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  1. Aww thanks cooksdelight, but you didn't. Vancouver says Hey!
  2. Has she figured out how to integrate Heaven and technology or has Heaven been working on it since 1973 but just has a really crummy tech department? KFB, you ask good questions. I picture it as a white Bat phone, with angel wings (duh!) and the ring tone is like Le Canon or something. Papa God opens with a couple of dad jokes everytime he calls, because dads!
  3. Can you hire me, KFB? Who's the person who has lost a friend or family member with a T or R or N name?
  4. Aww, come on! We only have three downs! ;)
  5. Bravo has some pictures of Erika as a child. She looked like a sad, anxious, fearful baby and toddler. They made me feel sad.
  6. Nobody knew Teddi would be popular with the fans at the time of filming, true. I am just speculating, but, I can see a savvy person making note of the fact that one HW is really unpopular (Dorit). From there it's an educated guess that siding with the newb against the unpopular veteran might be met with fan appreciation. Camille got it very rough from viewers the first season, so I can understand her not wanting a repeat this time around. I thought Erika used the word "IN" as a synonym of the word "among". I didn't get the impression she thought Teddi was going to be popular or unpopular with the fans from that question.
  7. She could have also checked who was popular with the fans via social media. It's no secret that Dorit is not, and was not a huge fan favourite. I think Camille is pretty savvy that way.
  8. Hey! He also carries her purse. Kim, don't try to argue with Kandi, she's much smarter than you. And the fight that broke your friendship was "just about money"? Really, or was it more about you refusing to pay Kandi for her work? Which is more about ethics, morality and stealing from your friend, but sure, it was "just about money". Luckily for you, enough time has passed and Kandi is gracious enough to nod in agreement. But we remember what it really was. Kim sure does seem to think she's superior to everyone, but she's missing the love of irony in many a RH viewer's eye. I doubt many people watch her show because they want to emulate her.
  9. I noticed that, too Happy Camper, but I thought Dorit was making a joke. But, if it really was one person being told one time and another being told another time, then it makes me question lategate, too. Also, when Dorit said "You're 30 mins late, I as told 4:15", it was crickets from Teddi. Not, "I'm late? Whaaa? Not, What? You were told 4:15? Weird, I was told 4:45" Just nothing from her about that all. It's a head tilter alright.
  10. I appreciate your thoughtful reply, MatildaMoody. Erika has her issues, no doubt about that. But Erika having issues doe not forever excuse everyone else for their behavior. I don't think Teddi did a terrible thing, but it, to me, wasn't the gracious thing. And now she's dealing with the fallout of Erika's wrath. The wrath is 100% on Erika, but just practically speaking, had Teddi chose to handle it a different way, she likely would not have been crying last episode. People 201. None of them one really like to be called out though in front of a bunch of people, not Erika, not Dorit and not Teddi. In retrospect, they probably should not have had the conversation with a camera there. And Dorit didn't need to relay it (but Erika would have seen it on tv later anyway so that's kind of a wash). It will be interesting next season to see if Teddi changes her approach or doubles down on the accountability stuff.
  11. I think of it as "when they go low, we go high".
  12. I already posted about how she could have handled it differently, WW (pointing upthread). If you are really interested in the Complete Jelica Rules of Hostessing, feel free to pm me -- I could write volumes ;)
  13. Teddi could have handled it better, in a way that would not have made feel Erika feel embarrassed, and would have had a more pleasant, less negative consequence-filled outcome for Teddi. Maybe she'll take a different tack next time. (Just out of pragmatism if nothing else.)
  14. I don't think she should have lied about saying it, no, but that was never on the table as an option -- not from me anyway. But I do think she had other options. (Pointing up thread to earlier post). I think kindness and empathy go really well with truth telling.
  15. Two wrongs don't make a right? Lead by example? Always go for a win-win? It's Teddi who is living with the consequences right now -- she doesn't seem happy about tiffing with Erika. She could have saved herself some grief; maybe she will next time. Her call though.