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  1. Don't really have anything to say about this episode. It feels like it was just a lot of setup for Brandon and Val's imminent departures. Also, Noah. The last Brandon episode is in two weeks. Let us all rejoice.
  2. Seriously, when did Kelly become the administrator of the Clinic clinic? Was that always supposed to be her title? Like, is that why she could manage the 1943 medicine cabinet and hire Dr. Martin? She's a 23-year-old with a degree in child psychology! I don't understand. But whatever. Only two more Brandon episodes to go!
  3. The Internet says Vincent Young is the same height as BAG and Ian. That is clearly not true.
  4. I know that ridiculous retcon of Val's past is just to get her off the show, but couldn't have they thought of something better? I mean, I know they couldn't, but still. Anywho, the Brandon count now sits at 3.
  5. I pretend the reboot never happened, tbh. Especially when it comes to Dylan fathering Kelly's spawn, and what they did to Jackie.
  6. Brenda and Dylan being all, "nah, we're good" at Brandon and Kelly is the best part of the episode, tbh. And the Brandon counter now stands at 4.
  7. Only 5 Brandon episodes to go now. We're in the final stretch, folks! As for the episode... Meh?
  8. They probably had her stay longer so not to diminish Brandon's grand exit.
  9. Thinking about it, I do wonder if the wedding rush job was because Jason Priestly wanted out. Think about it: Kelly is pretty much the only connection Brandon has to Los Angeles. With her gone, there's no one to keep him there. His family's gone, the people he was closest to in the gang (Andrea and Dylan) are also gone, David and Donna are Kelly's friends, he doesn't give a rat's ass about Noah, and he could take or leave Val. Yeah, there's Steve, but, come on, it's Steve. Nobody's gonna stay for Steve.
  10. I'm trying to think of anything to say about this episode. Yay Val for letting that old pedo die? Idk. Anywho, 6 Brandon episodes to go.
  11. Yeah, Carly's only been gone for 10 episodes, but it feels like it was 2 seasons ago. Lord. Another thing about the episode with the magazine and all is TV's super prudish attitude towards masturbation. Like, it's a porn mag: we all know what it's for, but TV just can't say it. Even now, it's rare to even hear it mentioned on cable/streaming shows let alone broadcast. And when it does, it''s usually euphemistically like Brandon saying "it's a guy thing." It's weird.
  12. I'm trying to understand why people would be so worked up about a sex shop. It's a sex shop, not a brothel. Seriously, who cares. Anyway, only 7 episodes of Brandon left to go.
  13. She deserved better than Donna's heeng shower. Justice for Mrs. Teasley.