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  1. You make it sound as though a woman has never won. Haven't the majority of past winners been female?
  2. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    Nice dancing, for the most part, but that Samba from Anton and Susannah was painful to watch even by Anton Latin standards. I know he's actually better at dancing Latin than that and has to dial it WAY back to match her skill level lest he make it look as though the routine is all about HIS dancing, but trying to make it a comedy routine somehow only compounds the atrocity. I love Anton to death, but that 1 from Craig was deserved.
  3. Ew, really? I got over that kind of immature sour-grapes bitterness in kindergarten. If someone doesn't find me attractive, I don't waste my energy cursing him for not being that into me. I simply shrug it off and move on.
  4. Damn right, not all men. Some of us actually DO have more intelligence and class than that!
  5. S27: Brandon Armstrong

    Incidentally, here's that Paso Doble I was talking about: And I was wrong about their ages. They were only about 12 when they competed here.
  6. S27: Brandon Armstrong

    He's THAT Brandon? No wonder he's showing so much potential as a newbie -- I remember the Paso Doble that he and Brittany did on the kid battle ten years ago. As I recall, they were only about 16 or so, but their Paso was so sophisticated and adult that it made my jaw drop -- and the judges', too!
  7. S27: Brandon Armstrong

    This should be interesting, since he was trained by Corky, Mark, and Shirley. I wonder whether their influence will show in his choreography and teaching style.
  8. All Episodes Talk: A Very Brady Thread

    And in other community projects. She helped spearhead the anti-smoking campaign and the "Save Woodland Park" campaign, and she was on the committee that approved "Romeo and Juliet" for the school play -- which is why she could fire Marcia from the cast when Marcia turned into the Diva from Hell. She also frequently helped Alice with the cooking and the grocery shopping (and supervised the girls on outings, such as for Marcia's merit badge quests) and she also drove Alice around town whenever Alice asked her to. AND she also instructed Alice NOT to constantly pick up after the kids so that they would learn to pick up after themselves. So it's not as though Carol just lay on the couch eating chocolates all day and barked orders while watching Alice do all the work.
  9. All Episodes Talk: A Very Brady Thread

    You do remember that Alice tried to quit when the Bradys were first married, right? And that the entire family (not just Carol) campaigned hard for her to stay to the point that they went over-the-top in doing so? If you had had your way, we'd have never seen Alice again after that episode!
  10. All Episodes Talk: A Very Brady Thread

    Is that true of all stay-at-home mothers, or just Carol Brady?
  11. They also own up to the fact that they're not perfect and that given even the simplest mission, nine times out of ten, they'll screw it up somehow, yet they'll also somehow manage to snatch Victory out of the jaws of Defeat even after screwing up.
  12. It's bigger than that now. The victim herself has come forward with the details of what happened.
  13. Current Timeline: News and Media

    It's only been 25 years. The show ended its run in 1993. *does double-take* Twenty-five years??? Where the HELL did all that time go?