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  1. S02.E02: There’s an Art to This

    Five years seems like an awfully long time to be a street hooker in the 70's. Those girls didn't look any worse than they did at the end of season 1. They should all be looking a bit harder.
  2. I am shocked to find how invested I am in Phil and Martina doing well. I know they probably can't win, but I'm always so happy for them when they do well, and I hope they at least get to the final. I didn't think they would be my favorite team, but here they are. Although, if I ever go on The Race I think I would want Taylor as my partner. He seems darn near perfect. I am also gobsmacked that not one team had a single person who could speak simple Spanish.
  3. S15.E05: This Is Not Glamping

    Didn't Lee Anne used to work for Top Chef? It seems a bit unfair if she gets to compete again.
  4. Season 35 Spoilers & Rumors

    I keep going back to that conversation between Devin and Ben, some episodes back (they are sitting on the beach and Ben is wearing his cowboy boots). It seemed very significant. It reminded me of the Parvati/Amanda/Cirie talk on the boat in the first FvF. Add to that the editors over and over showing Ryan impressed with Ben's gameplay, and I feel like they're setting up a Devin/Ben/someone (Chrissy? She and Ben had a strong, strong alliance) final three. On the other hand, it seems like Ryan and Mike get more screentime than their play deserves, so maybe they make it to the end.
  5. S35.E12: Not Going to Roll Over and Die

    And I remember when Caleb almost died for salt and pepper.
  6. Camilla isn't even in the MTV promo picture. I think she is finally OUT. http://www.mtv.com/shows/champs-vs-stars Loved the tiny chairs!
  7. Season 35 Spoilers & Rumors

    Followed by a "untie underwater balls, throw them in a basket" challenge. At last!
  8. S35.E08: Playing with the Devil

    Count me in as one of the people who don't get the Ryan and Chrissy dislike. I see them as my favorites- along with the surprise inclusion of Devin, who seems like someone I would dislike, but actually comes off very sweet and thoughtful. Lauren and (gasp) Joe are growing on me- he seems pretty self-aware regarding his actions and behavior. JP has the qualities Ben wishes he possessed, although Ben definitely has the bigger personality. I liked Dr Mike at first, but he's not as interesting when he's playing from the bottom. Ashley needs to step it up. And I think we all agree that Cole is a tool.
  9. S01.E06: Why Me?

    David Krumholtz had thyroid cancer. The weight gain is a result of the treatment. I understand he's already lost quite a bit of it.
  10. S05.E10: A RuPaul Awakening

    I know it's smart to wear sensible shoes, but RuPaul's were so distracting. I kept wondering what was wrong with his feet.
  11. S07.E02: Stormborn

    I think that Sam used rum because he would have had to ask someone for Milk of the Puppy, but there's always plenty of drink around.
  12. S29.E14: Math Is Hard

    If Nicole and Cory stopped for one minute, they would have realized that the finale instruction on the triangle was "multiply by 12" All they had to do was keep trying multiples of 12. They would have hit the answer in 9 tries. Even if it were a larger number, they knew it had to be 3 digits, the very worst scenario would have given the answer in about 80 attempts with each attempt taking just a few seconds, they could have been out of there in 5 minutes, The problem wasn't that they couldn't do math, it was that they couldn't see any alternatives except to keep trying what they were doing.
  13. I can't stand him (and I'm a middle-aged woman, so I should be his demographic). There are so many examples of him being a bully (The fishing expedition, the shark's head that brought rats to the camp, the water reward where EVERYONE else wanted to take a shower but he outvoted them). What a jerk. How he ended up on Heroes on the HvV season remains a mystery to me.
  14. I remember Simi and Opie struggling with a kayak water polo Face-Off.
  15. I don't understand how Joel/Ashley and Rita/Yvette ended up so far behind the 3 lead teams. Even before the longer roablock (and the twins' speed bump) we never saw all 5 teams together, and they all flew from Cuba together. Maybe the Coast Guard Rescue was only 3 teams at a time, but they still should have arrived there together. Did I miss something?