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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    And Macron was positively adorkable in his celebration of the win!
  2. Yeah, that's the one downside to your version of Survivor. It's hard for me to keep up with the episodes here in the States because you typically have at least two or three per week!
  3. Figure Skating

    And the soap opera that has always been Russian pairs/ice dancing.
  4. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Indeed, that is an enviable run. She clearly took inspiration from her daughter and used her boots to walk all over death until she just couldn't walk any further. RIP, Mrs. Sinatra!
  5. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I'm fascinated to see that Mr. Perry had such a long and diverse career -- and that he was discovered by none other than Lucille Ball. When someone with that much clout in Hollywood considers you a real find, you're definitely blessed. And he was a composer as well as a talented (and in my view, underrated) actor! RIP, Mr. Perry!
  6. Current Timeline: News and Media

    Actually, it's TWO helicopters, or as the Clockblockers call them, "heliclockters." And what's floored everyone in the cast and crew is that this is something that the show's fans insisted on crowdfunding themselves as a way of showing that they'll NEVER give up trying to get this show renewed, or at least wrapped up in a final movie. I swear, I've never in my entire life seen such a devoted, passionate, hard-working fanbase that just refuses to quit!
  7. Mothers, Mentors, and Mates: Relationships

    I'd be more surprised if they DIDN'T go there, since Brainy and Kara are a canon couple in the comics, or at least they were all through the Silver Age.
  8. And now you know why millions of people went blind/insane in the 60s and 70s!
  9. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    It's incredible how handsome he remained even well into his 80s (and why does 86 just strike me as still too damn young?). RIP, Tab.
  10. Supergirl Quotes

    Besides, Mon-El partly got the end of the myth wrong. When Persephone's mother Demeter appealed the original sentence of eternity, Zeus ultimately ruled that Persephone only had to stay in Hades one month out of the year for each pomegranate seed she had eaten. Since she had only eaten six seeds, she only had to spend six months out of every year there. She was free to spend the other six months on Earth with her mother, during which the weather would be pleasant and things would grow (i.e., during Spring and Summer). It was only when she had to return to Hades that the weather would turn colder and things would stop growing (i.e., during Autumn and Winter). It was the Greeks' way of explaining why we have seasons.
  11. Thirteen couples. The show is structured a little differently than our DWTS, so there are more chances for couples to make a comeback throughout the season. It's one of the reasons that each episode runs about three hours long.
  12. Media: Lanford, IL Patch

    What is this, 1958?
  13. There is a material difference in meaning, and the two are therefore NOT interchangeable. Imply means "to express indirectly," as in "Her remarks implied a threat" or "The news report seems to imply his death was not an accident." Infer, on the other hand, means "to derive as a conclusion from facts or premises," as in "We see smoke and infer fire." However, there is this comment in Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary that makes an interesting point: .
  14. Current Timeline: News and Media

    I have to wonder how they would have dealt with Annie Wersching's real-life pregnancy, since if the show had been renewed, production would have started sometime during her last trimester. I suppose they could always have had Emma find out that she was pregnant with Nicholas's child (since it was implied that they had slept together at least once).
  15. Current Timeline: News and Media

    Indeed. Sean said they'd wait to see how talks regarding a movie go until the end of this week, and if that still fails, they'll see about finding another way to give the fans closure. Nevertheless, RIP, Timeless. You will never be forgotten.