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  1. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Spank, it's an interesting if dated exploration of how an intelligent couple lived as pagan bohemians until their Christian faith was awakened by intellectual discus sons with C.S. Lewis. And then the wife dies and the husband struggles to come to terms with that. It's a good book. These two fuck wits don't really understand it.
  2. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I wonder if they grinds their hips to "put God first"?
  3. S02.E03: Once a Langmore...

    This. Frankly, when she stole the money last season, I assumed she was either gone for good or she was going to be found using the money to build a nicer business somewhere else and the cartel would find her and use her head to scare Marty with. This plot didn't work.
  4. He's never actually been charged or arrested for harassing a woman. As for "claimed he loved" - you also cite him posting love letters from her... was she lying? Was part of the crime the fact that a 40+ man was daring to date a 23 year old woman? Because no one claims she was coerced and no one claims the accident was an intentional act. My point is that he's being vilified for a crime no one is willing to actually attempt to hold him accountable for. And his crimes - you know, that he's never been charged or arrested for - are now an example of how Bethenny's charity associates with creepy people who commit crimes. If the girlfriend in question isn't pressing charges, why should Bethenny or society in general treat him like a convict?
  5. Which I believe is less of a gap than Carole and Adam had and at last check, there's absolutely nothing wrong with older people dating younger people... or is there? And until the accident (a genuine accident that was investigated and no one was arrested or charged with anything) the 23 year old woman in question was choosing to be in a relationship with this older man. What does that make her, choosing to be with the creep? Don't get me wrong - I find his facebook postings odd at best but he actually doesn't appear to be stalking her or threatening her and by all reports, she was actively dating him and keeping the relationship a secret from her folks, and he's actually been active in various charities for some time. What's his crime and should all people, and not just Bethenny, be judged for working with him?
  6. S08.E02: The Morning After

    Pepper was rescued by Elsa from an orphanage. She was institutionalized at Briarcliff after Elsa dumped her at her sister's and the sister framed her for murdering the baby, and then later died at Briarcliff. I just couldn't not correct this. I think my problem so far is that we're getting a lot of weird shit thrown at the wall and I don't like any of the characters enough to care whether any of them live or die. I also just can't buy the premise of really rich people buying their way into a survival bunker and meekly donning Victorian attire, living in candlelight and not protesting the same song being played over and over. Or rather, if all the survivors are such imbeciles that they submit like whipped bitches to this treatment, then I guess I am not bothered if they all die. I'm also disconnected from the plot because of the factual idiocy of no food but nutrition cubes, and high vaulted ceilings with bedrooms stocked with Victorian costumes but... NOT ENOUGH FOOD. I'm probably a rarity in that Murder House was not my favorite season and the rubber suit thing didn't do much for me then. I don't think they can be built on the grounds of the Murder House because I am pretty darn certain the house was Los Angeles which was wiped out and how could a bomb shelter built like an old boys school be built in a historical home area of los angeles? Don't get me going on the candles versus the air system.
  7. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    It's awkward yes. Maybe she is trying to show how humble she is? <looks at her vows> I wonder at what parts she has Jeremy trained to cum? Since she recites this when they fuck because she feels reciting her wedding vows is intensely erotic?
  8. S02.E02: The Precious Blood of Jesus

    Oh this show is all about the coincidence. I mean, Ruth wouldn't even be involved if she hadn't been working as a maid at the sleazy motel the Byrds were staying at.
  9. S08.E02: The Morning After

    AM I the only one who thinks Coco's refusal to participate in the "who lives" interviews means her character will be the sole survivor?
  10. S02.E02: The Precious Blood of Jesus

    To be fair, it was broadly hinted in season one that Buddy was deeply connected to a crime family. I otherwise agree that season two upped the ridiculous but Buddy's mysterious past was pretty clear to me in season one.
  11. Shouldn't that be "Hatters gonna hat?" ;) And she was giving away t-shirts with donations and where was the money going and she said she was first to PR and really wasn't and Michael Capponi is creepy so therefore the entire venture is now basically Bethenny endorsing sex crime and also some of the supplies being sent are tampons and she said tampons in an interview and people who say tampons out loud are really witches. I mean, Capponi knows Fanjul and Fanjul hunts deer, hunting deer is apparently a crime now (I'd best talk to various relatives apparently) and therefore this is all a cover for Bethenny's charity to murder wild animals.... I'll go back to something I said previously. No one complaining or nitpicking Bethenny's charity efforts has been willing to commit to "It would be better if Bethenny did nothing" so I have to assume some good is coming from it and at least she's devoting her free time to something that nominally helps people.
  12. S02.E10: The Gold Coast

    My theory - total speculation on my part - is that Darlene will cook her own goose at some point and Zeke will land back with the Byrds. Because honestly, Darlene is a completely untenable character at this point. She has literally no idea who she is messing with as far as the cartel goes, and she has the social graces of a rabid weasel. There's literally no reason for anyone in this deal to bother keeping her alive at this point. All she has done is make trouble, and she's completely unsympathetic. Why is Wendy arranging for Ruth's daddy to get taken care of when Darlene who had her thugs capture her son and shave his head is somehow safe? Its not like Darlene gets sentimental, she's the psycho who was fine with killing Grace and how does Wendy know that next time Darlene gets pissy, that Jonah won't come home with his balls cut off? Darlene is next on the dead list.
  13. S08.E01: The End

    When the idiots on Doomsday Preppers are preparing for the end better than millionaires, it does take me out of the story.
  14. You do know you're speaking ill of the beloved husband if Jill Shields, the love of her life who she is still grieving, right? I sorta love how when he's fucking Bethenny, he's a loan shark scum shitstain of humanity, but once he's dead, he's Jill's beloved, the love of her life. Is Jill Shields also to be judged for the shady fucker in her life?
  15. Just be glad you're getting free tampons to soak up all the flood waters!