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  1. S03.E03: The Center Will Hold

    Thank you for this! I now don't even want to see the movie anymore, because so many people have spoiled it for me on the TV forums. Nicky is such an idiot.
  2. S03.E08. Lazarus. 2018.06.20

    yeah, it was so stupid and out of character for him to want to join the (equivalent of) the Redhats, after all his family has been through
  3. S03.E03: The Center Will Hold

    My theory on this: He was not saving it for Lena, that was just the excuse he gave to J as to why he was cleaning it. At the end we see him torch it, so obviously he meant to clean it and get rid of it, destroying evidence from a murder. Why would he want to do that? My guess is that he wants to find and deal with the murderer himself, and not have the police involved. I think J is FINALLY realizing that he should dump Nicky, all she does is cause him more problems.
  4. S03.E02: In The Red

    I think this is due to Shawn Hatosy being such a good actor, and also that, now that Smurf is in jail, he is the only one of the family who actually cares about Lena and is trying to be a real guardian to her. The others would ship her off to foster care in a heartbeat.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Babbbling About Babylon

    I enjoyed this series a lot and I hope there will be more episodes. The only thing that confused me were: 1. Was that really Gereon's brother at the end, and why did he abandon his wife & son if he'd survived the war? 2. Why did the Armenian want the train of gold? It was obvious what the other factions' motives were, but I was not sure of his motive. 3. Why did the Armenian subtly threaten Charlotte's little sister even after Charlotte had given him all the info he'd asked for? I thought the costumes, settings and cinematography were great in re-creating the look of the 1920s. This was a really interesting show. I loved Charlotte and Gereon as characters and the actors were so good.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Babbbling About Babylon

    I never like to watch things dubbed. I prefer hearing the actor's own voices no matter what language they are speaking. The "voice actors" who do the dubbing are not really acting a lot of times, they are just reading the lines so it always sounds flat. Like the difference between hearing someone just reading the lines of a play versus seeing the play acted out. I think people should just do the extra work of reading subtitles, it's worth it. As a bonus, you can learn some bits of different languages or brush up on one you've forgotten.
  7. S03.E07: Delta-V

    Cool, I'm glad it got a chance to continue! It was one of my favorite sci-fi shows.
  8. S03.E07: Delta-V

    I heard that SyFy channel cancelled this show...doesn't make me want to finish watching it
  9. S02.E06: Chapter 14

    I thought in the comics, Prof. X didn't know for a long time that he had a son? It was a kind of depressing episode. In only one of the timelines, David was happy (the one where he was married with kids). That timeline where Kerry cut him in half was harsh. I liked the subtle social commentary about the problems faced by homeless people and the mentally ill. It was very interesting seeing that thermonuclear power of David's -- isn't that a power we have have never seen before?
  10. All very true. And, it irritated me to no end that Dean Fogg thinks that getting meager rations of magic from the library (only after filling out those forms in triplicate!) is better than helping Quinn & Co. just restore magic for everyone. Made no sense.
  11. S03.E01: Maquis

    It is nice to see Josh Holloway running around in the forest again! It's like he's back in his natural habitat. (On a totally shallow note, he looks hot with the shorter hair and beard; I also enjoyed the completely unnecessary necessary shirtless scene. I don't know how old he is but he sure keeps himself in shape.) I think they found the cabin that Will's old partner had told him about. I thought we saw Snyder activate that tracker at the end of season 2, so why did it take 6 months to find them?
  12. S02.E13: Ronin

    There are shelters for abused women. Please get your niece some help!
  13. S02.E13: Ronin

    Well, this show was co-created with one of the guys who created "Lost", so...
  14. S02.E02: Reunion

    All the multiple timelines are getting confusing