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  1. S12.E09: The Citation Negation

    This reminded me of when my sister was the head technician in a teaching hospital’s cancer lab. She was butting heads with a young hire who blew off my sister’s comments with “You’re just mad because your recent experiment didn’t succeed.” My sister’s exacerbated reply was along the lines of “We are trying to cure cancer here. Of course the experiment didn’t succeed. Almost none of them do, because if they did, we would have cured cancer by now!”
  2. I like Emma a lot, but the movie definitely does not look like my cup of tea. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. I didn’t think Ethan Peck was really vilified; I actually liked when she wanted to rehash the relationship and he just stopped her with a smile and “You’re not the first person to break up with me.” They just weren’t right for each other.
  4. I saw Christmas Inheritance and thought it was fine. Had some huge nitpicks I mentioned in an earlier post, but it was enjoyable. I watched Christmas with a View today and really enjoyed it. Their chemistry was good and the dialogue was fun-good banter and funny moments. I will definitely look for those actors again. Looking forward to the Christmas Prince sequel!
  5. I am one of those people who cannot put up a single Christmas decoration until December (“Celebrate Thanksgiving!”) so I am a little disgusted with myself at how many Christmas movies I have already watched.
  6. I think both were victims and both were perpetrators in a crappy marriage that shouldn’t have taken place other than they ended up with two wonderful (I assume) boys.
  7. I mentioned this old Hallmark Hall of Fame movie earlier, but “Decoration Day” with James Garner is one of my favorites, and the romance is secondary at best. I think you can watch it on YouTube. (Synopsis - James Garner plays a retired judge and recluse who comes out of "hiding" to investigate when his childhood friend refuses to accept a Medal of Honor awarded decades ago in World War II.). “Follow the Stars Home” is another story that has a romance, but the main theme is family and mother-daughter bonds. (Synopsis - Newly married to charming Mark McCune, Dianne Parker soon becomes pregnant. What should be a happy occasion turns to dismay when they discover that their daughter will be born with genetic defects. Refusing to care for such a child, Mark abandons Dianne and the baby. As time passes, Dianne manages to care for her daughter with the help of her mother and Mark's brother, who has always loved her.)
  8. I understand why they wouldn’t publish it, but I hope they have a photo that includes her kids and grandkids as well. They seem like a happy blended family.
  9. Something tells me that even if Andrew had been 20th in line, he still would have wanted mommy to give his kids titles.
  10. This would also be around the time that Diana died so I would expect any surviving parent has struggles. I would love to see one of the middle names reflect their love for Africa.
  11. I watched A Christmas Inheritance, and it was okay. Several nitpicks: Ellen is climbing into bed and her foot touches something fuzzy. She screams and Jake enters to make her feel stupid that she didn’t know they use hot water bottles. Everyone rolls their eyes that the city girl is so dumb. It was a 2 minute scene, but annoyed me so much that I watched with an attitude after that. If my foot touches fur in bed, I am yelling, too. At the end Santa is Uncle Zeke and he essentially reveals himself and starts talking about the company. Were there no kids at the party who still believed? Finally, is Andie MacDowell known as a singer? Because making her character a retired singer who gets called up for a special song at the end left me perplexed. She can’t sing very well.
  12. What an adorable photo! When Camilla said Charles crawls around on the floor with her grandkids and reads Harry Potter with voices, I couldn’t quite picture it. Seeing his expression here - yep, he totally loves being a grandpa. William has said he wants Charles to spend more time with his kids because when he does he’s “brilliant.”
  13. Just finished Holiday Calendar on Netflix and loved it! Ethan Peck needs to be a regular leading man. The two leads had lots of chemistry, and the dialogue was so natural. Loved the grandfather (William of This is Us fame). Nice job on that one!
  14. Just finished Holiday Calendar and loved it! Ethan Peck needs to be a regular leading man. The two leads had lots of chemistry, and the dialogue was so natural. Loved the grandfather (William of This is Us fame). Nice job on that one!