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  1. It took me until the end of the scene to realize that was Pam who came in the house. I actually thought it was Trish at first. I was wondering why it took me so long- but it was because she wasn't wearing the right outfit!
  2. I would say this rap was the moment I fell in love with P&R, but truthfully it was Ron's next line: 'there's someone on fire at Ramset Park'.
  3. Lost music makes everything dramatic. They should adopt it as the Sunday Night Football theme!
  4. S05.E06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

    I've never wanted more characters on a show to be stabbed so many times. I really thought Stannis would ride in during the wedding. Stupid me thinking that poor Sansa was going to get out of this physically unscathed. Now get to the stabby stabs, Grandma O and Sansa/Theon!
  5. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    I have liked every marvel movie so far, but oh, that was terrible! And not just for a marvel movie but for any movie. The pacing was off, the writing was awful, both dialogue and the story itself. Characters would just flit off and then randomly return. I had no idea how much time had passed between scenes (like at the end when they had a shiny new facility but just found the missing jet). And overall the characters felt...off. Also, why is the guy with an infinity stone in his head 'training' to be an Avenger? He's running off of one of the most powerful things in the universe, I think he's got this. It felt like Whedon didn't care, even the tag scene felt rushed, like Thanos was in the middle of a conversation we didn't see. I just didnt like the direction this movie took things, and I worry it will carry over into the other films and mess up the storyline.
  6. S04.E03: Data

    I was so sad when I thought Ben was leaving, but damn if he didn't terrify me two seconds later when he brought down Dan! There's a real difference in the generations. Dan, Amy, and Jonah may talk a good game, but Ben, Kent, and Selina will straight up cut you. And then go read a children's book. This show is very good at making you forget how ruthless Washington is. One week it's just an embarrassing party, the next week someone gets taken out.
  7. If swimming in coins is anything like those death-trap foam pits at my childhood rec center, I'd rather not. Go Captain!
  8. S04.E01: Joint Session

    It was a little jarring to see the different set and those couple of new people, and I'm still not sure where the show is time-wise, but I still think I just experienced the funniest 29 minutes of my life. Sorry about the extra page.
  9. S05.E01: The Wars To Come

    As much as I enjoyed Jon performing the Westeros version of dropping the mike, was that really the wisest decision? Stannis was the only one to respond to the killer zombie notice you sent out; maybe just let him do his thing and keep him happy. Bigger picture here guys!
  10. When Jacqueline's dad said the line about crying over the litter I almost died. I loved how unexpected her backstory was! I assumed they were going with I similar story to 30 rock, with Jane's character being from a white trash/hillbilly family, but this was unexpected and sweet- she still has her medallion!
  11. I'm actually thankful for the closing credit montage. I had honestly forgotten about the Everything is Awesome performance. It felt longer than normal.
  12. I'm torn between the beautiful portraits and film clips. I think I prefer clips because it shows them at work. Also, 'too many people died last year'. Sorry for the Anchorman quote, it was the most appropriate one I could think of.
  13. Felicity Jones can really suck the joy that radiates from Pratt, can't she.
  14. Oh come on! No love for dancing baby groot and a talking raccoon?
  15. Naked NPH was awesome, mostly because I watched Birdman immediately after Whiplash, and kept thinking that kid was going to pop out somewhere. So. many. drums.