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  1. Jaime Primak Sullivan

    Sorry I'm late to this thread but I was just doing a search to find out what jersey belle had the affair and came across it. I over heard some ladies talking in Mtn Brook today about one of the belles and I just had to look it all up. Anyway, Jaime has said on social media that they will have a second season but not on Bravo or on TV it will be on the Internet I think. I used to like Jamie but I now believe she is all talk so I've stopped following her. She'd like to think she's changed but in a lot of ways she hasnt , she has a lot of people fooled and it's sad. I've heard she's not even friends with Arden anymore. I went to a function specifically because I knew she'd be there, well she ended up being the most unapproachable person there. I knew she was too good to be true. :(