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  1. I will say that Jenni’s dress must have been purchased recently because I just saw the exact one at Walmart this week. So someone is shopping, however haphazardly.
  2. I wouldn’t judge if these were normal people. I decided to pick my battles and let my daughter start picking her outfits when she was 3, and she wears some pretty outlandish and sometimes frumpy stuff. And she always insists on wearing leggings under her dresses even though it ruins the look. Back to the Duggars, though. We know they don’t care about letting their children express themselves through clothing and they’re all about control. So if the kids look tacky, it’s because they’re either forced to wear certain clothes or left to themselves out of laziness.
  3. Season 5 Discussion

    Yes. Similarities between the show and the book series: Canada, schoolteacher, Mountie. That’s pretty much it.
  4. A poster on FreeJinger posted that Jana is wearing a Kappa Delta sorority shirt in some recent group pictures (the Waco trip maybe?). Sorority members aren’t supposed to donate their shirts because non members aren’t supposed to wear the letters. But of course Jana has no clue because she is so sheltered, and so a 28yo who will never be permitted to attend a college class is dressed in Greek letters.
  5. It’s ignorance. They are confusing anxiety with worry, and it’s not the same thing! I am a Christian. Depending on the definition, some might label me as fundie. If layoffs are happening at my company and I’m worried that I’m next and there’s nothing I can do but wait, this is a good verse to remember. If, though, I’m in danger of losing my job because my brain is crippled with unexplained anxiety that causes me to procrastinate basic tasks and I can’t get stuff done, then that’s not going to be fixed with Bible verses and prayer. Of course the job example would be completely lost on Duggars.
  6. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I predict a classic name for 3 reasons: 1) It fits the intellectual image Jeremy wants to project; 2) Jinger has spent her while life with a weird name and she probably won’t want to do that to her kids; 3) I’ve been suspecting for awhile that Jinger has a thing for imitating the Duchess of Cambridge.
  7. 1. To prevent hooking up. 2. To prove that there’s no way anyone could be hooking up, because they’re supervised. I lived at home during college. No way could I have gone on an overnight trip in “mixed company” without chaperones.
  8. S16.E03: Auditions

    My kid was watching and pleading with the television to cut the sad stories and get to the singing! When you’ve lost the 12-year-old....
  9. Seriously, can this woman please close her mouth for a selfie? I’m not a detail-oriented person (I never notice the chipped nail polish till someone else points it out), but the gaping mouth is driving me batty.
  10. I call baloney. They knew there was going to be drinking and other Nike activity (hello! Swimsuits!). That’s why they had the marriage DVDs or whatever with them. That blog post was probably written before they left home. (It reminds me of one of the Nero Wolfe books where Archie walked in on Wolfe burning a dictionary because the new edition offended him. Archie said “You knew you were going to burn it when you bought it. Otherwise you would have bought the leather binding.” )
  11. That’s a dialect issue too. I grew up probably about 100 miles from the Duggars. I never pronounce a t in the middle of a word. It either sounds more like a d (better, butter) or has the full glottal stop https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glottal_stop (gotten, Satan). I always pronounced pen as pin and Ben as bin until adulthood. And, I’m embarrassed to say, I caught myself tonight saying “I-ng do that” instead of “I can do that.” Mid-South dialect dies hard.
  12. I always thought Johannah was because they really liked the name Hannah and so had to J it up.
  13. Abeka phonics program rocks. Two of my kids learned to read with it in a matter of weeks, after other programs got us nowhere. Abeka math is really thorough at least for elementary. Their science is painful, and I’m talking painful even if you agree with the creationist perspective. Badly written, dry as dust.
  14. My son has that coat Jackson is wearing. It was new from Walmart this season.
  15. #ittuuklongenough is the official hashtag of the wedding. Heaven help me, I did a search on instagram to confirm this. This is a thing now among millennials, couples having an official hashtag that incorporates the groom’s last name into some cutesy pun. So I would guess that Tuuk is the last name of the groom, and everyone who goes to the wedding is supposed to add that hashtag to their posts so that it’s easy to find everyone’s pictures from the event (which is actually the original reason for hashtags, so I can’t knock it too much).