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  1. I have a lousy memory for these shows, but I can't remember any hw getting it quite so rough. It seemed like the whole show was about Leeann.
  2. Aw, well I did qualify that earlier comment with a "very likely", but your post made me laugh, so I really can't be mad.
  3. WW are you inside her head (if so, I recommend leaving immediately! ;) Because unless you are, you can't know what her motivations were. You're stating your opinion as though it were a fact. RedDelicious, thanks for the respect and right back at you. :) I am pretty sure that most clinicians would use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in combination with their many years of schooling and training, plus an extensive interview and history before they would make a diagnosis. I hear what you're saying about the Mayo clinic information, but what I am saying is diagnosing a personality disorder or a mental illness is way more involved than ticking boxes on a checklist that is written for the lay public. Those lists are sort of a first step, as in "Is this person nutty?" that would then perhaps trigger an investigation into the feasibility of an examination by a professional. They aren't diagnostic tools per se. Or so I have heard.
  4. I think it's true that that kind of crazy behavior was the kind of thing Bethenny experienced as a child, but I see no irony in it. That's how cycles are formed and continue. If I had to guess I'd say that Bethenny is doing a much better job of parenting than her mother did, but under duress -- she was after all likely very tired from all the work and stress she'd been going through helping the people of Puerto Rico -- crap has a way of creeping back in. I had a similar situation with our dog when my kid was about Bryn's age. And as much as I tried to cover my upset and extreme stress in that situation for the sake of my child, I would not be surprised if some of it got through. That's life, folks. We do the best we can. Sometimes it's not good enough. I hope she can learn from this sad event and work on what happens to her when she faces an emotional crisis, so it doesn't have to unfold in this way again. I disagree that Bethenny is a narcissist. I think she's self absorbed and emotionally immature, she panics, and she has a lot of work to do in therapy, but meeting the clinical definition of NPD, no, I don't think so.
  5. Margaret always looks like a weird combination of part frumpy part "zany". She's over committed to the pigtails -- sometimes short! Sometimes with extensions! Always awful. I noticed from the preview they showed that she's sporting her one other look -- 1960s grandmother/matron/head mistress . Is anyone taking fashion advice from her? Boho preppy? Come on now. Also, does anyone have a crazy lady decoder ring I could borrow? I can't figure out who's the worst of the bunch. Melissa seems the most reasonable, but always with the digs in the Ths. That's got to piss Tre off.
  6. I think Leann is one of those people who is really good to her friends (her actual friends), but she can be very shitty to the people she does not consider friends, or more cynically, to the people she doesn't think she'll benefit much from. I have known people like this in my life. To her friends, she's sweet, even kiss-assy, she's unfailingly loyal and she probably doesn't really lash out at them or if she does she apologizes quickly, not in a going for the jugular way anyway. She'll accept them telling her to fuck off with that, etc. From a non-friend, those could be fighting words. If it's a non-friend she feels threatened by, ai chihuahua--maximum trouble. (Hey Cary, Stephanie, formerly Brandi, but maybe again Brandi).
  7. Employers google, too. They might even do a preliminary Google search before deciding who they want to see for an interview. Or so I have heard.
  8. If he behaves for six months, but starts up again in the seventh month, will that have any kind of legal impact? Or is it more he met the requirements of this agreement, so it (this thing he just got) won't factor in?
  9. It wouldn't really weird if they are mere acquaintances or co-workers, but I don't think they are just that. Danielle continues to keep it classy...
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, Mrs. Peel, cuz I remember thinking what kind of dumbass ADA would say that considering they were the ones who brought the charges in the first place. ETA: "Brought" or "filed" or whatever it is they do.
  11. I was leaning towards believing Delores, because Danielle just seems like the poster child for Borderline Personality Disorder to me, but I gotta admit, Lila, this is an excellent point.
  12. I picture a large six-month calendar in the home of Jason Hoppy, with huge black Xs marking the days. I hope he's learned from this. I really do.
  13. This epi had me scratching my head a little. From my viewing station and snack center, I saw Chrissy, failing, ask if anyone wanted to take over. Since this is a race and time is of the essence, I would have expected the person who wanted to take over to physically step up and towards her, and not give some weak sauce "yes" while still standing in the non-playing area. It was essentially a relay race at that point, so get your ass up there if you want to sub in. The truth as I see it, is that the team at that point was way behind and no one else wanted to take over for fear of being the cause of the loss. Then, at tribal, Jeff's reaction to Chrissy saying she'd asked if anyone wanted to take over. Jeff was all, "Wowwww", which really made me think of that Seinfeld episode where men made cat fight noises when Elaine would say something. It was bizarre to me because I thought Chrissy was just being direct, defending herself against an untrue accusation. I wish he'd made cat fight noises -- it would have been more honest.
  14. Cary's argument that she baby sat for a bunch of plastic surgeons could be taken as, hey, she's just a great pal who babysits for her friends a lot, or it could be taken as she cast a very wide net and Mark was the one she caught. I know which interpretation I am leaning towards.