be plotting revenge.
  5. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

  6. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

    At the very beginning of the show today, they talked about trump appointing as top economic advisor, Lawrence Kudlow. Sunny says - he doesn't even have an economics degree. Meghan's response is to read a bunch of quotes unrelated to him - but more "Here are some times that liberal economists were wrong about something!" I think her point was - people with economics degrees aren't always right, therefore you don't need an economics degree to do the job of economic advisor to the president. As someone who has, in my family, a person who is an economist, with a PhD in economics, her dismissal pissed me off. It's the equivalent of reading about a bunch of times doctors were wrong, and coming to the conclusion that you don't need a medical degree to practice medicine.
  7. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

    the study was just a poll - Better sex? Who knows? A higher percentage of republicans than democrats REPORT being satisfied with their sex lives. That's what the study actually measured, how people answer the question "are you satisfied with your sex life?" based on their political affiliation. People extrapolate polls all the time, to make the results mean something they don't . They do it on The View all the time. LOL! I picture Meghan going into a sex shop and asking "do you have a republican section?" And the sales people laughing at her.
  8. And I will NOT put the date I graduated college, or the year I got my master's degree. All I need is for the person reading my resume to think, "damn! she graduated the year I was born!"
  9. Chit-Chat

    I decided last weekend that winter was over for me. I'm sick of it. we've had a few warm-ish days, so I am DONE with the cold. I washed my heavy winter parka and put it away for good. Of course, I woke up the next morning and drove to work in SNOW. But I am stubborn enough to wear my lighter jacket anyway. the sun melted all the snow by noon. Then in the afternoon, it snowed again. Dammit! BUT - I will not wear my winter coat until next winter.
  10. Pet Peeves

    Michaels is good about that. They put out coupons in flyers and in the newspaper, 50% off one item. And sometimes they have extra flyers in the store. If you don't have a coupon, the sales people have extra and they can apply it to your purchase. And when you check out, they give you a coupon for your next visit. the thing is, if you don't KNOW about the coupons, you might decide not to buy what you need because of the price. I wish stores just put the price on stuff, the same price for everyone. I did luck out at J Jill's. I exchanged a gift that was rather expensive, and not my style. The day I went in to exchange it, they were having a sale, and even marking down sale stuff for an additional 40%. for the price of the shawl I exchanged, I got a blouse and two sweaters. that was a happy day for me.
  11. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

    OK, watching the whole show now, and I can illustrate exactly what Meghan does that annoys the crap out of me. Read these quotes: in the first few minutes, Meghan says, " today's one of those days, I'm a great second amendment person, NRA member, proud NRA member, these are one of those moments I don't think it's my turn to talk. I think we can listen to kids right now, I've said what I have to say at length, everyone knows where I stand. I don't like the idea that if you're a second amendment person that you're for gun violence. ............" then later, (glancing at her blue cards to make sure she gets her points made), "we've been talking about the hypothetical situation of arming teachers who have military experience, which again this gets jumbled up into all teachers, and again this is not a black and white issue at all, and I just think we are in a place, I disagree with Sunny, I don't think AR15's should be banned at all, people who hunt with them, and I just, AGAIN, I just wish there was a little more, to me, any protest like this, and I respect the kids that are doing it, OBVIOUSLY, because I believe in political activism, and I believe in your first amendment, BUT, it gets caught up a lot in anti-second amendment, anti- NRA. .." (then she's interrupted by Whoopi, and is noticeably irritated. I'm sure Meghan thinks that she never gets to finish a sentence, but honestly, she doesn't know HOW to finish a sentence!) She is EXHAUSTING! Meghan, here's a hint. Figure out what you want to say, then say it in a sentence, and don't start another sentence until you have completed the one you started. STOP interrupting yourself!
  12. My sons are both Eagle Scouts. They were told, by the Eagle Scout organization, that including it on a resume was a good idea, so they did. When my oldest was graduating college, his advisor laughed at the idea and told him to take it off, that it was juvenile. He left it on anyway, and his brother did the same when he was job hunting. Both boys, when interviewing for jobs, got positive comments about it from people who knew what an accomplishment it was. (only 1% of boys entering scouts end up with Eagle rank, and it shows a high level of leadership skills). Though I imagine it might look pertinent only when you're looking for your first job out of college.
  13. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

    OK, sorry. I missed that. I only caught part of the show today, before work. I hear Meghan talk about being from "gun country" which bothered me a lot, given the context that students just want to be safe from getting shot at school. Sara and Meghan wore similar hairstyles today. Once again, Sara's looked cute. But that's really not the most flattering style for Meghan. her haircolor is too light, her face too round, the pink of her scalp shows through too much. the dark eye makeup is also too much of a contrast with her light skin and hair. There have been a few days that Meghan wore her hair down and it looked lovely. Not everyone looks good with hair pulled back tightly. I don't know what her natural color is, but she would look so much better with a softer style and color. there are less harsh shades of blonde.
  14. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

    I want someone to point out that the students protesting was not about the second amendment. It was about the FIRST amendment.
  15. Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    In Meghan's mind, everyone belongs to one of two camps: "second amendment people" and "those who want to take our guns away and repeal the second amendment." So she considers the protesting students to be protesting the second amendment, which is not the case.