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  1. ah thx, i missed that bit. i guess with all the cooking shows that is plausible. did Kitchen Nightmares do bad in the ratings? I always enjoyed watching it, it seemed way less rushed. And Hotel Hell like I said was fun too - there's no shortage of mid-level hotels/motels he could do stories on.
  2. Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back: it's not really grabbing me. A biggee is that they complete in one episode, which doesn't give you a lot of time to get to know anybody (his prior nightmare shows occurred over several days but typically completed in one episode.) They give you more time on the construction of the new place, which unless you're into construction isn't all that interesting and takes away from GR talking with the people, which seems to be what makes his shows work. The 18 wheeler that is his rolling kitchen/giant tv screen - ok that's novel, but it's not fun to look at - it's a maxxed out food truck that they show the day's chefs how to fix a few things. A good thing, tho I'm doubting the veracity of it - hidden cameras in the restaurants before he shows up to fix things, so he can see all the rights/wrongs going on. Regardless of the reasons given, the restaurant staff has to know something is up when strangers come in and wire things up (I guess they could do it in the closed hours, but that sounds even more suspicious.) I hope it gets better, but I don't have high hopes. Bring back Hotel Hell, that was fun to watch.
  3. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    I hate the seafood episodes - jmo but tossing a live thing into boiling water I refuse to watch. At least kill the damn thing first before boiling it alive.
  4. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Tony, man. i loved your insight, your words. Going away man, i guess your decision but so not happy for us, your fans. Reach out for help if you need it people.
  5. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    beautifully said, thank you. i can't say selfish because when you're depressed, you take actions and the impacts are not in your head at all. it's not willful selfishness at all, it's life on top of you and you are crushed and see an out while not pleasant seems reasonable.
  6. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    this. and many shows other than parts unknown. his top chef appearances as judge are epic, as he holds NO punches in telling chefs his opinions. (in fact, likely going to watch those past episodes today as tribute.)
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    loved Bourdain, man this floors me. His personality so seemed like eh whatever you want, fine, I walk my own line. Gave two effs if you agreed or not. I'm so sad he's gone.
  8. Roseanne: Aftermath

    The other characters besides R were interesting enough for me to want to see what a reboot without her looks like. I wonder tho will they keep the same writers? I know some people have left, and while the writing wasn't super depth or anything, they did have some funny lines.
  9. S09.E01: The Judges Do Battle Part I 2018.06.01

    gotta be a coloring thing right? brown gravy looks better on a plate.
  10. S09.E01: The Judges Do Battle Part I 2018.06.01

    agreed, awesome. but you know GR would say it looks like baby vomit.
  11. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I would love seeing a show with Darlene as a teacher (college would likely be best, more material to work with.) You could have Goodman and Metcalf as teachers as well, and wahtever guest stars would like to come on.
  12. S09.E01: The Judges Do Battle Part I 2018.06.01

    this. country fried steak or chicken both w/gravy look horrifying, but man the taste is heaven sent. i guess gravy plopped on anything isn't really eye friendly, but taste more than makes up for it. and you gotta sop. who's up for sop?? let me here ya.
  13. S09.E01: The Judges Do Battle Part I 2018.06.01

    faux suspense on these competition cooking shows??? never heard such a thing. epitomes of standards, these reality shows.
  14. S09.E01: The Judges Do Battle Part I 2018.06.01

    yeah, the powder comment confused me. i realize if one has bags of time or tons of help and can have fresh grated everything that would be the ideal, but in a time crunch I don't see the issue. does joe have his oils freshly squeezed each meal? mustard freshly assembled at each lunch? but Joe that's just you, that's fine - we love the snark and sneers. Your mother is the REAL cook. eta: that's another thing, is joe a chef? I know he manages an empire, but what cooking advice will he be able to give, beyond just what he likes tasting? G and A are both talented chefs.
  15. S09.E01: The Judges Do Battle Part I 2018.06.01

    seriously. go over the rules ONCE with everybody, NOT in each segment. Not missing Tosi. Hoping Aaron steps up a bit more in the personality dept, giving G and J a harder time. He doesn't quite have the charm to pull off how nice Graham Elliot was. Yes thank you, goodbye ponytail. Talk about obnoxious all that swishing it about. CryGuy reminds me of James Blunt, I kept waiting for him to bust out into song. Bowen seems cool and down to earth, and god forbid RESPECTFUL of the judges - that's a nice change. I missed the second half, will Hulu be getting that??