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  1. Yeah, it made him look like he had bathed sometime in the previous few weeks.
  2. Everything Sucks in the media

    Super cute, but man, the exchange "Were you alive in the 90's?" ... "Not by a long shot!" made me want to fling my 47-year-old self on the floor and cry. I graduated from high school about a decade before most of you (1987), but I fondly (and sometimes not-so-fondly) remember being in my mid-20's and trying to grow into a fully-realized adult. [Update: still working on that :) ] This show took me back, and let's face it, high school never really ends, and most people aren't comfortable in their own skin for years after graduation. And the music!! Oh, balls.
  3. Bless her heart, Hillary Duff's little brain sure was working hard, but her child star tutor/tour bus education just didn't serve her very well in this endeavor. It was like having another Chris O'Donnell...sorry, I just can't get over him standing at Fort McHenry, being spoon-fed the story of Francis Scott Key and the Star-Spangled Banner, and STILL NOT GETTING IT.
  4. You can freeze it in an ice cube tray and store the cubes in a Ziplock bag. Just defrost one cube at a time.
  5. I shall henceforth refer to our impressively jacked commentator as Akbar Gbajbiahumina-humina. Holy abs, Batman! And those Gbajbiababies were a. dor. a. ble.
  6. I totally ship Jenn and Chris. And if that’s wrong, well, I don’t want to be right :)
  7. Fun Fact: Jon Cryer is married to none other than Lisa Joyner, one of the hosts of Long Lost Family! TLC’s keeping it in the family this season.
  8. Season Four Discussion

    I ate cigarette butts off the sidewalk, and I'm just fine. ::twitch:: All kidding aside, I think it was a little more than that; I believe Judy said during her interview that she didn't have anyone to watch the baby while she worked except her mother, who wasn't really capable of doing so. I forget the exact words she used, but the implication was that there were mental health issues that made her less than attentive to an infant's needs. She said the baby was not only eating off the floor, but was "dirty," which I read as crawling around in a dirty diaper for god knows how long. So, yeah, a tough situation, but I think she ultimately made the right decision.
  9. S01.E10: Opening Night

    About a 5-6 hour drive from the greater Pittsburgh area, actually (I just did it a few weeks ago)...Pennsylvania’s a pretty wide state ;)
  10. S14.E24: All of Me

    I loved the part where the pinwheel started to spin after the lady they trached with it began to move air.
  11. S14.E24: All of Me

    Nope, unless a) there is a courthouse on Bainbridge to issue a marriage license; and b) there is no waiting period in Washington State. ETA: Mr. Google tells me there’s a 3-day waiting period in Washington, so no, not legally married.
  12. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    Ah, right, now I remember her mentioning the boob job. I'm still not convinced Roseanne knew the people whose names were on the bottles, though; she could've been spinning a sarcastic tale as a smokescreen. I'm going to have to watch that scene again.
  13. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    Totally OT, but that Old! French! Whore! skit on SNL never fails to crack me up, so thank you for the reminder that it exists in this world. I'm going to have to find it on the YouTubes and re-watch it today. "I think my whore is dead..." Back on topic... YES! The disembodied hand! DH clutched his stomach and laughed so hard I thought he needed medical attention! And ironically "A Stash from the Past" was on CMT this past weekend and we actually recorded it (even though we've seen it 1947492839 times) because we were getting ready to leave the house. We watched it last night before we went to bed and laughed like it was the first time. "Is this the sink, am I shrinking?" never fails to slay me. Oh, good point...I actually read this as Roseanne having made the rounds of several pill mills, getting prescriptions under different names, and paying cash to get them filled, but she also could have bought them from someone else. Shady people get scripts from shady docs, fill them with their insurance, then sell them to other people for profit. That's probably a more likely scenario than Roseanne stealing the bottles. Dan didn't recognize any of the names on the bottles, did he? How would she steal from strangers?
  14. S01.E10: Opening Night

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who had some raging allergy symptoms during this episode... Like you all have said, this show isn't perfect, but the "kid" cast was excellent, and there is so much story left to tell. I really am kind of sorry it's not coming back. On a personal note, I got a big laugh out of "We'll always have Allentown..." because I live in Bethlehem, the town right next door. [I gotta rep for my town though--there was no steel plant in Allentown, and Billy Joel wrote that damn song about us ;) ]. Fictional!Lou would be very comfortable here in the Lehigh Valley, because Bethlehem Steel's old blast furnace stacks (so similar to those featured in RISE that I was almost convinced they filmed B-roll here) have been turned into the background for a a cultural arts center [Steel Stacks], and the high school theatre scene is thriving, concluding in a couple of weeks with the Freddy awards, the Lehigh Valley's version of the Tonys for high school students. This year Allentown's three high schools (including the Catholic high) did Side Show, Aida, and something called Disaster! which I have to admit I'm embarrassed to not have been familiar with prior to googling it, because the original production featured my Broadway boyfriend Adam Pascal.
  15. For the same reason that all the renovation shows rip down all the damn walls so the mom can see aaaaaall the way from the kitchen through to every room on the first floor--because god forbid the kids be left to their own devices for more than 3.5 seconds at a time. When I was a kid (::rocks chair, smacks gums::) we lived in a small-ish townhouse. I played in my room, the basement (which was sort of pseudo-finished; it at least had adequate lighting, a carpet remnant, and didn't leak, LOL) or outside. Every now and then a parent would check to make sure I was still alive, and I vividly recall the shouts of "You all right?" if I did anything resulting in a loud thump or crash...or when it had been quiet for too long. When I was smaller, sure, of course I played in the living room, but I didn't spread the contents of a Toys R Us around the whole damn place, and I was taught to put my shit away when it was time. Admittedly, I don't have any kids of my own, but I still can't fathom the concept of letting them take over the whole house.