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  1. Unless your last name is Boitano, you should not raise a hand during a jump. And at least he had the good sense to do it only once each performance.
  2. How in the world can you leave Big Little Lies out of the best ensemble category? Shaking my head.
  3. I could picture a funny scene in which someone can’t read the board because JJ goes too fast or they can’t spell. I love this show!
  4. Since Letty woke up in the middle of Christian and Estelle’s discussion, I assumed Estelle had already said some things we didn’t hear that caused Christian’s reaction. Michelle was so good in so many of her scenes. Why exactly does Christian love her so much? I feel like I missed something that explains why he is willing to go to these lengths for her. Please tell me it is not just to get stuff for his book. He doesn’t come across that way. Killing the security guard was a complete accident. A good attorney could get her off for both dead bodies.
  5. Because Bob is a genius at comedy and has the best timing of anyone ever. You can get his albums on DVDs; best money you will ever spend. I don’t mind snarky Wil, but I hate mean Wil, and the show usually marries the two.
  6. When she was promoting Lion she talked about adopting the older children. In her speech she talked about showing the Emmy to her younger children to show them why she wasn’t home to tuck them into bed every night. That didn’t apply to the grown two. I had no problem with it.
  7. Yes? On the first day of school you make a big deal about their first day by making a good breakfast and lunch and taking pictures in their new outfits. Then you put them on the bus or, if driving them there, maybe take a quick picture in the front of the building. I have never seen parents hanging out in the classroom on the first day. I thought he was dumb for not knowing that and would have assumed he rearranged his schedule for the celebratory breakfast.
  8. Since we have been talking about Amabella pointing to Ziggy, I hope it’s okay to ask a question about that episode one scene here: when Amabella pointed to him, I noticed he was very near the twins. IIRC, the teacher asked her to point twice. Is it possible that she first pointed to a twin whose reaction may have scared her enough to change her angle and pick Ziggy the second time?
  9. I also think of Pleasantville - not that she was an evil villain, but she was definitely refusing to conform to that society’s version of “nice girl.”
  10. If I believed her, I would take some solace in her statement that Beau is their last. If I believed her.
  11. I can sympathize. I will have to read the spoilers before I go; my family knows that if Luke even so much as glances at the dark side I am staying home. So in essence they will be slightly spoiled as well.
  12. I just starting getting HBO and am now finally watching this! I already know the outcome, but Mr. CRS is unspoiled so that is fun. One thing I noticed is that the only ones saying the party was better than the skating are the Team Renata parents who attended the party. I am sure both groups had fun, and I am glad Amabelle enjoyed her birthday. Next time wash the cake topper before wearing it. I refuse to give into the favor bags craze. You know what the prize is for attending my child’s party? You got to have fun and eat cake. Bye now. Ed didn’t seem creepy to me. He looked pensive and unsure whether to talk to Abigail about the situation. This person is causing your wife distress, but you are only the stepdad and have to be careful of boundaries so how do you handle it? I thought he was just pensive. When Abigail asked if Ed really threatened her dad, it was confirmation that Nathan is a putz for discussing it with her. I agree with an earlier poster; so much for Bonnie’s “my family would never be party to unwanted touching.” Not that the hug wasn’t sweet, but she should have asked.
  13. I laughed so hard all the way through. Kenneth hugging Ray when Ray thought the high schoolers didn’t have parties was made of win. Maya failing to take direction; Dylan and Gertrude; Ray hosting a kids’ party; JJ justifying being in a raunchy movie by pointing out they don’t hire typical actors to play a character in a wheelchair - we needed the laugh tonight and were happy it was on the DVR. I have no idea who the bachelor was. Was he the fake dean? He was fine. No big deal.
  14. So Julia and Bridget from America’s Test Kitchen are on the cover of Costco’s magazine, and man they run me the wrong way. They are acting like they invented the show. They comment on how they are telling you they used 40 pounds of shrimp to develop a recipe and talking about how they did it, which has never been done before. Christopher Kimball did that all the time. Then they said they are a new dynamic because they are hosts who already know how to cook. Maybe he didn’t go to a cooking school (I don’t know), but Christopher knew how to cook. I have watched the show with them and I find it painful to listen to them. After reading this, I think I am out for good.
  15. Wasn’t she dead when Jack needed to borrow money from his dad for the house (while Rebecca was pregnant), or were they divorced? The dad was alone then.