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  1. Why does Dr. Lee think you are born already a toddler? I was confused at why she kept saying you aren’t born with a lipoma when the girl clearly told her she got it when she was a toddler. And for such an important decision, she wouldn’t be told to think it over and call back when she made up her mind? Kind of weird to just leave the room while she made the decision. It was like there was pressure to get the filming done that day.
  2. What was up with the contestant who said "Bin Laden" for people named Obama? Oy.
  3. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    And apparently she already has a passport so we didn't have to spend an episode going to Jane's hometown so she could get one. LOL.
  4. I have watched a handful of Dr. Lee's videos and have enjoyed them and I was really liking this show when it started, BUT: I have been disappointed lately at how many patients on this show don't really seem to be getting long-term solutions. This show has had too many "we hope it won't come back" or "we made it better for now" or short-term treatments and as a viewer that is not really satisfying to watch. I get it that many of these conditions are not curable but I sort of wish maybe they would limit those to one per episode but then add in more blackhead removals or cyst popping to make up for it. It almost seems like the series is trying to get the most severe cases to feature but I'd rather see more resolutions.
  5. S04.E06: Episode 6 2018.07.22

    YES! He was so young in that movie. And so cute.
  6. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    Liza is a Gen X-er - definitely not a "bitter boomer".
  7. Season 2 Discussion

    Agree. He is like an even less-charming version of Billy from Melrose Place.
  8. Wow, the Megan Mullally episode was odd. I can't believe they spent so much time on a guy that wasn't even a blood relative. I mean, going to DC for the Civil War archive of her STEP-great-great-grandfather was a waste of time. Also it seemed like the episode had to hide a lot of key info from Megan in order to make the contrived story unfold for her in a roundabout way. They could have easily found that 1900 census record at the beginning, not sure why they had to present that at the end. Also, what was with all the drama of "Do they move back to Macon?" I mean, she already knew the son, her great grandfather, had moved from Macon to begin with when he was a man, so it was already obvious the family was already living there. If this was the most interesting branch on the family tree, the rest of it must have been downright snoozeworthy.
  9. S01.E10: Aftermath

    I was backlogged (waterlogged? ha ha) with the last 3 episodes on my DVR and I finally watched them all last night. I kind of felt like altogether they could have been combined into like one much better finale. Lots of filler and it seems like the season stretched out longer than it should have. I really enjoyed the show earlier in the season but it definitely lost steam by the end.
  10. Season Four Discussion

    Something that bugs me is when they find the long lost parent they usually don't give us much of any information on what their life is like now. Like what they ended up doing for a living, did they get married, how many other kids do they have. They only seem to mention it if they never were able to have kids or something.
  11. Season 2 Discussion

    Every time I watch this show I just get so distracted by Paige's fake eyelashes and excessive makeup. She is a very young woman, why do they need to make her look like she is 40 or something? Could they give her a natural face at least in scenes where she is not working or just rolled out of bed?
  12. That is still a direct ancestor though. It is several more generations back, but your ancestors are your ancestors and BOTH their parents no matter what their gender. There is no jumping, it just goes back another generation and the number of grandparents double with every generation. Now if it was his mother's father's mother's mother's father's mother's father's BROTHER, then it would not be a direct ancestor. I think with Cryer, they went farther back because he indicated he knew all of his great grandparents (and his mother seemed to know her great grandparents too) so they seemed to already have a much better awareness of their recent family history than most people do. When I did my mom's side of the family tree she was shocked to discover that we were English. Yet her own father actually lived with his English immigrant grandfather as a child and he never told her. It's crazy how recent history can be so easily lost in families.
  13. I loved how earnest and interested both Cryer and Cox were on their episodes. I enjoyed seeing their reactions to the information they discovered. However, I found myself getting a little bored in both episodes. I wished that they also looked at an additional ancestor or line. Especially in Cox's episode - it seemed they mainly focused on that ancestor because he owned land which was unusual but they never were able to definitively answer how he happened to become a landowner. I started to become exhausted during the last genealogist segment who kept repeating "Oh I have one more document to show you" but only raised more questions. I found myself wanting to hear another ancestor's story rather than just the one person.
  14. S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    I finally watched the finale and I may have been multi-tasking and missed something, but I thought the Lifeboat only held 4 people. So why did they go to rescue Jiya with 4 people? I guess it worked out that Rufus died so they had a place for her.
  15. Season Four Discussion

    I thought that was odd too. I mean why would her adoptive mother make up such a hurtful thing if it wasn't true? It seemed like it would have been much easier to tell the daughter her birth mother was too poor to take care of her. I also wondered why Chris so quickly latched on to the birth mom's story as the absolute truth since he only heard one side of the story. When the birth mom absolutely broke down during the letter reading, the suddenness of her emotion made me think she was perhaps overcome by guilt. So I think maybe she wasn't telling the entire truth. They did not say, but was Joshua adopted by a white family or an African-American family? I assume given the era perhaps it was an AA family but I thought we have seen other stories where the mixed race adoptee was raised by a white family. I know they said she was with the dad off and on for 20 years, but was he still alive? They never said.