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  1. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    As insufferable as those women’s voices were, his attitude was just as unattractive. OTOH, bad hosts broke my Food Network addiction—it’ll work here, too. (Heh, such a long time ago.)
  2. Richard saves entire episodes single handed. Sorry not to have his take on whiny husband’s big plan, while unemployed, to spend his day spending money on coffee, lunch and pubs. Get to work, jerk. (Yeah, I know, probably had his freelance work set up before they arrived in London.)
  3. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Not just you. 2WC’s voice hurt my teeth but when the friend/realtor opened her mouth it was game over. Katy Kloset. Katy Suite. Katy toilet phobia—yeah, K-kustomize away.
  4. S14.09 The Newest Star

    I might have watched Manny.
  5. Iron Chef Gauntlet: Gladiators Ready!

    Ha, IC lost me as a legit competition when a frequent judge was Bobby Flay’s former PR person. So I don’t get confused between, say, Top Chef and Food Network foodertainment. David just opened up a new restaurant so he’s doing fine and now has all this publicity around him. As do all of the chefs who competed here. Not a bad consolation prize for missing the FN pay day. Not to be confused with not-the-only title that matters or “legendary” kitchen stadium. LOL. Alton and Alex should have their own exclusive show—making it much easier to occasionally watch FN without stumbling over them. As for the reboot, as a fan of Original Iron Chef, I’m up for Motimoto (if he’s back) and Izard.
  6. It’s in the 6th—St. Germaine. Rue du Cherche-Midi. Between Metros St. Sulpice and Sevres-Babylone. Let me look for...ok, #8. Assume that’s the bakery, cafe is next door. Haven’t eaten there, hear good things about the tartines, open-face sandwiches. The bread is very wheaty with a sourdough undertone. I hope you enjoy it. You can also eat your way up and down Rue Cler 7e or Rue Mouffetard 5e — grab & go to a park. From a baguette and cheese or pattiserie to a rotisserie chicken (in the open windows) and crepe, wonderful food at good prices. Ok, I’ll stop now.
  7. We were fortunate to visit the Poilane bakery in Paris and be invited downstairs to see the baker and the huge ovens. The bread is delicious. There’s a Chicago supermarket that orders Poilane bread flown in twice a week. The loaves are round and huge, so they sell it by the quarter for around $5. Anyway, I wonder if markets in other cities do the same? Or could be persuaded to.
  8. French Country in Texas? Episodes and Homes

    Yeah, the peacock. Jo just gets this idea in her head, then the wife (who’d been doing work for the church in Pakistan if I heard right) goes gaga for the peacock because it has all this spiritual meaning for her. Which is nice, but just popped into Jo’s head? Right.
  9. S01.E01: First Date to Life Mate

    Looked like something Food Network passed on as too annoying. 90% of FN shows are as annoying af.
  10. S15.E12: Nut Allergy

    I’ve been pretty bored by Adrienne wandering in the desert all season but this deconstructed gumbo was brilliant. Sasto woke up a couple weeks back, which reminds me of past seasons when Tom would comment on a cheftestant peaking at the right time. I have a soft spot for Spiaggia Joe, but those ravilolo aren’t bitches, dude. So all in all, whatever. May the best dish win and may they not make any obstacle course challenges.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Guy's Big Project

    Have seen the shows. Once. And done. FN has settled on new host contests to get ratings. Like someone said, anyone who strikes them as interesting can be folded into the chum of personalities on the "best of" head shot shows. I gave up on FNS long ago. So that leaves Ina and ... not much else. Guess they won't be airing any new eps of Molto Mario redux.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Guy's Big Project

    Ok Zane’s concept is too — what did they say? Not into deli? How did Guy not see that coming—or did he? Let’s grill and bbq some more, eh? Now checking the dads 3, 2,1 and out. Nope. Corny and boring. Will come back in :10 for Rashad, hopefully more engaging. Unlikely any of these are going to be must-see TV.
  13. Haven't watched in ages, as Corden can't stop SCREAMING EVERY WORD. Thought I might like to see a Dustin Hoffman but had to turn off TV for some craptastic bit Corden was doing that involved YELLING and playing LOUD discordant sound effects. STFU! All goodwill that came from carpool karaoke is long gone, if I read about a good one of those, I know where to find it.
  14. S16.E03: A Leap of Innovation!

    Step away from the bronzer, Heidi!
  15. S13.E10: Who Wants a Pilot?

    Frat bros at Yell University? Cory's getting the winner edit, far as I can tell. Unhappily, he annoys the crap out of me. But in this bunch, who doesn't?