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  1. 90210 and Dr Pepper were definitely a thing for a while...
  2. "To think, all these years I was taught to pity you, you lying bitch. You're nothing but trash." She's Felice's daughter all right.
  3. Cleavern aside, Donna looks really pretty in these pics. Also, Steve's shoulders.
  4. Mte. Ngl, tho, I would've totally been down on Donna's ghost coming back to haunt Dylan like Brooke did to Billy. Unless that was all Billy's imagination. Melrose was never clear on that.
  5. I know we all know this, but every time I'm still taken aback at how badly Luke Perry aged. Seriously, Ian is 2 1/2 years older than L.P., but he looks a decade younger than him in these pics.
  6. I knew the new Murphy Brown was no thank you the moment I saw a promo with a lazy Millennial joke.
  7. Why is Dylan even going to Mexico to get his drugs? Did L.A. have a drug shortage or something?
  8. For a hot minute maybe. He's been reliably homophobic for the whole series.
  9. Yeah, but he always has. He could still get it, though. Sorry. (Not sorry!)
  10. Oh, Luke Perry. He just flopped so hard he had no choice but to go crawling back. Pobrecito.
  11. I wonder if Laura was supposed to be TAT's replacement and it just didn't work out. The character did hit a couple Val notes with the scheming and having a thing with David.
  12. Thank you! I always hated when he did that. And always with that goddamn tone. Haaaate.
  13. And the last Walsh leaves Beverly Hills forever. Yet there are still 48 episodes in this never ending monstrosity of a show. Why?