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  1. I think the main problem I have with Dressgate is that it just really hard to believe a lady of that age would not know that kind of thing might happen. PK was gross for looking and commenting, Dorit was a bitch to say so much about it, but Erika has her responsibility, too. If that were me, I;d be embarrassed for sure, and also mad at myself for being such a bloody lunkhead for wearing that dress without underpants. So I find it weird and unrelatable that Erika is so angry at everyone else. I think it's part of her defensive personality -- she is kind of mad at herself and mad that she's in a marriage where she can't tell her husband that she feels like a fool about it, but she's got every defense mechanism going on overdrive, so she can't admit it. She must also take some responsibility for the misunderstandings about her that she herself is creating. The "cunty" business and the zero fucks attitude -- you say that enough and people are going to start to believe you mean that. How is anyone supposed to know that she actually gives many fucks, if she keeps saying over and over that she doesn't? The other thing is the high fivin' yes, I'm over it! and then not being over it to the extent that she goes kinda nuts about it. That is emotionally immature. But she's not a kid, she's a mature woman who should probably find a way to deal with this her baggage. Surrounding herself with paid friends is not the way to go. I'm all for supportive friends, but good friends will find a nice way to tell you when you're being an ass, and that seems to be what Erika is lacking.
  2. I realize this is a very cynical question, but how much was Eileen and Erika's friendship motivated by a genuine like for one another and how much was motivated by Eileen seeing in Erika a potential ally against Lisa V?
  3. She did, ryebread, last night. It was a must-see episode! Also, hi ryebread! nice to see you again posting in these parts :)
  4. She's always some combo of despicable and desperate to me. Last night I'd say despicable edged out desperate, but man, it was so close. I'm almost done talking about her because I'm starting to think it's better to just shun her until she gets off my tv for good.
  5. I like Dorit, but I do think giving Erika the panties was a bitchy move. It was the "U" insult (insult disguised as a compliment) played out in real life. I'm not a fan of that kind of humor, but am familiar with it. Dorit sucks at it as she is way too obvious -- done well (and as a Canadian rube and prior recipient like me knows) you only realize you've been insulted a little later, when you think about it.
  6. Special TIL for Rinna: if suddenly a whole bunch of people get up and leave you alone at a table with the one other person no one wants to talk to, they are probably not leaving you to go do cocaine.
  7. That just made me laugh so hard. :) Now, onto something else -- Rinna left by eight people at a dinner table suggesting that people were leaving to do cocaine. Come on now, let's be reasonable for a second. Who the hell is going to say no to the chance to escape Rinna? Like you'd need a reason to do that. The idea is preposterous.
  8. Jumper sage, I did not know that about von Braun! Interesting indeed. I also just learned that so much of what we "know" about Hitler's last days is based on the work of historian Hugh Trever-Roper who wrote a book about it, which, from what I can gather, seems to have been taken at the time as the definitive, last word on the subject. And if history as taught us anything, it's gotta be that "definitive, last words" are rarely that. I also read that Stalin thought Hitler escaped. And that there was not a ton of interest in pursing the idea, ie no international man hunt for Hitler because it would be kind of embarrassing and demoralizing to the Allies if he had escaped, the Argentine government was uncooperative, everyone was just exhausted from so much war, and Russia was starting to become a big problem for the West. When I learn that governments are capable of turning a blind eye to something when it serves their purposes, as in the situation you outlined, it does make me wonder if they could have been able to do the same with a Hitler escape. I agree with you 100% -- it is fascinating.
  9. I thought so too. I mean if she was so upset by that, I'd expect the first person she'd tell would be her life partner/husband. There is something very WTF about that relationship.
  10. Well that ship has sailed. How ironic that she was so worried about appearances that she ended up making the hugest spectacle of herself. This makes her flashy v look tame by comparison. Lisa Rinna just ugh. She's the worst. The literal worst.
  11. OOh, thank you for that link! I guess "So, when did the affair start then?" is looking pretty good about now.
  12. We could open a farmer's market, because, yep more jelly.
  13. Toms burgers sound fantastic -- love onions. Will have to look for those. Famous vegetarian!? ::Whistling casually, looking at fingernails:: Any chance a name could be dropped?
  14. Thanks for all the great info, Tattle Teeny. PS We're in the Small Talk thread, so it's all good. I think.
  15. It wouldn't, yet she did it anyway! I agree with you and think she was probably (probably!) intending it for that one particular woman, but why not say something more along the lines of "Mature and classy women don't tweet insults to other women", so the remark would be clearly directed at the woman she's she's talking about, then no one would have to wonder. She needs to be responsible for what she puts out there. It'll be interesting to see if she gets any blowback, and if she does, how she handles it. Popping some corn right now.