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  1. Poor Ramona, my little trash panda eating caviar out of the dumpster.... But honestly, they need something to talk about since Luann needs her rehab so Ramona throwing a fit will have to do....
  2. Now I question everything I ever believed in, biakbiak. :(
  3. Visually, I love the stairway up to the bedroom. Practically, I could never trust myself to not fall off of it. I mean, it's lovely. But I would kill myself on it.
  4. This is also a completely different argument than "Bethenny is a smart cookie and should have known the duties of a notary but Mrs. Hoppy, the actual notary, can't be held accountable for knowing the responsibilities of a notary". At the end of the day, Jason lost his bid to get the apartment because the notary used to ok the trust was his mom and his mom as the notary is the one who should have known better. (The state thing is a reasonable mistake, doing business for your family is a HUGE no no for a notary) I personally haven't read over the case file to know what the judge did or didn't say when it comes to whether Jason had any intent to defraud Bethenny by using his mother to sign off on a trust that would ultimately allow him to keep a property worth several million dollars. What I do know is that as a notary, it's Mrs. Hoppy's job to know the responsibilities of a notary and if she HAD done her job correctly, and insisted Jason not use her, Jason would have won this case.
  5. This seems to a different argument than "Bethenny and anyone who works for Bethenny is a liar" but I will address it. Frankly, I think people forget that photo shoots aren't necessarily photographers running around, camera in hand snapping photos. The cameras tend to be stationary and rather fussily set up, and aimed at the photoshoot target area. I wouldn't undo what took hours to set up to take pictures of two people being rude, not if I wanted to get out of there in a reasonable amount of time. Your better argument is the lack of cell phone pics but... this took place what... 2012? 2013? It wasn't as common for people to reach for their cell phones. Again, I really don't see how this alters the fact that Mrs. Hoppy shouldn't have been signing off on the trust. Is she supposed to be applauded for being ignorant of her responsibilities as a notary? I get that your earlier point is that *Bethenny* should have known, Bethenny is a smart cookie who should totally have known that Mrs. Hoppy was a PA notary and that it wasn't ok for Mrs. Hoppy to sign off on the trust.... but I don't understand why *Bethenny* should have known all this but Mrs. Hoppy, the actual notary, isn't at fault for not knowing her own job parameters simply because lots of other notaries are also woefully ignorant as well. Bethenny should have known but gosh and golly there's no reason to question or judge Mrs. Hoppy, she's just the notary and notaries aren't required to know what a notary can and can't do... only Bethenny Frankel is on the hook for that, not the notary! I mean hell, Jason's scheme to get the apartment thru the trust would have worked if he hadn't used his mommy as the notary. Bethenny only won this one because Jason made more idiot moves than her.
  6. In fairness, isn't it a bit unfair to assume that Bethenny's employees are automatically liars? It's also a convenient way to dismiss all witnesses - it was a photo shoot so they were all Bethenny's employees so they ALL LIED and or were willing to lie in court. Don't get me wrong, I do understand your point but... a)for it to work, everyone who worked with Bethenny has to be on board with lying for her which assumes an awful lot and b)everyone who was ever fired or let go (and Bethenny apparently goes thru staff quickly) has taken a vow to never ever reveal the truth behind the underwear incident. I suppose I just would hate to find out that by working for someone I was automatically deemed a liar publically. Mrs. Hoppy as the notary was the one in the wrong. Ultimately Mrs. Hoppy is supposed to know the parameters of her job, including her restrictions. Those restrictions include what state her stamp counts in.... and that it was inappropriate, no matter how cool Bethenny was with it, to sign off on her son's trust agreement with Bethenny. Ultimately that's why Jason lost the apartment correct? Why wasn't Mrs. Hoppy pursued for fraud? Because no one pressed charges. No doubt because of her age and because she was probably her son's dupe in this, and because since Jason lost his bid to gain the apartment, she didn't profit at all. And we'll never know, but perhaps Bethenny decided to not pursue it further since she didn't exactly lose.
  7. Yeah, that's why I think this is way too convoluted of a reason. Carole's blog threat was about things that Carole had witnessed. For Carole to know anything about the trust situation, we have to believe it was discussed in front of Adam by either Luann or Noel, neither of whom seem *that* close to Adam. They would have to discuss a rather dry topic with Adam. Then Adam would have to raise the topic with Carole, and Carole would need to remember it, all so that Carole can spring it on Luann at the reunion? Sorry, I think Luann is just embarrassed by the whole mess and avoiding dealing with it. I don't think there's any concern that Carole in particular would delight in revealing even more of Luann's sordid deeds.
  8. Agreed. I remember Carole's trainwreck of a blog as well. But honestly, I assume Carole's dirt revolved around Luann fucking someone because I really doubt Luann shared the complexities of a trust fund as part of her divorce settlement with her ex with the guy who babysat her son and sometimes made them meals. Oh and who was fucking her frenemy Carole on the side. YMMV of course, but Carole's dirt was most likely an embarrassing tryst. I think Luann doesn't want the lawsuit as part of the reunion discussion. Made all the worse that she was already going to be in the hotseat as the alcoholic who did all the crimes.
  9. That's an interesting theory but honestly, I think the idea that Carole has the goods because she's semi-fucking Adam who may be friends with Noel assumes that Carole cares way more about Luann's business than I ever would have previously assumed. I'm leaning towards this theory - Luann is embarrassed because intentional or just being a dumb ass (and I think it could be either) she's really fucked up over the money from the house not going into the trust. She knows that this all coming out right before the reunion means it blows up that she's stealing from her kids. She avoided a lot of questions about her marriage by keeping it quiet until AFTER the reunion last year. So, why not duck out of the reunion and avoid publicizing the lawsuit more than has already been done and let the topic die off the way her idiotic marriage would have faded if she hadn't gone on a drunken rampage?
  10. AnnA - no worries, my tats? Are on other people ;) I like my titties pristine! But seriously, I think tats can look good but when I see a WHOLELOTTA tats (and I have several coworkers right now in their 20s with tats EVERYWHERE) I do wonder if they realize that shit will need touch ups.
  11. <eyes AnnA's tits> Who *doesn't* have tattoos on their boobs, hmmm??? <gets judgey>
  12. I tend to take the follow on istagram/unfriending reports on any reality show participant with a grain of salt. I just consider how often I accidently defriend people... :D
  13. I dunno, Superelevated, the whole "Luann who always takes self righteous defense at the notion she is not a great mother but seems to have stolen a LOT of money from her kids" story is pretty bad all on its own. I'm not sure she needs more scandal.
  14. Right, because Luann ISN'T an alcoholic and we shouldn't call her that even though she went to alcohol rehab and apparently since she's going to *rehab* we can't call her a shitty mom who stole from her kids. Because you know, *rehab*.
  15. Yeah, the prior avoiding of a difficult topic comes to mind. Now Luann gets to avoid any mention of her marriage to Tom, her divorce from Tom, her drunken rampage and criminal charges, AND her children suing her... On the one hand, I find Luann super entertaining on the show. On the other? Its really obvious that when the questions get tough, Luann finds a way to run away. I'm increasingly convinced Luann has learned the rehab game well. Yeah, we're left with Carole and Betheny arguing over the Adam thing. Well, maybe someone will get Dorinda lit. But still. I hope Bravo considers how her "health" is affecting the show and considers a new wife.