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  1. I stopped at three different stores this week to check out the leftover Easter candy and left all disappointed. I was hoping to find Brach's Spiced Jelly Bird Eggs and came up empty-handed. No malted milk eggs, either. I found Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, and bought 2 six-packs, but they werent discounted by much. Maybe next week. As if I need more.
  2. I heard him say he liked fondant, too. I think he meant that he liked the use of it, despite it being inedible.
  3. I saw a new brand of ice cream at the grocery store - Halo Top. I don't know anything about it and at $5.98 a pint (on sale!) I will never find out. But they did have some interesting flavors including Oatmeal Cookie and Lemon Cake.
  4. Well, peanut butter has protein in it, and dark chocolate is good for your heart. So I would say approximately 24 per day would be good. 1 per hour to maintain optimum levels of chocolate and peanut butter in your system. But I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.
  5. I thought Nick's dance was great. He handled the props very well. I don't recall Pinocchio very well, were the can-can dancers in the movie?
  6. I thought the fact that Kono didn't tell Adam about Jerry was a "subtle" tell that they have grown apart. My guess - the pair will debate their future together, Kono will find out she is pregnant and they will tearfully realize how much they love each other. Or Kono finds out she is pregnant and then Adam gets killed. Or both. (Season-ending cliffhanger: Adam is on life support and Kono stares at a pregnancy test stick.)
  7. Oh, God, yes to the hairstyle mess! What was that?! He looked like a cross between an elderly woman and George Washington.
  8. Steve sure heals quickly, doesn't he? Brutal fight, bloody face, no bruising the next day. I thought there was going to be more to the Pearl Harbor survivor's storyline, considering it got the main mention in the episode description. I wouldn't exactly say the team was working his murder case, since it was collateral damage to the real crime of the week. Speaking of which, I swear I have seen the "comrades-in-arms robbing a bank to support a widow" storyline some where before. How is it that 20 of HPD's finest can't take down four(?) armed men that are surrounded? I thought Kono was supposed to be able to shoot the wings off a fly at 100 yards? And shouldn't someone have been trailing Steve, so that he isn't left to fight alone? A wingman, so to speak? But then, I guess we get no fight scene. (Which I would be fine missing.) Final beef, a 93-year-old man with a granddaughter that looked like she couldn't be more than 20? Sure, it's possible, but why not cast someone more age-appropriate? Or make her his great-granddaughter. Really final beef, the Adam storyline was kind of superfluous, no? Please tell me it is not a lead-in to Adam getting a badge.
  9. Damn, I must be getting old - the only Disney song I recognize is Nick & Peta's from Pinocchio.
  10. Is there anyplace on Food Network's website with bios of this season's contestants? I took a quick look and came up empty.
  11. They used to play "Thank God I'm a country boy" in Detroit way back in the mid '70's. Because, I guess, there are no songs that they could think of that would be more relevant in Motown. Perhaps from an actual genre of music that originated there?
  12. I thought Simone knew who Elvis was, but didn't know he made movies. Considering he has been dead for 40 years, her not knowing about his image/persona doesn't surprise me. I am sure she has heard his music, perhaps not knowing it was his, but doesn't know more than that. I am 51 and I Didnt know much about him when he died. It was the media hysteria after he died that really made me aware of him. (And I couldn't tell you the name of any of his movies.)
  13. Does anyone like maraschino cherries? To me, they are like fondant - look, don't eat. Seriously, has anyone ever said "You know what this needs? Maraschino cherries."
  14. Is anyone else watching the Tigers-White Sox pregame? What the hell is that noise/music they are playing during the Sox player intros? It is making me stabby! ETA - I just hit mute. Godawful, whatever it is.