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  1. Since were dreaming, Lady of nod.... Andy says, "But Eileen, weren't you and Lisa Rinna laughing along with the joke at first, and wasn't it you, Eileen, and not Dorit, who actually questioned Erika's intent?" Furious denials from Rinna and Eileen Cut to clips of Rinna and Eileen laughing along and questioning Erika's intent. The fact that they have missed that big gotcha opportunity, no matter how anyone feels about any of these women, seems highly unusual for this show. It seems someone's asleep at the switch or some kind of shenanigans are at play, imo.
  2. That is great to hear, Christi. Awesome that you work in rescue, too. Thank you for that. :)
  3. That's true. I also remember seeing a store visit because I remember seeing all that shape wear on hangers.
  4. Ramona = where nuts meets vindictive. She the worst kind of crazy friend out of all the possible crazy friend incarnations.
  5. "The shocked Frankel tried to keep her composure and explained that her daughter Bryn was only six years old at that time. She recalled that TV journalist Diane Sawyer approached Bryn at school." Did a computer write that? Seriously!? Is that some kind of AI- on - TV reporting?
  6. Couple of very good, very meaty posts here, MotorCityMom -- I love them! I'll start out by conceding a point -- viewer opinion is shaped, to some degree, by the opinion of our fave HWs. As an example, I can say with certainty that I'd be about 50%, less annoyed by Eileen if the target of her apology quest was someone other than LVP. I'd still have found it eye roll worthy frustrating, but I'd feel less, I guess, affronted by it. Having said that, no HW, not even one of my personal heroes, Lisa Vanderpump, is my moral compass. There have definitely been times when I thought Lisa was in the wrong or over the line, and no amount of retweeting or jokes or Lisa's laughter would change my mind about that. If Lisa had been defending Rinna against Kim, and if I had taken the time to think about it, I'd still think Rinna's fully sober and considered "I will fuck you up" style texts were indefensible and way worse that the rantings of an intoxicated Kim, and I'd still think it was lousy of Rinna to kick an addict in recovery, when she's finally starting to turn her life around for the good, because that crosses a line. Why do I, some stranger on the internet, even feel the need to defend Lisa Vanderpump? For me, Lisa is a positive force in life, and when people continually remind me about her manipulation (which sometimes I see and mostly I don't) or grudge holding, I find it small. It's like here's this woman who is actually trying to do something about the Yulin festival, for one example, and then I read things like "there goes LVP--holding a grudge" or "oh, such a manipulator" "let's not forget about that!" those things are pretty inconsequential to me, and are easily over shadowed by the good she does in life. On balance, and for me, Lisa's work for positive change easily trumps her dumb jokes, "jabby' though they may be, chess-playing questions, desire to get others to do her dirty work. To them I say, there's an easy solution -- just don't do it. Stop falling for it and complaining about it later, and take responsibility for the choices you made instead of doing it, regretting it, and then foisting the blame onto Lisa because she's the "chess master". And, MCM, for the record, I don't see you as continually bad mouthing Lisa; I appreciate your thoughtful insights and considered opinions.
  7. Yes, and am I wrong, didn't she actually, physically side eye Rinna at the time she was accepting her apology? Like there could be no mistake that Lisa was showing Rinna that she was not 100% over it? (or was that my own side eyeing I am remembering?) Was there at least a skeptical facial expression, a nose scrunch up, something? Some kind of body language that would convey not 100% over it?
  8. She is held to that standard, though. It's not like no one has ever mentioned Lisa's grudge holding before, people talk about it a lot. (I'm a Lisa fan -- I notice.) Even people (like me) who think it's okay for her to "hold a grudge" against Rinna, do acknowledge that she holds a grudge. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree, AndySmith.
  9. Erika is being dragged into it because she's part of the show, and she was in a similar situation -- saying she was over something when she wasn't. And because some viewers took issue with that and some viewers seemed not bothered by it. Why is it okay for one and not the other -- opinions and judgments are often based largely on a viewer's interpretation of a particular HW. I agree that Rinna is a fool.
