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  1. I felt bad for the male entertainers at the One Penis For Life Party... I want to start a GofFundMe page to buy Cipro for them Danielle's daughter reminds me of the Hemingway sisters
  2. This is the face grandma makes when unexpected guests arrive after she's taken out her upper and lower dentures for the night. Instead of putting her teeth back in, she sits there protruding her lips so it looks like she has teeth in there. When Gina confessed that she had her heart broken by a man - why did I not think she was talking about Matt?
  3. If it is true that the marriage had problems from the beginning with David being controlling and verbally abusive - then it explains why Shannon was drawn to Tamra. She went towards and was attracted to what she knows..another person undermining her and twisting the things she says. No way do I believe the NY explanation Tamra gave of staying at the Plaza because she was afraid to upset Shannon. I think Tamra was upset because Shannon didn't foot the bill. I hope Shannon gets intense therapy and withdraws from Tamra. Tamra is toxic.
  4. Gina couldn't squeeze one tear out of those Sharpie Browed eyes when she said -her heart was broken - not sincere at all. I'm glad the season is over. Vicki annoyed me the least - OMG I think I hear the hooves of the four horsemen of the apocalypse!!!!
  5. Dolores catches Frank in another lie; Jackie considers reconciling with her sister; Melissa plans little Joey’s communion; Margaret, Melissa and Teresa plan Danielle’s bachelorette party, but Danielle’s ways leads to an explosive confrontation. Airs 12/12/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern
  6. Emily, Shannon, Kelly and Gina talk about Eddie’s birthday party; the women relive the tension from their Jamaica trip; they explore what happened to cause Shannon’s meltdown in Jamaica; the women share their list of regrets. Airs 12/9/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern
  7. Joan Rivers went for an endoscopy because of throat issues. The clinic she went to couldn't handle it when she had an allergic reaction and her throat closed up. That was so sad.
  8. I think Marge Sr. looks better after the face lift, but it could have been better. I don't think the surgeon tightened her enough - nor does it look like it was done symmetrically. The deep indentations at the sides of her mouth is throwing me off. Her face reminds me of a balloon that was blown up - but there's a small leak so there are areas of skin wrinkling and sagging in. I still can't believe she had such a procedure done in a doctor's office as opposed to a "hospital" setting.
  9. Jennifer's husband creeps me out. I realized from watching WWHL - he is overly botoxed. When he'e been shown on the show - his face is frozen in that "surprise" expression. Jennifer didn't even realize how she dissed her guests when she showed them the room with the piano. This room is for when we have important guests - Hah!
  10. The house Jennifer moved into was custom built for a very tall man. Most likely an NBA player as there is an outdoor court as well as an indoor court and none of her teletubby kids look like they play any sports.. When the rooms are built is such a size you need custom made furniture to fit the room specs, not stuff it by lining up10 regular sized sofas I do NOT believe she bought the furniture from China - it;s not practical nor cost efficient because she would have paid a ton in "shipping" I could see a few pieces like the chandeliers but not all of her furnishings. When they showed one of the basement bathrooms - didn't it look janky? Why didn't she have them in her dining room as opposed to cramping them around the kitchen area? The food did look delicious.
  11. I sort of think there is another sibling out there. What I don't believe is that they all (mom included) didn't discuss this before they began filming. I do think Melissa and her sisters are all close to each other and their mother. I don't see them blindsiding the mom like this on camera.
  12. Teresa and Joe Gorga spar over their father; Melissa reveals to her sisters that there may be a fourth sister; Jackie defends Melissa, igniting Teresa’s famous temper and shocking the entire group with a surprising accusation. Airs 12/05/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern
  13. Melissa was on WWHL and Joe was in the audience. He claims he was so busy with work - and it was just for 2 weeks when they first started filming. I call BS - because if he was spending time with his dad or even calling him a few times a week - that would have come up on film with Joe saying WTF is Teresa talking about I see him/call him all the time. Joe is a douchebag
  14. I'm surprised she didn't brag on how spectacular her shit stains were - maybe it came out in the shape 2 C's back to back like the Chanel logo Dolores - I have a garden hose - hah!
  15. Kelly and Vicki continue to hash out their issues; the women chime in about Shannon’s divorce; Emily opens up about the body shaming she received online; emotions run high as Tamra and Shannon tackle their fractured friendship. Airs 12/2/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern