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  1. BBHN and Gundysgirl, I am a big fan of your posts, and I take your point about the slippery slope. It's a weak argument to use to defend the actions of any HW -- I agree completely. But having said that and having watched these shows for a number of years and having seen the same pattern repeated year after year (always with the new person) I don't think the idea that a few well placed, completely "innocent" questions from a producer is out of the question. I think the difference is that the vets stop falling for it.
  2. I gave her extra time on account of her remedial status. ;) I'm going to have to go to one of the forum Oracles for other examples, because I have a crap memory for this show, but it seems to me that the debutants always fall for something, and then wise up a little by their second and simply don't fall for much if they make it to three.
  3. I gave Rinna one already! Her debut season. She can't have another ;)
  4. Well that is an interesting new development. If that's true then Dorit's confusion makes more sense. I do find something shenanigansy about the whole thing -- the zeal with which Teddi is going for Dorit -- something's odd about that to me. Maybe a little production driven? The same producer who once whispered, "But was that really an apology?", "Hmm maybe you should just Google Munchausen syndrome..", "OMG she wasn't wearing underwear!? What? Discuss...", "A sniper from the side you say? Interesting!" It's always to the newbs and they always fall for it. "Nobody wants an involuntary accountability coach", lol...that is good, ZM! I may just embroider that on a pillow.
  5. To me, from what I have seen of it, their relationship seems unusual. But I cannot find fault with her for not spending a ton of time thinking about her husband's death! I mean it would kinda be worse if she had, right?
  6. the city apartment doesn't seem odd to me. That seems like a rich people thing. Aww Bunny giving Dorit a pass. I'm opening the champagne!. Hold on one sec while I run out to Hermes to buy glasses...
  7. gah! And how did I miss RedheadZombie saying they seem aggressive!? yikes!
  8. Yeah, where is the rose gold Bentley? I haven't seen hide nor hair hair of it since.
  9. BBHN! That was my LOL of the morning -- thanks :)
  10. I think Siggy is so self-absorbed that she really doesn't understand that her actions may come across in any way other than she intended. It's like there is a part of her that is about 5 years old emotionally. The funny thing is I actually do believe her when she says she means well, and that she doesn't start anything, but even that is schoolyard thinking. Not starting shit is good, but that's just one part of "positive human experiences" (apologies for sounding like Sheldon Cooper -- couldn't think of any other way to put that). She has such an overwhelming need to be validated that she feels okay about getting that validation at any cost, right up to and including actually humiliating a guest? That's beyond. She's another one of these people who is very good to the people she loves. Big deal, that's easy. It's how you deal with people you don't love that says the most about you, imo.
  11. I also see those things as different, but she wasn't obligated to bring it up. Rinna's redemption tour lasted one episode. I'd say good effort, but I wouldn't mean it.
  12. You and me both, TattleTeeny -- any amount of humidity in the air on a vacation and I need to get another room for my hair.
  13. Sidebar on this topic -- I was just telling my teen son what I think are the current guidelines for touching people at work. I just have one: don't. I went as far as to say accept a handshake, but don't offer one, which is in stark contrast to how I was raised, where good manners dictate a man offers his hand. Except towards a woman -- back in the day, gentlemanly manners meant a man didn't offer his hand to a lady, but instead waited for her to initiate any contact. If she didn't, there'd be no hand shaking, golldammit! But always, always mano a mano. But in the 80s and 90s, that seemed antiquated and sexist. I can't tell if we're making progress or not! (Also back in the day we used to use expressions like "back in the day".) In this particular case, I can't see if he was touching her or not (it's out of frame for me). If he was doing it in an attempt to diffuse anger, and "connect" then that's one thing, and if he was doing it to attempt to control her, that's another.
  14. Agree about the lateness and the spin. But the bolded part has got to make the baby Aristotle cry.
  15. Anyone know how successful Dorit's swimwear line was in the pre-PK years?