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  1. Erika has the best boob job of the bunch. At the beginning of the reunion, I forget what serious issue they were talking about - Erika was making sure there was no nip slip - I cracked up
  2. Bright stage lights are not good for LVP. There was a scene on VPR - something really weird around the mouth area with the foundation and contouring - Cornelia Planet Of The Apes territory. You'll catch snippets on the Reunion
  3. I love the looks Erika and Rinna are giving each other.
  4. Ahhhh...the whole 3 Stoogies Alliance is revealed
  5. Worst foundation goes to Kyle, LVP and Teddi. Kyle and Teddi go too dark and LVP always goes too light. Best foundation is Erika and Dorit. Lisa Rinna falls in the middle.
  6. Erika discusses the public’s reaction to her book and reveals surprising news. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna explains the reason behind her change in behavior, but not everyone in the group is buying it. When Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle, and Dorit attempt to delve into their seemingly derailed friendship this season, hurt feelings come to a head.
  7. I would have howled if Luann bought her The Bullet. The non blender kind - without batteries Then when Sonya complained - Luann could give her a fork and say Mash Bitch Dahling
  8. Ramona pulls some sort of Jedi Mind trick on these people. They couldn't think of an excuse on the fly. One of them could have said I have a bad back so I can't lift heavy furniture. The artist could have said, I can't afford for my hands to be injured. You know I love my Ramona...but I was hoping that when the artist put the wiring behind her TV the TV would fall. Ramona wouldn't be able to sue him, because she asked someone without the proper professional credentials to help her.
  9. Hah! That happened to me too.
  10. The exercise in the park scene Teddi & Kyle Was that some serious shade Kyle was throwing at Kim? When they start running at the end of the scene Kyle says I'm running to the Beverly Hill Hotel Polo Lounge. This is where Kim was asked to leave, locked herself in the bathroom, kicked the police officer and was arrested. Upon sentencing Kim is banned from ever going to the Polo Lounge. I doubt this will come up at the reunion
  11. John will Make It Nice!
  12. Watch Watch Crappens Podcast Love the title - Sag Harbouring Resentment https://www.acast.com/watchwhatcrappens/-687rhony-sagharboringresentment Ben sings another Luann song about her Pandora Station - around the 27 minute mark