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  1. Tennis Thread

    Well the catsuit was helping with her blood clots and overall health...but fuck that right?
  2. Halloween (2018)

    I thought the only worth while Halloween movies were the original, the sequel, 4 and H20. i have a soft spot for Halloween 4, cause Ellie and Rachel were awesome, especially Danielle Harris ( who I wish was bought back for this film, instead of being wasted on the Rob zombie films)
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh might have the best adaptability aspect of the game. She infiltrated L5, got Rachel to spill everything, got in good with them, and now has made up with Fessy, and told Haleigh the tea. bay is playing a brilliant floater game
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh is giving Rockstar the damn reality check she fucking needs. Basically t liking her to change her damn attitude, that the others are hear to play and you just want to go home, tell her to campaign cause she’s 5 votes. They are riding for her, but she needs to ride with them. Bayleigh truly should have been the leader of S6 from the he get go.
  5. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think Bay knows that Brett might be staying and I wouldn’t be shocked if she threw a vote his way. But, the girl has truly stepped up her damn game right after Chris left. She is not on anyone’s radar anymore and I feel like she won’t have to use her power for a couple weeks. I wouldn’t be shocked if she tries to get a KC/Rachel alliance going on after more guys leave. Haleigh so has some skills, but I feel like S6 brings her down.
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Man, how Bayleigh gets these people to give her enough info and then She sprinkles it out to cast doubt in everyone’s eyes towards others...girl is becoming savage. Her ultimate goal right now seems to be get revenge on Tyler and Kaitlyn
  7. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I kind of love that Bayleigh kind of started this, but she came out of it unscathed and more protected. Now I just need her to align with Rachel.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bay even said to Rockstar that she was ready to go. She handled that shot perfectly. She mourned then went right into social mode. She shown how to handle shit like that, like a pro. I am waiting for Rachel and Bay to make an alliance. They seem close and Rachel has said she wants to pull a Bay in.
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    The only reason i wanted uruguay to win was for Cavani...He deserves to make it through, but knowing Suarez is done is great too...
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh dropping that Angela comment before noms to Kaitlyn was fucking genious. Has kaitlyn mad and Bayleigh continues to do great on one on one talks. Thats how you handle that shit. Be calm, support her, give her some tea, but subtlety threaten her.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh needs to cut swaggy and explore on her own cause she really is the most woke person in the houze and the only person on Tylers tale. Though. Tyler/bsyleigh slliance would be killer.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    More ignorance in the house with Wonder Bread Brett saying how Chris looks like Devin and Tyler stopped him before lettig Brett finish his thought...too late
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    So, Rachel and angela were definitely warned by production about their comments about bayleigh and the ghetto shit theybsaid earlier cause they botb came out from thr DR sad and pouty. Honestly, their punishment shohld be that they should apologize to Bayleigh and Swaggy. Alao, great and sad comvo between Bayleigh and JC. Bayleigh is playing for and advocating for sexual assualt. She told JC that she was raped at 17 and mept wuiet abot it for 6 years :(
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bayleigh has the patience of a saint, cause that fake crying bullshit Kaitlyn was throwing was sad. Though, Bay has shown to have great instincts when she has a conversation with someone. I could tell, she didn’t believe shit from Kaitlyn, but wanted this drama to be over. asadly, I see Kaitlyn making Bayeleigh to look like th aggressor again.
  15. The Expanse in the Media

    The on,y time I listened to a Expanse related podcast was when The Churn had Steven/Dom/Wes/Frankie and the creators all on for a season 3 chat and it was pretty funny.