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  1. I think, after seeing the Duggar's serving ice cream on a really chilly day outside in November, that the Burnetts have done a great job. I think of it more as brunch than just pancakes. And they're inside in a decent venue that has to do with something J.D. loves. I think they both look happy and a bit tired. I hope they stay away from the Duggar family as much as possible to give them a better chance to be happy.
  2. S30.E02: Heartbreak Hotel

    Marge forgot to salt the glass rims.
  3. I love this whole post. Two hours when it could have been easily done in one and still been too long.
  4. I recorded the show and stopped watching and deleted the show when I saw that JB and Michelle were lighting the sign. Such a selfish but unsurprising thing for them to do. I really can't watch or listen to either one of them.
  5. @Tom Holmberg Thank you for keeping up with these, you really do the best reviews. They're concise, informative, including info about not only who was on the show but in the case of Celia Lovsky, who she was married to. More than a little bit of humor. So many times, your reviews are as good as the shows.
  6. Small Talk: Gumshoe Gab

    Thanks! This was so cool! I love the "Kookie Kar" and so many of the cars from that time that are on the show.
  7. Small Talk: Gumshoe Gab

    According to his bio on IMDB he started using it on tv in 1954 with "Adventures of the Falcon," Maybe he just wanted to do something different. The upper case GGs in the midst of the lower case letters certainly are attention grabbing :) He has more writing credits than directing. 77 as opposed to 60 for writing. He even has 24 credits for soundtrack, 17 for producing and 7 for acting. George kept busy.
  8. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @bythelake http://www.latimes.com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-drugs-country-of-origin-20180515-story.html This article shows how frustrating trying to find the source of a medication can be. It's intentionally obscured. This is from the article: "The drug industry has spent nearly $4 billion on lobbying over the last 20 years, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. No other U.S. industry comes close." It's also frustrating when you have a prescription that works well and your prescription plan changes the tier that med is so it costs triple or more for a smaller amount. I'm grateful to have medical insurance and a prescription plan but it gets tricky trying to work through who and what's available. I hope your prescriptions from wherever you get them are safe and priced so they are affordable. I wish that for all of you struggling with meds, prices and side-effects.
  9. @Tom Holmberg I'm sorry I missed this Suzanne-centric episode. I've probably seen it but it doesn't ring a bell. Kookie calling Suzanne "The French Wench" and Jeff's romantic interest in her is just part of them figuring out where they're going with the show. Like you wrote, thankfully they went in another direction. I watched "The Secret of Adam Cain" and really enjoyed the end. It was Stu in another country but I liked the characters better in this.
  10. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @jcbrown I try to avoid anything made in China that's ingested, absorbed through skin, used for cooking or food storage. I was completely clueless that a pharmacy with Walgreen's reputation would be getting drugs from a company that got meds from China.
  11. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @bythelake https://www.fda.gov/newsevents/newsroom/pressannouncements/ucm613532.htm I take valsartin and have gotten it in the last year from cvs and walgreen's. CVS was fine but the Walgreen's meds I had taken were affected. Solco Healthcare was responsible for getting the drugs from China. Walgreen's sent a letter.
  12. Small Talk: Gumshoe Gab

    I was watching "The Wolf Man" the other night and was surprised that george waGGner, before he spelled it that way, was the director. It seems like he started the big GGs when he started directing tv.
  13. @Tom Holmberg Another great review! I love that Kookie and Sue Randall were in this and Stu was a great support for Kookie but boy was it heavy-handed in the woman's beauty being the most important aspect of what had happened. What a despicable person she was, too. Hit and run, she caused her own injuries when trying to cover that up, and knowingly letting someone else take the blame. Her husband was a real piece of work, too. He was far from being attractive but he wanted this beautiful reflection of his value as a man. And was willing to put the blame on Kookie. They deserved each other. And I realize it's almost 60 years ago but for the police to treat Kookie the way they did. Shameful. Sue Randall was so cute with her cat's eye glasses. I always loved the way she treated her students on LITB.
  14. @Tom Holmberg "All Our Yesterdays" is one of my favorite episodes. I like the story, the old actors and how Stu treats Lucinda with kindness and respect. For me, it would have been better, if Lucinda would have disinherited her greedy family and left her money to a home for retired actors. "The Well-Selected Frame" was alright. I was so glad when Jeff outsmarted Valerie who couldn't imagine him passing up $10 million. And I'll tell you, I flinch every time a tv detective gets hit on the head with something. I do a lot of flinching,
  15. Small Talk: Gumshoe Gab

    @Tom Holmberg I don't blame you for skipping "Iron Curtain Caper". I'm not watching it either.