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  1. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    Two characters, albeit rather similar characters. Gran was Gallant's bitchy grandma with a past in Hollywood, she was clearly brought in the bunker by Gallant who followed Coco and Mallory to the secret plane to escape the end. Bubbles the witch was a bitchy witch with a past in Hollywood who was with the coven in the flashbacks and died in the massacre. The reason its difficult to discern is that a)this season was a confusing mess of multiple actors in multiple roles and b) Joan Collins was playing a hammy variation of herself/Alexis Carrington.. The problem I have is that a lot of the interesting bits - the other outposts and why they fell, the rise of Cordelia the kinda misandrist bitch over the male witches, Brock's wandering thru the wasteland, were all brought up and dumped. Ironic isn't it, that Venable killed Mallory by poisoning and if Michael had just been paying attention, he coulda used his powers to fry Mallory's soul into dust.... If he'd been thorough, he'd still be king of the radioactive dust.
  2. S02.E10: Trust No One

    Just across the board, this is an interesting question. I personally don't think Avery is innocent but I also don't think TH was killed in that hoarder mess without any blood spatter anywhere. The actual murder scene is likely long gone but thats a pretty big property with a lot of places to murder someone with no one able to witness it. I recall reading that the argument against Steve using the car crusher is that Chuck Avery was working that day and would have seen him doing it. I'd make a further point that Steve and Brendan both are described as "having an 80 IQ" in various places. Much the way I don't believe these two were capable of scouring that trailer of blood (ie she probably didn't die there) I also don't think a grown man temperature IQ and his even more mentally challenged 16 year old nephew thought up a great plan to hide the car. I'm not convinced of Steve's innocence (Brendan I am 50/50 on a false confession/possibly helped with body disposal but didn't kill the woman) but the idea that not very bright man who had previously done some fairly angry things towards women just might snap and kill some woman who didn't respond to his overtures and then did a shit job of covering it up? Yeah, that seems pretty plausible. I think he did it, and I think all that time in jail just made his anger issues towards women worse, to where I can see that moment of snapping and killing a woman, because despite the giant carrot of the pending lawsuit, guys with low IQs and poor impulse control do dumb shit all the time. That doesn't mean the police weren't gunning for him, or planting evidence or completely ignoring other theories or coercing confessions - there's a whole lot of issues all over this case... but that doesn't mean he didn't do it. I have an open mind - I want to believe Brendan in particular is innocent but I can easily believe those two idiots thought covering the car up was gonna hide it.
  3. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Is it free? If it's free.... maybe
  4. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    Yeah - thats one of the reasons why his family/the Church of Satan was threatening a lawsuit. On the show, there's a throwaway line that Anton Lavey faked his own death to hide so he could help bring about the AntiChrist. One of their bitch points is that he is dead, there's no doubt or mystery about it, and while he loved the mocking of the Christian church, his philosophy actually was more hedonistic atheism and he didn't believe in the AntiChrist at all. The Doctor was busy saving the Ood. Also, lets be honest, he tends to make things worse.
  5. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    And we could have had the crew from 9-1-1 show up with Athena the cop! :D
  6. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    Correct - Much like how Cordelia never resurrected Myrtle because there was no apocalypse necessitating it, Madison was never freed from Hell to fight the apocalypse either.
  7. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    He's been dead since 1997. If he was alive in 2020 or 2023 - I wasn't sure of the flash forward times - he'd be 90 or 93.
  8. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    Not quite, but it is confusing. Madison died at the end of Coven - Kyle killed her because she wouldn't resurrect Zoe and thats why she ended up in Hell. Michael brought her back from hell as a sort of extra credit "fuck you" to Cordelia when he was doing the 7 Wonders. In a world where Michael dies before meeting the warlocks, Madison would continue to be in hell with no real character development. The Madison that Mallory would save is not the Madison who learned to sacrifice herself for the greater good, which makes it kind of a mixed bag whether she should be brought back, to me anyway.
  9. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    This was... anticlimactic. In fairness, an antichrist storyline can only end one way so.... But I will admit to liking that Michael died mundanely. Honestly I think the flaw here is the first three episodes. As much as I liked the end, the whole silly 18 months in the outpost with forced scrubbing and weird Victorian costumes and endless debate about who was worthy to go to the Sanctuary, with Billy Eichner wandering the Road Warrior wasteland to find Coco to kill her, and the carriages and magical apples and snakes and rubberman silliness.... there was literally no point to any of it. Also agree too many multiple roles. Venable could have been played by any actress. Gallant/Nerd One could have been played by different people than Evan Peters. For what little they did, I don't know why we needed the side plots of Violet/Tate and the Queenie/Tamissa the Witch standing around in the background, or the walk on, walk out Misty Day. I will admit tho, Madison and Emma Roberts has grown on me... but I am also a weirdo who liked her in Freaks. I'd like to see Billie Lourdes actually play Mallory or a character with normal emotions and a non-weird appearance. Coco was amusing and I liked that she was actually a good person. Marie Laveau killing Adina Porter and her cold dead eyes had me cheering and I will tolerate a new season of Billy Lourdes, Leslie Grossman, and Emma Roberts in the zombie apocalypse humping Cody Fern for bites of human brains if it means Adina Porter is dropped from the rotation of actors. This season could have been a lot better than what it was and relied on "Oh look! Nan! Oh look! Marie Laveau!" way too much. But better than Roanoke :)
  10. S02.E10: Trust No One

