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  1. How old is Normani's core fan base? Younger than her, I'm thinking? She seems like a very nice young lady and I hope fame does not mess her up like it seems to with so many young artists. She is a nice Kardashian-Jenner antidote.
  2. I got my Comcast bill today and after the usual outrage and nausea passed I noticed a note that said that on or around July 13 Universal HD would cease operations and on or around that same day Olympics Channel HD would be available. I wonder how much actual coverage of Oly sports we will get to see and how much of it will be live.
  3. How about Rollin Roloff?
  4. I often wonder, when the agent says the buyer can add a garage, upper story, etc., if they are certain that it is allowed by code, or are just saying it is possible from a building standpoint. That lot may not have been big enough to build his three car garage, especially depending on how it would be placed on the lot and how wide of a driveway he wanted. When you add in any required setbacks it could become a huge chunk of land.
  5. What kind of "spells" would radiation poisoning cause? Or would it IRL?
  6. I don't like the pink either. Or the blue, for whatever it is they wear blue for. Back when they just used to wear pink wristbands, that was O.K. Now it is just too much. The socks the Tigers and Angels are wearing are especially egregious - the Tigers pink & gray combo is just weird and the Angels look like someone threw one red sock in with the whites. But then, I have a general hatred of alternate uniforms. It's just a money grab. IMO, if your cap isn't navy with a white or orange Olde English D, it isn't a Tigers cap. If a sport as as profitable as MLB really wants to show they care about an issue, how about throwing some serious money at it? Like all the proceeds, not a percentage of the profit, from the special unis goes to a charity. Or all tickets sales, or better yet, all income from that day from tickets to merchandise to vendor sales go to the cause. I won't ask them to throw in a percentage of TV monies; I'm not crazy.
  7. Not only do I not get Kono's newfound fixation on child sex trafficking, I fail to see how working on a few such cases makes her, or any of 5-O, such experts on the case that they know more than any cop anywhere. Surely most big cities, not to mention every state, have sex crimes experts - people who have actually spent time studying the issue from many angles. And have familiarity with their area's unique issues.
  8. I was underwhelmed by the whole thing. Sure, it had some cool stunts, but the storyline was pretty flat, especially for a season finale. And Steve and Danny's bickering was annoying as hell. The scene in the grocery store with Kono and Sara - did anyone else think Sara was going to disappear momentarily, and scare the hell out of Kono? Are we to believe that the kidnapped girl had not been previously questioned about any accomplices? Or did she just now remembered what he looked like? And there was only one person, in the vast crime databases that 5-O has access to, that resembled her rather generic sketch? Seriously?!
  9. My mother likes Miracle Whip, I can't stand it. It has to be mayo for me. Mom was born and raised in Michigan, I was raised here. Although, Mom was born one county south of where I grew up. Does that count as a regional element?
  10. In my defense, I usually do follow recipes the first time. And ATK's recipe on their website gave us "permission" to sub the light brown sugar for dark. After having eaten the whole pan of sticky buns (not by myself!), I think my disappointment stems less from their recipe than from the way they sold it on the TV show. I think they just wanted to make sticky buns and show off their cooked flour method, but the way they raved over them oversold the end product, IMO. As I said, they were good, and the topping excellent, but not exactly earthshaking. I have seen other instances where they show the "before" of a recipe they have "perfected" and I wonder what chimp threw it together. It seems like they sometimes feel a need to exaggerate how bad the traditional recipe/method is, in order to convince us how brilliant their way is.
  11. I once found an angel food cake mix in my cupboard that was a full decade past it's expiration date. I baked it, ate it and lived to tell the tale.
  12. Sadly, I found the plot of the two guys sitting at a picnic table discussing a business plan more interesting than the one with four people running around trying to stop a terror attack. At least there was an element of suspense with Adam and Hirsch. I forgot that Kamekono is an ex-con. Do we know where he got the money to get his business going? And does he still have his heli? Adam helping start-ups write business plans would be a good job for him. Off-screen, though.
  13. I don't think it is a matter of you/us thinking too much, rather the writers thinking too little. Didn't Danny ask the teenaged girl if she had some friends "in the neighborhood"? Who knows how far away that was? And what if they weren't home? What was Danny going to do if she panicked and came back home? Or if the bad guys grabbed her? Furthermore, what would he have done if the family inside the home couldn't leave quickly? Maybe disabled, elderly or with a herd of small children (home daycare). I wouldn't have left without my pets. No way in hell would I trust those 5-0 guys with my little goobers.
  14. Yesterday I made the Sticky Buns from this season. The "problem" they claim to have with other sticky bun recipes is a dry, hard bun, which I have never had an issue with in the 5-6 recipes I have tried. My problem has always been with the sticky topping either coming out grainy or too hard/tacky, but having a great flavor. To give credit, their topping texture was excellent, and I will use that part of the recipe going forward. The buns were nothing to brag about, however. They are OK, but I have made better. For all of Julia's(?) talk about not liking sticky buns, but loving the ones on the show, I didn't see that much difference. YMMV, as always. I followed their recipe as written except: subbed AP flour for bread flour Subbed light brown sugar for dark used Lyle's Golden Syrup* instead of corn syrup added more cinnamon to the filling (2 tsp instead of only 1, still could have used more) *I had never used Lyle's before, but I really like the taste of it. It has a buttery, toffeeish taste to it rather than just sweet. I will definitely make that switch from now on.
  15. TV writers really need to stop doing the big shoot outs. Firing dozens, if not hundreds, of shots with high caliber weapons that do no real damage and hurt no one is ridiculous. Time to come up with a new idea. Danno sending that teenaged girl running to the neighbors was ridiculous, as well. Actually, the whole high speed ambulance chase was ridiculous. Those things look like they would tip over very easily, so their fast, tight turns were dumb. And then endangering a whole neighborhood by leading criminals in? Right. The house, or more specifically the pool/patio area, the cartel dude was in looked very familiar. I swear I remember a dead body being fished out of that pool once.