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  1. The Flash in the Media

    Wow. Kevin looks fantastic! I hope everything with his health is doing ten times better than before his heart attack.
  2. S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    Just finished, I put off the show because I didnt want to burn through all the episodes fast but once I started, I couldn’t stop. I hope Ruth and Debbie’s story finally moves on from “you slept with my husband.” I hope they keep mending to be friends, especially after their fight bc as they shouted, neither one of them are perfect. Honestly, I want them to become a two-woman team kicking ass and taking names. Sam is redundant bc Ruth can direct. They might not even need Bash’s money after Vegas (I like Bash, he can stay as announcer). I really think if Ruth and Debbie actually continued to opened up to each other and trusted each other, I would love to see them dominate together. I don’t want Sam and Ruth. At least not yet. I’d be down with them playing the “will they-wont they” between the two until the end. I think it will create a power struggle with the Ladies if they go there too soon. The Ladies of Glow were awesome. I love how brash and loud they were. I really hope more of the show focuses on them next season. My favorite episodes this season were the ones with the side stories. And I really hope, as a fellow plus-sized lady, that Carmen gets a love story. And I hope that Bash and Carmen figure things out. She looked so upset, I hope they dont drop the story. I also wish Carmen had ripped off that stupid shirt after defeating her brother. That’s a big wrestling move right? It looked like she had her bridesmaid outfit on under it. And finally Bash. Chris Lowell really brought it this season. As much as I was frustrated that the show was focusing on him, I now want to rewatch the series to see if there were other clues dropped that I missed the first time around about Bash’s backstory. I got suckered in. The bar, the phone call, the house were crushing. Even his final shot on the bus, he looked so....lost. I’m kinda bummed he continued to lie to Britannica about being in love with her. I hope he figures life out, and I kinda hope he bonds with more of the ladies.
  3. Yvette Nicole Brown is taking over for Chris Hardwick at the Walking Dead portion of Comic Con. I’m not surprised by the choice at all, I wish she had been hosting the Talking Dead over Hardwick ages ago because of how much she loved the show-she would seriously come with notes. NOTES. And she was always so brilliant with her connections over man-child Hardwick.
  4. Lol, this was floating around FB too. I’ll be watching First Avenger tonight after the fireworks 💛
  5. Did anyone see the House of Cards teaser Trailer that came out today? I’m sure they were going to release it today (because of what she says), but the timing is, hilarious 😂 I don’t want to spoil it, so definitely go look for it. I thought it was fitting considering his charges 😇
  6. I just saw an article that The Connors is a go on ABC next year. I’m disappointed in ABC. They should have just let the show go. I’m curious to see how people who supported Roseanne is going to react to the news...
  7. I agree. Do they do that in hopes of donations from whomever they give an honorary degree too? I honestly thinks it takes away from those who do the actual work for their degrees. I wonder if other offenders have been stripped of their “degrees.”
  8. They were just speculating on the #MeToo situation. However, I think once you amass a number of Twitter Followers, you are also are choosing to live the public life where people are going to question if you are going to comment on topics, especially ones that directly affect their life. Im going to talk about it more below, but if you’re saying your an ally to women, and then something happens to a woman in your circle of friends, you’re going to get questioned if you dont continue to be an ally. That’s my bad. I think I smashed together a couple of tweets in my mind, bc I remember reading the D&D group comment too. Either way, they run in the same circles. Let me start with, I really respect Wil for his forecoming info on his blogposts. I also really like Patton. And I would even give them the benefit of doubt that they didnt know what was happening behind closed doors of Chris/Chloe’s relationship. However, both men have very active twitter feeds which are also very geeky, political and have championed themselves as allies to many groups in the past. It’s really bothering me bc if you’re this public ally and talking the talk, you should be an ally to women when it gets tough too and walk the walk. I think this is why its bothering me so much, not only is this MeToo moment happening in my favorite genre but people who I thought would stand up are not. It’s literally their moment to prove their mettle. And on top of all of this, Wheaton is still tweeting. He is posting pics of his cats, but click-baiting it with text that says “an important annoucement” and then its just his cat. He’s retweeting stuff too. If you say you’re going to take some time to formulate what you want to say, then take some time off of social media and do that. Don’t clickbait.
