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  1. Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    I've never read the books. I've heard that the first Roswell series basically only used them as setup for the characters. But if they are going to be used as backstory, it might be worth it. We still have a long wait for the premiere, though hopefully we'll get some spoilers while they are filming.
  2. Should be On-Air: The Block https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Block_(Australian_TV_series)#Season_14
  3. In the Killjoys verse, sexual mores are so alien to my own that I don't even try to define the characters in that way. I see the D/J relationship as all part of the larger "Dutch in the normally male role of kick-ass, emotionally damaged action hero" thing. I have no idea where they will end up, though I can also see when those two are in a room together, everyone else is on the outside. Their (AA/HJK) chemistry really subverts whatever story the writers are trying to tell.
  4. Honestly, I love Jean Smart in anything, so if they could get her - I'd be in. Still, anything DW will at least get a few episodes from me.
  5. It would be nice if they could circle back to the nine and tie things together somehow.
  6. Even though I am enjoying this season, I don't disagree about it being convoluted. One thing that irritates me is when shows move the goal posts, like Aneela was the big bad, until she wasn't. Then it was the Lady and who knows, maybe by the end of this season it will be something/someone else? I wish I didn't like the actress who plays DSK so much, because the character really is reprehensible. But between Dutch owing a debt to Aneela for saving her life and not being willing to waste any possible weapon that would help them in their fight, I can accept that they would not kill her out of hand.
  7. Another awesome episode. That said, I could use a standalone episode right about now, just to catch my breath and process it all.
  8. 100 Code: All Episodes Discussion

    That's disappointing to hear.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    Not sure of how UO it is but RJ and Dorian should have had a Casablanca type ending. I loved their friendship. She was so much better with them than romantic relationships.
  10. S01.E09: The Key 2018.08.01

    My husband and I are doing a rewatch of Castle right now and the Echo lights up every damn time the show says the daughter's name, so I'm guessing it's the same here. (I watch Reverie, when I watch anyway, on my tablet in an Echo free zone.)
  11. Didn't Deacon and Amber interact on Y&R ten years or so ago? I think I watched a bit of it but don't remember much. I would love to have either or both characters back on B&B but then I loved Deacon and Quinn and would rather have that again and use Amber somewhere else. ETA: Sean Kanan seems to wear out his welcome whenever he gets rehired on a soap. I'm still bitter about how he was treated on GH but it does appear to be a pattern with him.
  12. This is a particularly nasty level of trolling on their part and while momentarily amusing, it leaves a bitter aftertaste. IMO, it just shows they know we want out of this crap and it's not going to happen. (Read that last part like a Soup clip.) The direction they're taking with ToD (+ Bill) feels like them letting the air out of the balloon again. The sad thing is that this time around it's really ruined both Ridge and $Bill for me. I can't stand watching either one anymore. Though the tiny glimmer of silver lining has been more Justin. I wish he had a real story line of his own. He's so very, very pretty and I love his voice. (Though if he never says Dollar Bill again, it'll be too soon.)
  13. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    I've been attributing it to the effect of the pregnancy. We should know more soon, I guess.
  14. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    It's late and I don't remember if there was any indication from earlier episodes if real Dutch knew what was happening outside Greenspace, but I didn't get a good feeling about her emerging from the green. I wonder if it was because Johnny was in trouble but too soon otherwise? This one had a lot of the typical weakness of any transitional episode but was redeemed by Pip, Zeph and Pree, with the mention of a Jaqobis sandwich. And DSK... even though it feels so wrong.
  15. For the sake of any newcomers who might be lurking, technically PTV's main rule is "Be Civil" (to your fellow posters). Most of the things that get people in hot water stem from that. (Political stuff, racist or homophobic posts, ignoring mod notes, etc.) Carry on... :-)