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  1. Who wants to bet that if Meghan (lost her mind and) decided to bring her dad to London to ensure he was taken care of during his illness, then and only then would Samantha decide she needed to move in with him to help take care of him because family. Vultures, all of them.
  2. NFL Thread

    Or like having the Super Bowl in Houston and picking a Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson duo instead of . . . oh, wait.
  3. Tea with the Dames - I am happy just knowing this exists in the world. I cannot wait to see it!
  4. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Finally read My Dear Hamilton after all the hype, and I have to say it fell flat for me.
  5. I feel like we are at some sort of crossroads, and I will be left behind pretty soon. Most of the cable and internet shows I haven’t seen because I don’t like seeing violence porn and many shows now have it because they aren’t tied to broadcast standards. I don’t want to see gratuitous nudity or graphic rape scenes or all the horrible language that cable/internet shows now use because they can. I am tired of shows so focused on being shocking and edgy, yet I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Sigh.
  6. NFL Thread

    I cannot imagine Gordon is going to last in NE. Hue is a nice guy who seems willing to be patient and try to help a player out. Bill is . . . not. Regardless, Gordon repaid the Browns’ patience and understanding by screwing them over royally.
  7. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is okay. I’ve seen all the episodes because husband liked it better than I did, but both of us think The Good Place and Speechless are the best comedies on television. How those were overlooked is baffling. Not a Game of Thrones fan so could care less about that one. They still need to get rid of the scripted banter between presenters, which is almost always cringeworthy. Notable exceptions are Hugh Laurie and Helen Mirren and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and those were so many years ago that they prove the point.
  8. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    All in. Take my money now. I have teenage boys, but they know sometimes Mom gets to win (which was my mantra for Cinderella vs. Home, and they ended up loving Cinderella with me). I cannot wait!
  9. NFL Thread

    You know the Saints touchdown drive when the Browns sacked Brees at 3rd and long to force a punt, but the Saints got a first down for Browns’ illegal contact? I assume by Tuesday we will get another acknowledgement from the NFL that the Browns were wrongfully penalized since the receiver ran into the Browns defense. Sigh. I also assume the Browns kicker is hitching a ride home.
  10. I also wouldn’t mind if we found out Beverly has been touting Leonard’s accomplishments to his siblings all these years and that all of them think “Needy Baby, Greedy Baby” is about them and not Leonard. As much as it shouldn't matter, I think Leonard’s self esteem would rise if he found out Mom has been saying all sorts of wonderful things about him to others.
  11. NFL Thread

    Romeo seems like a very nice human, but to me he was the epitome of a team being down by 5 and driving to score at the end of the game and then choosing to kick a field goal because it was 4th and 1.
  12. I really wish Monica had said, “You are my brother and I love you, Ross. Rachel, you are my best friend and I love you. The two of you together bring out the worst in each other. Either figure out why you are toxic together and fix it or move on because I’ve had enough.”
  13. NFL Thread

    Quoting myself because I found the update. Vindication 24 hours too late: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24638192/nfl-says-key-flag-pittsburgh-steelers-cleveland-browns-called-error
  14. NFL Thread

    Wow! Told MrCrs to feel free and turn it off because we have to get up early tomorrow. Thank goodness he didn’t listen!
  15. NFL Thread

    So when the Steelers land on your quarterback, it’s a good aggressive play; when the Browns land on Ben, it’s a penalty. Sure.