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  1. Figure Skating

    Just heartbreaking.
  2. My favorite exchange was Cher saying she saw Graham on a late night game show and knew he would be a star and Graham pointing out that he was still on a late night show. I don’t think Cher heard him, but Christine was tickled. Rupert has changed quite a bit. I had to google him because the gentleman who came out was not the Rupert I was expecting. I still have my doubts that he is the same actor from my Best Friend’s Wedding. I know he is, but hmm . . .
  3. MLB Thread

    I grew up in a national league market and hated the DH. Now I live in an american league market and find I don’t really care one way or the other, but I do think it’s hilarious that they’ve never amended that definition. I copied that from MLB’s 2018 edition of Official Baseball Rules. You would think at some point, someone might raise his or her hand and say, “Hey, guys?“
  4. MLB Thread

    Official rule book of baseball: 1.01 Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players each, under direction of a manager, played on an enclosed field in accordance with these rules, under jurisdiction of one or more umpires. (Emphasis mine) The American League, while playing a fascinating game that looks very familiar, is by definition not playing baseball.
  5. I enjoyed it! I have a boatload of sisters, and that is exactly how conversations go. There were probably too many on the couch. Sandra barely said anything, but her taking Graham’s wine was perfect. I thought if anything there was a little too much emphasis on Rihanna, but everyone seemed to have fun with it. I am totally picturing Cate’s “ghost” costume.
  6. All in on On the Basis of Sex!! Little Italy - as much as I want rom-coms to make a comeback, I just might wait for Netflix on that one.
  7. I finally had to give up on coupons because I never had them when I needed them, but I will fight you to the death to protect my Target cartwheel app.
  8. Another good HOF movie is Sarah, Plain and Tall. Glenn Close and a surprising Christopher Walken. I cannot imagine a Hallmark movie deserving of this kind is acting talent these days.
  9. The NBA

    Now you have me reminiscing about the year the Rockets were supposed to be pummeled by Shaq and the Magic in the finals, and Shaq at the age of 23 talked about retiring because he had gotten all he could out of basketball once he won the championship. Nick the Brick . . . Sweep . . . Good times.
  10. Tori & Company In The Media

    We have been wrong all this time: her vacations do pay for themselves.
  11. Tori & Company In The Media

    I have not been to many Four Seasons, but I didn’t know they had arcades. I need more information because right now I am picturing a fifteen month old running loose in a dark arcade and getting knocked down, and I am not thinking the injury is solely due to the hotel’s negligence.
  12. MLB Thread

    Someone had to touch the ball while it was in foul territory for it to be a foul ball. Once it rolls back into fair territory without ever being touched, it is fair again.
  13. Unpopular Opinions

    Luke has always been my favorite character so I have a soft spot for Return of the Jedi. He has his powers and can control them, he is a respected Jedi, he is the true hero when he saves Anikan. “I am a Jedi like my father before me.” Swoon.
  14. I am busty. The stores I went to (eighteen years ago) acted like I was insane for insisting on not trying a strapless dress. I finally lied that my church wouldn’t allow it, and one store told me they really couldn’t show me anything and couldn’t I talk with the church. It is so prevalent that I think some brides are just brainwashed into thinking that is what they are supposed to want. I finally had my dress made.