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  1. I thought it odd that they referenced Kono “retiring”. Isn’t she only in her mid-30’s? I would think the correct term should be “resigning”. At least in the military, if you leave before you have put in enough years to collect a pension you are not considered to be retired.
  2. Did anyone even check to see if there were injured civilians in the car that got smooshed? When Adam went in to his house at the end, I was expecting some bad guy to be sitting there waiting for him, or for the house to blow up or something.
  3. I read about one tiny home community for the homeless where each home really was just a sleeping space, storage and maybe a 1/2 bath, about 120 sq. feet. What struck me the most was an older woman, mid-50ish, who commented about how much better she felt, physically and mentally, because she could sleep soundly since she had a door she could lock.
  4. Let’s see - Adam’s brother was trouble, as was Malia’s. Likewise Danny’s and Kamekona’s brothers. Now Tani’s brother. Seems like someone on this show has brother issues. Throw in Steve’s sister and we have quite a sibling group. Did I miss anyone?
  5. Raise your hand if you didn’t know the “cop” wasn’t a real cop. I am so sick of the “I promised (blank) that I would watch out for you” story. And gee, a cop with a troubled family member - haven’t seen that before.
  6. I simply cannot imagine the IOC having the guts to keep Russia out of the Winter Olympics unless they were provided pictures of Putin injecting athletes with steroids.
  7. I missed her occupation - what was the trailer for, on-site work? In my very working-class neighborhood, with house values much lower than West Hollywood, there is a time limit on how long trailers, rvs, etc. can be parked in your driveway. She probably thinks hers is quirky and therefore not objectionable.
  8. Dear Johnny, when a skater falls, and does not even get injured, that doesn’t qualify as “tragic”. Devastating to the person involved, perhaps. But in no way is it tragic.
  9. I’m confused - is the Nicaraguan couple buying or renting? They are giving us monthly costs, but keep talking about renoing whatever the choose.
  10. I just looked at the Cleveland Indians “shop” page on On page 1 of the t-shirt section there were 33 items with the Chief Wahoo logo. I am assuming MLB, Inc. takes a cut of each sale. As long as they are making a profit on the sale of merchandise with a racially insensitive (at best) logo, I am not sure MLB has much of a leg to stand on regarding the discipline of players making racially insensitive gestures. Especially when apologies were extended and accepted by the men involved. Just my opinion.
  11. This is why games shouldn’t start at 8:30 p.m.
  12. Is Ryan Bradley one of the announcers of the pairs skate?
  13. I hope the Chicago couple demo’d the inside of that concrete pool and didn’t just fill it with dirt. If it can’t drain after rain/snow they will have a muddy mess that will be expensive to fix.
  14. So how does an asshole like that even have friends? I have always wondered the same thing about Sal. Why do Mitch and Cam put up with such horrible friends?
  15. If I was house hunting, I would definitely have a layout/floor preference, but exterior style wouldn’t be that big of a deal. How much time do you spend standing on the driveway/sidewalk looking at the front of your house? It seems like we very seldom see a woman wanting a contemporary style home. I wonder why? If the show featured a wider range of age among buyers, I think we would see more variety in house wants/needs. Wish the producers would give that some thought.