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  1. I don't like it either, Weaver.
  2. My mother-in-law does, too, but she (and I assume your mom--maybe I am wrong, apologies in advance if I am!) is from a different generation. Carole and I are contemporaries; we both grew up with the Women's movement, which taught me that "girl" when referring to a woman was, I dunno, dismissive, patronizing, insulting -- one of those. How a "socially progressive" person like Carole feels that the word "woman" is not good enough for her to use when describing her very full-fledged woman status (at least chronologically), perplexes me. And since she's on a tv show, and the women and their behavior is the topic, I'm going to feel free to talk about it. Of course, she can call herself whatever she wants, and of course I am equally entitled to not like it ;)
  3. The main point of my comment was the immaturity of Carole's response. The fact that I am bugged by her calling herself a "girl" is secondary. Just to clarify. But, on the topic of these adult women calling themselves girls...even if they all call themselves girls, every HW, across every HW (and I'll take your word for it because I really haven't noticed), Carole does it so much that I can't not notice. It bugs me.
  4. It sticks in my craw that 50 plus Carole calls herself "a girl". But, maybe in some ways, it's not too far off the mark because her reaction to Beth calling Adam, without checking with her first, plus the "Yes, she really did that", on her blog (like we're all gonna naturally co-sign her disapproval), is childish AF.
  5. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Is John really dead? Kinda seemed like a Glenn fake out...the cliffhanger aspect of it. Or maybe he will die next week. And if he does, that would be yet another very bad decision. He's an interesting, very likable character....and we can't have nice things. What we really need to know is did the actor just buy a house in the area where they film the show. Nothing kills them off faster that real estate.
  6. From what I am seeing on the show, it seems Carole is the one who has changed, and the one who cast the first stone. There are a few perfect examples upthread of Bethenny saying things that are blunt/direct/rude/hurtful to Carole from seasons past. I remember wondering why Carole was cool with Bethenny talking to her that way. That's who Bethenny is; she has been that way since day one. Carole took it (not sure why, but one of the responsibilities of being an adult is setting your boundaries, so that's on Carole). I agree with Beth's assessment that Carole is someone who always has to have a best friend to hang out with, someone with whom she snickers and whispers, and giggles with over clever/snide remarks delivered under the breath. What's different is that that person used to be Bethenny, but Carole has replaced Bethenny with Tinsley in the BFF role. In tv time, it's taken Bethenny a minute to realize that she's been replaced, her feelers are now hurt and she's lashing out a little. I don't buy any of Carole's "whaaa!?, I have many friends...I don't understand what she's upset about"; that's dismissive and dishonestly beside the point, imo. More betrayal. Carole was able to tolerate Bethenny's directness/rudeness/hurtfulness when she said those things to her directly, but she cannot tolerate it if Bethenny says it to someone else about her. That feels like a shocking betrayal to Carole. And being "replaced" feels like a shocking betrayal to Bethenny.
  7. I agree, and while I do like Carole, I don't think this is a good look for her. Carole may have been a very successful journalist/producer/writer whatever she was exactly, but she's starting to remind me of Grandpa Simpson and his "In nineteen hundred ...." stories. We get it Carole, back when there was no internet or cable tv, and gas was 35 cents a gallon, you were visiting war torn places and reporting back. That was good, but please stop reminding us of that every week because it's starting to make you look like the career woman version of Sonja. That was then, this is now. Now, you're a 50 year old "girl" who lives in NYC and wears false eyelashes. She was, at least from what we saw on tv, a very supportive friend to Bethenny back when they were tight. I can understand why she's pissed at some of the things Beth has said about her because she, herself, doesn't play that way. But if she was paying attention, she would have seen that that is pretty much Bethenny's personality, warts and all, and eventually, if you do something that she doesn't like, you're going to get it, too-- Bethenny is very direct and she doesn't pull any punches. It seems like everyone else can see that, why couldn't Carole? For Bethenny's part, perhaps she is hurt that Carole didn't share her passion for helping in PR. Or was pissed that she traded her in for a shiny new friend. Or that she feels somewhat betrayed by Carole that she identifies Ramona as a friend when Bethenny sees Ramona as someone who was so awful to her. We haven't heard from Bethenny on why, but I hope we do. I am holding out some hope for their friendship. I hope they can work it out.
  8. Why does Tinsley always look like the world's oldest nine year old?
  9. I completely agree with you, but I can also say that anyone who grew up with a drunk would not say, "let's get the boozing started! Here's some alcohol!". Because we know how it's going to end up. And that's why I give the side eye to Bethenny (who I do like) on this one.
  10. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    I'm kind of surprised (because I am a naive dumbass) that more wasn't made of it. I mean there's actual footage of him man handling her, Stassi resisting, saying no, and yet he continues. The whole thing depressed me.
  11. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Did I mishear, or did Lala say she doesn't really consider herself a feminist?
  12. In that case, eye firmly to the side.
  13. Dorinda said herself she's going through some tough times right now, and she's acting out a bit. I compare her outbursts to Bethenny's during Beth's first year back. She's clearly medicating her problems with alcohol, and while she's doing that she's cooking up (or progressing) a dependency. She's not too far behind Luann I'd say, but it's a self diagnosed disease, and she has to recognize it. I heard Bethenny say, "You're a drunk", which she is, and I agree it sounded harsh. But, "Honey, I'm concerned about your drinking" is usually not very effective. Denial is a huge part of the disease process, and it messes with an addict's thinking. I'm not an alcoholic, I just like to have fun...am just going through a stressful time...am sad because my husband died...because she pressed my buttons about my husband's work etc. Having said that, and as someone who likes Bethenny, I also give her the side eye for serving alcohol to someone she recognizes as a drunk, if that's what she did. Yep, it's up to Dorinda to say no, but as someone who's been around people with disordered drinking, she knows that it's very hard to for someone like that to say no. But I admit I don't know the back story; maybe Bethenny didn't serve the drinks. Maybe Dorinda ordered them herself or brought the wine herself and Bethenny just joined her. Dorinda kind of makes it sound like Bethenny provided the alcohol and set her up, but I don't know; I do know that alcoholics are not always honest about drinking. Maybe Bethenny will say something about that.
  14. I agree. Maybe Teddi has led a charmed life and is unaccustomed to the real world that I live in, where sometimes people are assholes, say shitty things, are kinda mean and you find a way to deal with it. I thought Teddi's "I've never been spoken to like that before in my life!" was telling. I have. I think many people who maybe aren't the daughter of "rock royalty" have too? She's alright, but she's not a saint, she's not a lamb and I think in a way, she's used to being a BFD queen bee, and doesn't know how to deal with another one. It bugged me when she said the crappy things she said in her blog was venting or catharsis (whatever words she used) but when others do that to her, they don't get the same consideration.
  15. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    Legally, does the fact that Lisa hasn't cashed the check have any bearing on their business relationship? The deal was, this much money for this much percentage, plus sweat equity. They both gave her the money and both showed up for meetings, developed cocktails, pretended to put stuff in trash bags for tv, etc. The deal, the parameters (this in exchange for this) has been spoken aloud on tv, and the Toms did what they said they would do, so I don't see how Lisa and Ken could simply "not cash the check" and just get out of it without consequence.