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  1. S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    Crushed potato chips on top of a casserole is meant to mimic bread crumb topping, au gratin style. My Midwestern family used bread crumbs or oats in meatloaf to stretch it. Potato chips would be too expensive by the time you added enough. (And who would waste perfectly good chips in meatloaf? lol.)
  2. S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    I think the Becky/Emilio thing worked for me because it was spread out. She went from not wanting anything to do with him, to unbending a little due to the idea of child support, to starting to be seduced a little by the way he tried to take such good care of her and the baby. And Lecy did a wonderful job just radiating when he was doing things for her. She's been on her own for so long. Dang. Becky isn't the only one falling for him a little. :-) (And I really didn't like Gus on Major Crimes, so good job RR.)
  3. S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    Darlene grabs her by the shoulders (to sit her down) and said they had to talk.
  4. S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    Air date: January 22, 2019
  5. BrainDead

    I remember that one! It's on Youtube.
  6. Air date: January 22, 2019
  7. S01.E01: Pilot

    That bugged me too but it actually kind of makes sense with the shutdown. Still, there's no way they could have known in advance, so yeah - dumb, cringe-y line. We were told from the beginning that immigration is going to be an ongoing theme for the show. (They couldn't resist the easy parallels.) With the way things are in the SW, they don't need to be heavy handed with it, though. Just show how it is and leave the audience to work out for themselves how they feel.
  8. S01.E01: Pilot

    That's interesting because most of the comments I've read have been from OG fans. (Myself included.) I think some people have seen JM on Grey's Anatomy too. She feels like Liz to me, for the most part. Maybe without the sense of vulnerability that Shiri Appleby's Liz had but ten years will do that to you.
  9. Elementary in the Media

    Since all the S7 episodes have been filmed, I'm assuming that it would be problematic to do more of them at this point. I just want to see them go out on a high note. p.s. I'm still working my way thru S6... so much tv, so little time. Rest assured, I'm savoring them.
  10. S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    You can watch for free on Yahoo. It looks like they are a week and a half behind but they do have this one. https://view.yahoo.com/show/the-conners/episodes
  11. The Conners: Speculation and Spoilers

    So for those looking for clues, a "season finale event" doesn't exactly sound like ABC slinking away from the show and cutting their losses. (Just saying...)
  12. S01.E01: Pilot

    I liked it more than I expected to but since I wasn't expecting much it was a pretty low bar to clear. I didn't like Michael at all though. Not sure if it was the writing, the acting or what. The original show made me sympathize with him, thanks to the crappy foster father and horrible life he had compared to Max and Isabel. Here they mention it but it didn't have the same impact. And with very little Maria, there wasn't the sort of quirkiness or whimsy I half expected. (It's not like the original was perfect but it did have a chemistry that is probably impossible to duplicate.) I do think this version could have potential, in an X-Files/government conspiracy sort of way.
  13. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    Until this episode, I didn't think that David and Darlene had any chance to be anything other than complicated co-parents but Darlene's instant objection to David and Blue having kids made me rethink a little... at least on Darlene's part. Personally I think David and Blue having a kid would be the best indication that The Conners is in it for the long haul.
  14. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    I agree the episode had an awful lot packed into it. Should have had a "To Be Continued" at the end because it really seems like a 2-parter. So, the Dan and Emilio scenes were very strong. And the last one with Becky, Jackie and Dan. I thought the baby shower was pretty weird. Next week will be interesting anyway.
  15. BrainDead

    I didn't know it was on Prime. I won't have time to rewatch it now but hopefully they'll keep it around a while.