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  1. Then the realtor was shown rolling her eyes! 😆
  2. Man, was she annoying! I can understand her concerns about those stairs but complaining about that exposed medieval stonework was ridiculous. I don’t get the “business” either. Why would someone send their teen daughter over to Italy to hang out with her?
  3. Even in her older days. Disraeli was adept at using charm and flattery on the widow Victoria. Well, Rufus Sewell’s Lord M was younger and hotter too!
  4. S10.E10

    But they did mention the option hooking it up outside, too.
  5. Yeah, seems unreasonable of Victoria to hold a grudge over Fedora getting married and leaving. That was to be expected. Francatelli wants to open a hotel with a restaurant. He talked about the number of rooms in the place they looked at. Don’t blame Skerrit for not wanting to leave. Fun fact: Palmerston was married to Lord Melbourne’s sister! And he was 64 years old in 1848...
  6. S10.E10

    Yeah, hooking it up to an outside faucet would still mean a cold water bath for the dog. BTW, that doggie was a trooper! What a sweetie!
  7. Victoria’s sister sure was weird. What’s up with her? I love Lawrence Fox so I’m glad he is in the cast now. Who is this Sophie and her a-hole husband? I don’t remember them.
  8. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    California: It looked odd for the entrance (not calling it a “mud room”!) to open almost directly into the kitchen. Ugh, on the kids sitting in the middle of the island with their feet all over it. Again, I’m tired of so much white. I watched an HGTV show Saturday night called “Bought at First Sight.” The H/W flippers bought a 1915 Craftsman that had the original wood trim, beams, and built-ins. The wife painted them all white and replaced the fireplace mantle and frame with a white and black tile. 😱 What a travesty.
  9. The Incredible Dr. Pol

    In the follow-up, they showed him at home running around with another dog. The clip was also shown on the promos. You must be thinking of a past episode.
  10. Yeah, I don’t know why they wanted to work together, too. I liked the first house the best. Thought it was cool.
  11. The Incredible Dr. Pol

    So happy new Dr. Pol episodes are back! I was worried about the little dog that had bloody discharge from the rear. I was dreading the sad music. So glad to see him barking like a typical toy dog the next morning. 😀
  12. S1:E10 Six or Seven Minutes

    For Iggy to imply to Kapoor that the coffee shop lady pulled a scam on him seemed really out of character. He acted as if he were jealous that Kapoor hadn’t given him the money.
  13. Dublin: Why did she have to move to Ireland with him? If her job was so important to her, maintain a long-distance engagement for awhile. Unless of course she was afraid he would meet some nice Dublin lass...😏
  14. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    OC: I agree about the wife and the kitchen. She just ended up looking stupid.
  15. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Husband was in the swimming pool industry, hence all the mention of pools.