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  1. Did we get any Archie in this episode? For the puppy owners - not leaving anyone out
  2. Carole, for a former author and journalist she sure DOESN'T have a way with words. I wish Aviva was there to shout out
  3. Courtney Kardashian won the poll on who wore it better
  4. From Hollabackcards: Can you imagine if Luann gets a percentage of money instead of Dorinda?
  5. This GIF: Is what I first thought of when I saw this clip:
  6. Bethenny's Skinny Girl Jeans intro at Macy's Bethenny Frankel, Barbara Kavovit, Luann De Lesseps, Sonja Morgan
  7. Didn't she also say - she should have listened
  8. didn't know where to post this https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-surgeon-girlfriend-charged-rape-hundreds-victims-possible-012112234.html The guy appeared on a Bravo show - "Online Dating Rituals of the American Male"
  9. It really is, and as Bethenny has learned every place that has been hit with a natural disaster is different with different needs. Logistics play a part too - where do we set up our "base" camp, where can we get to, where will we be allowed to enter, I'm sure the National Guard is there prohibiting people to enter certain areas. I'm sure there are roads/bridges that can not be crossed. The news coverage is misleading as well. Where I am it looks like everything is under water, the water isn't receding. Have people been allowed to return home? What percentage of the people of the state are still elsewhere or in shelters? Who has power? Has the water system/pipe lines been affected? I also think Bethenny gives a shit, this is a mission for her. She is a good spokesperson bringing awareness to cause.
  10. I think the call for tampons is a result of Hurricane Katrina. When the Superdome was used as a mass shelter - they were housing 10K. When the levees broke - the numbers soared to 20K. They did have a ration of food/water. Everything else - medication, hygiene supplies - it was whatever you had. I would recommend watching When The Levees Broke directed by Spike Lee. One of the evacuees who was at the Superdome and then moved to the Astrodome in Houston was interviewed - she goes into the deplorable conditions and the lack of organization on the relief effort that was in place then. She talked about the need for diapers, formula, feminine products not being available, the bathrooms not working, the smell, people getting sick.
  11. During the reunion, Ramona stood up and Andy asked what she was doing. She explained that she did soul cycling that day and was cramping. Ramona lied, she was sending a message to Carole in Morse Code Adam don't want you Boo.
  12. Bethenny's SkinnyGirl Jeans launch at Macy's Luann, Sonja, and BarbaraK are there. The 2 not there are on B's shit list
  13. You should be able to scroll to the MannaChurch video