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  1. S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    That doesn't quite fit the meaning of "receipt", though. It's more like if you punch someone for real, accidentally, that person has the right to punch you back for real, on purpose. A wrestler might say "Once I potatoed that guy/gal near the start of the match, I knew there was a receipt coming." Here's a link to a Wikipedia glossary of wrestling terms, if you're curious. I'm not sure there's anything to it but a fun wrestling phrase.
  2. S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    Well... they're wrestling terms but they don't really have an applicable plot references. "Potato" I believe means to actually hurt someone for real. That might obviously apply to Ruth's broken leg. "Receipt" means comeuppance or payback. So "Every Potato Has a Receipt" means every time you aren't careful and hurt someone in the ring, it'll get back at you in the future, in kind. But this episode wasn't about Ruth hurting Liberty Belle at all, so I have no idea how it applies.
  3. S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    One thing about the ending: Wrestling often has issues of wrestlers leaving a federation and that federation claiming that the name belongs to it as a wrestler. Wrestlers usually go and used a changed version of the name with a similar gimmick ("Masha the Russian Smasher!"), getting a different gimmick, or on occasion legally changing a name to the previous gimmick. The Ultimate Warrior legally changed his name to "The Ultimate Warrior" in order to keep his persona outside the WWF. Sometimes companies cast other wrestlers to play the abandoned gimmicks. Occasionally successfully, but usually not.
  4. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    It was the whole side of the draw. Belgium got Japan-Brazil-France. Two tournament favorites. Argentina and Germany also were possible, right? England got Colombia-Sweden-Croatia. Not traditional powerhouses. It was always considered the easier path.
  5. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    The losing team had a better draw. They faced easier teams in the knockout rounds.
  6. The NBA

    There’s parity and there’s rewarding a team for good decisions. The Warriors hit three absolute home runs on middling draft assets in Curry, Green and Thompson which led to other players choosing to go there first. That’s at least rewarding teams for drafting well and building a winning culture. Meanwhile the Lakers flubbed three #2 overall picks and get bailed out because LeBron likes living in LA and legacy. They almost couldn’t have chosen worse before LeBron came to save the day. If I had to choose karmically between Warriors winning 11 of 13 or the Lakers win 2 more before LeBron is done, I’d choose the Warriors run.
  7. S13.E02: Audition 2

    I just watched part of this episode off the DVR. I recognize the tumbling brothers from Big Apple Circus this year, unless there are two sets of brothers who do that act! They fell during our show too. Never anything approaching an injury, but just an apologetic shrug and "we'll get it next time" as they set up the next trick. A few fails. On a card in which some acts literally would risk life and health if they were to fail. I dunno. I'd find it hard to fathom that you could safely build a fail into that act. Doing it perfectly would be impressive enough without having an overcoming failure aspect.
  8. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Do teams typically play to win the 3rd place game, or is it a glorified exhibition?
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Google maps says that you could drive from England to Croatia in 19 hours while passing through France and Belgium. That’s a Top Gear challenge.
  10. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I feel bad for Russia. It'll be eight years before they can play a World Cup game on friendly soil.
  11. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    No, I believe that Janet Van Dyne's only superhero persona over the years was The Wasp. I don't see any other personas on this history of her. However, The Wasp has been a mainstay of The Avengers from the beginning, and for large swaths of time she was Avengers Chairperson, efficiently running the Avengers even as Cap, Thor, and Iron Man were members, and it was no big deal. Janet was the boss, maybe half or a third of the time over the last three decades? It was a good deal more progressive than the beginning movie Avengers in that way. It's really too bad that the movie Avengers didn't see fit to have her on board.
  12. Hey, so can some one educate me as to the mechanics of moving football players from club to club? Ronaldo gets sold from Real Madrid to Juventus. Who initiated it? Does the player have a say in where he goes? Are there ever true free agents? Trades? Salary caps? Thanks in advance.
  13. The NBA

    What did the Nets get out of that transaction? Cap space?
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I read that they were 0-3 in shootouts in the WC and 1-3 in the Euros. And the 1 win led to a shootout loss in the next round. So pretty much never.
  15. The NBA

    To watch the Celtics upset them in the Finals.