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  1. S01.E01: "Daybreak"

    I think a lot of people dvr to watch on their own time - including me. Hoping to get a chance to watch this weekend. Soapy isn't a problem for me but one of the reviews compared it to a zoning committee meeting, which doesn't sound nearly soapy enough. :-)
  2. Roseanne: Aftermath

    It might be time for a bug report, as I can't seem to make it disappear. http://forums.previously.tv/forum/698-bugs/
  3. Media for Yellowstone

    CNN wasn't impressed but I'll probably still give it a shot. I've been known to watch shows just for the scenery. Plus I haven't seen Jill Hennessy in anything (that I watch) for ages. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/19/entertainment/yellowstone-review/index.html
  4. Roseanne: Aftermath

    My PTV bookmark goes straight to my custom forum list but I just checked and Roseanne is still under R if I peek at all shows, and on the main show list with all the colored blocks. If there was some kind of "hot" list, I'm sure it dropped off because the number of posts in the forum has dropped precipitously.
  5. RE's first scenes as Nicole were actually promising and it went downhill from there. Maybe a rough start for Emma is better?
  6. All Episodes Talk: Seeing Is Believing

    Yes, maybe watching from the beginning will help me figure out all that political conspiracy stuff with Stilson? I never did understand that part. The 4th episode was pretty entertaining too, with the WWII romance and triangle. And the last scene twist. :-) Also liked that Johnny couldn't help his own emotions getting tangled up in it.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Seeing Is Believing

    Thanks to real life, I'm only up to S01:E05 but it's kind of weird, my husband was actually watching 12 Angry Men while I was watching Unreasonable Doubt on my computer. 12 Angry Men may be better (okay - Henry Fonda, Lee J Cobb, Jack Klugman) but I've got Jim Byrnes... so I'm happy.
  8. 2018 Winners

    Yay for Legends of Tomorrow winning *something*.
  9. Cool. I've now been watching B&B long enough for my first year to be retro material.
  10. Roseanne: Aftermath

    This is not the place to debate whether or not Roseanne's offenses were been blown out of proportion. We all have our opinions but pushing back at other people for theirs violates the "Be Civil" rule.
  11. The Spoiler Collection

    I hope so. Hunter Tylo looks so fragile, TK could probably break something accidentally.
  12. S01.E08: Out of Gas

    Mal treats Kaylee like a little sister. The whole crew does. Without her I doubt there would be quite as strong a bond among the crew. I wish Tim Minear would do something sci-fi/space opera-ish again.
  13. S01.E08: Out of Gas

    I thought we learned all that we needed to about Bester, that he was incompetent. And the bolded part... pretty sure easy is an outmoded term even today. Our intro to Kaylee shows she is cheerful, enthusiastically, unapologetically sexual and an intuitive, (truly) genius mechanic. I like that Mal isn't fazed, just hires her on the spot. This is my favorite episode of Firefly and one of my top 10 favorite tv episodes ever. (Only Blake (Blakes 7) and Z'hadum (B5) might rank higher, depending on my mood.)