  10. Ah, well I was replying to this "That's like asking why only hold Ericka to that standard, too...", with a winky face. For some reason I always thought it was pretty clear than Lisa had Rinna on a pretty short leash in this regard, like she literally side -eyed Rinna at the time. (Is that my interpretation or did it actually happen that way?) Whereas Erika seemed to loudly proclaim, with not a trace of deception,"I am!" (when asked if they are over it) and then they high fived their over -it-ness. The difference? Because of Lisa's clearly skeptical view, Rinna was prepared for Lisa's wariness, her watchfulness, her doubt. Dorit had absolutely NO idea that Erika was still harboring resentment. Dorit didn't have the opportunity to make it right because she didn't know Erika was still upset. Rinna would have had a pretty good idea that Lisa was wary and could monitor her behavior if she'd wanted to -- she had an advantage that Dorit didn't have. I see those two situations as variations on a theme. Degrees of response as a way to justify actions...hmm.. well maybe in a purely academic way or philosophical way. But the way it plays out in real life? No, in every day life, the way one responds to something, the intensity of the response, the tone, the words used is relevant.
  11. Maybe, but you asked first :) (Also, degrees of response). ETA: OOps, *I* asked first
  12. Why hold only Lisa Vanderpump to this standard though? Were her shots that hard? I thought they were more finger waggy and and less aggressive than "I think you're bullshit". If I have to pick, I'll take Lisa's assaults over Erika's or Rinna's any day.
  13. If you put it like "she wanted to get even" then I say, good on Lisa V. Rinna needs to learn her actions have consequences. Take it as a life lesson, Rinna. Kyle said she'd seen the Yulin images a lot already and didn't want to see more. I can understand that. Eden is not an LVP bestie. I don't think viewer amnesia is accurate -- I see it as viewer interpretation. I didn't think it was a particularly huge gesture on Eileen's part to go to the doc screening since it was Lisa's trip, right? And whatever amount of goodwill she earned from me was quickly lost when she said something like "maybe Lisa does have feelings", which I thought was a pretty low blow.
  14. I always appreciate your thoughtful replies, MotorCityMom. I do see why you feel that way about Lisa. It's as legitimate an interpretation as is mine, and while I do not see those actions in the same way, I appreciate you spelling out where exactly where you saw the offenses. I'll go back and say, filters, (interpretation, confirmation biases, etc.) because for every example you give of her manipulation and grudge holding (or pettiness etc that escape was talking about), in my mind, every one of those actions you identified is justified or rational or legitimately funny or warranted. (Except for the lashes). I'm okay with her "grudge holding", because I don't think that someone can do something shitty and then apologize and immediately return to their original level of trust and friendship. They have to now earn their way back to that position. If Lisa takes a couple of shots at Rinna on the way, well, in my mind, Rinna's earned those. One exception: I thought the lashes ask was stupid, and I thought Rinna actually giving them to her was pitiful. Had Lisa Rinna done to me what she did to Lisa last year, "I'm sorry for being hard on you" wouldn't have been enough for me to return her to full on, old friend status. I can relate to Lisa V in this way because I think it's honest and real. I think Rinna is a toxic person who creates a lot of confusion and drama -- that may make her good for tv, but not a trustworthy friend, imo. She'd be on side eye status with me and I would feel absolutely no need to justify that position, since I feel Rinna's past behavior is enough for any reasonable person to stay on guard. Does Lisa V need to keep reminding us of this? No, but I think she knows the audience and knows that some viewers agree with her view of Rinna. Frankly, I take those light weight jabs at Rinna as a nod to her like-minded fans. I see them less as hard evidence of LVP of The Powerful Grudge and more as zingers with a message. It irks me that some HWs allow themselves to be manipulated and them complain about it later. Just don't go along with it, be an adult, call it out for what it is and don't do Lisa's bidding if they find her so manipulative. If she says "Ask so and so about such and such!", just don't. That would solve so many problems.
  15. It really depends on the filter one is using while watching this show because while I didn't see any of that from Lisa, I definitely did see it from a couple of other HWs. I mean that sincerely.