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  1. NFL Thread

    I’d say Jordan Matthews as he’s a functional NFL player and not a ticking time bomb.
  2. NFL Thread

    My guess is that Gordon won't last for the Patriots but that it's a good, low cost gamble in an area of need even if it doesn't work out.
  3. This is hilarious. Please tell me your husband watched Documentary Now. Don't ask why. It hadn't occurred to me but it really makes sense! I don't think it's an obvious thing at all but a very subtle reference or theme.
  4. I had a realization about a show that was completely obvious that I was shocked I never realized it before. I didn't see a topic on Everything Else TV that would fit in, so I'm making it here. Please merge if I just missed it. The embarrassingly late realization: It wasn't until Season 2 of American Vandal came out and all of the episode titles were poop references that I realized that all of the episode titles of season 1 were penis references. It should have been obvious!
  5. Maybe it’s the part where actresses have been stalked and killed before and now you’ve been inextricably linked with a guy who tried to lure a 14 year old girl for sex? And you never had the chance to ascertain whether he’s truly repentant and reformed or if he’s on Incel message boards all day because no one ever told you. Maybe that would make you feel unsafe? Especially when you’re in a high profile movie that could result in you both being invited to cast reunions for the rest of your life. Olivia Munn now has to worry about that guy for the rest of her life.
  6. It just occurred to me that if they want to keep up with this theme of everyone hating Superman for no good reason even though he saves the world on a daily basis, then it does make sense for him to be black.
  7. NFL Thread

    For random reasons I was reminded that the Browns won 10 games in 2007 under head coach Romeo Crennel with Derek Anderson as QB. That doesn't seem like it should be possible.
  8. Absolutely yes on the part of informing Olivia Munn. If his crime was, say, drunk driving, we can all agree that was bad but it would not affect the safety and comfort of the actress acting opposite him (unless he's driving, of course). But to put him one on one in a scene where he plays a creeper without telling her is just fucked up. The Robert Downey example is a false equivalence. But if you were a stuntman and your life depended on Robert Downey Jr. doing the right action at exactly the right time, I would damn well want to know about the state of his sobriety, too. It is the director's reponsibility to create a safe working environment.
  9. Is his mustache staying?
  10. NFL Thread

    Whether for good or ill, no conclusions can be made after Week 1 of the season.
  11. S10.E15: Las Vegas Season Finale

    I wish that the difficulty of the 2nd stage wasn't so ridiculously amped up. I want to see around 6-10 people try the third stage. Not just 2. The difficulty level of the first stage is about right for this field. It's serious and can eliminate anyone, but 24 or so people cleared it. Third stage seems right but it's hard to tell with only 2 contestants. Drew Dreschel fell where he always seems to fall, though, in US or Japan.
  12. NFL Thread

    Would you like to declare DeShaun Watson's career over too while you're at it? Although with Nathan Peterman, go right ahead.
  13. NFL Thread

    Yes. Halftime of week 1 is the proper time to make sweeping generalizations about players.
  14. NFL Thread

    In all honesty selecting Kap gave Nike tons of buzz. Any other athlete in the world and no one even mentions it. Even Tebow.
  15. Serial

    The topic seems to be "the whole criminal justice system".