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  1. Don't feel too bad, I recorded those two. I started watching and will finish later. I can get pulled into a lot of shows I really haven't planned on. watching. I'll record shows sometime just in case. I look forward to another Bellem episode.
  2. Please hear the applause and laughter. From the first lines, I was hooked on your review. The way you described Harold J Stone, Nancy Malone, Ted de Corsia and their semi-noir language was hysterical. It's hard to believe Bellem came up with the "Phycho-Functional Institute" "Cinderella" project as a way to blackmail Dorn to have to effect needed for Denny's case. It's clever in a bizarre way. This episode was unnecessarily grim. Roscoe, Suzanne, Jeff, Kookie, or even J.R. are missed. It's just so odd to change everything but the name. And that was Frank Adamo as a shopkeeper. Thank you for a review so much better than this episode or season.
  3. "Deposit With Caution" one of the Bellem written episodes will be on Thursday July 12. I'm going to check it out to see if a good writer can help a not so good series.
  4. Thanks for the link. It's a very interesting article about someone I'd never heard of before. I checked on IMDB and was surprised how many different tv shows he had written for. The shows I remember from "Perry Mason" and "Superman" were good. From the article he seemed like a prolific writer of books and scripts.
  5. @Tom Holmberg Thank you for taking one for the team I liked this episode a lot, warts and all. I thought Juanita Moore seemed so much like Annie from "Imitation of Life" but I loved that movie :) And I love me a happy ending even if it's a bit heavy handed. I'm done with season 6. I don't think there's anything else worth an hour/45 minutes. It really is puzzling why they went in this direction while keeping the name of the show the same. I hope you have a great 4th of July and summer. I appreciate your perseverance.
  6. My thoughts exactly. If you're going to end a show, which they certainly did when they changed or got rid of everyone who had previously been on the show except Efrem Zimbalist, it seems disrespectful to the viewers of this 5 year old show not to end with the whole cast. Just so odd when they had "The Checkmate Caper" to use for the end of the original show. I'm going to watch "White Lies" which will be shown tomorrow morning on ME TV.
  7. All your recaps are good but this one is my favorite. Cuthbert -yest, Cuthbert will be in my head for days. It was a really great episode, a lot of humor. And you're right, Tom Holberg, it is kind of sad to have the whole cast appear for the last time. Thank you for helping make watching this show more enjoyable.
  8. That's funny and so true. :)
  9. @Tom Holmberg again such great recaps! I didn't see one for "Flight 307" with a very young in age and career Gena Rowlands. When it ended I was thinking it looked like a pilot and I found on another tv site that to be true. It also had Jack Warden who was in "Crazy Like A Fox" and many movies, Philip Carey who was Asa Buchanan on "One Life to Live" for over 20 years. Bill Williams who played "Kit Carson" and was married to the beautiful Barbara Hale aka Della Street was also on and very good. Stu was pretty limited which I didn't mind. The last several episodes have been Stu centered. I like Efrem Zimbalist a lot but Stu's character just got to be used too much. ME-TV will be showing the "5" episodes July 3. I think they did this last time and maybe because they wanted to show them in sequence. "White Lie" was a season 6 episode I liked.
  10. Small Talk: Gumshoe Gab

    @Tom Holmberg I really don't enjoy Season 6 at all even though I like Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. in a lot of things. It's a completely different show. I found this on Wikipedia: "Controversial sixth season, 1963–1964[edit] In 1963, as the show's popularity waned, the entire cast except for Zimbalist was let go. Jack Webb was brought in as executive producer and William Conrad as a producer/director. The character of Stuart Bailey was presented as a solo private investigator, with no continuity or reference to his past years with Spencer, or his military OSS background. It was an abrupt, unexplained disconnect. The series and Bailey's personality took on a darker tone.[3]. The familiar office, parking lot and Dino's Lodge were gone. A new musical theme was written by Bob Thompson. The Season Six show title was not changed, it still was an address, but Bailey's new office was dramatically different from Bailey and Spencer's 77 Sunset Strip office of the past five years. The interior of Bailey's new office building was shown behind the show's opening and closing credits, forcing viewers to ponder how the same address could look so very different (it was actually the historic Bradbury building in downtown Los Angeles). There seemed to be no mention of his office address in the Season Six shows, however in episode "Bonus Baby" when a police officer inspects Bailey's Private Investigator License, a close-up shows "77 Sunset Strip". Perhaps that brief shot was supposed to explain the show's title, but surely it confused viewers. The P.I. License shows his business as "Bailey Investigations", and his name as "S. Bailey", though a real license would state the person's full name. As the season progressed, there were some shifts in tone. Several episodes into the season, Bailey's stern personality became lighter, though still different from prior seasons. His secretary Hannah, previously known to viewers only because Bailey addressed her in his recorded dictations, became a real person, working in Bailey's office, where he kept asking for a date which she refused. As of episode "Alimony League", opening and closing background of Bradbury building was gone, replaced by Bailey in silhouette walking past lighted store windows. Episode "The Target" was unusual because key roles were played by the show's primary behind-the-scenes people, who happened to also be experienced actors. Show producer William Conrad played "Maestrian", associate producer James Lydon played "Charlie", writer Tony Barrett played "Carnovan", and director "Lawrance Dobkin" played "Landers". Season Six of "77 Sunset Strip" was essentially a different show that oddly used the title and one character from a different prior show, and showed a different building with the same address. Viewers did not appreciate such a massive alteration, and the show was cancelled halfway through its sixth season in February 1964. In the 1964 summer reruns period, shows from Bailey and Spencer years were shown; the Season Six episodes were abandoned, rarely seen until 2017 on MeTV. If Season Six instead had been presented as a new series with a different title and character and address, starring popular Zimbalist, it might have been accepted."
  11. @Tom Holmberg I really enjoy your recaps with the added backstories of the stars. When you recapped "Escape to Freedom" I understood what you were saying about it. The funny thing for me is the first time I saw it I gave it a 10. I wasn't even going to watch it this time because of another Stu in Europe episode. I'm wondering if MEtv will show season 6 again. I stopped watching after a few episodes.
  12. @Mindthinkr You are very welcome. Since you only use, at most, 3 TBLS, use really small containers so you can thaw out what you want in a short time. I thaw mine in the fridge. I freeze them in quart plastic bottles and it takes about two days. I think it's worth a little time and thought to save a bit of money.
  13. @Mindthinkr I checked to see if you could freeze Lactaid since your kitties don't use it very quickly. On the Lactaid site it said you could but it wasn't recommended. But I found this from another google choice: "Freeze lactose-free milk in an airtight container and leave at least 1/2 inch headspace at the top, as lactose-free milk will expand when frozen; thaw in refrigerator. ... The freezer time shown is for best quality only - lactose-free milk that has been kept constantly frozen at 0° F will keep safe indefinitely." I always freeze milk since I'm the only one who drinks it and it costs as much, if not more, for 1/2 gallon than a whole one. I usually just cook with it and it works fine for me. I hope this is a help.
  14. The Middle in the Media

    @stonehaven Thank you for sharing Ken Levine's blog about the finale. What he wrote is so very true and explains, as much as possible, why this show never got the love other shows that aren't as good have gotten.
  15. The Middle in the Media

    Thank you @Kip Hackman. That was lovely.