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  1. Of course he will make his way back, or, if it's like every other time when someone leaves (or is presumed dead) on this show, they will somehow bump into him at some point. Strand, Daniel, Travis, the woman from the raft, Nick, Ophelia, that's a lot of "surprise" bump intos in a short time.
  2. Why did people go for "M-aven" and not "R-att"? In hindsight, seems the wrong choice was made.
  3. That she needs "an older man to tame her" struck me as a very sexist, like old fashioned 70s mentality, sexist remark. Extremely off-putting.
  4. Oops, posted this question in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  5. The kid seems kind of depressed to me. Yelling and shaming is really not helpful. D'Andra is starting to get on my nerves.
  6. Holding out a teeny bit of hope that Paul timed the Alex eviction poorly. And that instead of giving her enough time to get over the betrayal and decide he played the best game, (like many jurors come to terms with), he instead gave *her* enough time to move past her sadness to bitterness and will find enough time in the jury house to really want revenge. And, she'll spread that bitterness everywhere in the jury house. Give us the unexpected BB - a Paul loss. Then, for the rest of his BB life, he'll get questions like, "Paul, the game was in your hands all season long, how did you manage to blow it so spectacularly at the end. And two years in a row. Why did you think you're a good player again?"
  7. Knowing Kevin, he will still think his eviction is somehow part of Paul's master plan to help him.
  8. Really, at some point you should probably give up the "fiance/e" title.
  9. Felt staged to me, too, Lila Fowler -- like, kay this is the part where the phone will ring and I'll pretend to be flummoxed, right? Everything Tamra, Shannon and Vicki seems fake. Except for the pain in the ass aspects -- those are real.
  10. That's word for word what I just said to my husband, gundysgirl! Jeana was almost unrecognizable.
  11. The phrase "He's just not that into you" comes to mind.
  12. Biggest mystery of the series -- how does short, chunky, bald, cheating Tom have so many women lining up to date him?
  13. Comparing this group's power to ruin everything when they show up to Rick's group's same power, I'd like to see them meet up just so we can know which group's power of ruination would beat the other. About 80% of this show story is based on bumping into someone.
  14. I'm holding out a little hope for Alex to vote against Paul. She's nursing her wounds a little right now, and feeling sad. But, let's not forget this is the woman who proudly wears a hat with the word "petty" on it. Give her a little time, and she may just change her tune in the jury house. Sad that Paul losing this season is literally all I have left to hope for, but that's it.
  15. I'm guessing People paid a whole lot more.