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  1. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    My 6 lb self-baby was brought home from the hospital in a shoe box. My mom never said if I rode on her lap or on the floor! My 38 yo oldest kid was born just after baby carseats became available. I bought him one before he was born. A Bobby Mac. My dad drove us home from the hospital and he said he couldn't believe I was going to put this newborn baby in that carseat! He insisted I hold him for the 30 minute drive home. With snow on the ground! And I did! I can't get over how much Felicity looks like Jinger! But that carseat photo is not really a flattering photo and of all the cute exprressions newborns make, why post that one?
  2. I've read that link before. All of it. That site is really into instant obedience and spanking babies and toddlers. It amazes me how a site like that can stay up in this day and age.
  3. Please don't tell me Jill's there taking pictures!
  4. Did you notice her face when she said that? She stuck her lips way out and frowned, "It must be a millennial thing". She really looked bitchy!
  5. I wonder if Laura could be the mystery girl in the all dressed in red family picture.
  6. I tried hard to see what they were eating for their Special Meal. I think I saw shish kabab! They could be branching out! In my Seattle suburban city, we have delicious Indian, Pakistani, and Napali food everywhere. I do hate that the hordes of Duggars cannot ever prepare their own Special Meal, it's always take out or frozen Stouffer's.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/LostFoundPetsSpokaneWA/#!/LostFoundPetsSpokaneWA/photos/a.1211745675552525.1073741828.1060143064046121/1865631076830645/?type=3&source=48&_ft_=top_level_post_id.1873727276021025%3Atl_objid.1873727276021025%3Aoriginal_content_id.1865631076830645%3Athrowback_story_fbid.1873727276021025%3Apage_id.1060143064046121%3Aphoto_id.1865631076830645%3Apage_insights.{"1060143064046121"%3A{"role"%3A1%2C"page_id"%3A1060143064046121%2C"post_context"%3A{"story_fbid"%3A1873727276021025%2C"publish_time"%3A1534215497%2C"story_name"%3A"EntStatusCreationStory"%2C"object_fbtype"%3A266}%2C"actor_id"%3A1060143064046121%2C"psn"%3A"EntStatusCreationStory"%2C"sl"%3A4%2C"dm"%3A{"isShare"%3A1%2C"originalPostOwnerID"%3A1865631076830645}%2C"targets"%3A[{"page_id"%3A1060143064046121%2C"actor_id"%3A1060143064046121%2C"role"%3A1%2C"post_id"%3A1865631076830645%2C"share_id"%3A0}%2C{"page_id"%3A1060143064046121%2C"actor_id"%3A1060143064046121%2C"role"%3A1%2C"post_id"%3A1873727276021025%2C"share_id"%3A1865631076830645}]}}&__tn__=EHH-R The RodDog Snuggles has been reunited with the Rods.
  8. Maybe they have The Family Bed and they always all sleep together? Good, and only, birth control!
  9. No life jackets? In the icy pond? In the middle of nowhere?
  10. Her family owns a peach farm and every year, at this festival, they make peach ice cream. I'm making peach ice cream this weekend! Local, ripe good peaches.
  11. They are supposedly returning for the dog August 13th. So it sounds like they are going to miss Sunday church! This is the 2nd time the Rods have driven off without Snuggles, their poor doggie. Evidently, David just opens the RV door to let it out to pee and it wanders off. With all their hordes of kids, no one can leash up Snuggle and give the dog a proper walk???
  12. Since Derrick's income is non-existent, wouldn't he qualify for a free ride with a Pell Grant? Do they still have those? Cathy should never jeperdize her retirement income by spending it on grown children. It's the main reason seniors have no money in their old age. And Medicare will not pay all of her medical bills.
  13. I suspect the longish spacing between Izzy and Sam is due to separate beds and abstinence. Remember that photo Jill posted in SC? In the background, beyond the open door into the bedroom, I saw a messy, unmade bed. Then in the foreground, lay a messy, unmade mattress on the floor.
  14. Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    I would be terrified of a toddler drowning in that drainage ditch.
  15. S07.E10: Make Room for Baby

    I noticed when Josiah as preparing faitas, he sauted FROZEN chopped onions and FROZEN chicken bits. This adds a lot of water to the saute pan and it's hard to get a good sear. Also, I peeked insde the fridge when Josiah was sorting through the gross leftovers, and truely, for such a huge family, there is very little in that fridge. 4 big bottles of coffee creamers, and a few packages of precut salad and not a whole lot more.