    The problem is this. If Bobby and Scott confess, they go to jail, and Brendan remains in jail anyway for years. Ignore all the justice aspects of the real criminals going to jail (and I will be honest and say I am unconvinced Bobby and Scott are the murderers of Halbach), the reality is that even a straight up confession with videotape showing both of them raping and murdering the woman isn't a "get out of jail free" card for Brendan. And if anyone in the Dassey family has learned anything, its to *not confess to murder* so Bobby and Scott are really unlikely to fess up so assuming new evidence is found, they will sit in jail for years until the trial, and Brendan will sit in jail until that all plays out, and Barb will get to visit all three in jail/prison, instead of just one. And because Brendan has exhausted his appeals, I think it would take a massive outcry and even then, years, to get him out of prison. Barb currently has a functional partner, a functional son, and a son in prison - if she pushes for "the truth", she goes from one son in jail to two sons and a husband in jail. That's an underlying reason why she's not pressing this point. I'm genuinely not convinced Brendan wasn't involved. One of the things in his confession that this show just didn't mention at all was him telling the officers that Steve molested him. I don't believe Brendan initiated the crime, but I can easily believe Brendan was told by his abusive uncle to do x, y, and z and going along with it. I mean, we know Brendan will confess to murder if he thinks that will please, so it's not hard to believe he'd do as his uncle asked even if it seemed a bit murdery. I feel sorry for Brendan, because I think he was taken advantage of and I think if nothing else his mental incapacity and his age means he should have been tried as a juvenile and I think his mom should have been in the interrogation. I've got a long weekend coming and I am interested enough to check out some of the trial transcripts to see if they change my mind I think the police definitely wanted it to be Steve as the killer... I'm just not convinced he wasn't.
  11. Oh I think she and Dorinda would *initially* be allies and then shit would go down...
  12. S02.E02: Words and Words Only

    After watching this show, I really have to ask - is there any reason to believe Bobby is *significantly* brighter mentally than Brendan? Yes, I am being a little unkind but... no one in Dassey/Avery circle seems to rise above "not too bright". Thats why I find some of the arguments about how why would Steve murder some woman when he was about to cash in from his lawsuit a little awkward - if anything, by all reports Steve has a lower IQ than Brendan. Brendan I feel sorry for because I think he had little to no understanding that he was getting himself into big trouble. Even after watching both seasons, I am not convinced Steve is innocent.
  13. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I just hate faux cussing because if you're going to say the insult, say the insult. "Holy Schnikeys!" means "Holy Shit". You mean "Holy Shit". Auj clearly meant "shit" and she was clearly intending to say something unkind and disrespectful and thinks "I said poop not shit so I wasn't cussing and drawing an allusion to human feces is polite when you say poop and not shit." No, it's not polite. You're still alluding to feces. Thats still rude. *I even hate it in my beloved Battlestar Galactica. I mean, what the frak? Damn motherfrakkers!
  14. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Well, Apple did have a rather bad day at the market but yes. Apple isn't the only podcast distribution vendor out there, but they are one of the biggest and their customer base is the biggest. And this one I land totally on Auj - Jeremy gave the same basic info in his post without including how the Doodling Doras at Apple really need to get their poop in a group. I also could have done without how Auj is instagramming "with a frustrated heart", but thats just me hating her phrasing.
  15. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Does Auj understand that emojis aren't punctuation? The whole first paragraph is like... a huge run on sentence. There's another place where an emoji seems to be serving as a period in the second paragraph. This: Is incredibly arrogant. Really, Auj? Doodling Doras need to get their shit together and tend to you? Oh right, you said "poop" so you're just a cute lil girl and not arrogantly noting how you think Apple needs to get its shit together and get your podcast approved. Does referring to human feces as poop make you *less insulting*, Auj? I mean, if someone said maybe you and Jer should get your poop together and stop making people wait months for their paid for marriage journals, would you smile and find it not insulting? Or what if someone said you had poopy punctuation and poopy grammar skills? I mean, they're still saying your writing skills are feces laden.