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  1. John Engler has triplet daughters that were born in 1994. This is a blurb from deadlinedetroit.com in 2015 about one of them - (I left the name off on purpose.) is active in a group called University Students Against Rape and contributes web content and social media posts for the national Feminist Majority Foundation. She writes frequently for various publications on an off campus, including a student women's health monthly called What the F Magazine. (The letter stands for fresh, funny, fearless, feminist and that other word.). “I’m done fighting for my right to color my hair. I want to get over myself and fight alongside the [sexual assault] victims – the survivors – as they do whatever they can to have their voices heard. They deserve to have their demands met. They have the right to demand, even if it drives you 'nutty,' Dr. [Mark] Schlissel," she wrote in April, referring to UM's new president. (Bolding mine.) I’ll bet things are interesting when the family gets together these days.
  2. Pineapple on pizza is the stuff of dreams, not nightmares. Anchovies, on the other hand... you will dream of sleeping with the fishies. I remember sitting bolt upright in bed once after a nightmare, but I remember it because it was very unusual for me. I hate when people on tv are conversing with their partner in bed, end the conversation and then turn out the lights, only to have the other person turn the lights back on to continue talking. This goes on for several rounds until finally the convo ends but both lay there with their eyes open, waiting for the other to turn the light on again. Can’t TV people talk in the dark? Because usually on TV the room is almost as bright with the lights off as on, just with a bluish tint.
  3. If you like peaches, try “ PF Flamin’ Fury 17”. Freestone, born and bred in SW Michigan and amazing. They keep wonderfully in the fridge, great for pies, and freeze well too, for winter peach eating. (Yes, I am eating some right now.)
  4. What's For Dinner?

    Seriously??!!! Well, my berry picking days just ended.
  5. While it would have been nice to see Katie’s father apologize, it also would have been nice to see someone acknowledge that Danny would have acted the same way if the situation were reversed. I didn’t care for the episode at all, but I have a general hatred for cop show episodes where “this time it is personal”. On this show alone we have had - Grace kidnapped Lou’s daughter kidnapped Chin’s niece kidnapped Duke’s granddaughter kidnapped the entire Grover family hunted down and threatened Will trapped in the hotel (school dance storyline) Grace held hostage twice (the school dance & the storage shed on her scout trip) Danny’s brother (kidnapped? and) murdered Steve’s sister held hostage (or whatever it was) Chin’s wife murdered Kono’s boyfriend/fiancée/husband’s many travails Other things I have forgotten
  6. S10.E11: A Moving Day

    Don’t the Dunphys have the ubiquitous-on-TV apartment over the garage (usually never seen or mentioned before) that twentysomething kids usually live in?
  7. S10.E11: A Moving Day

    Where are Dylan’s parents? Out of state? Deceased?
  8. I would say that Scott Caan is the weakest actor of the three “older” guys. I can always “see” him acting.
  9. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    That wall was load-bearing, so they opted not to remove it. I would think just getting rid of the arches (squaring-up the openings) would have made it look better - less dated. Of course, I liked that wall, so what do I know? Remove the arches and put in some open shelves and you have a nifty little sitting area or a place for a small desk. Or a little nursery area (weren’t they talking about having kids?). What was that globe thingy? It looked like a composting bin I saw in a gardening catalog, but one doesn’t usually compost in ones basement. Please tell me they didn’t pay for those logs in the bathroom. I had a tree cut down a few years ago, could have made 8-10 of those tables if I had know people were dumb enough to buy them.
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Trump West? Donald J. West?
  11. I know nothing about fashion and what colors go together, but having said that, Prince Charles’ camel coat and shoes look horrible, to my eye, with his grey suit. He looks like he has on pj pants and slippers.Here is a look at the type of outfit favored by the Queen’s grandson-in-law for Christmas: https://people.com/royals/mike-tindall-talks-christmas-royal-family-queen-elizabeth/
  12. Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    I wish they would spend less time on the drama and show more of the houses. Or make it a longer show. There were so many that looked amazing. I had a good chuckle when the young girl who entered a pirate ship with her brother commented about the taste of an edible sheet of paper they used to make the sails. She said something like “Edible does not mean tasty.” She should tell that to the cookie (?) show judge who complained about the taste of isomalt someone used to make window.
  13. Season Five Episode Talk

    I saw a Martha Bakes show the other night and she had a guest on who showed how to do a mirror glazed cake. IIRC, he said the cake had to be frozen overnight and the glaze refrigerated 24 hours to work right. Martha didn’t correct him, and she knows everything, so he must be right. That could explain why we don’t see a mirror glaze used often despite looking like a quick finish.
  14. The Baking Topic

    Well, I would think having to eat gluten-free food, if I didn’t have to, would make me pretty intolerant towards the person forcing it on me. But I can be kind of crabby, so... I knew what you meant, but the typo cracked me up.
  15. The Baking Topic

    Have the kids gotten intolerant of the parents for being gluten-free, or did being gluten-free cause the parents to receive intolerant kids? I never knew that was a side-effect.