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  1. Exactly! I found an older article that she listed the Sag Harbor House for 6.25M. I'm sure the kids needed the lawyers to freeze that asset while they try to ascertain where their invisible trust money went. It also stops Luann from selling the house below asking because she wants to get out of dodge and plunk herself in the Catskills - taking off with the money once again.
  2. I agree, but I think she has baggage from the very beginning of her marriage. I think The Count cheated on her very early and she turned the other cheek. I do think she was madly in love with him and wanted to stay married. It was much easier to hide the state of her marriage when she wasn't on a reality show. Then when she got on a reality show, she tried to portray that everything was wonderful and hunky dory. Had he not filed for a divorce she never would have because she knew monetarily she wouldn't have the same lifestyle. All of the Counts properties and assets are protected under the old money family trust overseas. They got married at the justice of peace. He probably made her sign some sort of post nup. I don't think it's that the kids are attached to the Sag Harbor house - they are trying to protect an asset. I would love to see the divorce settlement wording - not that I understand legalese. Was the house when Alex signed it over to Luann - paid in full? How much was the house appraised for? The only way for Luann to have set up a trust at the time was to sell the house. Since she didn't sell the house at the time and when she sold it it went for 8M - does she owe her kids 4M plus interest from 2014 to 2019 that would have accrued if the money was put in a trust?
  3. All Episodes Talk

    I think OG got hit in the face with a football more times than Marcia Brady and then dragged across the astro turf facedown
  4. I do wonder if the location of Spa-hab this time around is in the Catskills. I still think on the last round she went to her brothers in Jupiter and joined a gym. I also don't think Luann is necessarily an alcoholic - I think if she truly needs rehab it's for something else - pills or nose candy. If she truly has an addiction issue - it is the best thing for her to go into rehab before she acts out in public again and has another mugshot. When Tinsley made her plea deal - there were certain requirements and constraints. The charges would be dropped at the end of the year if she did not get into trouble - meaning she couldn't even risk getting a traffic violation or it would have eradicated the plea. Luann's plea might have something similar - she can not get arrested for x months or it would be considered a violation of the plea agreement making it null and void. As far as the reunion, and Luann using rehab as an excuse to avoid taping - the one she would have been leery of is Dorinda. When the episode aired of Bethenny/Dorinda plane to PR, I remember Luann making some comment on her blog for the week. Dorinda went ape shit. Dorinda also knows a lot more than any of the other ladies about the Luann Tom situation, inclusive of not yet spilling the tea about Tom Luann asking her to go to the Regency to set up the story they wanted her to say to the public. Dorinda and Luann get into in in Colombia - do they really make up? Dorinda is a vengeful bitch and though she might not do the dirty work herself - she has a big mouth so she probably spilled lots of tea to Carole & Ramona.
  5. That would be delicious...I would like to request special appearances by The Count, Ray, The Polo Player, Jacques, and the Pirate. I'll even take Barbara Kakovitz spiller of tea
  6. I think Luann and Victoria went out to the west coast - that looks like SUR or Pump Victoria does look better with her her straightened - but I still think she looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every ugly branch on the way down
  7. During Luann's last stay at Spa-hab, she certainly didn't refrain from Social Media. She posted she was going into an alcohol treatment center, she posted stuff on New Years Eve and Day, and I also remember her posting her pic of Bobby Zarin. Shown on the RHONY episodes, she was texting tweeting and calling the other HW on the show allegedly from the facility.
  8. Nah...I think Luann is doing him in the bathroom or in the wrong room
  9. Luann was concerned with the picture Ramona posted - the ladies around a dinner table with empty glasses This is from Victoria's Instagram - I'd be more concerned with this pic. Look at what is in front of Luann
  10. In regards to the Palm Beach incident - the final court date was supposed to be July 25th - wonder if her re-entrance into Spa-hab jeopardizes her deal. Luann will need a different type of lawyer then the one she used for Palm Beach - one who specializes in Estates, Trusts, Divorce
  11. Oh Luann!!!! Multiple pies for you I guess she can rename the show to Cabernet With The Countess
  12. I don't think he really gives a shit about his kids. He just wanted out of the marriage so he could have his fun with the Ethiopian Princess. From what I remember he told Luann he was divorcing her via text. He didn't even care enough to tell his kids himself. The details of the divorce settlement once he signed, he forgot about them. If he cared, he would have told his lawyers to ask for proof of a trust by a certain date, or he would have asked to see the trust itself to see how it was set up. I also don't believe the kids even knew about a trust Luann was supposed to set up for them until recently.
  13. Carole probably walked to the closest Korean Deli and bought those tulips Red scarf gave me a creepy vibe. He came to the event because he knew Bethenny would be there? Run for your lives!!!!!
  14. I think I said in 2.5M is peanuts in comparison to what he is worth. They were married for 16+ years. I think she's wife number 4 but isn't she the only one that gave him 2 kids? I think he spends 2.5M on himself annually You're right that Luann is the only one doing something wrong. It's sad that the situation had to get to this point for a legal filing. Breaking news....Victoria De Lesseps is coming out with a new song Mommy broke the Trust Code