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  1. Ew. That’s some ridiculous behavior-plus it rubbed off on the crew. I wonder if they’re be any fallout for Weatherly or the crew. What bothers me more is the part of the article about the tapes. Where they turned them over to put Eliza in a bad light but in reality, it was proof of the harassment??
  2. Dang, this is the last of the series. What book did we get to? They have to be combining books now right? I thought we had two more seasons left-is this season longer?
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I fell down a flight of old wooden steps once. It was TERRIBLE. I had a giant bruise from my right shoulder to the back of my right leg. Not to mention raw skin that rubbed off from the fall. I wouldnt be surprised if I had broken ribs. I couldnt sit or lay on my right side for over a month. Showers were terrible. I screamed bloody murder when I landed my scared my family half to death. The pain once I stopped was one of the worst things I’ve ever felt-everything on my right side was on fire. I could see if Mel B caught her hand in something that the sheer force of gravity down the steps would have caused some major issues.
  4. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Nasa is offering advice to Marvel on how to rescue Tony from Space. Somedays I really love the internet.
  5. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I agree-which I wonder if Tony and Steve actual have moments of friendship that we get to see bc of Tony’s time in space. I think its the one deficit of these movies is that Steve and Tony never had those quiet moment of friendship-they just were always at odds with each other. They did say this movie was going to be three hours right? Finding out who got dusted. Everyone is sad. Getting Tony and Nebula to everyone else. Finding Hawkeye. Scott showing up at headquarters. Marvel. Stan Lee cameo. Figuring out a plan. Executing the plan and destroying Thanos. That is a lot of ground to cover. And hopefully filled with more fun surprises. I really hope they dont undo too much of past Avenger movies with stopping Thanos. If there’s a storyline I hate its the timeloop. I want deaths undone from Thanos, but I dont want previous choices and events to be undone.
  6. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Omg. I didn’t know how much I wantes this until now. I want Pepper suited up. I was just coming here to update my theory. I watched the trailer again (and by again I mean five times) and I noticed it does say MISSING in red on the screen when Banner is looking at Peter, Shuri and Scott. Which makes sense. Wonder if M’Baku was like, “everyone got dusted, have to protect Wakanda” and teamed up with Shuri. Okoye was with everyone at the end, so I wonder why Shuri is missing, you know Okoye would have immediately went back to protect Wakanda but couldn’t find Shuri? I really want to see Hawkeye with the main players. He always seems to have his own side-story. I want him interacting with Cap, Tony, Banner and of course Natasha. I’ve loved their friendship since Budapest. I definitely want to see the spies fight together again. Actually, I’d love to see him with Okoye too. I think he would be impressed with her, even rib Natasha about who the better fighter is. I hope Valkyrie shows up to save Tony. She, Tony and Nebula would be a hoot. I think I might start an Avengers marathon....
  7. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Hasn’t Tony used the term Endgame too? Talking about protecting the Earth from everything that is unknown in Space? If he has, maybe its poignant that Strange used Endgame and now its the title. Maybe Tony has the final key with his plan to protect Earth to help end the snappening??
  8. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I wonder if Banner is talking to Shuri instead of her being gone. The only reason why I say that is because the Russo Brother’s Twitter Banner has everyone else who we know survives the Snappening-orginal Avengers, Scott, Nebula, Rocket, Captain Marvel, Rhodey, and Okoye. The two on the banner from Wakanda we didnt know but are on the banner are Shuri and M'Baku-which I thought meant they also survived. And in the picture-Shuri has on the Black Panther necklace. All hail the Queen! We don’t know about Wong’s survival either and he’s on the Twitter banner too. Sentimentally-Stan Lee is also on the banner. Which gives me hope for his final cameo. I think I might try to avoid spoilers. If this is one of the last movies with original Avengers, I think I want to be spoiler free. But damn, what a trailer.
  9. Captain Marvel (2019)

    Dang, going on my wishlist! Its a start!
  10. Captain Marvel (2019)

    I need “With her, a hero” with Marvel’s symbol on all the things. Shirts, stickers, lunch boxes. Marvel would be a fool not to. I teared up seeing that slogan, even though slightly different, again. I’m sure there are still twists, but man I feel like this trailer plus the last laid out the entire movie completely. I want it to be so good-I want more Lady Avengers. I want Marvel to acknowledge they need more lady filled movies. There’s a lot riding on this film. And Wonder Woman set a high bar.
  11. S02.E09: Hen Begins

    I loved this episode. I want to be friends with Hen, Chimney, and Athena in real life. I figured it was going to be terrible for Hen but seeing the hazing and how terrible they were to her broke my heart a bit. I love that she stood her ground and was going to do what was right no matter what her chief said. Sidebar-I know the nickname is Chimney, but I always think everyone is saying Chimmy.
  12. Wow. The news of his death literally took my breath away. I just always felt he had the inhuman abilities to be around forever.
  13. S02.E08: Buck Actually

    I LOVED that the girl from the Earthquake girl was back. I thought she and Buck had a spark in that episode, and I definitely thought they had it tonight. Bummed we didnt see Hen with her wife at the end-everyone else had a moment with their signficant others. I really liked tonight’s episode. I liked Buck’s growth. He recognized what a cad he was and wanted better for himself. Also liked that Chimmy told Maddie he was okay with them moving slow. I like their budding relationship, its sweet. I know Hewitt doesnt get a lot of love on this board, but she felt natural tonight, like she’s a good fit to the show’s puzzle.
  14. Two Thirds of Google workers are walking out on Google today around the world as a reaction to the New York Times’ published article abouy Google’s History of harassment, discrimination, support of abusers, and the people whose lives and careers which were collateral damage in the process. I can’t post the article bc I’m at work-but its all over the internet and Twitter.
  15. S02.E07: Haunted

    Christopher as Wolverine was genius. He was ADORABLE. I do wish there had been more creepiness in this episode-last year’s Halloween episode was more fun than this one.