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  1. To say nothing of what a powerful actor he is. I'm really glad that the show has been emphasizing Ray so much this season, because it means that Brandon has been getting a LOT to do to show off how good an actor he is. And I missed most of Nora's storyline last season, so I'm looking forward to seeing Brandon and Courtney play off each other. Brandon said that they love to inject little inside things from their marriage into their scenes together -- I'll have to watch carefully and see whether I can tell when they're NOT acting!
  2. S05.E05: All Doll'd Up

    I just caught up with the episode, and I have two comments. First, Iris in that red dress at the black-tie party? Look up "hot" in the dictionary. You'll see a color pic of Iris in that dress! Second, do I even want to know how Ralph managed to trap Rag Doll in Ralph's physical body? I'm pretty sure that's ONE visual I NEVER need to see in my head!
  3. S05.E05: All Doll'd Up

    According to Legends of Tomorrow, they are, starting in 2023 when legislation is passed banning metas (and outlawing religion). ARGUS (not CADMUS) is the driving force behind the ban, and by Nora's time (2048), the country is an aggressive authoritarian state that has ARGUS hunting down metas and locking them away in concentration camps, where they are cruelly tortured and experimented on (and supposedly, Arrow is already showing ARGUS beginning to go down this path in 2018). So that would have been my question to Nora when she started ranting about Future Iris: "What is the current legal status of metas in your time? Are they respected and encouraged, or persecuted and hunted like animals?"
  4. With Stephen? I'd never be able to tell whether he's joking or not. The man has more of a sense of humor than his portrayal of Oliver would lead one to believe. And he clearly had a blast doing the crossover -- he tweeted about it pretty much non-stop during filming!
  5. I think Jon Cryer could surprise us. I've seen actors who were mostly known for doing comedy who acquitted themselves amazingly well in dramatic roles. John Ritter was that versatile. While most of us knew him as Jack Tripper from Three's Company/Three's a Crowd and from his role in 8 Simple Rules, I can remember some very impressive dramatic roles that he did after those shows that convinced me that he really could act. And Bob Newhart is another example of an actor known mostly for comedy roles who has also turned in some surprisingly memorable and powerful dramatic performances. So who knows what Jon Cryer may be able to do with Lex? And the age thing doesn't really bother me. Even in the comics, there was a considerable age difference between Lex and Lena -- he was, as I recall, about 10 or 12 years older than she was. What I'm more interested in seeing is how Lex and Lena get along, since Lena has made it clear that Lex is one of the main reasons that she's worked so hard to distance herself from the Luthor Family legacy and reputation, which she regards as the worst of curses upon her.
  6. You know, everyone's right. Bitsie really DOES bear an uncanny resemblance to Margot Kidder! And I was only joking earlier about how Oliver's next cross-over love interest will be Barry, but I have a feeling that Stephen and Grant would both be down with it under the right circumstances. Stephen posted a BTS pic of Barry and Oliver hugging, and captioned it with "I ship it!" And he also shared a scene that had Barry and Oliver in jail with Supergirl -- and Oliver was sleeping with his head in Barry's lap while Supergirl paced up and down!
  7. The cast and crew have been really good about not letting any spoilers get out while at the same time teasing the fans in such a way that it's driving them crazy with anticipation. State secrets aren't subject to this level of intense security. The most recent teaser? Future Wyatt and Future Lucy are going to "drop a bomb." That revelation has both Garcy and Lyatt fans terrified!
  8. That doesn't mean anything. Back when I was in denial about being gay (even to myself), I knew several girls that I thought I had crushes on. It turned out to be purely intellectual attraction, nothing physical in the least.
  9. If Mona's got a crush on Gary, she's going to be in for an awfully big disappointment when she finds out that he's just not hard-wired that way!
  10. Maybe next year, Oliver will make out with Barry. 😜
  11. Off-Season Olympics Coverage

    Fortunately, Salt Lake City has said that it can host in 2026 if no one else wants to do it (although Salt Lake City would really rather host in 2030).
  12. Star Trek Discovery: Short Treks

    Well, that, plus Zeus ordered her to release him or else he'd send her island to the bottom of the ocean -- with her on it!
  13. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Who didn't? My brothers and I grew up with The Incredible Hulk (and his cousin She-Hulk), The Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, The Avengers, X-Men, Thor (my particular favorite, along with the Fantastic Four) -- all of them. He truly was an institution, and 95 is a damn good run! Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee. THIS middle-aged True Believer kid will never forget all the joy and excitement you brought to his childhood, his adolescence, his young adulthood, and his life in general. Thank you, and Excelsior!
  14. S04.E02: Fallout

    Non is dead. When Kara was first reunited with Alura on Argo (which is where Superman currently is), she told Alura that she and Superman had given both Astra and Non full Kryptonian burial rites. And the rest of the Fort Rozz prisoners perished when Fort Rozz fell into a blue star as part of the battle that Kara, Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl), Psy, and Livewire waged against Reign when they discovered that she was trying to link up with one of Fort Rozz's most dangerous Kryptonian female inmates there (the male inmates had all already died because blue-star radiation is deadly to all males regardless of species, which is why Mon-El and J'Onn couldn't fight alongside the women there).
  15. S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    The DEO is quasi-military in its structure and function and apparently derives its authority from the Executive Branch. And Colonel Haley was expressly put in charge of oversight by the President himself, so she is technically Alex's boss, if not her commanding officer outright.