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  1. S05.E04: Rebirth

    My satellite went out for a minute on my DVR recording due to ice, but what was the surprise for grandpa? I saw they were taking him somewhere that had to do with his childhood but I missed the story. When it came back they were posing for a picture. Can anyone fill me on what I missed?
  2. Dr. Pimple Popper

    I was surprised that guy was 70 years old and was in Desert Storm? He must have been an old soldier. I'm 48 and I have classmates who were in that.
  3. Dr. Pimple Popper

    Thank you! That took me right out of the episode. Especially since they were arguing about her trying to get him to go see Dr. Pimple Popper. Like, gee, what are these cameras doing here then if I’m not going to see her?
  4. Botched

    This might sound weird, but I actually thought the black salve lady was more attractive with the bad nose. The new nose totally changed the look of her face. It reminded me of Jennifer Grey’s nose job. Her new nose may have looked better on its own but it didn’t seem to fit well with her face.
  5. Angie Tribeca

    I loved the running joke "This is above your pay grade" as he pulls the curtain.
  6. S05:E01 The Final Countdown

    I thought it was interesting when the surgeon explained one of the reasons for the therapists letter is because the procedure ensures lifelong sterility - didn't Jazz's parents essentially do that by giving her hormones that prevented her from starting puberty? Isn't that the reason her surgery is so complicated now?
  7. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    OMG I thought the same thing! I stayed at home for 2 years when my second child was born, and although my house was usually a mess, I did stay on top of laundry. How hard is it to throw in a load after breakfast, change it to the dryer at lunch, and then fold when the kid is napping? Its not like she had to beat the clothes against rocks down at the river and hang them up to dry.
  8. S01.E01: Part 1

    I'm just now starting this series and watched the first episode. I may have been tired, but I didn't really get what was happening when the guard pulled Benicio del Toro away and into that one room and then brought him back to his cell. Can anyone explain what happened there?
  9. Long Lost Family

    There was a new episode last night. Did anyone watch? That was the first time I can recall an adoptee initially saying they did not want to meet but then changing their mind. I'm sure that has happened before, but they haven't really shown much of the behind the scenes discussions that likely happen before the the cameras roll. When the mother and daughter met, it was certainly awkward. I also felt that she was instructed by the producers to write her letter to the daughter in a certain way - it seemed way more about acknowledging her adoptive family than most letters on this show. I really felt for the other mom who gave up her daughters but they ended up being abused by their adoptive father. When she broke down on learning that, I teared up. I can't imagine the pain and guilt she must feel about that. She thought she was protecting them by getting them away from their own abusive biological father. Such a sad story. I noticed this show had yet another staged "important call comes in while one of the hosts is out driving somewhere". Do the camera people just follow them around all the time whenever they drive somewhere, LOL.
  10. I got really depressed last night reading some of the comments on WDYTYA's Facebook page. If you can watch a show about the KKK and your main takeaway was that it was "unfair to white people", you just might be a racist. There were also lots of comments from people denying that police kill black people. It's so sad how much denial people live in about things that don't directly affect them. I also had a hard time getting into Morrison's story, but I may have just been emotionally exhausted from Regina's episode that his seemed rather lightweight.
  11. S02.E12: Josie & Me

    I was kind of expecting a twist ending, but nope, it was a rape just what I thought it would be. And I know they have to fit this into the conceit of taking place in the same room, but I don't remember any frat parties in college that happened at a motel. That should have been prom night in high school.
  12. Match Game

    I like how the contestant mumbled she needed a drink at the end. LOL.
  13. I loved the season overall, but one thing bugged me and didn't really make sense to me, storytelling-wise. There were several episodes where Joel lamented about how he just wanted to be forgiven, blah blah. But in the first episode flashback, they showed that Miriam did want to take him back, but HE was the one who couldn't handle her making comedy about their relationship. I feel the later scenes would have made so much more sense without that flashback. Because she did forgive him. He was the one who couldn't forgive her for being a comedian.
  14. This episode was a little boring to me. Mandy Moore was likable but her super enthusiasm over the slightest little detail started to wear on me. Also, I hate how this show will produce easy to find documents much later on like they are some big discovery. For instance they only showed Mandy the 1861 census at the beginning, then later on after she went galavanting across the world "Oh look! We found her in the 1881 census!" When really that would have been one of the first documents they had found. They just try and hide things at first to try and tell a better story.
  15. The Man and the Baby and the Man

    I kind of enjoyed season 1, but season 2 has been all kinds of WTF moments from me. Glad the season is almost over.