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  1. S03.E15: One Million Percent

    Ha!Ha! Your post is So on point.
  2. 🎵Go, 'Speed Racer', go!🎵 That Rachel, yeah! Met her @ a symposium a couple of years ago. FANtastic!
  3. Season 10: Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

    Well, i did like the slow-motion effect of the 'Goth' youth leaving the constabulary station near the beginning of the episode... sooo, there is that.
  4. Season 10: Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

    What's happening to This Show??
  5. Season 10: Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

    Poor, poor Watts.
  6. S04.E04: Shepwrecked

    Shut the hell up, Cameran. And, that includes all of your narrations. Not missing (Ms.,...) Patricia, her caftans, nasty snobbery, and her 'MEDICINE' at all.
  7. S02.E13: Ronin

    Another year, another ridiculous stringing along the tv audience...
  8. Season 10: Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

    Poor sweetie actor who played Roland actually looked scared and disturbed by Gillies' visage. That REALLY bothered me. Thank gosh, Gillies is most sincerely really dead--so tiresome. And, did Gillies strongly imply that William was the object of his adoration?
  9. Season 10: Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

    I don't miss Breckenreid AT ALL. So glad William has returned to inventing. George's Burlesque Girlfriend is utterly boring. The three male murder victims were hilarious. Wish they had not met their demise so that future appearances would have been possible.
  10. S02.E10: The Garden of Beasts

  11. S02.E11: Lost Boy

    "Charlie! Charlie! He's the 'man'! He probably can do what NONE of them can!" I canNot stand Bram and his perfectly rendered BLOODY stupid HandPrint--a##hole! Maddy, you should have been gettin' while the gettin' was good especially after your bumbling sister already threw you under the RAPS' bus.
  12. S07.E09: Rock in the Road

    TOO funny!
  13. S07.E09: Rock in the Road

    Gregory was hilarious! Not a Rosita fan...At all... Carol needs to get with it or get ta steppin'. Tired of the isolation coupled with pain and rumination. Oh, po' Morgan. Had to kill in this here zombie dystopian hellscape. REALLY(?)! Well, too bad, so sad. Still l❣v ya, Rick!
  14. S02.E01: Safe / S02.E02: Doors & Corners

    Agree with ALL of your perspectives/sentiments/comments.
  15. Season 10: Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

    Wow, Crabtree❗ Eva again! Damn❗ Pick up the pace Julia. The Program's portrayal of PTSD is lacking*(no insult to those who suffer from this horrendous condition)*.