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  1. Don't forget about the "Friends" haircut and the tiny barrette! (Also, Doc Martens and a wide black belt with super faded Levis and maybe a black turtleneck).
  2. How do we get on your "travel buddy" list, heatherchandler? Is there an online application somewhere? ;)
  3. And Ramona -- she gets her face sandblasted or lasered so she'll look good. But if she's so concerned about looking good, it's funny she shows up looking like that on tv. She doesn't make a ton on sense.
  4. You and Celia are right -- it could have taken a very tragic turn. And it really doesn't matter how elegant or hilarious you look while your brain is bleeding. I'm sure there are some families out there who are living with the lifelong consequences of a drunken fall., and that's not funny at all. Point taken.
  5. Doi! That's right Celia, it's rearranging...not throwing over overboard.
  6. I thought the expression was throwing deck chairs off the Titanic (to help prevent sinking--like that would help anything). I may have to rewatch it because right now I could swear she said Queen Mary 2.
  7. Either that or their numbers were taped to the bottom of the bowl because the producers of the show think we enjoy Ramona and Sonja's "hilariousness".
  8. You and me both, Wouldofshouldof! Also, I think, like anyone else who is religious, Dom is entitled to practice her religion in any way she sees fit.
  9. Meh, don't feel bad, smores. Lots of people are contagious before they even have symptoms anyway, so the non-sneezers and non-coughers ain't all that! Take probiotic supplements everyone! Really strengthens the immune system in my experience.
  10. I thought she said the Queen Mary 2, and I was all wtf -- the Queen Mary 2 is a kick ass, very elegant Cunard ocean liner, that has the only planetarium at sea for the love of mike!
  11. Everyone better be good in this life -- I suspect purgatory is just a whole lot of Paul. Never ending Paul.
  12. The falls were good, but the googily eyed slurring words o' wisdom at dinner...omg...loved!
  13. It's so early in the season and I am already up to here with Paul. I can't take his Ths. I can't take his entitlement. I can't take his walking into the HoH room and saying, "So what's up". I like that Dom is onto him, but that's not going to help her. Why do the producers always have the worst taste when it comes to picking their pets? It's going to be a long season with "my boy". Hurl.
  14. Totally agree -- drunk Lu was the best thing I've seen in ages. I also loved Carole's line to Tinsley (when Tins was wondering why Sonja and Ramona were not coming over) and Carole says, "Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth."
  15. I understand why she might be pissed at Beth's delivery and maybe wished she'd done it in a more private way. But having said that, I don't think that Lu would have changed her mind about the wedding no matter how privately or sensitively she was told about Tom's Regency antics. She was way too invested it seems. Bethenny's lack of tact/the giggling trio gave her something else to focus her attention on and she was also able to use it to displace some of her anger.