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  1. Didn’t B go off on Heather when Heather was launching a jeans line? Telling her to stick with her brand, what she knows, and not diversify too much? Or did I just dream that?
  2. Part 3, towards the end. After they talk about the boat trip.
  3. By "those bums" do you mean the people who use the soup kitchen to feed themselves and their families due to the fact that they are down on their luck, for a myriad of reasons, and otherwise would go hungry? I volunteer often at our local soup kitchen. We provide a complete and varied menu at each serving so that all different tastes can be accommodated and the patrons can be afforded the dignity of selecting their meal. 100% of the diners, even those in the most desperate of condition, are appreciative and voice their thanks. Many, too many, of us are one paycheck away from being "those bums". Thankfully the days of "beggars can't be choosers" is mostly gone and we don't throw moldy bread and gruel at hungry people. Kelly and Jolie did a great service and I am glad it was filmed for viewers to see.
  4. Oh my goodness, I just watched this episode. I can’t believe all the angst over one of the most unworthy husbands on any of the series, Shane. Oy! Plus he looks way too much like Tamra’s rat faced son. Speaking of Tamra, talk about misplaced, unresolved anger towards Vicki spreading rumors that she spewed all over Shannon. Yes, Shannon is needy and exhausting, but focus your anger Tamra on the proper person.
  5. I’m with you on this. When we got new kitchen counters, I got rid of the overhang for seating because my dining room table is literally two steps away! B’s apartment was lovely, but not a bit homey. Ramona’s house was bland and not a bit homey. I hope for both, when the cameras aren’t rolling the homes are filled with throw blankets, stacks of books scattered here and there, and just enough clutter to warm the places up.
  6. Is Adam contractually obligated to look like a giant ass in every Coupon Cabin commercial or does it just come naturally? Never mind, I know the answer.
  7. Luann is like a person who has found religion; they want to tell you all about it, all the time. Nothing like the zealotry of the newly faithful. Ain't nobody here for that.
  8. That’s your opinion and your right. I said I was probably an outsider on this and don’t need to be schooled or disabused.
  9. Just when I am just about to finally give up on her once and for all for being just too damn much angst all the damn time, Bethenny up and does a magnificent job with Dorinda at the end of the episode. That was a thing of beauty regarding the handling of a drunk. It also brought flooding back, with some tears, moments from my childhood when I too had to navigate living with drunks. Those lessons once learned are never forgotten. I might be the last woman standing on this, but I still would be Dorinda’s friend. She is a drunk, but when she is not drunk she is fierce and loyal and I appreciate that.
  10. I hope your husband feels stronger and healthier with each day. I have a friend getting an aortic valve replacement tomorrow and have tried to prepare him for the emotional, as well as physical, affects he can expect. I hesitate to defend Tamra, as she is heinous, but an ablation is nowhere near the same as open heart surgery. It is done via a catheter through an artery and although scary and with some risk (anything with the heart is scary) once finished, recovery time is minimal. Any effects Eddie might be feeling at the time these particular episodes were filmed was probably due to the blood thinners. It took several months for my husband to get used to them and for doctors to get the dosage just right.
  11. My husband has AFIB and I know everyone is different, but there seems to be something more happening cardiac-wise with Eddie than just AFIB. Ablation very often does not work. I wish him well and hope he finds the proper treatment to maintain his health. Vicki, on the other hand, I wish no well to. What I do wish is that a Kelly had kept it together enough to articulate to Vicki that Michael dating was not the problem. The problem was Vicki, her “friend”, going on multiple double dates with her ex-husband.......and keeping it a secret. How is that EVER the right thing to do?! Felt bad for Kelly and I hope someone can get this message through Vicki’s thick head. GAH!
  12. This is an example of someone hating their ex more than they love their child. Or perhaps I should say, allowing their hate for an ex to override the best interests of their child. All the money spent on legal fees would have been better spent on true, deep therapy and family counseling.
  13. S13.E06: Auditions 6

    What the hell was that white guy with guitar situation all about? They spent a heck of a long time on him; giving each judge time to basically call the guy, in different ways, a phony. His whole affect was weird as he stood up there and took it. His big backstory is that he has been on his own since 18 and has at times gone hungry?! That describes about 90% of the US population. Nothing at all to see with that guy. Hope he is quickly cut in the next round......without screen time.
  14. She will be back with us shortly. Her birthday celebrations over the weekend kept her from attending to her show watching/commenting duties.
  15. It already looks dated. If I walked in not knowing she had just renovated the space, I’d ask her when she was going to do an update. The big white vases in the niches are the worst.