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  1. “Pa” only sounds right coming from Laura and Mary Ingalls. I always imagined the upper crust folk referred to their father as “Father”. “Dad” is more middle class, “Daddy” is only for small children and the Waltons and “Papa” is from the 1800’s and before.
  2. Is there a website somewhere than can explain royal “levels” to me? Like does a Duke outrank a Count? If an Earl’s wife is a Countess (I.e. Edward and Sophie) why is a Count's wife also a Countess? Where do Lords and Ladies fall in this list? After King, Queen and Prince/ess I don’t get it.
  3. S09.E22: Clash of Swords

    Maybe Cam figured they couldn’t raise a “big” baby because they are 40 years older than when they raised him. Chasing around a large toddler, who knocks down Cam, would be rather exhausting at their age. But as for the baby being back in CA, I have no explanation. And shouldn’t Lily still be in school? Why is it that we see all kinds of criticism about Sarah’s weight/appearance, but not a word about Rico’s? I realize he was a chubby kid when the show started, but no way would a female, no matter her age, not be pressured by the studio/producers/network to lose weight. Or at least not gain. And yet we are to believe Manny can get women, but Alex can’t? It isn’t like Manny has a great personality.
  4. My hunch is that Posh gets more attention for not smiling, and the more attention the better. I don’t think her reasons are that deep.
  5. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don’t get it, if you still love each other and are best friends and committed to “co-parenting”, why can’t you work things out?
  6. In the past, didn’t other members of the wedding party travel by horse and carriage? Can’t remember if it was Chuck & Di’s wedding or Will & Kate, but I recall the page boys and bridesmaids in a carriage.
  7. Which of Andrew’s daughters is wearing the pillbox hat?
  8. Shouldn’t the Royals be arriving soon? The wedding is at 7 e.t., yes?
  9. I don’t know about that navy blue polka dot outfit. Kind of ugly, IMO.
  10. I guess I’m shallow - I dont care to hear from people talking about charities and what not. Just show me people in hats and tell me who they are.
  11. Does that woman standing in front of Amal have snakes on her hat?!
  12. David Beckham just showed why neck tattoos are a bad idea. Can’t cover them up. The only hat hat I own is a sweat stained Detroit Tigers cap that I wear when I mow the lawn. I guess I need to make different friends so I can wear fancy hats. As soon as I find out where one purchases that sort of thing. Probably not Target?
  13. Do you think it is coincidence that the guy in the background, between William and Harry, bears a striking resemblance to William? I assume he is a security guy of some type.
  14. I think I would be loathe to take credit for that monstrosity that Diana wore - or rather that wore her. What is the “purpose” of a train? Just to show you can afford lots of fabric? I don’t get it.
  15. Seems like I have seen an article or two about how Charles was hoping for a daughter when Harry was born. So, he is getting a little “Dad moment” here, which I think is kind of sweet. I have always thought that Charles really gets unfairly ignored when people seem to give all the credit to Diana for how Will and Harry have turned out. I suspect his frosty relationship with Prince Phillip has greatly influenced how Charles raised his sons. To me, he appears to be a very loving father who truly enjoys his kids.