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  1. S13.E11: Hammer Time

    Yes, you are right- stop with the back and forths on Marjorie. Agree to disagree. Last warning!
  2. S13.E13: Back Where It All Started

    Let's also stop with discussing/bashing Marjorie and her clothes. This is Top Chef, not Top Fashion.
  3. S13.E13: Back Where It All Started

    Let's keep general food talk out of the episode threads, please. For one, it's off topic. Two, it makes me hungry and that's not good. if you want to keep talking food, open a new thread. Thanks!!
  4. S13.E13: Back Where It All Started

    Reminder: if you want to discuss the results of LCK, either go to the LCK thread or use spoiler tags.
  5. S13.E12: Wok This Way

    Alright, everyone needs to step back and chill. I'm cleaning up some of posts, but the comments are crossing lines. I know that Marjorie is in a position as the on,y remaining female and some question her likeability, but the discussion has gone on too long and we are stopping the back and forth conversations we are having. Please move along and focus on the episode itself.
  6. S13.E10: Restaurant Wars, Part 2

    I agree that Phillip's restaurant looks terrible and he did discuss them during the show instead of the restaurant he was "opening", but let's keep this thread to actual episode items and take the restaurant talk to the off episode thread.
  7. S13.E08: Where's The Beef

    As this is Top Chef (or Top Carrot this year) and not Top Fundraising Show, let's move along from the discussion on the fundraising aspect. That topic has been beat into a bloody, beefy steak. Thanks all!
  8. Top Chef in the Media

    A Jezebel writer got to attend the premier episode, and "had" to try everything. I'm jealous! http://jezebel.com/a-superfan-finally-tastes-the-food-an-inside-look-at-t-1743586418
  9. Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Copied over--- Statements From Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Josh Duggar August 20, 2015 Statement from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: Please see the statement below from our son Josh regarding recent media stories about him. When we learned of this late last night our hearts were broken. As we continue to place our trust in God we ask for your prayers for Josh, Anna, our grandchildren and our entire family. Statement from Josh Duggar: I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife. I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him. I brought hurt and a reproach to my family, close friends and the fans of our show with my actions that happened when I was 14-15 years old, and now I have re-broken their trust. The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country, in my heart I had allowed Satan to build a fortress that no one knew about. As I am learning the hard way, we have the freedom to choose to our actions, but we do not get to choose our consequences. I deeply regret all hurt I have caused so many by being such a bad example. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Please pray for my precious wife Anna and our family during this time. Josh Duggar
  10. Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Couple of quick observations--nothing from Anna, minimal from Michelle and Jim Bob, and Josh seems to be realizing there are consequences to actions. Anna, please get out.
  11. Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    If he is into women that are "jeans and tee shirt" types, how about he lets/encourages Anna to WEAR JEANS?
  12. S11.E10: Dish of a Lifetime and Pilots

    I agree, Bella. I can't put my finger on it. I don't find him creepy, I just find him "empty" parts of the time. I sincerely hope that the travel and taste demos were just to get everyone to have similar shows to judge between and won't actually be their show if they win. Let these guys cook!
  13. EHG 70: Don't Go Away Mad

    I was a day behind listening to the podcast, and it featured my Deer Forest commercial! How exciting! I've never watched a single episode of 90210 (didn't have cable or a Fox station growing up) so I'm going to try to watch along with Tara and Sarah.
  14. EHG Mini: Lip Sync For Your Life

    It's my topic! Yay!!! How exciting!! I would totally also pick Zombie as my song to preform, probably the second one so I could wear the outfit from the video.
  15. I liked it-I'll keep watching. I think they had to have Carol be annoying-which is worse, being alone or being with her?