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  1. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I was hoping they would buy the third house and that we would see some “after” pictures. Although, I must admit I didn’t care for the exterior of the front of the house. Maybe the landscaping needed to be refreshed.
  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I liked the Atlanta couple tonight - very pleasant towards each other. His love for the basement with the bar made me smile. But those “window treatments” in the same house - yikes!
  3. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Five minutes in and I hate the Chicago guy. Dude, the house doesn’t look like a Pacific Northwest style because you are in Illinois. Get over it.
  4. Check your local library for the books - mine has the yearly compilations and the special focus ones (baking, cakes,cookies, cast iron, etc.).
  5. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Stampeding children - Either tell them to knock it off or punishment will follow (and follow through) or send them outside. Problem solved. Alameda people - I don’t care how cute baby elephants are, I am selling my house to whoever gives me the most money.
  6. If your business partner tells you not to worry about the books, you damn well better be worried. Why was Danny so pissy to Junior about the chloride gas? Danny should know that their are more types of bombs than the kind that wipe out an entire island. After all, hasn’t he been involved in two radioactive explosions already? Not to mention other types of missile attacks. Steve should have just locked the door and left him outside. At least Eddie was safe. Grover made a good point, though - shouldn’t they have taken shelter somewhere that had provisions like water and food? Or had a “provisions cart” nearby that could be taken where needed.
  7. I admit to paying little attention to Adam’s storyline, so could someone fill me in on how Jessie was chosen as his Yakuza mole? it would be a nice change of pace if TV writers recognized the cuisine of ethnicities other than Italian. Maybe the guys could open a Polish or German restaurant. They are on an island - maybe a seafood/fish and chips place.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    How do you spend $15,000 a month on rent when you are “only” making $500,000 a year? That comes out to about $180,000 a year just for rent. I would think you could still find a decent place for $7500/month. And $2400/month for food and housekeeping supplies? Given that his TV series had already been on for 5 years, he shouldn’t have been surprised when it ended. It isn’t like he is new to show biz, for heaven’s sake.
  9. If that woman screams baaaabeeee one more time I am going to drive to Australia and smack her.
  10. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Tiny Home buying idiots in WA - “The sofa is our favorite spot.” A) It’s the only place you have to sit. B) It is the only space you have, period. Idiots. I realize sense-making is not the forte of most tiny home buyers, but... Would it not make more sense to finish renovating the house and then sell it, rather than renting it out? Can’t help but wonder if these landlord wannabes have any real notion of what renting can entail. Are they prepared to do upkeep that renters request? (plumbing problems, leaky roof, bad furnace, etc., that they demand get fixed ASAP). What if the house gets damaged in a storm and can’t be rented out? What if renters trash it? What if it sits empty for a while between renters? What if neighbors complain about tenants who don’t keep the outside clean? Do these ill-prepared landlords have the time and money (and knowledge) to take care of these issues? Have they even thought of these issues?
  11. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I thought bedrooms had to have two means of egress to be legal bedrooms. Hence the need for egress windows in basement bedrooms. Is that not the case everywhere? It seems very dangerous to me.
  12. Maybe because of the real false inbound missile incident in Hawaii? I think Steve says something about wanting the governor to issue a missile threat warning. (Some kind of warning)
  13. Thanks, Uncle Chuck, for the explanation about the TV bit. I thought they were watching a news clip that showed the shooter, but it didn’t makes sense because there was no context as to why his picture was on a news broadcast. The DNA bit at the end didn’t make much sense to me, but it is Five-0 we are talking about. Uncle Vito could be an uncle by marriage - married to one of Danny’s parents sisters. But he really should go back to NJ and take the whole storyline with him. I thought the restaurant thing was supposed to be a retirement gig. How are two guys who work a job with no set hours going to run a restaurant? And when is Danny planning on seeing his kids? I have given up on trying to follow Adam’s storyline.
  14. Why was the picture of the guy that shot Danny being shown on TV?
  15. Do you think there will be a season 2? The few episodes I have been able to find have been dull and I don’t see Chris being willing to make enough changes to improve things. He seems to be stuck on that format.