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  1. Small Talk: The Mess Tent

    39/40 - I thought “only” 75 million watched the finale.
  2. S02.E18: The Wedding

    We saw the photo, and it was the one of Jack in Vietnam with his buddies, not of a child.
  3. S02.E18: The Wedding

    My dad died two years before I got married. Was he mentioned at the wedding and reception? Absolutely! Was it maudlin? No. I missed him terribly, don’t get me wrong, but we said a special intention for him during the mass and my sister made a toast that was both touching and hilarious. Just as people thought they might cry she added a comment that had people gasp and erupt in laughter. Seriously, Kevin should have gotten notes from her. I had my bouquet made in two parts, and we took half of it to his gravesite the next day. There is a way to include a loved one and increase the joy.
  4. Husband is rewatching The Rookie. The father is such a horrible person that every moment of him on screen is a “Oh Hell No” moment, especially when
  5. I hate traditions like that. My in laws tried to explain to me that oldest son gets dad’s name with first and middle switched (so it matches paternal grandfather’s full name). Apparently oldest daughter then gets paternal grandmother’s name. I asked where my family fit in to this plan and told husband I wanted the tradition to end with us. Luckily he had no problem agreeing. I thought Bernadette’s unilateral decision to call the baby Michael was just as rude as these heavy handed attempts to foist a name on someone else’s baby. I was disappointed Howard caved, but not surprised. I saw an early episode when everyone is just meeting Bernadette; I miss that version of her.
  6. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I am quickly getting to the point that I think Miguel is too good for all of them. How does Rebecca not reach for his hand when Kevin starts talking about their needing to release a breath? (And, Zoe, it was not a good toast so your judgment is now questionable.) When Miguel and she are talking in the bedroom, how does she dismiss his comment that he is the walking proof that Jack is gone? I go back to the episode when Kevin moved in after rehab and she pushed away from Miguel as soon as he walked into the room. If I were Miguel, I would be having a serious conversation with all of them. Show, you have been giving backstories to people who have only been in the Pearsons’ lives for seconds. Give us something for Miguel and show us that the Pearsons recognize how good he is. The only mollifying moment for me was Kate’s big smile when she was dancing with him.
  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    And being nice to her mom? It’s like Kate was barely recognizable. I loved her wedding dress.
  8. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I read Lilli de Jong by Janet Benton. The reviews I have seen have raved about the book, but I found it to be plodding at best. Important topic, but I thought it would never end and rolled my eyes more than once as the plot unfolded.
  9. Diane vs Rebecca

    In the Chambers v Malone episode, watch Diane’s expression when the judge convinces Sam to propose again. She so wants him to but is afraid he won’t. Her eyes get me every time. Their chemistry was off the charts.

    I like JJ’s friend. I like how Ray’s problem started when he ignored his dad’s advice and it was compounded when he ignored his mom’s. I had hoped Taylor would have calmed down from last week’s episode so I wasn’t thrilled that they are still broken up, but she was absolutely right to be annoyed when he showed up at her work. Thank you, show, for not validating the usual cliche that women secretly love the big disruptive gestures. JJ’s story was unfortunately very realistic.
  11. Figure Skating

    I had the same reaction, NUguy. She may have had 90+ technical points, but I don’t know how she scored any artistic points.
  12. Is it the same UPS driver that cried when William died because William would stop him enroute to wax philosophically about life lessons? They could milk that.
  13. MLB Thread

    Indians turned a rare triple play 5-5-4 yesterday against the Brewers with bases loaded. Lots of good video interviewing the managers and players afterwards, but seemingly no video of the actual play. Would have been cool to see!
  14. Figure Skating

    Cute meeting of Adam Rippon and Reese Witherspoon: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5aa1175ee4b002df2c611f03/amp
  15. The NBA

    Kevin Love wrote a great article addressing his experience with panic attacks and mental health. Hope it helps others: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theplayerstribune.com/kevin-love-everyone-is-going-through-something/amp/