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  1. S01.E01: First Date to Life Mate

    Looked like something Food Network passed on as too annoying. 90% of FN shows are as annoying af.
  2. S15.E12: Nut Allergy

    I’ve been pretty bored by Adrienne wandering in the desert all season but this deconstructed gumbo was brilliant. Sasto woke up a couple weeks back, which reminds me of past seasons when Tom would comment on a cheftestant peaking at the right time. I have a soft spot for Spiaggia Joe, but those ravilolo aren’t bitches, dude. So all in all, whatever. May the best dish win and may they not make any obstacle course challenges.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Guy's Big Project

    Have seen the shows. Once. And done. FN has settled on new host contests to get ratings. Like someone said, anyone who strikes them as interesting can be folded into the chum of personalities on the "best of" head shot shows. I gave up on FNS long ago. So that leaves Ina and ... not much else. Guess they won't be airing any new eps of Molto Mario redux.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Guy's Big Project

    Ok Zane’s concept is too — what did they say? Not into deli? How did Guy not see that coming—or did he? Let’s grill and bbq some more, eh? Now checking the dads 3, 2,1 and out. Nope. Corny and boring. Will come back in :10 for Rashad, hopefully more engaging. Unlikely any of these are going to be must-see TV.
  5. Haven't watched in ages, as Corden can't stop SCREAMING EVERY WORD. Thought I might like to see a Dustin Hoffman but had to turn off TV for some craptastic bit Corden was doing that involved YELLING and playing LOUD discordant sound effects. STFU! All goodwill that came from carpool karaoke is long gone, if I read about a good one of those, I know where to find it.
  6. S16.E03: A Leap of Innovation!

    Step away from the bronzer, Heidi!
  7. S13.E10: Who Wants a Pilot?

    Frat bros at Yell University? Cory's getting the winner edit, far as I can tell. Unhappily, he annoys the crap out of me. But in this bunch, who doesn't?
  8. S13.E08: Cooking Goes Live!

    It's as if the show decided to serve up extra helping of snark every week. A contest between an insufferable egotistical assbro and a lame dame who handles raw chicken without washing her damn hands? Boobs all around. Gee golly guy doesn't have any shelf life. Matthew is a ringer, waiting on his obnoxious travel for fun food show. So, yeah, Rusty. Also, Giada, back away from the contour and highlight trowel---your makeup person watching at home Sunday nights is cackling. As are we all.
  9. S13.E05: Sunny's Kitchen Hacks

    Haven't watched in ages (when they either stopped giving people shows or even pretending they were going to). Quite the train wreck/Bobby & Giada vanity project. PRODUCER: Anybody got a good villain for this season? INTERN: My cousin Matthew is a natural---nobody in the family can stand him. BOBBY: I could pretend he's a mini-me. GIADA: Shpagetttttttiiiii.
  10. S06.E15: Tick Tock / S06.E16: Transfer of Power

    Good job, Tony. Helped everyone look good. Meanwhile looked like he hadn't had a carb in six months. I want to say I remember Luna having family money that helped finance Frankie's campaign. I'd like to. But sure, once the Russians angle became real life, what was Shonda to do? And since I never cared for white hat Liv, as she's half her momma and half that crazy man, this Liv finally makes sense to me.
  11. Cutthroat Kitchen will be front and center at the TV War Crimes Trial. Unwatchable. I tuned into this thing hoping Steph Izard will come out on top. But I'm wondering how anyone beats all three of the "esteemed" Iron Chefs. Especially in front of that one PR hack "judge" who judges former (?) client Bobby Flay. Please.
  12. S06.E09: Dead In the Water

    I'm ready for them in an alt universe because them in this one sucks.
  13. S06.E08: A Stomach For Blood

    So Abby is 300 million kinds of dumb? Eureka. Nothing against Darby, exactly, maybe it's the director's doing, but the close ups while she "figured out" what to do (being a crazy strategic genius) waszzzzzzzz *cough* I dunno. Maybe a few weeks of Cyrus and Jeff Perry's real-life daughter would be fun. This? Isn't. And WTF? Huck?
  14. S01.E18: Moonshadow

    Clean-shaven Milo. That is all. Except for Randall wanting to adopt a baby.
  15. S06.E05: They All Bow Down

    Huck's still pretty much in character. That is all. Currently the only character who's entertaining me is Charlie. I did not see that coming.