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  1. S01.E10: Stop

    The series was apparently picked up for two seasons at the outset, but it is unconfirmed whether the cast shall return for the second season.
  2. The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018)

    Really looking forward to seeing Claire Foy in this role.
  3. S03.E23: Quintessential Deckerstar

    Yep. This is Part 1 of the finale, and next week we'll get Part 2.
  4. S03.E23: Quintessential Deckerstar

    Same here. Not just over the final conversation with Amenadiel but also the reactions of the other main characters. Heartbreaking. Looking forward to the finale, and hopefully, season 4.
  5. S03.E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    Yep. I understand that there will be a total of 24 episodes this season, while another 2 filmed this year will be aired next season if the show is picked up.
  6. S06.E01: Dead Hand

    What a fantastic premiere. I admit I've kind of been holding my breath about this episode (and the upcoming ones), but I have to say I really loved that set-up. Unexpected and awesome. Keri was excellent. You could see the toll of this life on Elizabeth without her saying a word. Her looking at that cyanide pill, then at herself in the mirror to close the episode... how could this ever end well? Matthew, too, with the change in Philip after seeing Oleg's sign. It was like the weight of the world was back on his shoulders, looking just like he did in Season 5. Poor Philip, unwillingly dragged back into the life... to spy on his wife, no less. Things look bad, but I'm still hoping against hope that Philip and Elizabeth make it through. I've really missed this show. So glad to have it back for the next 9 weeks.
  7. Awards and Nominations

    So glad Keri, Matthew and Alison were recognized even if the show wasn't. Definitely well deserved noms in very competitive fields.
  8. Loved this episode, what with Alex/Shahir/Alex's mom, Maggie/Bree/Charlie, Zach and Dana, Cassie and Thomas, and of course, Alex/Charlie. I've been a bit wary of those two exploring separate romances; dare I hope that last scene with Manny put an end to that? Also, I've been a fan of Erica Durance since Smallville, but I think she's grown a lot as an actress since then. That last scene with Charlie was well done. Still really enjoying this final season. 11 more episodes to go.
  9. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Just saw the movie in IMAX 3D and really loved it. The musical numbers flowed so much better within the film than in the sneak peeks and even on the soundtrack. For instance, I thought the soundtrack's version of Belle felt disjointed, but in the movie, I was impressed. The visuals also helped a lot and got me to stop comparing the songs against those of the animated version. I particularly enjoyed Gaston and The Mob Song for this reason. I think Emma made an excellent Belle, and the Beast made me laugh a few times. I appreciated the added levity and the fleshing out of backstories and personalities, both of which enriched the romance between the two. I also agree with the positive reviews on Luke Evans, even as He had such a good presence and singing voice. I enjoyed all of the castle's animated inhabitants, with Mrs. Potts and Lumiere being the highlights. Ultimately, the only downside for me was Josh Gad, whose Le Fou felt a bit too in your face. The dance was beautiful, though The yellow dress also looked much better in the film than in stills, I thought, perhaps All in all, as a big fan of the animated version who also loved the musical, I am glad for this addition to the story. It definitely wasn't a letdown, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again this weekend and appreciating the film in even more detail.
  10. Loved this episode. I thought Alex, Dana and Cassie had really engaging storylines. Dawn has become such an enjoyable character, and I look forward to seeing where Maggie will go this season. Sad about Alex and Charlie's broken engagement, but I had the feeling it was coming after reading some interviews with the writers and Erica that were published pre-premiere. Like Lady Calypso, I'm figuring on a reunion at some point down the road, so I'm not too heartbroken. The love is obviously there and I'm interested in seeing where Alex's decision takes her for now. Hopefully their union will end up stronger for it. I'll miss this show when it's over, so I'm going to savor this final season.
  11. Moana (2016)

    Saw this yesterday and really enjoyed it. The music isn't on the same level as Hamilton, of course, but I think the songs are super catchy anyway. I was humming "How Far I'll Go" hours after I'd left the theater, and now all soundtrack is on repeat on my laptop. Moana and her grandma made me cry a couple of times. Maui was a lot of fun. And I enjoyed the "twist" at the end. Auli'i Cravalho and the rest of the cast did a great job at both the voice acting and the singing, and the animation (character and location) was gorgeous. I think I might try to catch this one again before it leaves theaters with a different group of friends. Nicely done, Disney.
  12. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    I loved this season and would really like to read more about the period covered, in relation to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. Does anyone have any particular book recommendations in this regard?
  13. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Per the EW feature, Emma wanted a dress that wasn't too constrictive due to the more active nature of the reimagined Belle, but I do think they could have gone with something more impactful. I guess we'll see how it all looks during the dance. Several interviews with Alan Menken quote him as saying that
  14. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    The official trailer is here. I must admit I grew a teensy bit wary after reading the EW feature due to supposed changes to the story, but seeing those animated scenes (especially ) in live action was so exciting. Cannot wait.
  15. S01.E01: Wolferton Splash

    Just started watching this show, and I was so impressed with the first episode. I thought Jared Harris (Hi, Mr. Jones!) was the standout. What a moving performance, with the highlights being his singing with the carolers, his discussion with Elizabeth about being king, and his chat with Philip about his duty. I'm kind of glad this is on Netflix, so we have the whole season at once. Really hope the quality is maintained throughout the season and in the coming ones as well.