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  1. I hope they are saving that $8000 the didn't spend on reno, because fashion blogger and spirit ambassador seem like jobs where your age renders you obsolete fairly early. Although, some of that money should be invested in a comb and regular haircuts for him. I wouldn't take fashion advice from someone willing to go on national television wearing Wally Cleaver's gray tobogganing cap. Maybe that's just me. And his fashion sense? Yikes! But then again, I'm old. Cool catio, though.
  2. Great doctor with terrible people skills? No thanks. Seen it about 17 times already. I hope DDK has other things lined up.
  3. Unfortunately, my 89 y.o. mother insists on using margarine, or "oleo" as she calls it. She once asked a worker in the grocery store where a particular brand of oleo was located - I had to translate for the poor kid.
  4. Hearing "Ann Bennett" reminded me of JonBenet Ramsey.
  5. Trader Joe's carmelized onion dip is awesome. Don't get it if you don't want to become addicted. Hide it from other family members if you want to make it last more than one day.
  6. I think the perception of security issues may hurt Paris. But, lets face it, trying to guess what political/terrorist issues might exist in 7 years is a fool's game. Certainly no one foresaw the events of 9/11 happening so close to the start of the Salt Lake games.
  7. When I was a kid, and had to share brownies and bar cookies, I may have cut the middle piece out first.
  8. The Olympic Channel started on Comcast (Xfinity) today. So far a lot of swimming and diving, volleyball, track and fencing on the schedule.
  9. There must be a large conservatory somewhere in England that they could use for filming. You would still have the view, inside and out, but more climate-contolled.
  10. Is it at all possible that CBS didn't see this storm of bad publicity coming when they let their two Asian leads go (over money) and kept the two white guys? I mean, if Grace really insisted on being in only half the episodes and that couldn't be accommodated, then you have a solid reason for writing her out. But, cutting Daniel over money, which is probably a drop in the bucket for CBS, seems so avoidable. Add a few more product placements, cut one or two huge car chases, one or two less "big name" guest stars (i.e. Melanie Griffith), and there you go - money for Daniel. No huge stinking mess of really bad press. BTW, I love Chi, and his character, and would have been thrilled if Scott had been let go and he and Daniel had been given his airtime.
  11. I can't say that I would invite a former co-worker, that I only knew for a few months, to my wedding. But maybe that is just me. Of course, I have never bought in to the whole thing about pros staying in close touch with former partners. Maybe one or two that they have particularly bonded with; but by and large they probably don't give each other much thought (good or bad) after a few months. Life goes on.
  12. At this point, the show pretty much has to replace Daniel and Grace with actors who are of Asian, Polynesian or Native Hawaiian descent, unless they really want to look racist. Any guesses as to who they might be? Hopefully they will change their minds about the badass former lifeguard they had initially planned as NewKono. As an aside, do we know how many women work as writers, producers, directors, etc., on this show? Any? Just occurred to me, have any of the plethora of women that Steve or Danny have dated been non-white? Given their location, it would seem highly strange if that is the case.
  13. Every time I hear commercials for pico sandwiches, I swear it sounds like they are saying "fecal". Fecal guacamole sandwiches - yum.
  14. I put pet-proof screening on my slider (because of cats and squirrels) and it does cut down on airflow a bit, but there is not a claw mark in it after 2+ years. It also cuts down on the amount of sun/glare coming in and keeps things a little cooler in that respect.
  15. If CBS and whomever else was involved in this didn't know how bad this would look, they are dumber than Chris Christie. Or, like Christie, they don't give a damn how it looks. If the situation is truly financial, and not about whatever the hell precedent they are afraid of setting, why not let Grace go, give Daniel more money and hire a cheaper NewKono. If a Grace really only wanted to be in half the episodes, that seems a much easier "firing" to explain. If I had a chance to cast, I would get rid of Scott and Grace (nothing against her, just don't like Kono), keep Alex, Daniel and Chi and reduce the roles of Jorge and Taylor (Kamekono). I would replace Kono's character with a more mature, believable cop; something less cartoonish.