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  1. Maybe Jessa allowed him to go to a fancy real barber?
  2. https://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_152922226730413&key=79bd9386a12d9ac58a81d42672c87dc4&libId=jiiiz94c0102hjor000MAbenmg6ao&subId=4722371074&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.freejinger.org%2Ftopic%2F31210-jrod-63-in-case-of-emergency-take-selfies%2F%3Fpage%3D16&v=1&out=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gofundme.com%2Fblessing-for-scott-and-teresa&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.freejinger.org%2Ftopic%2F31210-jrod-63-in-case-of-emergency-take-selfies%2F%3Fpage%3D15&title=JRod 63%3A In case of emergency%2C take selfies - Page 16 - RVfull of Grifting (Rodrigues Family) - Free Jinger&txt=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gofundme.com%2Fblessing-for-scott-and-teresa Not sure if he link will work. It's the link where Michelle Duggar donated $500 to Scott and Teresa Fedosky. Also, I noticed a donation by a Jess S. for $200. I know Jessa Seewald has referred to herself as Jess before.
  3. To me, it looks like her right eye has freshly applied blue shadow and a lb of mascara. I'm guessing JillR had to get her ready for the camera.
  4. So Tori's pregnant? I thought she just graduated college and was going to work as a school teacher. I guess now it's a baby every year or so.
  5. I was nearly gagging as Nurie constantly wiped her snot on her fingers, then on to her wrist, then up on her forearm. Then when she ran out of dry skin, she just bunches up her shirt and wipes her nose on it. Also, Nurie had trouble spitting out a whole, coherent sentence. Of course, Jill made her do this awful grifting video when Nurie and Kaylee should have been resting in bed after their trauma.
  6. I have no idea which episode I saw it on, but I do remember Jill nursing Izzy behind her modesty veil and he was way over a yr old.
  7. Lawson is really pimping their show! Who ever does a 5 yr vow renewal??? Why??? Why ever, in fact?
  8. All the comments are basically saying NO! GET A JOB DAVID! People are on to these grifters. The instruments in the cases look alright. https://m.facebook.com/photos/viewer/?photoset_token=pcb.10156666460442259&photo=10156666459072259&profileid=100000742113984&source=49&refid=17&_ft_=top_level_post_id.10156666460442259%3Atl_objid.10156666460442259%3Athrowback_story_fbid.10156666460442259%3Athid.534282258%3A306061129499414%3A2%3A0%3A1530428399%3A-2785072243546626329&__tn__=E Sorry link not working. There are several photos of the crushed car in Judith Moravek's Facebook.
  9. On their Facebook, I see condolences but not the original story.
  10. At least she doesn't have to have a baby tied to her . When Jill, Jana and Jessa were that age, they were all caring for babies.
  11. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I've almost weaned myself off of 15 years of prescription sleeping pills to Valerian Root with good success.
  12. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I'm a sucker for Vermont Country Store's sweetly printed, pintucked, tiny buttoned, laced and beribboned lawn nightgowns! I'm embarrassed how many I own. They remind me of Victorian day dresses.
  13. Bland, white bread recipes for a bland, white bread Duggar brood.
  14. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Here are my frumpers (for house wear only)!!! I have 3 different prints. They are loose, breezy and a sinch to get off and on. https://oldpueblotraders.blair.com/p/border-print-100-cotton-sundress/75665.uts?rank=rank6&is=Y&store=11&q2=Sleeveless&count=500&q1=Misses&intl=n&q=*&keyword=*&x2=sleeve&x1=s.sku_family_name I will say that last spring, the print offerings were cuter.
  15. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Last summer, I ordered several loose, cotton muumuu style dresses from Blair. I really only wear them at home. They are great for hot days. Actually, I got them from Old Pueblo Traders. I wore them all last summer and they still look new for this summer. They are loose, sleeveless frumpers and you could put a tee shirt under them for spring or fall.