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  1. Boys and men are leaders. Girls and women are submissive. Gag.
  2. OMG! Not just any wooden spoon. She posted a photo of the huge prep school type paddle; if I'm remembering correctly, under the fricken Christmas tree! I believe she gifted Jill and Derick that paddle.
  3. Jill is always bragging about how filling her recipes are, and I guess all those multiple cans of cream of glop soups have enough corn starch to make one appear full. But come on Jill, with a houseful of hungry Howlers and growing littles, 20 tortillas is not enough. If they each ate one enchilada apeice, they would get 1/4th cup of rice and 1 1/2 TABLESPOONS of chicken!!! Along with a huge load of sodium and cheese!
  4. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Have you tried driving while sitting on a memory foam pillow? I have lower spine issues and drive sitting on a donut shaped memory foam pillow and not only can I drive much longer without being in agony, but I also sit up much higher. I never drive without it. It would also help with the seat cutting into your thighs, since you would be sitting higher and your legs would be at a different angle.
  5. I was a bit taken back that Anna described Mac as a leader, as I thought, in their world, only men can be leaders. Way too much jesus there and I still don't know why people post greetings to family if they are right in front of you.
  6. I can make out a S and U on Derick's windbreaker. It's not that red color of Arkansas State University, so maybe it's an old Oklahoma State University jacket?
  7. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Maybe it really was Kendra, walking along with her beloved Daddy.
  8. It's looks like that montrous of a building that Lauren and Josiah are housesitting. It's probably just those sliding glass doors though.
  9. JillR also says she doesn't often frequent Starbucks since they support sodomy, but, oh, she loves their coffee! She went into one where two women "had that look of living a questionable lifestyle" and JillR loved them and chitchatted with them to show them jesus's love, then she gave them tracks!!! She is truely awful, and her eye makeup was also truely awful.
  10. I believe the poster has come forward as a PTV troll from this forum. She said she never actually made the dish!
  11. Lands End offers free hemming, to the one fourth inch, up to 36 inches, on most all of their pants. Great quality, too. That's for women's pants. Men's probably go longer.
  12. I just had to Google poutines. OMG!
  13. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    The spit and blood and bloody gauze stuck in the back of my mouth are the only bad parts I remember. Otherwise, no pain at all, nor swelling.
  14. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Whatever happened to those quaint hand-knitted hats and booties and sweater sets infants used to wear? My MIL made each of my kids adorable, if fussy, sets, beribboned and all. It's the only baby clothes I saved.
  15. Our butter is generally 4 cubes per package, which is one pound. So one stick is 1/4th lb, or 113 grams. One stick is 4 ounces.