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  1. S02.E04: Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes

    Everytime I hear him speaking, I get a teenage mutant ninja turtle flashback.
  2. S02.E04: Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes

    UGH...a little Patrick Warburton goes a long way. Can't stand his character. Want my advice? Get Brian Posehn to do that character.
  3. The Conners Past and Present

    lol 2 1/2 men, BBT, 2 broke girls....can't handle that level of lameness. jmo. mind you I loved the Shield, and way certain no cop team could operate that corrupt way in reality.
  4. Glass (2019)

    agreed on 'media' anymore, nothing is reliable as fact. and ditto on the kid, way cool to bring him back. i hope there is another movie, the son could definitely have powers.
  5. The Conners Past and Present

    I'm fairly intelligernt but yep zero money sense. We do exist out here, and are often addicts/alkies. The one sides feeds the other, so I totally get Becky's take on things. Hence the show rings true for me. eta: other weirdness - all my fave bands had members who killed themselves. artists i think are tortured internally despite their gifts. the conners perhaps subconsciously ruin themselves?
  6. S18.E12: Break On Through

    im sorry food tats? NO WAY anyone so loves gd food that they get a food tat. people yes, icons yes, even speeches i can see...but goddam veggies? NO...diminishing any integrity inkwork has. hi put at goddam 7/11 tat on why not? trash (I have a haida sun god on me, way proud of it. dumb inkers can burn in h)
  7. S18.E12: Break On Through

    not sure the hate over Heather, other then people despise her eyebrows. wait, cooking talent people watchers are shallow??? NEVER. my cook has to look this way, otherwise pfffft. sam from top chep ftw if this is the dumb criteria.
  8. Glass (2019)

    enjoyed it. Split was better IMO, but this did fine in the time allotted to get all the character stories in line. Kinda saw that twist coming, but eh it's fine anymore, surprises are hard to find in movies.
  9. Glass (2019)

  10. S06.E01: Honeymoon

    Yeah, and Ron is a parody of the stereotypical macho male neanderthal mentality so even if he did make fun of the Venezuelans, what would normally happen is they would 'one up' him by the end of the episode.
  11. S18E11: Devilish Desserts

    I love it when Christina bitches people out - she does it in such a calm even manner, compared to GR's ranting.
  12. S06.E01: Honeymoon

    yeah, a bit wondering that myself....you had episodes where people argued, but i can't remember an outright mean episode. well wait, they were mean to Jerry, I have to give you that.
  13. S18E11: Devilish Desserts

    well yeah, rarely seeing gloves on chefs touching food - i put this up to just this being a show, not reality. i'm sure they are coached to be over the top in their talking heads segments, which helps zero in seeing them as professional - it plays up the petty reality show emotionalism and soundbites. The smoking thing is interesting - those who work in the restaurant industry, is smoking a majority for chefs, or not so much? The worse thing for me would be someone with a nasty cold/flu bug fixing my food, either prep or on the line - you have to breathe, and I know your exhales are floating over my ingredients/plates at one time or other. I have never seen any cooks wearing facemasks. I guess in the food industry we are cool not to have the same levels of sanitary as operating rooms.
  14. S18E11: Devilish Desserts

    lol GR's watch has a yellow face, i wonder if it's a smiley face?? eta: got a better closeup, it's not a smiley face. that'd be too funny tho. ugh meltdown - none of the guys deserve to win. i'm fine as long as kanae doesn't win, she needs to grow up some. - she flamed out on that salmon, and your attitude becomes take that salmon away from me? YEAH don't try to redeem yourself, bail on it so someone else has to pick up your dumb slack.
  15. S06.E01: Honeymoon