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  1. [Sorry, second quote is supposed to be first!] The pics with that article are definitely from filming the S6 finale—Joan is wearing the same outfit as in the final scene from last night’s episode. I’m quite certain NYC was standing in for London (hence the reference to the “set in New York”); it doesn’t make sense to fly the whole production overseas for one scene. The UK license plates are part of set dressing. I am also wondering about Clyde’s whereabouts :)
  2. But no mention of Lee Miglin or William Reese. I thought that was unfortunate.
  3. He’s Welsh, actually. Darn, I was rooting for Sandra Oh. And her mum is indeed adorable!
  4. I live in the same eastern Pennsylvania town as Laura, 2-3 hours south of NYC depending on traffic; there are actually many people who live here and commute to NYC every day for work.
  5. Season 3 Discussion

    Fun fact: Laura actually lives in my hometown, over...there, as the crow flies...::waves hand in general direction:: Her husband was the grandson of a silk mill owner who built a beautiful estate on the (then) outskirts of town. When Peter Shelton died, Laura inherited the estate and moved here with the boys. She apparently practices her indoor archery in a long hall leading to the dining room! I keep hoping to run into her at the grocery store or something, but I think we may run in slightly different circles ;) I *do* have a friend who teaches archery, though... hmmmm. Frankly, I was always impressed by her seemingly effortless chic, and the fact that despite having a pack of kids, they weren't the be-all and end-all of her life. She seemed to balance motherhood with all of her varied interests without breaking a sweat, which, being an anxious little puppy myself, I found intriguing. [And yes, I do recognize that she has resources at her disposal that can make that balancing act somewhat easier...]. On PR, she was one of my favorites of S3. I'll go for classic silhouettes and finishings over "fashion-forward" wickety-whack (TM...Santino?) every time. I did some poking around on the interwebs last week when I saw this season was airing, and found out that Laura recently won a gold medal in the Masters World Championships in archery (or something like that)...while wearing a "squiver," a self-designed skirt with a built in quiver for her arrows. Still fabulous!
  6. S7. E9: Fantasies and Firsts

    Well I thought he was implying a little "ring toss game" action, so now I hate *you* for making me imagine his donut blowjob :/ [Said in jest, of course!]
  7. S7. E9: Fantasies and Firsts

    That's a recipe for a UTI right there.
  8. I loved Lois Duncan, too. Down A Dark Hall was just made into a movie which is apparently out right now, but in such limited release I can't find it playing anywhere near me. Audience reaction was...less than favorable (only 52% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), so I guess I'm not missing anything by waiting for it to hit Netflix.
  9. S05.E11: Fraudlein

    I literally guffawed. Well played, AARP!
  10. For the majority of obstacles, yes, absolutely! I do like watching the ninjas figure things out mid-obstacle. There are just a very few where your height and wingspan figure in just as much as your strength. That Stage 3 obstacle that I can't come up with the name of...[Curved Body Prop! Thank you, Mr. Google!]...I think the plexiglass walls of that thing are about 6' apart, though I can't verify that anywhere. Stretched out to my fullest, I *might* be able to get my tippy toes and the very tips of my fingers on the walls. Kacy's got 2" of height and several more inches of wingspan on me (my arms really are exceedingly short), but I doubt she'd fare better enough to clear the obstacle. I'll be interested in seeing any modifications they make for the smaller people in the kids' version @enoughcats references above.
  11. As a tiny person with the wingspan of a T-rex, I always frown a little at the obstacles that require reach in addition to strength. Jumping spider, spider climb, and that one in Stage 3 where they're braced horizontally in between 2 plexiglass waves (can't remember the name of it ATM) come to mind. Sure there are other obstacles where reach is an advantage, but there are usually other ways to compensate for short arms (pinching between hands and/or legs/feet; jumping transitions; etc). Those "bracing" obstacles, though, if you don't have enough reach to wedge yourself in, you're screwed. I mean, my tubby ass ain't doing any ninja training any time soon, but even if I were a tinier version of Jessie Graff, at my height (4'9"), I'd never be able to complete any of those obstacles. I've always wondered if they would be able to implement an adjustment to the obstacle based on height, like move the walls a couple inches closer to even the playing field just a bit for the shorties :)
  12. I wasn't necessarily *hoping*...but I had a baaaaaaaaad feeling. Serves him right for hotdogging, TBH. I'm wondering if NB is some sort of equipment sponsor, because you're right, LOTS of ninjas are wearing them, but they seem to be the kiss of death in the spider climb thing. I didn't notice it soon enough to keep stats, but it seemed from casual observance that a disproportionate number of ninjas that struggled with traction on the spider climb were wearing those shoes.
  13. Cold Justice Season 5: All Episode Talk

    I turned to hubs and said, "Those must be the Good Guys...they're wearing white hats!" but then later there was a sketchy character that was also wearing a white hat, and my head almost exploded.
  14. This may just be my new favorite expression!! On topic, I just loved Kalandria. I understand the show's format sort of forced her into that staged poker game with the grooms, but damn if she didn't pwn those dudes, drop the mike and peace out...only to later show up at the dry wedding prepared with a flask and at another one looking stunning in a hot dress and on point makeup. That's a good woman Sonji has there--comfortable in her own skin and in any sort of crowd. I may have a little girl crush! I'm sorry they didn't win. Jaye. Gurrrl. "Finer Things" does NOT equal plastic plates. I had me a tent wedding, and though we did use plastic cups for the bar (we were in a brick courtyard, and glasses were more likely to get dropped and broken as the party got going; we are practical people), we had proper plates and cutlery. She was a classic case of spending her money on herself (2 dresses, grand entrance vehicle) rather on her guests. Or maybe she had to cheap out because she fired her wedding planner and basically started all over again a few weeks before the wedding? She probably would have been better off staying the course and putting her own twist on the things that were duplicated at Sonji's wedding. Her quest to stand out sure did backfire.
  15. Cast in Other Roles

    Oh no! I’m so glad I saw this post, though, because when I finally do get to see the movie, I would have spent the whole thing impatiently waiting for him to show up! Charlie Wu is definitely a bigger presence in CRG (as well as the final book), though, so let’s keep our fingers crossed the go on to film the sequel and threequel!