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  1. A trip to a thrift store today netted The Essential Baker ( ) for one dollar. It looks really interesting. Instead of being divided into chapters by the type of baked good (cookies, cakes, etc.) it is divided by flavor, so if you are having a yen for citrus or nuts, you go right to that chapter. Now I just have to figure out what to try first.
  2. Well those were some seriously lackluster cookies. How about some flower-shaped sugar cookies frosted yellow with brown centers - black eyed susans. Or white and yellow for daisies. Or any other bright floral colors. Then roll some dough into small balls, arrange one in the center and five around to make more flower shapes. Shake on some colored sugar or pipe something colorful or dip them in a glaze. Then make a bar cookie and cut free hand into simple flower shapes. Or tuilles (sounds like tweel, my spellcheck is no help) cut to shape then draped to form a cup with edges dipped in colored sugar or painted with food coloring. John's weren't even nicely arranged, they just looked like they were piled in a heap. And why would you even attempt a cookie you know needs to bake very long time to be done correctly? They had to know those meringues weren't going to come out right. Who had the cookies half-dipped in blue glaze? That didn't even make sense. Had they been in a rose red at least that would have connected to the run for the roses, but blue? Or maybe tealish coconut macaroons that could have been passed off as Kentucky blue grass?
  3. NBCSN is showing World Cup Gymastics tonight from 8 - 9:30 pm eastern time. They don't get more specific than that.
  4. I wish, when characters want to go to an out-of-state school, the show would say why those schools are chosen. I think both Manny and Luke mentioned University of Michigan as one of the choices. Why? I am from Michigan and know it is a great school for many programs. But why would the two stooges want to go there? Manny has mentioned being a writer, and I am sure UM has a great writing program, but to pay out-of-state tuition to go there? And Luke has never mentioned an interest in anything academic. Why would parents send a kid to a college in another state, paying higher tuition and all the costs of travel, unless that school is one of the best in their area of interest? The same applies to Notre Dame. Good school, and Catholic if that matters to Manny, but otherwise a strange choice. Other than the joke, of course. It seems like every TV kid wants to go to a school outside the state, for no apparent reason. And then they end up going to a fictional school in the same town. Unless the actor wants off the show, then they leave the state.
  5. Did they say what the non-teacher Robert's line of work was? I missed the very beginning. Has there ever been an episode where the looking-for-work partner didn't have a job by the end of the episode?
  6. I remember the episode with Steve looking at the pictures of the abused kids with a horrified look on his face, but don't remember anything I would call a break down. Kono beating the guy up was gratuitous, but no more so than usual for any of the team. Hell, the whole team seems more than willing to beat up perps at the drop of a hat - or knife, as it were. It was the zoning out at the stoplight and her reaction to the horn-honking guy behind her that seemed way over the top.
  7. My mom put carpeting in the bathroom about the same time StatisticalOutlier's parents did. The existing linoleum was ugly and she couldn't get my dad to replace it so she got a piece of carpeting that she was able to cut to fit and put that down. And she proceeded to complain about it until the day he died. Then she complained to me, so I ripped the carpeting out and (eventually) replaced it with sheet vinyl. Which she complains about - she would have gotten a different color. She should have gone shopping when she had the chance.
  8. In honor of Pi day, I made the French Coconut Pie again, but used a store-bought Oreo crumb crust this time. It came out perfectly and added a needed bit of chocolate. I still may try throwing in some mini chocolate chips next time. And there will be a next time fairly soon.
  9. Has anyone else wondered if there is something we are doing today that will cause our 3x descendants to be ashamed of us? Being carnivorous? Using fossil fuels? Drinking bottled water?
  10. Kono wasn't the only one being emotional, she was the only one being overly emotional. Steve looked upset and disgusted, but he didn't zone out like Kono did. It just felt, to me, unnatural. Like the writers were trying too hard.
  11. Not only does McConaugheylook unclean, to me he always sounds stoned or drunk. Which doesn't really seem like something an auto maker would want to associate their product with. "Lincoln - driven by rich stoners everywhere."
  12. Kono's overly emotional reaction is what bothered me the most. I am by no means downplaying the horrific nature of sex trafficking, but Kono is a cop who has seen plenty of horrific crimes, including other cases of trafficking. They would never have shown a male cop getting that emotional, unless it was personal, i.e. Danny and Lou when their kids were endangered. Hell it was just 2 weeks ago that Kono was sitting down to break bread with a human trafficker! And now she is so emotionally distraught over the same issue? It just seemed like the writers were trying too hard to pull at my heartstrings.
  13. I didn't like it - this had Very Special Episode written all over it. First of all, why did the pimp even take the girl to the ER? That alone defies belief. Then the doctor leaving them alone after she suspects child abuse? No way. And she walked past two cops while following them out of the ER, yet didn't say a word. Kono is my second least favorite character, after Danny, probably because of the Adam storyline. And I hate when cop shows write "girl cop" episodes. All of the four male cops have either daughters or nieces, but the girl must be involved so we can see her relate to the victims. Because this time it's personal. (Was I the only one waiting for Kono to say she had been raped/molested as a kid?). And the parents, who seemed very caring and concerned, let Kono, whom they barely knew, drop their daughter off at the safe haven? Why? Wouldn't they want to go there, meet the counselors, make sure their daughter is in a safe place after she had been missing for months? I would think that parents/families of sex trafficking victims would need a lot of counseling as well, perhaps offered at the same place. And of course, Kono had to be the one to track down the fleeing perp. So she could extract revenge. Now, if Steve had beaten the hell out of the female pimp, can you imagine the outcry? Especially if Kono had stood by and watched, making no attempt to intervene.
  14. I think El Segundo wife is trying to be the next Kristen Bell. The brass? hardware looks so garish with the white cabinets. Maybe with darker wood they wouldn't stick out so much? The house the bought was completely unimpressive, both before and after. I liked the other two houses better. I just have a hunch they won't be staying in their home long, probably selling before the boy starts school. Was I the only one annoyed when she looked up and commented about the noisy "big planes"? They are called jets, dear. Don't know why that bugged me, but it did. Maybe just because of who said it. She talked like those who always sound like they're talking to a little kid.
  15. Yes, please find the recipe! That sounds like something I need to make.