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  1. S02.E10: The Passenger

    They want to keep playing Cowboys and Indians.
  2. S02.E10: The Passenger

    Back to Dolores Dolores: The Next Complication Dolores Takes Manhatten There Will Be Dolores Dolores Reloaded
  3. S02.E10: The Passenger

    I wonder if any of the robots that get restored will feel resentment from missing the Rapture.
  4. S02.E10: The Passenger

    I just realized that the writers failed at one point. Just to make things even more brilliant, they could have shown us scenes from Hellas World, in which a group of philosophers were earnestly debating the nature of reality.
  5. S02.E10: The Passenger

    Here's my thought on MIB's timeline. He really did kill his daughter. He really did try kill Dolores, only to wreck his hand because of her sabotaging the gun. He really did stagger into the Forge. That's where he died, which is why he wasn't part of the big flood and upload scene. Someone attempted to replicate him, shortcutting it to just the last sequence. So what we saw in his scenes was a mixture of memory and reenactment in the simulation. At the end of the simulation, he awakens to get a fidelity check from a robot who impersonates his daughter, then back into the simulation to repeat the loop. The scenes we saw that he wasn't in were what actually happened.
  6. S02.E10: The Passenger

    This week in Knee Deep in the Ubik: Well the Delos mercenaries finally found their level. They can defeat a mass of half dead, mostly unarmed robots. It takes only 10K lines to emulate a human mind? That hurts. The Slimey Limey surprised us all, most of all himself, but at least he got to go out reciting some of his own lines. And the Techie Twins have the opportunity to secretly get Maeve back in operation-- or scrub her for good. Definitely looking forward to the decision process. I speculated that Logan would be back but i did not expect him as the avatar of the Forge. Dreadful sorry, Clementine. Dolores takes the souls of the dead to site of their next incarnations. But not Teddy, he's in the Happy Hunting Grounds where i expect he'll become mayor. Good to see someone get a happy ending. Did Dolores just split herself? She built a new Dolores body, but there's still a Charlotte? Will Bernard build his son, or make a Ford? Heh! I knew there'd be an after credits scene. Turns out that after all, it is MIB who becomes the stand in for Yul Brunner, severely damaged but relentlessly staggering on. Last episode i said that he was the one most trapped in a loop, and i was right. Yeah, ok, he's a robot now, and yeah, the whole show is about asking what's real, but please don't take it to Phillip K Dick levels.
  7. S02.E10: The Passenger

    If people keep using that phrase on the forum, they're going to wear it out.
  8. S02.E10: The Passenger

    So what-- this show is to prepare us for the Singularity? That post shows 95% fidelity with last time; we're almost there.
  9. S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    That would be a twist. MIB sprawled on the ground, brooding. A rider approaches from the distance. It's young Logan. He asks MIB if he enjoyed the fruits of his coup.
  10. S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    Nah, they'd have to go to Roman Dominated Egypt World to find that. Yeah, it's more a present for an 8 to 12 year old.
  11. S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    This week on What a Waste of Sela Ward, we discover that the Man in Black is not only trapped in a loop more thoroughly than anyone else, but it's rapidly shrinking. Teddy strikes one more blow for true love. Maeve and Bernard need better malware protection. Charlotte is in a loop too; she keeps coming back to the opinion that she has everything under control. Clementine gets used and doesn't even get paid for it. Delores has never heard "One Tin Soldier". It looks as if she and the Ghost Nation leader are headed for a traditional showdown at high noon in the valley. But who will turn the valve to flood the area?
  12. S02.E08: Kiksuya

    It would be Windows 3.1.1, that's the version that brought in networking.
  13. S01.E06: Episode Six 2018.06.10

    Considering that it was the curendera that encouraged Lyn to pursue Johnny, it's fitting that she cleansed her of that impulse. Definitely hoping for another season.
  14. S02.E08: Kiksuya

  15. S02.E07: Les Ecorches

    I've given up on Legion. But i might have stayed with it if West World weren't on at the same time. The Cradle in Raj World is probably protected by a giant cobra with a ruby in its forehead.