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  1. MLB Thread

    The Mets new GM used to be the agent of a lot of Mets! Quite awkward. "Hi Joe! How's that sore knee you hid from the manager all last year?"
  2. NFL Thread

    As currently constituted I would certainly favor the Rams over the Pats, today's results notwithstanding. If Sony Michel, Gronk, Rex Burkhead, and Shaq Mason can all come back without other injuries happening then it's more of a coin flip. Chiefs and Saints are also in discussion if we're talking Super Bowl contenders. I'm now loving RB Cordarelle Patterson. For whatever reason he's never been able to grasp the WR position at the pro level. Apparently being an RB lets him just use his physicality and not think so much.
  3. S03.E07: A Fractured Inheritance

    Wind chimes?
  4. NFL Thread

    Could be that Green Bay are getting rid of locker room malcontents with shipping off Clinton Dix and Ty Montgomery
  5. NFL Thread

    On paper I want to call the Bills the worst team in football. And yet they have two quality-ish wins. They're weird.
  6. NFL Thread

    It's funny. With the new kickoff rules, the decisionmaking responsibility for returning kicks has changed. It used to be there were two guys back to receive the ball. One would catch, and the other guy would make the decision as to signal to down the ball or to block and expect the returner would follow you. Occasionally there would be a miscommunication which usually led to a ball being returned when it shouldn't have been. Now they changed the rule so that you don't have to catch the ball in the end zone. if it hits the end zone at all it's dead and a touchback. So now they just have the returner stand at the goal line. If the balls over his head, he just stands there and lets the ball hit for a touchback. If it's at the goal line or shorter, the returner catches it and brings it out. So now the decision is solely with the returner. In Ty Montgomery's case, there wasn't an extra set of eyes on him to prevent him from doing the dumb thing of bringing it out.
  7. NFL Thread

    I guess Baker Mayfield gets to coach himself. Lucky him.
  8. MLB Thread

    Give Soccer a try. Search YouTube for videos with either "Messi" or "Ronaldo" in them. It's a good gateway. Worldwide soccer fans are really good at making engaging YouTube content in a way that puts the four major US sports to shame, honestly.
  9. MLB Thread

    That was a great swing to immortalize forever! Machado looked like a toddler.
  10. MLB Thread

    In the movie version of this series, Joe Kelly will be played by a young Rick Moranis.
  11. MLB Thread

    2-1. It took us 13 innings to get to 2-1 in game 3. Progress?
  12. NFL Thread

    It was the night before the night before the game. But it still doesn't speak to a focused team.
  13. NFL Thread

    Boston. Dates back to before the Patriots were established and the Giants were the "home" team.
  14. NFL Thread

    I resent that the Giants are one of my local TV early game offerings. They should be banned from TV for the rest of the year.
  15. MLB Thread

    Mookie Betts, David Ortiz, and Frank Thomas standing in a row looks like a set of Russian nesting dolls.