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  1. No surprise that Adam won. (I thought his cake looked a hot mess, though. Less is more at times.) I am always surprised by the cheapness of these shows. 7 episodes these people worked and provided entertainment for the viewer and the winner got $25,000 and the rest bupkis. Not that $25,000 is anything to sneeze at, but still.
  2. I'm late to the party; just watched the show on the Bravo app. I only have two comments about this episode; other than Bobby was a mensch. Fuck cancer. 1. Cats is back on Broadway?! When did this happen and why? (They showed a sign in the background in one of the scenes.) 2. Carole needs to grow the hell up. Emotionally stunted know it all who thinks much too highly of herself. Munching popcorn as she spoke to her, for the purpose of this freelance job, boss was beyond the beyond. You are 50 plus years old, Carole. There is a difference between being childlike and being childish. There is a difference between free-spirit and phony pathetic. Hate her. Hate her rag bag jeans.
  3. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    Sadly, you are right. My Facebook timeline has been flooded with the clip of Courtney “singing” at the audition and comments of “OMG, she’s amazing!” It has taken everything in me not to disabuse the posters of their admiration. Falling for the back story if you don’t know it’s a lie, I understand. Thinking she’s a great singer, I don’t understand. I guess my ears hear differently than other people’s.
  4. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    I really, really disliked everything about the golden buzzer girl; the fake back story, her messy look, her unintelligible singing, her convulsive dancing, Howie’s inauthentic adoration, the whole kit and kaboodle. I disliked it all so much that I just may be done with this show. I’m not stupid nor naive, don’t treat me as such show producers!
  5. S10.E11: Evil Twins

    Now that Miz Cracker is gone, so am I. I really, really like her smartness and am sorry that often got in her way in the Drag Race venue. If you haven’t listened to her Slate interview linked over in the other thread in this forum (the name escapes me, the one where it’s just general talk about the queens), take the time to do so. It’s very interesting. Of the remaining, Asia is the only one I can summon even a slight interest in. Kameron is lucky she has mad lip syncing skills, because her runway looks are not there. I have repeatedly voiced my dislike of Eureka, so I needn’t rehash that and I am sticking firm to my belief that Aquaria is too young and unformed to win this.
  6. S13.E02: Audition 2

    I have to agree with you. Even though I liked him, I kept thinking it would be much more impressive to actually see him manipulate the disks without all the razzmatazz. I feel the actual skill got lost in the multimedia. Sometimes less is more. I do understand why he felt he needed to do that though after seeing the clips of the judges saying they wanted MORE, BIGGER, BETTER, etc.
  7. I am NOT a Bethenny apologist at all, gonna state that flat out. However, from what we were shown, she gave Carole ample opportunity to speak her piece. She flat out asked Carole, “Are you mad at me?”, not for the first time I might add, and got Carole blathering inarticulate word salad, again not for the first time. Bethenny began her usual onslaught after Carole was given the floor first and wasted the time by not getting to the damn point, whatever it is. Carole talks a good talk in her Talking Heads, but in real time/real life rivals Sarah Palin in her inability to get a point across.
  8. S13.E02: Audition 2

    I liked the Japanese man with the ......whatever they were, discy things that he balanced on the string. I have to say however, I had totally forgotten about him and every other act by the time the show was over. That's not a good thing. The last man, as was said by the judges, seems like a lovely person, but that shouldn't be an automatic golden buzzer worthy attribute. Without the backstory, his singing would have been unmemorable. Could they please quit leaving the golden buzzer until the last act shown? It's trite, tedious, and devoid of any suspense.
  9. RPDR: In The Media

    Thanks for the share. That was really interesting.
  10. S02.E01: Qualifiers 1

    Just about turned the channel before the dancing even began after JLo was introduced and lauded like the second coming. Give me a break!
  11. My problem with Aquaria winning the whole shebang, should that happen, is that I think she is not ready for it yet and indeed it would be a disservice to her. With Aquaria’s inflated sense of self, to win Drag Race would/could make her less willing to grow and evolve; an “I’m already all that so why change” effect that will in the long run make her tedious and stale. Yes, she may be the future of Drag according to RuPaul, but what happens to prodigies is that the rest of the world catches up and very often the hot thing of the minute is left in the dust. She’s got more maturing to do. Just my two cents......and with my opinion and $4.45 you can get a grande iced mocha, no whip.
  12. Gah, I can’t stand Eureka (I know, I know, I have stated this before). She is just a phony, messy bitch. So tired of the same damn something outta John Waters look she does with the bread loaf on her head and the streaks on her face. She makes it into the top three, I’m turning this season off. She wins, I’m quitting the show. The only thing worse would be Aquaria winning, but Ru seems to have some kind of thing for her. How she stayed out of the bottom two this time, not meeting the challenge at all, is absolutely mind blowing. Fucking Michelle rips Monet a new one for “no family resemblance” with her partner and stays mum for the mess Aquaria brought? Bitch please. This season is making me sour.
  13. You know how in England the Queen uses the “Royal We”? We are not amused, etc. I am beginning to think Bethenny uses the “Royal I” when she states things like “I contacted Adam” or “I organized planes to PR”. In fact, her support team/employee does things and she (I) takes full credit for herself.
  14. It pains me to say this, as I am NOT at all a fan, but I felt a bit sorry for Bethenny this episode. There was almost a palpable difference in the women’s attitude towards her this episode; it was like she is the last to know that none of them truly like her. From the moment she entered Blue Stone Manor all happy, hyper, and seeking attention the other women almost grudgingly momentarily indulged her, but then quickly focused their attention back to enjoying each other. Its hard to explain, and maybe I am being influenced by them all coming out in their blogs against her, but there truly seemed to be a sea change in their attitudes towards her.
  15. Yeah, I loved that “I want to be myself and travel” yada yada she spewed. Bitch, you can’t make rent, how the hell you gonna travel? And you are tired of not being yourself? Is your real self better than what you are currently presenting to the world, or is it worse? If worse, let’s keep that under wraps, okay. If better, why the hell you acting they way you are now? Woman is a straight up user and a fool. Ashley can relieve her mom of one hindrance by walking the hell away from that mess.