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  1. Bull in the Media

    Not shocking since Weatherlys on set behavior dates way back to Dark Angel.
  2. With the way Jeff teased next week in his EW interview , with the whole: The game is left wide open after the next vote; I think a big player like Nick could be blindsided
  3. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Best part of the episodes was David talking about the “black card” with Mike and Kara. Im going to need Nick and David to make it to final Tribal council. And, if even they don’t win, bring them back. Love them both, and a Christian too.
  4. S08.E07: Traitor

    Am i the only one kind.of upset that they had a perfectly fine Supreme.in waiting with Zoe ( who has definitely.matured and her powers have gotten stronger) then Mallory "Mary Sue"? I alsi have a bad feeling that maybe with Cordelia working with Papa, thats why Queenie and Zoe are not in the present? Like they gave their souls.
  5. Season 1 Talk AHS: Murder House

    I do agree...though I am enjoying this season a little more then I thought. But, I agree with everything. I actually gave a damn about the characters during Murder House, even when they irritated me or were suppose to be psychos. I loved that this is one of the only shows to actually write a likeable emo teen wi5hout making her annoying. Helps that Taissa made her relatable and you just wanted to hug all her problems away. Evan made You want to root for Tate, even if he was a psychopath, you actually felt for him. I wish they can go back to simple seasons without these overarching and crazy storylines. Just keep it simple...a haunted house with trapped ghosts. Easy and done right.
  6. AHS Wish List: What Is Your Dream Season?

    My hopes: 1. I would love to see a more sci fit aspect and maybe tackle something like Cloverfield/Gov’t conspiracy related subject. 2. AHS: Summer Camp...like a love letter to those 80’s. Horror movies. 3. Or go full zombies/virus outbreak ala 28 days later. And bring back the all stars Jessica, Taissa, Lily, Angela, Evan, Kathy, Denis O’Hare, and Cody.
  7. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    I guess because they couldn’t have Misty or Zoe go, since well, Taissa/ Lily play the ghosts at Murder House and the Montgomery possible link. Though, I would have loved it if Misty went instead of Madison. I do agree that the scene was corny, but I still loved it, just to see Misty all happy. That’s a thumbs up for me. I do wonder though, with all the shit they still need to cover, I could see them expanding this into a season 9.
  8. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    I think Mallory will bring him back to life ala how she did it with the deer. I can not wait to see my OG babies again: Violet, Tate, Constance, Viv, Moira....Love to see how they will weave all that shit together. Misty being back with the girls is amazing and made my insidss all warm and fuzzy. But, I fully expect her to have a even more tragic ending. Possibly, Michael sends her back to an even worst hell. in my head, I felt like Misty and Cordelia has some kind of romantic feelings, or I hoped they did.
  9. S08.E04: Could It Be . . . Satan?

    Another great scene was when the Warlocks were trying to get the Witches to put Michael through the 7 wonders and Zoe looks at the camera “Office p” style and rolling her eyes lol
  10. S08.E04: Could It Be . . . Satan?

    Definitely best episode of the season, and even though it was fan service, it was done perfectly. Seeing Zoe all mature and now teaching the witches, while rocking that Pantsuit is everything. Mr March cameo was everything I didn’t know I needed. But, you know Michael is a bad dude when even James was intimidated and worried for Queenie’s safety. I even felt bad when Queenie left and he was all like “Back to solitaire”...guess you should have kept Mrs. Evers around lol. Man, The council vs the Warlocks meeting was awesome. You can just feel the collective eye rolls and side eyes from Zoe/Myrtle/Cordelia every time they spoke. Now, I need answers as to why Queenie and Zoe are only in flashbacks right now.
  11. S08.E03: Forbidden Fruit

    It’s basically Mary Cherry and every Emma Roberts character on this franchise. I could have done without Emma/Madison and just replaced her with Taissa and Lily. But, this season is definitely getting back to the early AHS feels...the tension, slow burn/buildup, loving it. Cody. Needs to stop being so darn sexy and charismatic. I’m not suppose to be so darn attracted to the antichrist haha.
  12. Tennis Thread

    Well the catsuit was helping with her blood clots and overall health...but fuck that right?
  13. Halloween (2018)

    I thought the only worth while Halloween movies were the original, the sequel, 4 and H20. i have a soft spot for Halloween 4, cause Ellie and Rachel were awesome, especially Danielle Harris ( who I wish was bought back for this film, instead of being wasted on the Rob zombie films)
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh might have the best adaptability aspect of the game. She infiltrated L5, got Rachel to spill everything, got in good with them, and now has made up with Fessy, and told Haleigh the tea. bay is playing a brilliant floater game
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh is giving Rockstar the damn reality check she fucking needs. Basically t liking her to change her damn attitude, that the others are hear to play and you just want to go home, tell her to campaign cause she’s 5 votes. They are riding for her, but she needs to ride with them. Bayleigh truly should have been the leader of S6 from the he get go.