  9. No moderating at Comic Con for Hardwick either. The article says Chris made the decision to not moderate. I’m sure there was no pressure to quit seeing this is Doctor Who’s first season with a female doctor. Things you find out when shit goes to hell in a handbasket, apparently Hardwick, Wil Wheaton and Patton Oswalt were all college roomies (who knew they were all the same age) and are still really good friends. And well known geeks. Wheaton posted on Twitter he needed time to process the information about Hardwick but no official statement yet from him. Crickets from Oswalt. I have no idea how to embed tweets otherwise I’d post Wheaton’s tweet... Has anyone found an article with any statements from other writers/people from Nerdist? I’m just surprised there haven’t been more yet. Edit to say: apparently Wheaton went on a huge blocking spree on Twitter and a ton of people have been blocked in the past 24 hours. People are speculating that he might have his own #metoo moment come to light seeing that he is best friends with Hardwick and that he still has yet to actually comment.
  10. I didn’t realize how long ago all of his shows had been taped. I just assumed his talk show was live, or taped close to when they aired. Here’s some more information on all of Hardwick’s gigs. I’m frustrated with his statement, but its obvious he doesn’t think he was in the wrong as well as trying to get ahead of Chloe’s evidence. I shook my head at him writing about how Chloe tried to get back with Chris after he dumped her. Shocker, sometimes people who are abused go back to their abuser. I know what he was trying to accomplish with that statement, but yikes, did it miss the mark.
  11. OI’m kinda surprised Hardwick hasn’t said anything all day today. I found an article which highlights some writer reactions including a writer who “apparently” quit Nerdist today bc he doesn’t want to be associated with Hardwick in any way or form even though Nerdist strongly denounced Hardwick. Here’s the article. Also, super classy by the Nerdist Twitter account, not only did they denounce him but they posted how to contact different resources in and out of the US to help with Sexual Assault. Although I always get torn by businesses when they do things like this after someone related to them gets outed. Why didnt you denounce and do these things before? Hardwick hadnt been with Nerdist for two years. If shit like this is why he left, why didnt Nerdist scrub him two years ago? I appreciate the sentiment, but its so frustrating when you hear there were rumors but no action had been taken previous to someone being outed. But on the other hand, we dont know why Nerdist and Hardwick parted ways so.....
  12. Diving deeper, I forgot all about his podcast. He’s interviewed a ton of super geeky actors. I’ll be interested in as well who denounces Hardwick who appeared on the podcasts. With GamerGate also a blackmark on the geek world, I wonder if the response is going to be swift and strong, or if its going to be lackluster and tame. Comic Con is a month away....
  13. Ugh. I never liked Hardwick, I always thought all the geek acclaim surrounding the Walking Dead and Hardwick should have clearly belonged to Yvette Nicole Brown. On Twitter, I saw a couple other female writer’s from The Nerdist tweet how they believe Chloe. I’m interested to see how this blows up bc he’s moderating at Comic Con (Doctor Who apparently) I want to know if any of the Fear/Walking Dead actors are going to say anything. Or if Yvette will say anything...
  14. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    They definitely crammed a lot of mythos and character beats in this last one. I dont think my heart has ever swelled so big while watching a show. I never wanted it to end. I loved Dani’s speech, it was nice that her story came full circle. Loved after Rajan found out. Everyone’s faces were priceless. Loved that the cluster’s cluster were so understanding. I wonder if we werent so pressed for time, who wouldnt have believed the story. Did we ever have a moment of just the 8 together, in one place, without their sidekicks? I kinda wish the last scene wasnt of the dildo but of the 8 together safe and happy. There didnt even need to be words. Oh well, I’ll cross my fingers for a return of Sense8 and a single scene of them together. I wish we had more character beats too, but alas, I will also take what I can get. I love Sun and the Detective. Their love story was my favorite. He broke the law for her. She left her phone on for him. He met the family. Sun’s dog was in the finale! I’m in love. I hope someday they reveal what the storylines of the other seasons would have been. How long would the Sense8’s been without Wolfgang. How long would it have taken to clear Sun’s name. Which Cluster sidekick wouldnt have believed the story, or other parents we would have met. Or the Mythos of the Sense8s...damn you Netflix. This is going to haunt me for awhile. This show is going to be the show I judge all other ensemble shows on.
  15. Agent Carter in the Media

    From this article to their eyes! Please, let’s finally see Peggy building Shield. And she better build it with WOMEN. Honestly, I doubt if Agent Carter came back they would do this but I want a season of 100% female directors like Jessica Jones. And I want more than one gal-pal for Peggy. Hell, I want to be greedy and have more than one female agent!