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  1. S09.E03: Warning Signs

    and Maggie has permanent scowl face now - i know there's not much to be happy about (well other than you have adorable Hershel at home whom you are neglecting), but I get tired of looking at that sourpuss. Daryl must voluntarily want to look scruffy, as we've seen other people's grooming tended to.
  2. Prompted by the discussion of people wanting Zack McGowan to have lasted longer. What non-a list celeb would you like to see join the cast, or at least cameo? (This is just for fun, as with the series ending none of this could happen.) I'll start: John Travolta - could be the next pseudo Negan or a new villain. heck even a challenger for rick's holier than thou position Paul Reubens - anything, he's just an interesting person Wil Wheaton - definitely a zombie (lol) Kelsey Grammer - could be another priest, like FPP James Urbaniak - could be anything really Christina Ricci - maybe a nemesis for Maggie's position?
  3. S09.E03: Warning Signs

    ah i wasn't too far off. yay me being smart for a change - lol.
  4. S09.E03: Warning Signs

    Ok, more thoughts. I think the writers LOVVVVE this bridge plotline as a metaphor for Rick bridging the gap between the groups. They think they are being soooooooooo clever - I say boo. The water that bridge was traversing is definitely surmountable - maybe not for wagons, but people and supplies and horses, heck yeah. Howabout pulling all the people working on that bridge and have them explore to find land to grow food? Negan and Rick both share the same goal - a large group that protects itself. Negan did it thru intimidation, Rick is trying to do it thru bartering and diplomacy. Maybe this is why Rick is keeping Negan around? I'm going to need a players roster to keep track of who is in what group and what they believe. What was the whole point of that house of boarded up zombies? Such a minor scene to just convey some other checkpoint team hadn't checked in. Could've done that with two lines of dialogue. Everybody's getting all revengy, except Rick and Michonne who appear to be living in la la happyplace land.
  5. S09.E03: Warning Signs

    I think's Rick's growing and using his own supply of wacky weed I too thought at first that was a Glenn/Maggie flashback. With the hair and the goatee, that character does look somewhat like Glenn.
  6. S09.E01: A New Beginning.

    He's very Negan-y in the movie Watchmen. Nobody's mentioned the birds in the early part of the episode - so the wildlife is finally coming back..? That's a good sign.
  7. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    Yeah, notice how no one ever pays their check. I guess you could argue they could be editing around it, but meh more evidence all staged. I do wonder if they do get to eat the dishes the contestants cook, if not what a waste. Now Beef AND Lobster wellington, so twice the chances to yell at the chefs.
  8. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Agree. Dying in a way not glamorous is perfect, and I think RB would approve.
  9. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    let's not make the show Mark centric. boring.
  10. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    eh doesn't matter. people love to focus on gay, straight. don't care, make the show funny. and gay doesn't equal funny, hi will and grace.
  11. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    misleading tho. star in your own trailer, more appropriate. you got one scene and non moving at that. yippee.
  12. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    eh ok, i hope to see better. Darlene's attempt at sad did not buy me, sorry to buck the trend here, it felt like distant relative i need to feel sad at type sad. Dan I bought emotionally, Jackie while goofy I bought as I think the character is somewhat mental to begin with. Zero death emotion Becky or DJ, but it's a sitcom, doesn't matter at all.
  13. S09.E02: The Bridge

    I enjoyed this episode. It's nice each episode is not just a slash or bulletfest, we're getting social interactions. Rick is definitely wearing rose colored glasses, I mean I get having a positive attitude but it seems a bit happythought. Ok, I'm a guy. Loved the derriere shot of Maggie and Michonne. Shame on you producers for exploiting that shot for us. Why is Negan being kept alive, somebody remind me..? Gregory got HUNG, and Negan did far way worse than Gregory. Uhoh, copter....hmmm. Final scene, do we have a new group to contend with?
  14. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    Yeah, I'd save it for the seafood challenge. Those shakes are always so gnarly looking. I hope we get the blind taste test this season, always enjoy that.
  15. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    It's fun going back to watch Joseph season 6 - the marine who got up in GR's face because he didn't like ratting out anyone on his team.