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  1. I forgot about the egress door thing in the Burbank house. It sounded like they wouldn’t have enough space for the current door to pass code, so they were going to close off the egress door instead of meeting code. How would not having one be preferable to having one that is somewhat small? And wasn’t it the access getting to the door that was small, not the door itself - the space between two counters or something? It was a small house for crying out loud, how many people do they think will be jammed in there at one time?
  2. What the heck is that red thing the Puerta Vallarta wife is wearing?
  3. Didn’t they already do a storyline with a false tsunami warning? I don’t remember why it was set off, but I remember Danny sending Grace off with Kamekona to his family’s home up on high ground.
  4. I would think the expiration date on Elvis impersonators is rapidly approaching. I am in my early 50’s and only have vague memories of him. Would younger people really have any interest in seeing someone impersonate someone they never “knew”? Hopefully they have other income sources the producers didn’t think were interesting enough to mention. Did they say what she did back in the U.S.? I know they mentioned that she worked. It seemed like wife was the driving force behind the move, yet she was the one complaining about the size of the house and how much they could afford to spend on only his salary. He seemed the more realistic of the two. And I just have a gut feeling that the producers and the wife were the ones pushing the Elvis behavior during the tours. He seemed a little reluctant.
  5. I guess the team announcement will be made after the men’s free tomorrow?
  6. Is it definite that the Russian skaters are going to be allowed to compete in the Olympics?
  7. My first, and so far only, meal in the IP was BBQ ribs and they came out great. I took a fairly big rack of Costco dry-rubbed ribs and cooked them at high pressure for 24 minutes, natural release for 15 minutes then vented. I used a YouTube video recipe as my guide. Having the video to show my mother really calmed nerves about the process. I don’t think she trusted me that I was doing it right until she could see how others did it. Mom still thinks she wants to keep one of her stove-top pressure cookers for now, but she has consented to it going on a closet shelf. She was pretty impressed - not an easy thing to accomplish. The biggest bonus, and the reason I wanted to try ribs, is probably not one that others will see. I have a cat that hates it when she smells hot grease or anything burning in the oven. (I swear I doesn’t happen that often.) Our oven rib recipe called for 30 minutes at a very high temp then 90 minutes at a lower temp. As the fat would start to sizzle fairly quickly, the cat would start meowing, loudly, until the oven was off. She reactes the same to bacon cooking in the oven. I felt terrible for causing the cat such distress, so it is IP ribs from now on. At least the bacon doesn’t cook for very long and if I remember to open a window and turn on the vent fan, she doesn’t complain too long.
  8. Meghan’s brother and sister are in their early fifties and she is in her mid thirties - they didn’t share a childhood. I have a friend, Katie, whose (full) siblings are 13 and 15 years older than her, her parents were 43 and 47 (I think) when she was born (Surprise!). Her sister left home to go to college when Katie was only three; she was starting kindergarten when her brother left for college. Katie has told me she has very few memories of living at home with them. Many times she has mentioned feeling like she has a different family than her sibs. When the sibs were kids they spent a lot of time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Holidays and most vacations were spent as a big, active family. Katie’s memories are of grandparents who were “old”, cousins who were adults, getting married and having kids of their own and living/moving away, and aunts and uncles who were becoming grandparents. Even if we give Meghan’s sibling the benefit of the doubt as to their motives, they really can’t speak to how Meghan views her childhood. She didn’t grow up with the same family they did. There are probably many of us who have siblings closer in age who still have different memories/feelings from childhood. My memories are mine and if they differ from my brother’s, that doesn’t negate either person’s viewpoint.
  9. I have been watching the past Olympics skating and had forgotten quite a bit. What was the deal with Michelle Kwan and Frank Carroll? And Even Lysacek sure looked young in Torino. It seems like we don’t hear much about skaters once they retire, unless they go into coaching, which few seem to do. Anyone know what Lysacek, Cohen, Goebel and Emily Hughes are doing these days? How is Scott Hamilton doing? Didn’t his cancer return again in the last two years or so?
  10. If Prince Phillip outlives Elizabeth, do any of his titles change when Charles becomes King?
  11. I tried those Magic Straws and I think the magic is if they can get you to buy them more than once. I would stick to regular stir-ins. I miss Wheat-Nuts. They were something we used to get every year in our Christmas stocking. They were salty and crunchy and curiously addictive.
  12. I got my almost-90-year-old mother an Instant Pot (it should arrive tomorrow thanks to Amazon’s 2day shipping that will take 7 Days). She has been using a pressure cooker for years - the same one, in fact. We cannot find new rings for it, so I decided to replace the whole thing. My mother is like Mikey when it comes to presents, she doesn’t like anything. I anticipate complaints that we already have a slow cooker and stove top pressure cooker and what the heck do we need one more appliance for and where the heck are we going to put it and ... I think she will like the IP if I can get her to take the time to get used to it. We use a crock pot for a few things and the pressure cooker mostly for pot roast and stuffed peppers. Any suggestions for basic recipes to try first? It is usually just the two of us, but leftovers are good. The fewer the ingredients, the better. And minimal prep. My mother is a cook who cooks because she has to, not because she likes to. Anything with too many ingredients or steps or gets too many pots, pans or utensils dirty are all grounds for complaints.
  13. I wonder, given her age, if she is having cognitive issues? Of, course, it could simply be a case of “but I’m a Star”-itis.
  14. I have no idea what made me think of this, but do you think Harry would be alllowed to marry Meghan if she were a single mother? I know Camilla has children from her first marriage, but they were adults when she married Charles.
  15. I liked the mall story line but hated the way they told it. I wish it had just been a regular episode. So Junior is a member of 5-0, but is still attending the Academy? Did I hear Grover correctly, that Junior wasn’t going to get paid? (Until he graduates, I presume.) I wouldn’t mind seeing seeing the vets again, individually or as a group/pairs. It could be like when Sheriff Andy Taylor would deputize Goober, Otis and Floyd. Except the vets are actually competent. I really don’t think prosthetic hands are that strong. Pretty sure the finger joints would snap off. At least anything I can afford would. But the vet probably has better insurance coverage than I do.