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  1. ATX TV Festival had a 20-year reunion for Felicity. Some cute moments were highlighted in this recap: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/felicity-reunion-highlights-atx-tv-festival-1118752
  2. The Bold Type in the Media

    Just wanted to give a heads up that the first episode of season 2 is already streaming on Hulu right now.
  3. Wes got married this weekend with Devin and most of his Real World castmates in attendance.
  4. You can watch one of the songs from this upcoming episode here.
  5. AI in the Media

    All three judges finally set:
  6. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    So weird to hear Victor gush about Nicole like this. I don't understand it at all, but he really must be smitten if he's looking to move to her tiny, isolated town to be with her.
  7. Movie director guy she was hooking up with when the series first started.
  8. The Bachelor in the Media

    Jef is dragging Arie on Twitter right now LOL. Never heard about this falling out between them before.
  9. The Mindy Project in the Media

    Well look who's back...
  10. Some season three scoop from the TCA press tour today:
  11. Check out the season four social media thread for the tea on that: