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  1. One part of his anatomy would wake up and salute! *SPROING* 🤭
  2. They can bring back Jon from “Wipeout.”
  3. S05.E17: Breaking Point

    I effing hate Woods. Too bad his stupid daughter pulled through.
  4. S19.E16: Dare

    I agree with countries which have laws that say unless you specifically choose not to be a donor, then you are.
  5. S01.E01: Pilot

    I enjoyed it, cliches aside. I’m still pissed Mercy Street was cancelled so I’ll take any bearded Josh Radnor I can.
  6. I enjoyed Quinn going off on Bill. He deserved it.
  7. S03.E03: Clarity

    Why would she have all those pics of someone who raped her?
  8. I know nothing about this guy. I didn’t find him obnoxious. Where is the thread for this season?
  9. S03.E03: Clarity

    “August is your UTI!” 😆 Who was that guy Rachel went to see at the end, after looking at pics of him?
  10. Columbo didn’t have a parrot. Are you thinking of Barreta and his cockatoo? I wish Saul would get a job at Forrester.
  11. S02.E01: The War to End All Wars

    I wish they hadn’t put it on Sunday night. That’s a death zone for a network show. I watch all the Chicago shows but didn’t watch Chicago Justice because it was slotted on Sunday. Guess what? It was canceled. I love Goran V., but I can’t get over Flynn murdering Lincoln!
  12. S02.E01: The War to End All Wars

    I had so many “why didn’ts”...why didn’t Lucy shoot that bitch Emma when she had a chance, why didn’t Wyatt shoot the guy as they were running off, why didn’t Rufus or Wyatt blow up the mother ship (maybe I missed something since I was watching and doing other things). Glad the show (and Goran 💕!) is back however.
  13. Why didn’t he wax his forearms to match his chest?
  14. Excuse me, Bill didn’t force Caroline to lie. It’s not all on him.
  15. S06.E13: Hiding Not Seeking

    Kidd finally got my telepathic message: Why go out for hamburger when you have filet mignon at home?😉 Why do Sophie and Antonio keep breaking up anyway? Love me some Chief Bowden!