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  1. Yeah. I miss Ecbert, too. I’ll never not love Lagertha, but Ragnar was the great love of her life. They need to be reunited in Valhalla.
  2. Indeed! It aggravates me that they hold the preview hostage. I don’t watch Knightfall either. As for Astrid, I don’t think she had much of a choice but to marry stinky Harald if she wanted to live.
  3. Thank you. I’m in the minority in not liking the new actor playing Thorne, but I might be able to like his Thorne a little if he wasn’t being portrayed as another obnoxious, arrogant, demanding asshole like Ridge (and Rick at times). I mean, demanding that Ridge be fired. He is the lead designer, you know.
  4. I thought the same exact thing. He landed there through sheer dumb luck. Now he doesn’t even have a raven!
  5. Me, too. I can’t pull for the Vikings now with psycho boy in charge. I can’t pull for the Saxons either with the religious fanatic running the show. I like the actor who plays Aethelwulf, but I can’t forget how Aethelwulf slaughtered those peaceful Viking farmers. Hvitserk is a dim bulb for throwing in with the brother who already murdered one brother. He looks as if he should be wearing a MAGA cap.
  6. It was a rough, scratchy shirt worn for penitential reasons. Mortifying the flesh and all that good stuff.
  7. The guy in Sicily was a hottie. Nice of the Blue Man Group to show up for Harald’s wedding. And, yes, his hair looked fine since it had apparently been washed. Speaking of hair, Lagertha’s braided “crown” was gorgeous.
  8. I’m so sick of Liam groveling. Just buy him a hair shirt and whip, for crying out loud.
  9. Liam: “We’ve all been there.” Yeah, all three of you have been in Steffy’s cooter.
  10. I can see RJ showing an interest in designing at his age. It’s more realistic than middle aged Thorne suddenly taking up designing. I still miss Winsor Harmon. I don’t like Sinister Thorne.
  11. How cool that people in biblical times made jelly donuts! ;-) 😉
  12. Yes, but, for me, not in this case. To each her own. When will Sheila get fired for sitting down and chatting with customers? And why would Thorne give her the time of day?
  13. I agree. To me, he has a sinister air about him. Not at all like Thorne.
  14. She wore a top for the first time that covered her cleavage and lost! 😉